What Kannada racists can learn from a Raja-Rishi

The silhouette of Jayachamaraja Wodeyar, the 25th and last maharaja of Mysore—a raja-rishi” (statesman-saint) in the words of a certain somebodyon Wednesday, as a sad and silly storm over a memorial for the world’s most famous Indian writer in English, R.K. Narayan, gathers chauvinistic steam in their hometown.

Even a cursory glance at the Wikipedia page of the king, who also served as the governor of Madras, suggests that he helped Ramanathan Krishnan to play at Wimbledon; that he helped the Western world discover the music of the little-known Russian composer Nikolai Medtner; that he provided patronage to ‘Tiger’ Varadachar….

But then, the Wikipedia page is in English.

Photograph: Karnataka Photo News

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87 Responses to “What Kannada racists can learn from a Raja-Rishi”

  1. Amarnath Shivashankar Says:

    There is absolute sense in what the Kannada literary circle has been saying about RK Narayan’s memorial.
    Why should karnataka government spend the tax payers money on this. Though RK Narayan Stayed in Karnataka, he hasn’t associated himself with either Kannada or Kannadigas.
    With high regards for this fantastic writer, a man who wrote a classic like Malgudi days, I sincerely feel that NGO’s should take up such tasks and not ask the government to get the memorial done.
    We don’t have a memorial for Anaakru, the warrior for Kannada in the 60’s. The man who designed the Kannada flag, Maa.Ramamurthy doesn’t have a memorial neither does his widowed wife have any money to lead a decent life.
    I am not sure if there is any memorial for Aalooru Venkata Rao, the visionary behind formation of karnaraka under the linguistic lines.
    Isn’t it unwise to ask for a memorial for someone who hasn’t contributed to the local culture much before a memorial is built for the dignitaries who worked for the betterment of the language and the entire linguistic fraternity?

  2. Deepak Says:

    Who are you calling a racist? If you are referring to the literary giants of Kannada who opposed RKN’s memorials – then you are a fascist!! Don’t people have the right to express their opposition? How can you dub them racists? Shame on you churumuri!! Support your liberal pals Karnad and URA, but don’t stoop to low levels – have some decency.

  3. Gagan Says:

    Amarnath, regarding the taxpayers money… Abundant of not only our money, but even our natural resources were flooded into non-Kannada speaking Reddy’s. Yaddy-Devegowda-Kummi have made crores and crores of our tax money as their private property.

    Please remember that at least 20-30% of that taxpayers money collected by state govt and corporations comes from non-kannada speaking people!

    I think there is a misunderstanding about “smaaraka”. The building was in the danger of being destroyed and the Paalike has done its duty of protecting this heritage structure.

    When De Ja Gou asked Narayan on why he did not write in Kannada, he replied, “i am neither a friend of Kannada nor interested in it”. This he said in a humble way, because Narayan’s world was entirely different.

    Why arent the poets seeing beyond language? Why arent they able to realise that Narayan is not kannada man / tamil man. Narayan was a cultural icon. The humanistic values shown in his stories and characters goes beyond language and borders!

    That’s why he deserves to be preserved.

  4. Vinay Says:

    Author has showed his “Racist” feeling himself by calling Kannadigas who have protested mildly about this memorial for RKN. Probably, he has forgotton the saying “Be a Roman in Rome” that is so famous in English literature!. RKN was never a Kannadiga by mind or deed in spite of him living in Karnataka for many decades. While none of the Kannadigas have ever shown disrespect to the great writer for what he was – a world famous English writer, the protest is towards the spending of crores for his memorial!!. If his family had such a liking for Mysore, they could have donated the place instead of asking the govt to shell out taxpayers’ money.

  5. Gouri Satya Says:

    Firstly, the above statue is not of Jayachamaraja Wadiyar. It is that of Chamaraja Wadiyar.

    Secondly, the issue of converting Dr.RKN’s house is, according to me, is due to lack of policy on heritage structures, either at State or national level, to define what are heritage structures, how and who should preserve/protect/conserve them etc. As Prof. Rangaraj said at last night’s TV9 debate, there are over 230 listed heritage structures in Mysore and there are many more that are unlisted. While we think of converting Dr.RKN’s house into a museum, our authorities are intentionally allowing several structures to collapse with intentions or interests of their own – Lansdowne Bldg, Mandi, Devaraja and VV Market bldgs, Sitavilas Choultry…

    We should not only have a clear heritage act (Tamil Nadu has passed one recently), but we should also have a heritage trust under the act with PP participation to protect and conserve Mysore’s heritage structures.

  6. prasad Says:

    @Gagan: your argument of 20-30% of taxpayers money collected by govt comes from non-Kannada speaking people implies that it was paid for the services or resources they used here in the state and not paid as “Donation”!. Also, be informed that whatever argument you’ve put forward comes a cropper if you were to raise that in Chennai especially where Tamil is THE language, and I commend them for that. You must learn to live with the locals, by becoming part of the society and respecting local culture. Here spending crores of rupees on a building that was anyway ready to be brought down by none other than the kith & kin of RKN and they have even gone ahead to claim the money as compensation for erecting a “smaaraka” a real irony. This is pure business and that is not at all acceptable by using taxpayers money.

  7. dr ramesh Says:

    Kannadigas continue to respect federal traditions of India and never raised any voices of separation inspite of being treated like second class citizens by the centre from decades. Kannadigas have endured serious pain and deceit from neighboring states, yet continue to respect nationhood and diversity. Can’t say the same about our eastern neighbor.
    Today, a Nepali goorkha or a rajasthani marwari who have made Bangalore home since 5-6 years speak fluent Kannada and have integrated into karnataka, but a LITERARY GIANT, GENIUS felt Kannada was absolute waste and vestigial ? How can any one support claims for a memorial ,that too by karnataka govt, what message will be sent to kannadigas—– Kannada trivial in karnataka.

  8. chidu22 Says:

    The above article illustrates the previlages enjoyed by all under a kannadiga ruler. Is not fair to ask what the beneficiaries’ contribution to the state. You cannot have the cake and eat it too. It is Churumuri’s habit of winding the locals time and again to evoke a shrilled argument. Nice try, nobody is going to fall for it.

  9. the colonel Says:

    Churumuri you really take the cake:-

    1.” world’s most famous Indian writer in English, R.K. Narayan, gathers chauvinistic steam in their hometown.” Boss, i thought it was salman rushdie and many other names come to mind incl the bong babu.

    2.” But then, the Wikipedia page is in English.”. You finally have some sense dinned into your cranium.

