Since government work alone is not god’s work

Some of Bangalore’s hardest working men, workers on the Namma Metro project, take a breather near the Vidhana Soudha, the headquarters of some of Karnataka’s you-know-who.

Photograph: Karnataka Photo News

Also view: The complete Namma Metro portfolio

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4 Responses to “Since government work alone is not god’s work”

  1. Suresh Panje Says:

    Well, most of the workers are those of the assigned contractor and they happen to be from the non-organised segment of workforce although their company could be part of the organised corporate sector. Yes, a majority of construction labourers who toil to build mansions, flats and complexes of malls are themselves ‘homeless’.
    That is the state of affairs.

  2. the colonel Says:

    the heat wave………..humans need rest.

  3. Goldstar Says:

    Take a longer break, Metro workers!! Your work is going to be delayed further because you-know-who ‘s statue is not going to be temporarily shifted.

    Those who are riled about “tax-payers money being wasted” on a “non-Kannadiga writer’s” memorial in Mysore should take note how crores of money are wasted as the Metro work is delayed beyond control because of the statue issue.

  4. babuds Says:

    This Namma Metro thing, nobody knows when it will be done with. By that time world will invent and move on with new modes of travel, such as time machine for example.

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