Not quite the Hero who’d say ‘It’s a boy thing’

On Magadi Road in Bangalore on Sunday, an artist gives the final touches to an idol of Ganesha, astride on a motorcycle, shelya flying in the air, as Ganesh Chathurthi looms on the calendar.

Photograph: Karnataka Photo News

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16 Responses to “Not quite the Hero who’d say ‘It’s a boy thing’”

  1. Bk chowla Says:

    Excitement begins.Ganapathi Bappa Moriya

  2. chidu22 Says:

    Ganesha banda habba tanda makkaligella aanandaa. Eat this!

  3. Emptymind Says:

    Great wisdom to be learned by so called “Liberalized” young generation from Ganesha. here is the condensed story :-

    >>Once sage Narada offered a very celestial mango fruit to Lord Shiva. Both his children Ganapathi and Subrahmanya wanted that fruit. Narada suggested that the one who travels all round the world first should get this fruit. Both Ganapathi and Subrahmanya agreed. Immediately Lord Subrahmanya started for his journey on his steed the peacock.
    Ganapathi who is very heavy and rides on a slow mouse circled round Lord Shiva and Parvathi and said that he has gone round the world because the entire world was within Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi. Lord Shiva was pleased with this explanation and gave the mango to Ganapathi >>

    There is a hidden beautiful message here. those folks who are really under false illusion of pride for travelling around the world, talk more English because of globalization and really forgets their parents,their native place, native tongue cannot be always satisfied human being in true literal sense. The entire attributes of globe is within their parents, native place and native tongue. If you realize this, the faster you will be a perfect human being.

  4. chidu22 Says:


    Don’t confuse travel with preserving one’s culture. Travel broadens mind. You sound like frog in the well. Get out if you haven’t, travel the world and go back to your roots if you want to. Don’t justify your lousy attitude with cock and bull stories.

  5. Anonymous Guy Says:

    EmptyMind, Nice often repeated story. But bakwas hidden message from you. To different folks, different strokes. You can stay where you are, others will move where they want. Each one will meet their own destiny. The sooner you realize this, the happier you will be (and stop giving useless advice to others).

  6. Emptymind Says:

    @chidu22, Anonymous Guy
    Well, what a disastrous misinterpretation of my post! this is expected from you guys as your most of your comment sounds like frog of globalized earthy well! sorry guys the story may be “cock and bull” only in your own interpretation(only in your own mind) but please don’t generalize it!

    @chidu22 what do mean by “preserving” ones culture? by the way what is this entity called culture? is it the same Punjabi “culture” who want to “preserve” it in heartland of Australia and got trashed by local goons? or it is the same Tamil or Hindi culture want to establish here in the center of Bangalore by suppressing local Kannadigas?

    @Anonymous Guy- Yes i am staying where i am! and happy about it!.This is my only native place! Also i am trying to get every body to realize there own native place! This is my birth right to propagate my belief as my work is unconditional without any expectation from anybody. You can take it or leave it doesn’t bother me!

    By the way you should know more advanced definition of “Native Place”-
    read this

    The true “Native place” is “Here and Now” the Native Tongue is Gods own language-Mother of all Language – “Language of Compassion”
    And your parents are your own “Mind” and nearby Immediate Minds” which affects your Being which undergoes birth -death-birth-death- time to time(instantaneously)! The very present moment is creation of Mind(s). this is the root of our being!

    Now take this input and go back to my previous comment and get the correct interpretation -:)

    @chidu22 again you should travel more (more Mentally, less Physically) to understand this beautiful Tolstoy story!! may it helps in broadening your own Mind!

  7. Nastika Says:

    In your story, admit that Ganesha was lazy. Hence took 10 steps, gave an excuse and his naive parents fell for his flattery.

    Subrahmanya did the hard-work but it was no match for flattery. Every kid in India knows this story. That is the reason instead of working hard, you see Indians indulging in ‘buttering’ & ‘chamchagiri’ at every street corner, to come up in life.


  8. asha Says:

    so cute. But sad even Ganesha has to put up with Blore traffic! He can enjoy the city only once the entire Metro is put in place.

  9. EmptyMind Says:

    More proof to my story but this time not from other fictions. This is taken from core of Special Relativity
    see this:-

    and this:-

    For the time being, let those twins be Ganesha and Subramanya.
    Ganesha represents Natives here, Subramanya represents Migrants(traveller) . let both be equally meritorious and completes the task in equal interval of time with respect to stationary frame.

    Let same work be assigned to both twins. Let lord Shiva and Parvathi represent standard stationary reference frame(Umpire) to both twins.
    As both are equal in Capabilities of completing the same work assign to them, Intuitively they will made it simultaneously provided both are stationary with respect to their Parents.

    But lord subramanya was over confidence on himself and very enthusiastic and started doing the work in accelerating frame (migrating) w.r.t to his stationary Parents.
    Subramanya Clock was ticking slower(time dilation) relative to Lord Shiva comparing with Ganesha who is stationary with him.