  10. Harsha Says:

    You all studied and enjoyed his stories when it comes to a memorial you become great kannadiga. Shame on you all. Can’t we celebrate the greatness RK’s writing being his admirer?. Can’t our state government take pride in celebrating his greatness through a monument?. Why cannot we be a simple Indians?. About “Tax Payers money”, more then anything, nowadays, “Tax Payers money” is just topic to talk, no one is really bothered anything more then attaching this tag to every topic. Let us first find VALUE in what WE EARN and SPEND…later will talk about the TAX we pay.

  11. Pulikeshi the Last Says:

    First the publicity for Vikram Sampath’s palace sponsored book. And now an irrelevant pean to JC Wodeyar. The supposed Raajarshi was his uncle, by the way.

    What explains Churumuri’s infatuation with RKN and the erstwhile royals? Incidentally, would somebody please upload the Kannada protestors’ objections to memorialising RKN?

    It is not often that I agree with our Dr. Ramesappa. But in this case, definitely yes. Bravo daagutre!

    Let Tamil Nadu put up a memorial for its absentee son.

  12. Pulikeshi the Last Says:

    Kannada is a language, not a race. How do those who speak it become racist?
    The Maharaja’s generosity was funded by the taxes paid by his loyal subjects. He kept half of the revenue and the British got the rest. “Kereya neeranu kerege chelli” is still a good ideal.

  13. Harsha Says:

    Can anyone list what is a problem in having RKN’s memorial in Mysore?.

    There are institutes in Visveswaraiah’s name all around India, please go and tell all those state Governments to remove his name from all those institutes as his contribution is more in developing Mysore state.

    It seems every one have gone mad..

  14. Doddi Buddi Says:

    Dr Ramesh
    What plans for a Devegowda memorial have you got?

  15. shiv Says:

    I am amused by this RKN memorial.He certainly did not have great attachment to his several homes.His present family too is keen to sell this ancestral property.Karnataka government thought converting it as memorial will be fitting as it will perpetuate the idyllic lifestyle of the Mysoreans of the past.there is nothing wrong in few protesting this government project as it involves public money.If the majority Mysoreans feel that RKN’s memorial is neccessary then the government should go ahead.Unfortunately in issues like this, the people are never consulted , the government always takes a unilateral decision.As for Churumuri headlining the artile “Kannada Racisits” is apt because the protest is not for the memorial to a great writer but to a memorial ” to a great writer who happens to be tamil”.Many “educated” Indians live in the cesspit of narrow mindedness and I find many in this forum fall in this cesspit.Open your little minds, get out of the cesspit and look at the world at large enjoy its treats.People like RKN enriched Indian literature like many have done for kannada,tamil,telugu,malayalam and many more “Indian” languages.chauvinism and racist mentality started with my fellow tamil “dravidas” and am disappointed to see that more enlightened and sophisticated kannadigas falling in this cesspit.

  16. Suresh Panje Says:

    You said it Pulikesh, leave alone the debate of RKN and his ancestry links to Kannada language.
    Although the royalty of yore patronised art and culture, it was marginal. During the Maharaja’s rule, the B R Hills (Biligirirangana Betta) was under the domain of the Mysore Maharaja. Yet the state of Soligas, the tribal people of this region was pathetic. So much so, even in 1986 when I happened to be there and also visit a pro-active NGO working there, I met a Soliga admitted in the hospital of the organisation. He had literal broken ribs and limbs after falling from a tree while probably gathering honey. Yes, at that particular time, India was over three decades as a free nation but this poor Soliga in response to a poser as to from what height he fell, his response was: Three elephants. That NGO is the one founded by Dr.Sudershan. In fact, the tribal’s reply startled me so much so that I wondered as to what did the royalty of Mysore of yore did for the rural folk.
    Of course, the late Maharaja Jayachamarajendra Wodeyar was an intellectual, well versed in Indian theology and philosophy. His annual month-long tours abroad to propagate Indian ethos was commendable although cynics may view that these were to stash away money in tax haven abroad. A top brass of Indian Air Force had candidly said that Jayachamarajendra Wodeyar was worthy to be the President of India since he was an erudite scholar and a person born with blue blood. The late Air Marshal did relate about the intellectual calibre of Wodeyar.
    Although the debate on any issue could prolong, there has to be a stop on the pros and cons, if only the powers-that-be act in a rational manner.
    All said and done, these debates mooted by Churimuri do give an opportunity for one to learn about other’s point of view.

  17. Ramesh Rao Says:

    “ಇಲ್ಲು ಬಿಟ್ಟಿ ಉಪದೇಶ ಕನ್ನಡಿಗರಿಗೆ ಮಾತ್ರ”

    But why why why?

  18. deepak Rao Says:

    People come here because their native states cannot afford to provide them jobs. While that is common in India, the attitude of many of the migrants leaves a lot to be desired. There are migrants who become part of the mainstream and such people are welcome anywhere. the others need to revisit their attitude. if people think that the place they are migrating to in another state develops because of them that’s bull crap, they are going there for their benefit. and Kannadigas have been at the end of free useless advice from these people who will not to take such advice given in their states. Kannadigas have been numbed to their greatness by the useless political parties who will stoop any level to the high command. shame.

  19. Amarnath Shivashankar Says:

    State government is not an NGO to celebrate the greatness of all good writers. States are formed in India on the linguistic lines and the government of Karnataka owes the responsibility to safeguard and respect kannadigas and protect the language.
    I am a fan of RKN’s writings and I have read most of his novels and have appreciated them. I have a collection of all of them and I make it a point to pull them out of my book shelf when I feel like reading them. RKN was a magician who could take you to a virtual world throw his great writing.
    But..but..I am not happy about government’s decision to make a memorial for the simple reason that he meant nothing for Karnataka or Kannadigas in particular.
    I had heard about RKN’s response to Dejagou as “i am neither a friend of Kannada nor interested in it”.
    This was the kind of ignorance RKN had towards the regional sentiments. So, as a Kannadiga, I would never feel proud of RKN’s stance about getting into the mainstream but as a reader, RKN would be my favorite writer for ever..
    We have a lot of legendary people whose memorials are pending in the pipeline. let the government first concentrate on them on priority.

  20. Priyank Says:

    The concerns expressed by noted Kannadiga writers, better be answered in an intellectual debate. Some of their concerns should actually be a source of introspection for those who have migrated to Karnataka over the years and called it their home.
    Causing disrespect to Kannadigas by calling them “racists” is not healthy.
    If Kannadigas were indeed racists,
    – we would have demanded for Kannada to be the official language of another state.
    – we would have opposed awarding ‘classical-language’ status to a language widely-spoken in the neighboring state.
    – we wouldn’t have shown any opposition to a movie title “maasti” that was supposed to be the story of a rowdy. For the record, let me add that “maast Venkatesh Iyengar” is one of the most loved writer from Karnataka.

