Kannada Prabha owner among top political donors

Mobile phone turned media baron and member of Parliament, Rajeev Chandrasekhar, continues to be a prominent donor to the Bharatiya Janata Party and the Congress, according to a list compiled by the asociation for democratic reforms (ADR).

Chandrasekhar, an independent member of the Rajya Sabha elected with BJP support, who owns the Malayalam news channel Asianet News and the Kannada news channel Suvarna News besides the Kannada daily Kannada Prabha, donated Rs 10 crore to the BJP in 2009-10 through two Corporation Bank cheques issued in the name of Asianet V Holding Pvt Ltd (address: Jay Chambers,  Service Road, Mumbai).

Simultaneously, Asianet TV Holdings Pvt Ltd operating from an identical address (address: Jay Chambers, service road, Vile Parle, Mumbai 400057) donated Rs 2.5 crore to the Congress in 2009-10 through a Corporation Bank (M.G. Road, Bangalore) cheque.

The general electoral trust of  salt-to-cellphone major Tatas, the Gujarat power company Torrent and Bharati electoral trust of the telecom company Airtel top the list of donors. The documents were procured by ADR under the right to information (RTI).

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12 Responses to “Kannada Prabha owner among top political donors”

  1. Melanie Says:

    Thanks for this information. It just shows how free our press is! Can we believe anything that they put out, whether it be for or against politicians? Thank goodness for the online media from where we can hope to get a more balanced picture.

  2. Sidlingu Says:

    “Mobile phone turned media baron and member of Parliament”

    hingandre en siva? hyphenate, please!

  3. Deepak Says:

    So what? How much did you donate to Madam’s party? Are you upset that your name doesn’t figure here!!!!.

  4. asha Says:


    The point is not that, Congress does not need any donation from anyone, what with all the money they have looted from the public….Telecom Scam, Coal Scam, thorium Scam, Rafael Scam,Rajeev Rozjar Yojana, Adarsh Scam,…. the list is endless.

  5. prdts181@gmail.com Says:

    whats your point? Is it illegal or unlawful or wrong-doing for individuals or companies to donate – by a cheque – to a political party ? Are you saying no donations should be made to political parties ?

  6. Emptymind Says:

    This is time, we are living where the apparent definition of politician, businessman, media guys and citizen of great country tends to be same. i have contemplated more and more different attributes of above personalities. all(most of them) has got common attributes like “lack of discernment” , “selfishness” , “greediness” etc. it is really waste of time(impossible) to segregate them and give theoretical definition to them.
    just like we cannot differentiate electric field and magnetic field absolutely (remember moving electric field is magnetic field and moving magnetic field is electric field)

    that is the reason we are seeing Politician from the minds of Mukesh Ambani , Ratan Tata and Businessmen from the minds of MMS, A Raja, SG, PC, LKA, SS, NG etc.
    Media and citizens are no different from above them. they also shares same attributes of politicians and businessman.

    Citizen corrupts Politician-Politician corrupts Businessman- Businessman corrupts Citizen. media suppose to be guide to the above three but becomes corrupt among them!

    this is how Wheel of Corruption revolves around us. because of its High rpm Speed, I literally lost the visibility – ie textbook definition of politician, businessman, media and citizen!

  7. Emptymind Says:


    Please read this cycle in anticlockwise direction also!.-:)

  8. Emptymind Says:

    Citizen corrupts Politician-Politician corrupts Businessman- Businessman corrupts Citizen. media suppose to be guide to the above three but becomes corrupt among them!
    Please read this cycle in anticlockwise direction also!.-:)



  10. Anonymous Guy Says:

    These are the ‘white’ i.e. recorded donations. Nothing wrong with this. Folks are free to donate their money as they please.

    The unrecorded transactions are what really matter. This is of interest to us. The amounts and parties involved in these word-of-mouth donations (collections?) cant be based on any RTI or datasheet. Any educated guesses Churumuri? At least for Karnataka?

  11. Shree Kar Says:

    The 10 crore money given to BJP and the 2.5 crores to Congress by RC is not really donation.

    Mr. RC, a very astute businessman had not spared even his own father-in-law who had helped RC start his telecom venture and there was a spirited legal battle between RC and his f-i-l.

    The so-called donations may just be grease money for getting the many clearances for his new businesses, etc. Only RC and the recipients know how much in black might have been paid in addition to these publicised figures.

  12. Sandy Says:

    Instead of donating to some political party he would have utilised that money for under priviliged, Orphans lots, Hospitals this would eally help needy poor…..

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