    Ganesha(Natives) done the work faster than Subramanya (Migrants) and won the race!!

    Note: Migrants are those still who are still in accelerating frame non stop. but they naturally becomes Natives if they are Stationary wrt other localized Natives.

  10. EmptyMind Says:

    Nastika, you should admit Subramanya(migrants) was lazy in not utilizing his brain for the simple work assigned to him. Hard work alone is not symbol of meritocracy. It is wisdom + smart work which decides.

    you know wisdom tells us limits the time for a given work. The more you limits the time, you maximize the Efficiency and Profit.

  11. EmptyMind Says:

    Nastika, did you deliberately forgotten to calculate how much resources we Indians have wasted and are still wasting because of poor efficiency of the system resulted out of dumb lazy planning by modern Subramanyas while you are more enthusiastic in attacking laziness of other end?

  12. chidu22 Says:


    You have looked for information,however abstract and absurd they are, to suit your beliefs. Good luck.

  13. Nastika Says:

    I was commenting on your original story.

    Coming to your interpretation of natives vs outsiders, actually you got it mixed. Natives (like me) believe in hard-work & fair play and toil hard to achieve the goal (circum navigate the earth).

    Outsiders (probably like you & Ganesha) are lazy, believe in flattery, cunningness, bending the rules and finally don’t even hesitate to clean the judge’s back to win the race (just by taking 10 steps).


  14. Emptymind Says:

    Nastika, you want to navigate around the world by being a “Satellite”. Satellite is just a useless entity when there is no stationary countless Hardworking “Tran-receiver” entities located at ground station. Satellite won’t create any “signal“(knowledge) it only picks up the signal from stationary Tran-receiver antenna amplifies it and drop it into another stationary Tran-receiver antenna and vice versa.

    Chidu22, Anonymous,
    Sorry guys, I have bit over talked and quite unparliamentary will beg for pardon. Let me try to remove absurdity from your minds.

    Time and space are not absolute entity as general mundane belief. It is proved in modern physics.
    Yes Time is relative. Proof- Einstein answered wittily for the same query coming from young woman.
    He answered something like this- if you stay with your boy friend or anybody you like most to spend “time will run faster for you”. You don’t know how fast time gets elapsed! Remember it is only for people “nearer” to your heart or mind.

    But the same “time will run slower” when you are sitting on hot plate or spend with people whom you hate them! They are the “thoughts” or “people” which are always accelerating away from your mind.
    Bottom line is Mind creates Time just as Matter creates Space. As mind is relative to likes or dislikes, Time also become relative to thoughts like “stationary” or “accelerating away” from “Individual” or it’s “Mind”.
    Here “Mind” is the center stage of all activity. Same law must hold well when you are elevated to physical domain i.e. replace mind with parents like “Shiva and Parvathi” and their “thoughts” with children “Ganesha” and Subramanya. Parents love their children equally without any difference, but one of them started accelerating away from their parents. “Moving away of loved one” is the activity of “thought of disliking” by their parents hence time will move slower for them relative to subramanya’s clock. This is what “time dilation” is! The more speed you accelerate away from parents the more “time dilation” relative to your same parents.
    “ The more you accelerate away from your own mind(unmindful activity) the more time dilation or laziness relative to your own mind”!

    Coming to “3 question story” it speak about “useful activity” can be done at nearest “space-time” at which you have “full control”. This activity can extract maximum efficiency from you. This nearest spac- time is “here and now”. This nearest space-time is what ones “native place” suppose to be according to modern-physics definition! Next time if want to navigate around the world make sure you have carried your “native place” a.k.a nearest space-time along with you!
    If you want to experiment, try to drive vehicle along with some other parallel activity which is not related to driving – unmindful driving fashion and face the consequence!

  15. Nastika Says:

    I guess time between 14 September 2012 and 4 December 2012 is sufficient to *ponder* over various combinations of thoughts. But you didn’t answer the question:

    In your Ganesha story on 11 September 2012 at 10:49 am, is Ganesha lazy or smart?


  16. Emptymind Says:

    Nastika, very smart, ignoring the philosophical context of the story, you are attacking the ”physical” attitude of Lord Ganesha. Being smart/ lazy is relative. In this story Ganesha is indeed very smart if he spend most of his time serving their parents “mindfully” instead of unproductive(only in this story) wandering or navigating around the world in guise of pseudo competition.

    Put this story aside. Now taking inspiration from above picture of Ganesha , here is new story:- let be a competition of bike race in “busy traffic” between you and Ganesha. Both of you are in the country called “Road”, the true native place here. Ganesha ‘s mind always be on the local spacetime-“on road and his bike” while driving(very mindful in his work). But you probably considering yourself hardworking type will be lying on “foreign-spacetime” :-ie your mind circum navigating(migrating) to some other countries like – off the road, office/home or being a satellite in air while you are still driving the bike on road ! No doubt your mind should experience “time dilation” and guess who will win the race and about your own status qou!

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