  21. Bharath Says:

    I think author is confused…

    Whome are you talking about… NalvaDi Krishna Raja WoDeyar or Jayachamaraja Wodeyar?

    NalvaDi Krishna Raja Wodeyar was called Raja-rishi not Jayachamarajendra Wodeyar?

  22. vivek shankar Says:

    The Karnataka Government is responsible for Kannada-Karnataka-Kannadigas and that’s how it should be. There maybe fanatistic writers like R.K.Narayan but with due respect the person has never associated with Kannada. and when many Kannada writers havent got any benefit for their contribution why should R.K.Narayan ever get one ? Makes no sense. It’s time we stopped looking good to please everyone. first let us please ourselves. This state have been taken granted for too long.

  23. puttahg Says:

    ಕರ್ನಾಟಕ ದಲ್ಲಿ ಇದ್ದು ಕನ್ನಡ ಕಲಿಯದವನ ಬಗ್ಗೆ ಯಾಕಿಷ್ಟು ಕಾಳಜಿ !!!!!!!!!!!

    ಕನ್ನಡ , ಕನ್ನಡಿಗರಿಗೆ, ಕರ್ನಾಟಕಕ್ಕೆ ಏನು ಮಾಡಲಿಲ್ಲ ಅಂದ್ರು ಕನ್ನಡಿಗರ ದುಡ್ಡು ಯಾಕ ಖರ್ಚು ಮಾಡಬೇಕು ಅವರ ಮೇಲೆ …
    ಎಸ್, ಎಲ್ ಬೈರಪ್ಪ, ಚಿದು, ಶಿವರುದ್ರಪ್ಪ ಎಲ್ಲ ರೇಸಿಸ್ಟ್ ಗಳ ?!!!!!!!!!!!
    Where RKN born n died, Why can’t they construct Memorial there!!!???

  24. Sanjeeva Says:

    It was Nalvadi Krishnaraji Wodeyar who was called Rajarshi (supposedly by Gandhiji). By the way, somewhere I read that Jayachamaraja Wodeyar was not too happy with Tiger Varadachariar because he preferred to write his kritis in Telugu rather than in Kannada. Studying the writings of authors in different languages is one thing and having a memorial is another thing. Generally statues and memorials (particularly non-political persons) are built, roads and colonies are named after the personalities, who have contributed something to the language, progress and development of particular state. Thus the names of Curzon, Cubbon, Lansdowne, Cunningham, Crawford and many others are found in our state. Though RKN may be a great name in English literature, what is his contribution to Kannada or Karnataka? When the name of R.K.Narayan is mentioned, he is not associated with Karnataka, but ‘Malgudi’. His another illustrious borther R.K.Laxman rather merits to be remembered. Calling Kannadigas ‘racist’ is objectionable.

  25. har.sri.ga Says:

    1.The headline is absolutely racist
    2. In democracy, everyone has a right to protest right from nuclear plant to installation of cobble stones on footpath. One becomes a racist by expressing the freedom of protest to a govt. measure or decision!
    3.The Govt. of Karnataka should be committed to the language of the state
    4. If RKN imitates/kith and kin are not interested in preserving the house and are looking it as just another commercial property; why does socialist govt. should invest its money on this place?
    5. The taxes paid by non-kannadiga are not for charity, they are also enjoying the facilities, infrastructure (good/bad) constructed by the state govt. So, dont think that non-Kannadiga taxes are running this state. Also, if one has decided to stay as non-Kannadiga in this state ; then its obvious that he/she would pursue the interests which are beneficial or remotely connected to the language and land.
    So, stop this NDTV and TOI-let paper language of branding every move of Kannadiga as racist, fascist, fanatic or regionalism. We had enough discourses on these world famous, Indian face etc kind of figures and their mis-use of Kannadiga’s freedom. We wont let this happen in future!
    Its time to wake up and make noise!

  26. chandan Says:

    its a cheap publicity stunt by churmuri. by putting this controversial blog, they are just concentrating on hits..no social cause intended in their blog..

  27. Ganesh Says:

    For the past couple of days, we are seeing people with Tamilian sounding names writing letters to english newspapers telling Kannadigas not to be chauvinists and not protest against state funding of RKN’s memorial. Funny thing is we have Tamilians sermonising Kannadigas about language chauvinism. What a joke? Why dont these very Tamilians protest the inhuman act of their CM demanding Cauvery water when they very well know that there is not enough water in Karnataka reservoirs. And we have a blatantly anti-Kannadiga English media supporting anyone out there who takes potshots at Kannadigas.

  28. PCI Says:

    Can someone please enlighten Dr Ramesh on non-Kannadiga authors like Maasti, Gorur, Bendre, and Kailasam.. and love and affection Kannadigas have showered over them.. No doubt RKN was a great author.. he has produce some of the greatest works in English. He was too reluctant to be associated with Kannadigas or Karnataka. It is this disdain that the authors are pointing out and hope good sense prevails on Dr Ramesh and stops calling someone racist for airing their views which are in no way bigoted or racist.

  29. ram Says:

    Pulikeshi -> Author refers to people being racist for showing objections to build a memorial or whatever based on the RKN’s race. What is the problem in accepting that you & ilk are racists?

  30. raghunandanmysore Says:

    What a crap ! Who the hell are these Kannada racists ? What is racism here ? Why can’t Kannadigas bloody decide what they want and what they don’t in their own land ? Why are these people always poking their nose into Karnataka and Kannadiga affairs ? Why dont they just stay put in their own land and mind their business there ? Why are Kannadigas always given free advice and lectures on nationalism ?
    The very reason these people divide a society on the basis of language and caste was why they were kicked out of their land. Now they all came here to Mysore and giving Kannadigas free lecture series day in day out. Why are Kannadigas constantly given so much torture from our neighbours and directly from Delhi ?
    Actually Mysore Kings have to be blamed for this. They brought all these people and gave them all they wanted. Now they sit on our heads and demand non sense.

    These people dont leave a single opportunity to undermine Kannadigas, Kannada and Karntaka. I have seen these pseudo rationalists commenting on the complexion of our movie actors online and you are calling us racists. Hypocrisy at its best. The articles these broad minded people write in The Hindu and DH invariably always put Kannada as the last language when they mention SI languages viz Tamil,Telugu,Malayalam and Kannada.

    THis churmuri had written an article about Kumble and his success despite being a Kannadiga. The article was written by ARvind SwamiNATION from chennai That is REAL RACISM. Now figure out who the hell are racists.

  31. Pointblank2108 Says:

    Don’t use word like “racism” “pogrom” and “genocide” without knowing the weight the words carry. The new media in India has been in large part responsible for frivolous use of such words just to be more sensational and increase TRPs and readership. And what about the snide jab at Kannadigas and English. We have taken to English better than most people from other Indian states. Going at the language/grammatical mistakes is the oldest trick in the book for a person who just wants to rabble rouse.And YOU, the author of this mischeivous article are one of them. Need any more demonstration of my English skills, Author?

