It doesn’t hurt to pray; it does if you do to plastic

A cricket idol (Anil Kumble, if you must ask) is appearing on TV channels, exhorting people not to use pick up synthetic idols made with synthetic colours this Ganesh Chathurthi. At least this smart devotee has heard and paid heed to the clarion call while making her purchase at Gandhi Bazaar in Bangalore on Tuesday.

How about you?

Photograph: Karnataka Photo News


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7 Responses to “It doesn’t hurt to pray; it does if you do to plastic”

  1. Bk chowla Says:

    I support the cause

  2. naanu naane Says:


  3. Nastika Says:

    Instead of jala-samadhi, (and there by polluting water), time has come to change the disposition mechanism. I suggest boo-samadhi.


  4. pdk Says:

    No (clay one with water colors), but we do compost our entire kitchen waste at home, so I’m sure Kumble won’t mind.

  5. Srikanta Says:

    I am getting some clay from Ganesha idols, growing lotus at home

  6. Doddi Buddi Says:

    I don’t support this nonsense! Just suspend the running the of Tata’s Marco Polo buses on Karnataka roads and we are fine with all this environment Ganesha and shit! This monstrous company has inflicted so much damage on our ecosystem I wonder where our environmentalists are hiding!

  7. Kitapati Says:

    Stop this Ganesha festival. This was only started by B G Tilak for uniting Hindus during national movement. Those were old times when population was less. There was no question of polluting lakes at that time. Now in big cities like bangalore, mumbai and other metros this festival is a nuisance. If we continue this then Ganesha and hindu festivals will be totally non eco freindly all set to pollute panchabhhutas – nature.
    Ganesha festival – Polluting water
    Deepavali – Polluting air and space
    Nature based hinduism is turning totally opposite. Stop this nonsense

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