Corruption, religion, spirituality & the Dalai Lama

The Dalai Lama at a seminar organised by the Ramakrishna mission in New Delhi on Tuesday, quoted in The Telegraph, Calcutta:

“I recently went to Ladakh and someone told me, for example, if the government gives them Rs 100, only Rs 20 reaches them. Rest 80 per cent disappears.

“This is very sad.

“Indians are religious-minded people and they fear God.

“It is a big contradiction. On the one hand they pray in the morning and through the day they do corruption. This is not done. When you deny God and deny spirituality then at least one can understand.”

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15 Responses to “Corruption, religion, spirituality & the Dalai Lama”

  1. vaidya Says:

    Wrong Your Holiness! Some percentage of that 80% is paid to God. Go ask our temples and their boards.

  2. Mumbai Paused (@mumbaipaused) Says:

    In India, the more religious you claim to be, the more corrupt you are likely to be. At least in most cases.

    And we can just drop a bribe in the Hundi. Preferably in Tirupati.

  3. shiv Says:

    What Dalai lama said in my opinion is spot on.Actually the “Indian” what he has mentioned actually targets the “Hindus”.As a fellow Hindu, it used to bug me when i visit temples to see the religious fervor and the zeal to pray / get the blessings of almighty.But this feeling disappears the moment the hindu steps out and then start indulging in crooked activity.No other country I have come across a truly religious person indulging in total crooked activity.In this, discussion we must exclude islam and muslims.They are different and “special”. I think “hindus” in India have lost their ways,their materialistic approach has destroyed the family structure/society and the country.It has allowed outsiders to entrench and destroy whatever trace of culture that has been surviving.We are now divided,totally lost, confused,deceited,dirty and above all crooked.Will the Hindu look at the mirror? Since “Hindus” are a majority, rest of the religious Indians suffer.

  4. nomad Says:

    No my friend, no religion is an exception. Its the safest, tax free, money minting method. I stopped going to church for the same reason. We should make a new religion called Money!

  5. harkol Says:


    +1 I do agree that the karma principle works here. They do bad karma, and want to wash it away by their pious acts like giving diamond throne to Thirupati etc.

    The other day I was listening to a Swamiji talk about Dharma. He was saying Dharma is what Shastra says, and if you don’t believe in Shastra then you don’t believe in Dharma. He also went on to say that Shastra says “Ahimsa Paramo Dharma” and Ahimsa means not only physical violence but also mental violence.

    So far so good. But, the same swamiji is also known for his very orthodox views on perpetual caste system, which is violence in extreme on all folks concerned – as it is a mental violence by artificially mandating what a class can or can’t do in their lives.

    Corrupt folks who do all ‘anachara’, will also be the ones who will be biggest donors to temples, swamijis etc. They’ll act pious without any true pious intentions. Its like “Sau Chuhe kakhe Billi Haj chali”. It is either out of guilty conscience or for showing to world their piousness.

    Corrupt folks think their God is corrupt and can be satisfied with a cut in their taking!! It’d all be so funny if it is not tragic.

  6. Kannada Lama Says:

    Very very serious statement by a man who has 4.2 m followers on facebook and billions across the globe.

    “When you deny God and deny spirituality then at least one can understand”

    one can understand what? to be corrupt.
    either he is getting old or media is misquoting him.
    he is contradicting middle path here.

    why are athiests considered to be corrupt while infact Gods are icons of corruption.

  7. Bk chowla Says:

    In my opinion,He should remain out of this domain.We all know we are corrupt.Perhaps,he shoud look at the donations he receives ,may be some may be dirty money

  8. Nastika Says:

    Of the 80% that disappears, God gets a share too. Why wouldn’t the God keep quiet when she/he gets her/his share? :)

    Its clear Dalai Lama isn’t used Indian ways of things….


  9. asha Says:

    >>Corrupt folks think their God is corrupt and can be satisfied with a cut in their taking!! It’d all be so funny if it is not tragic.>>

    Spot on Harkol. Unfortunately we have reduced god to the status of a vending machine

  10. M Says:

    In case anyone has doubts about the opinion, just look at Yediyurappa.

    In India People are Corrupt becasue they believe Religion can absolve their sin. Converse is also true; Religion thrives because they have the power to absolve sin.

    In the past, Roman Catholic church standardized the whole format so that anyone cold walk in to the nearest chapel and buy their forgiveness or indulgence.

  11. harkol Says:

    Kannada Lama: I don’t think he was misquoted. The meaning is fairly clear – A god fearing man with deep spirituality can’t be corrupt.

    An atheist can be spiritual too – he just doesn’t believe in god.

    The corrupt folks don’t have spirituality. They only have some rituals for either fear or to show of false piousness.

  12. Kannada Lama Says:

    “An atheist can be spiritual too – he just doesn’t believe in god.”

    exactly. what he is saying is

    ““When you deny God and deny spirituality then at least one can understand” …………… that you can be corrupt?

    So when you donot deny God / accept God one cannot be corrupt!!!!!!!!!!

  13. harkol Says:

    “A rational man never distorts or corrupts his own standards and judgment in order to appeal to the irrationality, stupidity, or dishonesty of others.” – Ayn Rand

    What Dailai lama was saying is somewhat similar. If you have set yourself a standard in Spirituality & God, then you can’t condone the irrationality or dishonesty of others.

    Unless ofcourse you are Irrational – Which most of our politicians are. They don’t have a reason for making money – except that being the only objective.

    Come on, beyond a few crores, what would making thousands of crores give you? It is an entirely irrational, non-spiritual pursuit to leave behind so much money that your future generations will turn in to a Rahul Mahajan.

  14. Manickam Says:

    I think Dalai Lama’s comment was an indirect potshot at the atheist chinese corrupt officials.

  15. ashwini Says:

    Kick back this parasite into china ,then he can understand about their budhist fellow’s corruption ! He can say this in india to only hindus,not to islamists&christians.He can see in south korea,where today 21%budhists only,29%christians&50% are ready to accept christ or islam !&in past ,afghanistan cleansing of budhists by islamists,especialy notorious “HINDUKUSH”(genocide of hindus)!

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