  32. Prashant JS Says:

    It is simple, RKN did nothing for Kannada/Karnataka so we dont want do anything for him. Someone is Kannadiga or not it is immaterial, what is important is whether he/she did something for Kannada/Karnataka… If this is called as “Racist” then I dont mind every Kannadiga becoming racist!!!

  33. asha Says:

    I am a kannadiga and I am proud to be a racist (as per churmuri’s definition)….

  34. SY Says:

    One on side we have the so-called national parties using names of people, who are not connected to the project or the place what so ever, for naming projects and on the other we have churumuri abetting this! And when the locals protest (which they have every right to or is democracy dead) – what are they called? ‘Racist’.. Way to go!

  35. knsandeep Says:

    Many literary giants of Kannada, like DVG, Masti, Bendre etc were not Kannadigas. Many greats of today, like Nisar Ahmed, too are not native Kannada speakers. If Kannadigas were racists why would these poets be showered so much love and respect in Karnataka?

    I have heard and read about the opinions of many in the Kannada literary circles on why they are opposing this and none of them seem to have any disrespect towards RKN as a person or his works. Their only contention is that while several Kannada writers have been sidelined and ignored by the Government of Karnataka it is unfair on its part to spend money on building a memorial for RKN, who has no contribution to Kannada or Karnataka. And they are not opposed to building this memorial if it is funded by the Central Government or an NGO. I think their argument makes total sense and is far from being racist or chauvinistic.

    Coming to RKN’s works, I definitely admire the genius of this man, but having settled down in Mysore for decades and not showing even a triflingly little inclination towards Kannada or Karnataka culture in his works is really surprising. In my honest opinion this is a subtle display of his chauvinistic attitude and the kind of respect he had towards the very land he made his home.

  36. Vinay Says:


    Before whining about “evil outsiders”, do some research on who owns and operates churumuri.

    Stop crying and moaning against the “evil outsider” everytime your fragile ego is pricked.

  37. Srinivasamurthy Says:

    Will someone clarify what doing something for Kannada/Karnataka means. I wonder if those who originally protested the demolition are Churmuri readers because i do not remember to have seen any comments from them in these columns

  38. subbu Says:

    If you have visited europe you will probably get a glimpse of what racism is all about. The headline itself was enough to get a hint of your intentions but like the saying – Dont go by the cover page of a book, I read through the supposed article, only to reaffirm your missing intellectual vastness and depth. The more you water your anti-kannada stance, the more you will suffer. Good that you are not a policy maker, else we are doomed..

  39. Faldo Says:

    The heading of this article is in poor taste, the merits or demerits of the points raised notwithstanding. Words like racist should not be used frivolously.

  40. Amit M Says:

    While I agree there has certainly been a rise in “Kannada chauvinism” in Karnataka over the past few years, though nothing compared to the language fanaticism that exists in neighboring states, I don’t agree that this protest amounts to anything close to “racism”. This is a ridiculous and sensationalist use of the term.

  41. shiv Says:

    The legend in his own life time Visweswaraya was not a kannadiga,,many like him along with kannadigas have enriched the state,made substantial contributions in art,infrastructure,education,health to enhance the quality of life for the people.It is also important to note those who are enemies of kannadigas who are systematically destroying the state are also kannadigas.so guys , target the real villains and stop whining.

  42. Madhu bhat Says:

    It has become a habit for English Media to brand anyone who raises a voice for State or Lang as Chauvinist, Racist ..etc
    I wonder, can they ever write or say without branding ?, i dont think they can. Its more like giving a TITLE first and then writing a story and justification to Title. The above article is no different than that.

    All those who are crying for Museum, think about this. Do you really care to see RKN brush,soap, bed, pen, table etc ?. He has to be remembered by his work and this work has to be spread across all. In a way SHANKAR NAG has done that with Malgudi days. Its still a popular series among many. This is a the way we need to pay respect and memorable. Remind you, Shankar or anyone who acted in Malgudi days are Kannadigas.

    Stop branding culture and get some sence.

    Last Bite:- Some called us Mean, what about RKN family who were ready to sell the property at Market rate.

    RKN was honoured in Dharmastala Kannada sahitya sammelana, he refused to speak in Kannada and insisted he will speak in tamil or English. What you call this ??

  43. Madhusudhan B S Says:

    After all why so much fuss ? He(RKN) was a good writer , but not greatest or even great . The Tamil and ‘The Hindu” lobby had a lot of contribution in his fame .There is no need of memorial for him in karnataka while his family had decided to sell that house .

  44. ram Says:

    knsandeep> if kannadigas are not racist then why is this debate for a simple memorial building. People are talking about maintenance costs, tax payers money being dwindled, no contribution to kannada, come on.. While your politicians are minting crores and a simple memorial building for a legendary writer seems to be too costly for you.

    I don’t think your ilk will maintain the same benchmark and criterion for any native kannadiga even his contribution is not in kannada. some grudge against your eastern neighbours is very evident here and its quite customary for mannina magas.

  45. Hoysala Says:

    ನಮ್ಮ ರಾಜ್ಯದ ಇತಿಹಾಸ,ಪರಂಪರೆ,ಸಂಸ್ಕೃತಿ ತಿಳಿಯದೆ ಕೇವಲ ಅನ್ನಕ್ಕಾಗಿ ಬಂದವರಿಂದ ಬುದ್ದಿವಾದ ಹೇಳಿಸಿಕೊಳ್ಳುವ ಅಗತ್ಯ ಕನ್ನಡಿಗರಿಗಿಲ್ಲ ಅನ್ನಕ್ಕಾಗಿ ಬಂದಿದ್ದಿರ ಹೊಟ್ಟೆ ತುಂಬುವತನಕ ಕರ್ನಾಟಕ ಅನ್ನಹಾಕುತ್ತೆ ತಿನ್ಕೊಳ್ಳೀ ಮತ್ತೆ ರೈಟ್ ಹೇಳಿ………

  46. PulakesiTheSecondLast Says:

    Why so charged up about spending tax payer money on a silly memorial. You proud kannadigas don’t say anything about the wonderful politicians going to resorts and such using tax payer money. Nimagella thale ketthogidya?

  47. asha Says:

    RK Laxman deserves to be honoured instead of RKN. RKL atleast could speak kannada and never showed his narrow mindedness of being tamil….do not waste tax payers money on this memorial….like some body said N RAM and the HINDU news paper patronage had a lot to do with the popularity of RKN….this is not to say that his novels were not good.

  48. Sanjay Says:

    Interesting debate. After reading the well stated arguments, I would tend to agree with the majority sentiment here, i.e, while RKN was a great writer, he particularly did not care for Kannada, and hence it is not worthwhile for public funds to be spent to memorialize him in the cultural capital of Karnataka.
    My parents live very close to RKN s house in Yadavagiri and everyone in the neighborhood would like the issue resolved, because in its current state the structure is an eyesore:)

  49. Dude12@yahoo.com Says:

    I have a question for my Kannadiga brothers and sisters. I am a Tamilian myself from Chennai, and I have visited a friend of mine who lives in Bangalore on several occasions. He is of Tamil ancestry, but his family has been in Bangalore for a few decades. He and all of his family speak fluent Tamil AND fluent Kannada, and immediately upon meeting a local they always automatically used Kannada language.

    Now, from reading comment boards on many websites, I sense this seething hatred that Kannadigas have for Tamilians in general. I don’t think it is just the Cauvery issue, because I have never seen such hatred towards Kannadigas in TN (although some extremist parties are trying to encourage the vilification of Kannadigas of late). But in general Kannadigas seem to spend a lot of time resenting Tamilians? Why is this? Can any one explain it to me?

    In terms of language, it seemed to me that the Tamilians in Bangalore all knew Kannada to an extent and used it. But every north Indian I met just used Hindi with anyone and everyone. If you are interested in protecting your language, seems to me you should focus your attention on the Hindi wallahs from across the vindhyas, not Tamilians.

  50. Deepak Says:

    Its good that MUDA has refused to build the memorial. Let the Centre come forward to build the memorial or Karnad and URA can pitch in with the funds and churumuri can also give till it hurts!!!

  51. Raja Chandra Says:

    Though Sri Gouri Satya has already clarified about the faux-pas by the author.in identifying the statue at Mysore with Late H.H. Sri. Jaya Chamaraja Wadiyar. But there are usual digs associated with Churumuri by some who have said that the supposed Raajarshi was his uncle. Well these are not titles bestowed by any Institutions! But many contemporary intellectuals & men who mattered paid paeans to the Late Maharaja, H.H. Sri. Krishna Raja Wadiyar IV and called him as a Raja Rishi/ rajarshi.

    The late Noble Laureate, Sir C.V. Raman, addressing at the special convocation of University of Mysore held at Crawford Hall on July 12, 1962 has said:

    “Philosophic thought and practical wisdom in dealing with the affairs of life are not so remote from each other as one might be tempted to imagine. But it is not common to find them so happily united as we find in our Highness. I am reminded here of the Meditations of Marcus Aurelius, a work which immortalised the name of that Roman Emperor, while the names of many who preceded and succeeded him in power have sunk into oblivion. There is in the Sanskrit language a word, Rajarishi , meaning one who is both a Ruler and a sage which aptly describes the personality and attainments of His Highness. “

  52. chidu22 Says:

    ಹೊಯ್ಸಳ ಸಾಹೇಬ್ರ ಸರಿಯಾಗಿ ಹೇಳಿದ್ರಿ. ಹೊಟ್ಟಿ ತುಂಬಲಿಸಿಕ್ಕ ಬಂದವರು, ಇರಕ್ಕ ಮಣಿಕೊಟ್ಟ್ರ ಮನಿನ ತಮ್ಮದ ಅಂದಿಂದ್ರ ಅಂತ.

    Created by “Kannada for iPhone” App http://bit.ly/hsR0cS

  53. shanoi Says:

    How can you say and write that the statue opposite Kote Anajenaya is that of Jaya chamaraja wodeyar! AS far as I know it is that chamaraja wodeyar his “tata”. And that statue near bus stand is that of Nalvadi Krishnaraja wodeyar. I do not think a statue square ever came up any where in Mysore state for Jaya chamaraja wodeyar. We do have both for and against opinions about rajas. But apart being a scholar Jaya chamaraja wadeyar, played an important role in the integration of the state with the union of India and perhaps collapse of chamber of princes. At that time among the large state, Nizam totally opposed as all of us know, maharaja of Travencore was playing with Sir CP Ramaswamy Iyer as his emissary, and some of the princes of north were hostile. The construction of this new memorial for Nalvadi which started before integration and continued for long into post integration had a painful journey through various fits and starts, dilution of the specifications and debates similar to what is going on now
    It could be good case study for why memorials do not serve the purpose intended. People forget whose statue (memorial)it is and what purpose it serves.
    Memory of RKN will be better served perhaps if it is left to those who take interest in reading his novels/write ups

  54. Omanakuttan Says:

    1. I feel that many Kannadigas are rightly justified in opposing the proposed memorial if is true that RKN refused to learn and speak Kannada, even after spending all his life in the state.

    2. After all, we should remember that Kannadigas are so large-hearted that they even allowed KM Panicker to be the VC of Mysore University, even after he chaired a commission that recommended Kasaragod be annexed to Kerala. There are many more instances where I have felt that Kannadigas are truly benevolent when it comes to cohabiting with others.

    3. It seems Karnad et al want their own memorial built and no one oppose it. Thats why they are so overtly supportive of RKN.

  55. rajen Says:

    Dude12@yahoo.com> Please don’t be naive. dude i really appreciate your intention BUT the majority of the bloggers in churumuri barring a few like (harkol and vinay)are very antagonistic & hostile towards tamils. Some of the comments are in very bad taste and simply outrageous. Looks like they cannot simply stand us. Also they are very critical of other states as well, tamils get special treatment though.

    What saddens me is the educated and intelligent are more inclined to do this and it has become quite customary. I’ve been reading churumuri for quite some time and the hostility has never come down. kannadigas are united for wrong reasons, claim to be open minded – speak more than 4 languages, mild & amicable, and the list goes on. BUT if you see bloggers comments you will think otherwise and i get a feeling like we can learn HINDI & put up with the HINDI wallahs.

    So dude gear up for a roller coaster ride & don’t expect any polite responses for your post.

  56. Aruna Says:

    Oh the idiocy,
    The racists are wrong but some of the magnanimous here (including KP) used to live next door to the house, why didn’t they thought about forming a foundation and buying that property? He died in 2001, no?

  57. Shridharaswamy Says:

    IN reply to Dude12@yahoo.com

    I have Tamil ancestry, but born and brought up in Bangalore. In my observations so far, Kannada literature is beautiful. Tamilians must be treated as brothers to Kannadigas by Kannadigas [Tamil and Kannada is more similar], they are not becoz of Politicians etc. A dark African is discriminated by a lighter African this is natural.

    A certain laborer classes of Tamilians without whom a building wont be built obvisously has different culture from Kannadigas so it is natural to be discriminated.

    Of all the Four Southern states people, I found a Tamilian to safely reliable to work with, at least has some guilt when cheating. I dont want to spill anything negative about others.

    It is true many Tamilians [including Brahmins] never spoke Kannada, those employed Central Government and older generation [Tamil & Hindi] for survival, they felt an outsider from TN ravaged by Periyar. All low IQ people in any state can be swayed by Politicians and ideology and Jingoism.

    Karnataka like any other state has benefited more from Tamilians than any other Moneyed Carpet Baggers. Proof all the Names of Roads and localities named after them.

    Hardwork will eventually pay off.

    All thoses Kannadigas escaping to USA, US vigilatism will get you.

  58. Rohith Says:

    @Churumuri – learn what from whoever is the question here. One can learn good things and one can learn bad things. One can learn useful things and one can learn useless things. Learning anything is closely tied to the context.
    What all the Wodeyars did in the 18th and 19th centuries need not be an example for the rest of Karnataka to mimic even after 200 years! If you think so too, please stop blogging. People in the 19th century never blogged about anything, did they?

  59. Amarnath Shivashankar Says:

    Madhu Bhat wrote: “RKN was honoured in Dharmastala Kannada sahitya sammelana, he refused to speak in Kannada and insisted he will speak in tamil or English. What you call this ??”

    Its evident that people supporting RKN no matter what are either tamilians or those who belongs to his caste who are settled in Bengaluru, haLe mysooru and elsewhere. They are all educated folks and they are absolutely cosmopolitan in nature.
    They are the first to brand Kannadigas as fanatics or racists but the irony is, they were all kicked out of Tamilnadu with the real fanaticism with respect to the caste based issues.
    Karnataka has given them the place to lead a decent life and inspite of all these, these tamilians have no respect and gratitude for Karnataka and Kannadigas.

  60. Sanjeeva Says:

    @Dude12, Please remove your notion that Kannadigas nurture “hatredness” against Tamilians (or for that matter any others who hail from other states or speak other languages). It is a misconception. Kannadigas raise their voice to protect their interests and their state’s interests. It does not automatically mean that they hate others. I have lived in four different linguistic states, including Tamil Nadu. I rather like Tamilians for the pride they take about their language and culture and the way they safeguard. Skirmishes over language, water and border is common in our country. Particularly, water is need-based. Last year, there were heavy rains in Karnataka and there was not a whimper about letting the water out. Whenever there is scarcity, disputes are bound to occur. Is there any hatred between Kerala and Tamil Nadu over Periyar? Disputes between Haryana and Delhi over Yamuna is a regular affair. I rememember one funny incident which happened few years back. Due to heavy rains, there was flood like situation and Delhi was almost begging Haryana not let Yamuna water out! Same would happen if there would be heavy rains in Karnataka.

  61. puttahg Says:

    ೪೦ ವರ್ಷ ಕರ್ನಟಕ ದಲ್ಲಿ ಇದ್ದು ಕನ್ನಡ ಕಲಿದೆ ಇರೋನು “ರೇಸಿಸ್ಟ್”….

  62. Deepak Says:

    I don’t think there is any hatred among Kannadigas for Tamilians. But there definitely is resentment. Why? Simply because they have taken over Bangalore. Its a known fact that Kannadigas have been reduced to a minority in Bangalore. And people blame Tamilians because they were among the first to make the city their own. Issues like Cauvery only accentuates this resentment. This is natural and happens everywhere. See what is happening in Maharashtra!!

    Only problem is lumpen elements like Karave (here) and Thackeray (in Maha) take advantage and try to convert the resentment into hatred!! This is the sad part of it.

    BTW: I don’t agree that Tamilians or for that matter other immigrants show adequate respect for local situations. You just have to visit companies owned by other language people, you will find that they hardly employ kannadigas. Also, they expect Kannadigas to talk to them in their language. All this only adds fuel to the fire. If people start following the adage “In Rome, do as Romans do”, then we will have more peace.

  63. ram Says:

    Sanjeeva-> I like your response to dude12 and its decent & logical unlike the remaining posts in this topic.

    BUT karnataka never wants to flood its own dams and cities rather it conveniently(no other option i guess) opens the flloodgates to tamilnadu and tamilnadu does the same. Matter of fact is tamilnadu receives only the excess water(due to flooding) and never gets its share. We don’t have to beg sir and we are at the mercy of your state.

  64. madhusudan B S Says:

    Some tamils Must answer this , because they call us Chauvinists ! are we or they , why they went to court against Kannada Heritage tag , why tamils used Veerappan and LTTE against Kannadigas ? Even from Chola era they always fought against kannadigas and called us Kalavar(the thieves). the cauvery issue also based on selfish tamil and British contribution due to our rulers helplessness, we don’t hate Tamils but again and again they want to asertain that they are superior , we don’t agree that we point

  65. chetan Says:

    discrimination based on language is openly practiced by other language ppl, its in their dna. kannadigas are now learning this and hence these type of discussions happen in public which i think has gone too far. also kannada brahmins are laid back with low aspirations. so kannada elites(intellectuals) have not done well compared to other language elites. so kannadigas become frustrated seeing only outsiders dominate bangalore, which is also a reason for these discussions as mentioned by rajen.

  66. ram Says:

    madhusudan B S -> to be fair enough both tamils & kannadigas are chavunists. Please don’t start all over, this country is full of hatred and animosity, karnataka & tamil nadu are no exceptions.

  67. Rohith Says:

    @ram – now that you’re talking about Kaveri and its ‘flow’ and TN only receiving its excesses etc. one thing is good to realize at this juncture. Although the Kaveri river, like many other rivers, appears to have its source in one location somewhere in the hills, it is untrue that it is the SOLE SOURCE for all the water in the river basin.

    The river is filled with water from innumerable sources – and groundwater is one major component. In fact factors more than 50% of water in entire Kaveri river basin.

    Given this stat, and that TN, the lower riparian state of Kaveri river with a much much higher ground water reserve than KA, the upper riparian state, the TN state doesn’t actually “need” to receive waters from KA. The river flows anyways. Its the excesses that will have to be released out of a dam, and fortunately TN has a sea on the other end of Kaveri basin, right? Karnataka doesnt have a sea at its receiving end of the Krishna-Bhima basin. When MH state releases excess waters from its Bhima & Koyna reservoirs, several districts of North KA have to suffer floods. That is not happening between KA & TN at least. So I wonder why you try to rake up issues that dont even exist!?

  68. the colonel Says:

    Kannadigas raise their voice to protect their interests and their state’s interests.

    Also what you call Non-Kannadigas; raise their voice to protect their interests and their state’s interests.

    Both are identical.

    So why this differentiation. Lets all kick our so called pol masters to do their assigned work. thats all.

    does it matter who is corrupt. just throw all of them in.

    i think todays youngsters will do it.

  69. Ezhil Says:

    Mr.Madhusudan, please read the history properly, there was none called “kalavars” which doesn’t have any meaning in thamizh. but we have “kallars” i think you meant “Kalapirars” those were actually called kannadiga rulers but that was lack of evidence and proof.

  70. Prashant JS Says:

    – I would like to know, is there any example in Tamilnadu (since they seems to be talking here) where-in memorial has been built by the government in memory of a person who rejected to speak in Tamil.
    – We will oppose any act which is against Kannada, he/she might be Tamilian,Hindian or Kannadiga. We love people who respect our culture (dont bother whether he is kannadiga or not) RKN belongs to first case, hence the protest.
    – @shridharaswamy:
    [A certain laborer classes of Tamilians without whom a building wont be built obvisously has diffierent culture from Kannadigas so it is natural to be discriminated.] I think you did not go to Maharastra or Goa, Kannadiga are the majority people who are working as labour in those state by adapting their culture! It is obsvious that people who are in “need” will go to other state.
    – and your comment of “Tamilians will have atleast guilt of cheating” was very funny ;-) …seems that you are supporter of DMK/Raja

  71. Venu Says:

    Read the writer’s works, that will be his memorial, that keeps him in our memory. A building can’t be his memorial.

  72. Shridharaswamy Says:

    @PrashanthJS: I speak from Solid Statistical evidence. In this age you can never be certain. On another blog I read a statement from a Top Business man. ” I was advised by my Father to Trust Brahmins as they are honest, until at last I ran into one Dishonest Person” Hell there are crook Brahmins as well.

    Here is my Gold standard, I will believe in the people who have their language engraved in Granite Columns of Hindu Temples over any thing else.

  73. aravind Says:

    SLB, chimu and all who have raised their voice, hats off. This gentleman RKN refused kannada and why the hell our govt need to honor him or his place? His style of English or writings would have got no encouragement in tamil speaking madras during his time. It was Mysore which gave RKN a recognition. RKN is just another opportunist. We kannadigas should come out of the broad mindedness asap, illandre kannada and kannada culture bega tithi agodralli ascharya ilve illa.

  74. Vivek Says:

    Well done Churumuri in succeeding to incite one community against another! And to think that well-educated people are bending backwards to prove which language is the best is disgusting.

  75. ram Says:

    aravind-> RKN got recognized elsewhere, When i was a kid(coimbatore) i will not miss malgudi days on DD and the intro music was enchanting. He had a huge adulation in TN not because of this tamil roots.

    Its ironic that your mannina magas all these years claimed ownership of malgudi days and RKN, now seem to be gone off track and to an extent of mud slinging. Its such a shame that RKN lived in mysore.

    Its high time need to come out of your narrow mindedness dude :)

  76. AM Ramachandra Says:

    R.K. Narayan is from Malugudi, a border region between Karanataka and TN. He spoke Malgoan, admixture of Kannada and Tamil. OK case closed. Build a memorial and maintain the premise with Fees.

  77. Deepak Says:

    @AM Ramachandra…LOL what a brilliant solution, i am sure everyone will accept it!! Do it and close :)

  78. Prakash Says:

    Ram: I think you are living in Karnataka. First tell your T.nadu people to respect others and then talk about Karnataka people. You guys live here, use all the resources of our state and then behave like nationalists.
    If you want RKN memorial, then build using your money & with the supporters money.
    It is for the people of Karnataka to decide what they want & what they don’t want. The “National” language of Karnataka(we think as our country) is KANNADA. If someone insults Kannada or disrespects, he has no place here.
    RKN may be a good writer, but for people of Karnataka it is more important whether he showed respect to Kannada, the state language.
    You need not reply to me unless you use a decent language! If you use any unwarranted words, that shows your immaturity to all Churmuri readers.

  79. Vinay (@wineye) Says:

    Thts the silhouette of Chamaraja Wodeyar JCW’s grandfather!

  80. Freewill Says:

    RKN was a legend. It is nothing but pure linguistic parochialism. It is absolutely absurd to read that kannada novelists think he was not even a kannadiga just because he did not write anything in kannada. I’ve got only one question.. What is malgudi days then? It is nothing but a portrayal of ‘A KANNADA culture’ (Caps because i was yelling with my top voice). I say ‘a kannada culture’ because Malgudi days actually portrays real kannada culture, not this hodi-badi-maga type of culture shown in movies and generally in this contemporary society. Even the glorious vijayanagara empire came to an end so did the real kannada culture, it will only remain in series like malgudi days. People might think that i am an old man or something, FYI I’m 26!

  81. Freewill Says:

    “It is for the people of Karnataka to decide what they want & what they don’t want. The “National” language of Karnataka(we think as our country) is KANNADA. If someone insults Kannada or disrespects, he has no place here”

    @Prakash- This is exactly the kind of linguistic fascism that i am worried about. This attitude amongst majority of kannadigas (unfortunately) has created anarchy and intolerance in the society. There is generally a lot of intolerance shown by commoners who have been brainwashed into believing that kannada culture has been erased or is being replaced by something else. Let me ask you a question, do tamilians speak hindi/english in tamil nadu? Generally less. Do you know why? A section of tamilians have been for long demanding a separate country. The result of which was linguistic fascism. HATE AND LOVE are very strong words, the reason why you see tamilians always agitated about hindi is because of hatred. Now, do you want to stoop down to that low intellectual level and create fascism in the society?

    Another ironical thing is that you almost said that RKN disrespected kannada!

  82. Ganesh Says:

    From the cacophony of voices here, I suddenly realize that the Tamilians in Karnataka are refusing to release water to the Kannadigas living in Tamil Nadu. Is this not true ? Think deeply and ponder over this statement … !

  83. ram Says:

    Prakash – I never used any indecent language, its your mannina magas who are indulged in name calling(konga, katpadi). Don’t get agitated bro, truth always hurts.

    Freewill – Tamilians do speak english and to a certain extent hindi, please don’t expect the rickshawallas/daily wage laborers to speak in hindi/english. TN was against hindi imposition and there is a certainly a resentment towards the people who assume hindi is a national language and expects everybody to respond in hindi. There is no hatred towards hindi speaking people in TN, there is a huge hindi speaking community living in chennai, coimbatore, tirupur and they don’t complain . They thrive in tamilnadu as in any other state of india.

    Fascism is something like harassing/abusing people to follow a certain way of living, which your mannina magas are so fond of doing. Stop labeling people who defy/resist as fascists.

  84. dr ramesh Says:

    Intellectual arrogence—- it is a state of mind which makes one believe that he /she is a greater human being than the rest. This is probably what RKN demonstrated by distancing himself from Kannada and kannadigas.
    Pain of an injection is the same, a English novelist or a cucumber vendor, respect for human feelings is the major trait of a novelist,writer,poet or any creative person. If this is lacking, laurels, Mega bucks are of mere cosmetic significance.
    Memorial for RKN, at this sensitive juncture of injustice to karnataka by Tamil nadu, is unwarrented.

  85. ram Says:

    I think RKN’s family should come forward and reject this memorial. It is an utter shame and disgust to claim for it, when the people and writers are hell bent in acknowledging a legend.

  86. ತಾಳೆಗರಿ Says:

    I have been at neighboring states for substantially long (and sometimes short) lengths of time. It is natural to know, learn and be a part of the culture. (I particularly remember discussing differences in kannada script, tamil script, differences in pronunciation of root Dravidian roots and we finally exchanged a paper each with kannada and tamil kAguNita structures written in each)

    I wonder why RKN refused to learn at least basic kannaDa. It is just not natural. It is also natural for kannaDigas now, to protest against (and I support it) memorial building, as he (RKN) has no relevance to karnATaka or kannaDa. More so, the sAhitya sammELana episode is simply ‘odd’ and sense of disrespect. I don’t see a tamiLian in him from kannaDiga eyes, I see a man who lived oblivious to the culture around him, someone who had no basic courtesy for people and the culture around him. Say if I were a telagite, and he refuses to even learn basic telugu, I would react the same way. He may have led a life with minimal interactions with kannaDigas then, but as a writer, and therefore a ‘cultural icon’, it unfortunate that he missed this cultural sense/responsibility of having basic courtesy of learning a few words. May be a walk in the country, having a idyllic chat with someone by the kukraLLi kere would have a lot of difference in life and the way he saw things. I wonder w hat he saw, what he felt, when he peeped out of his window.

    @gagan: example of some corrupt politician(s) eating money (which is a problem) does not mean tax payer’s money can be spent like this. Showing that some ‘big’ happening does not make a small ‘wrong’, right. As somebody has said later, non-kannaDiga residents do not pay to build/protect these kind of things, it is for other amenities.

    @Gouri Satya: I agree, a clear rule does solve a lot of problems.

    @Harsha: The problem here is ‘relevance’. Nobody is going to object if some set of people fund to build/maintain whatever. A Govt’s move/stance sends a message to its people (people of Karnataka). Vishveshwarayya worked as an engineer worked at many places in India, and I have not heard of an instance where he refuses to speak/learn the local language for at least conversation/courtesy purpose.

    @shiv: We know that tamiLs and kannaDigas are not kith and kin. But, here we are against building/maintain a memorial on Govt fund as we find the absence person’s relevance to karnATaka in the current time frame. There is no ‘tamiL’ in the equation.

    @deepak rao: I partially agree with you ‘feeling’. Change starts with us, lets be assertive to the required extent, speak kannaDa in public etc

    @priyank: nice points.

    @har.sri.ga: Thanks for bringing up the point about national media (NDTV etc).

    @PCI: Right sir, all it takes is a basic courtesy, forget writing in kannaDa.

    @raghunandanmysore: I feel your anguish as a fellow kannaDiga. Lets oppose this for right reasons, your comments has a lot of bombs. Lets not bring them here.

    @Prashant JS: clear and succinct. Probably, the clearest and simple comment for this blog post.

    @Srinivasamurthy: please read the relevant columns of the newspapers. (for your comment dated: 27 September 2012 at 9:58 pm)

    @subbu: About the racism extreme in Europe, I hope we do not reach that stage on insanity … but reading some comments make me feel otherwise, it is not a good development.

    @shiv: who are our(kannaDigas) enemies? Please spell out or give references.

    @Madhu Bhat: Media and some so called intellectuals have reached this ephemeral state of ‘sort of no connection with local food, culture, life etc’. No meaning is possible, piratical or philosophical unless you have basic compassion/ courtesy.

    @ram: Your bias is evident when you say ‘customary of the mannina magas’. The matter is going to get worse if you bring in tamiL angle, we are only talking about ‘X’ who stayed oblivious to the culture of ‘Y’.

    @PulakesiTheSecondLast: same reply as to gagan.

    @dude12: You have painted a nice picture of tamiLs in beMgLUr. But it is not so. By the way (meta), you did hijack the thread with something else :)

    @shanoi: Your last line has a agreeable idea to solve this issue.

    @rajen: You are biased, it seems like a EkAMka you are playing your shadow, dude12 :)

    @Shridharaswamy: I agree that tamiLs have given valuable contributions to karnaTaka, especially beMgLur. But, all this justifies what? memorial building? Are you venting out your frustrations here? US has more tamiL migrants than kannaDiga migrants. Black african, white african … Sir, please wake up … lets have healthy relationships and healthy thoughts.

    @rohith: rightly put. churumuri (Sir, I dont want to use your name here) should have a look at this. It is a different time-space now.

    @Amarnath Shivashankar: Mostly, Yes. But let us not start a blame game here.

    @ram: Point 1, your post is irrelevant to the topic. Point 2, MeTTur dam can store water and all releases during heavy rains here are planned to least loss by independent central Govt observer. Nobody is begging and TN is not at KA’s mercy. Both states have their prescribed shares. Stop making wrong claims.

    @madhusudan: Irrelevant to the thread.

    @chetan: About being kannaDa brams being laid-back, it just a general misinformed opinion. There are historical reasons. We did not have a precidency here and we had wodeyars who would honored brams of different nADu, and so on …

    @Prashant JS: again, I like your clarity.

    @Prakash: slapstick! I agree.

    @freewill: Yes, nRupatuMga (brAjiShNu) was writing about tamiL grammar in kavirAjamArga, which tamiL has lost now. Yes, I can see that you are 26. Not having basic courtesy to speak a few words in kannaDa at a sammELana is disrespect, at least get a few words written by somebody. We have even seen foreign people do that for goodwill.

    @ram: you have been consistently using the word maNNina maga, you are just attacking and blaming faceless maNNina maga. Now you bring in ‘katpadi’ etc. Who are fascists, Sir?

    finally, @churumuri: Using words like ‘racists’, is not good for your conscience. We are proud of blog, please have basic courtesy!

  87. Indian Says:

    To all Kannadigas, Karnataka is not your father’s property. Bangalore cantonment was developed by Tamils and Telugus. Tamil and Telugu’s outnumber you in Bangalore, Kolar and Bellary disricts. You are barely 60% of Karnataka’s population. Telugu, Marathi, Tuluvas, Tamils Konkani and Urdu speakers make up almost 40% of your state. If you want Karnataka to be an exclusively Kannaga state, you will have to give up half of Bangalore, Mangalore, Udupi, Bellary, Bidar, Gulbarga, Belgaum and Karwar districts. Plus all Kannadigas in Tamil Nadu, Goa and Maharashtra will have to be kicked out too.

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