What it takes to alert people about snake bites

It’s a Hindi movie called Jan Leva 555. It’s a “romantic musical mystery thriller spanning 555 years”—and 15 songs.  It’s due for release on October 19. And it stars our very own Kalpana Pandit of  1st main road, Yadavagiri, Mysore 570020.

Produced by Kalpana Pandit, MD, a former “Miss India USA” who belongs to the Nanjangud B.V. Pandit family, the movie aims to sensitise audiences to cobra bites; proceeds from the film will apparently go to buy ventilators for cobra-bitten patients and anti-vinen research.

Kalpana’s previous Kannada flick Jo Jo Laali dwelt on HIV.

News reports say Jan Leva 555 also stars Anant Nag in a Hindi film after two decades and Vyjayanthimala Bali (who was herself married to a doctor) after 42 years.

The Marimallappa’s college and Mysore medical college alum, who is a emergency doctor in Arizona, had previously acted in M.F. Husain‘s Gajagamini.


Visit the Facebook page: Jan Leva 555


Photograph: courtesy Indian Masala

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All that namma hudugi has to do khuda ke liye

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14 Responses to “What it takes to alert people about snake bites”

  1. Melanie Says:

    What next! Every issue is trivialised in the interest of commerce and box-office success!

  2. voyeur Says:

    Snake bite? I want a Kalpana Pandit bite.

  3. Deepak Says:

    What is this rubbish? When there are hot issues like Mamta pull out, Yeddy threat and Cauvery why do you waste space for such trash. Seriously, do you need the picture of some half-naked pehlawan type to sell your site?

  4. Doddi Buddi Says:

    OMG Kalpana looks like….! Too much of upper body workout resulting in mannish looks! Sorry if I have hurt any feelings:(

    Laudable effort with all her movies educational and entertaining…

  5. sagecotwam Says:

    Dude, get your facts right. Anant Nag appeared in the Hindi version of Yuva directed by Mani Ratnam in 2004

  6. dr ramesh Says:

    One great thing happening to Kannada film industry,
    Lot of doctors entering the industry with intention of giving good Kannada movies, this has improved the standards.
    Dr shamita malnad— dentist, very successful playback Singer
    Ricky kej— dentist, accomplished music director
    Dr bharti— practising medicine, heroine
    Siddhanth—- studied medicine in London, lead actor in many movies
    Many more.
    All the best to kalpana pandit, wish her a great career in Kannada film industry as well.

  7. Pragmatic Says:

    Paid news!

  8. Anonymous Guy Says:

    Deepak, Anna you aren’t paying a naya paisa to dictate the content of this site. If you want to see hot pic of Sushma Swaraja in a bikini, try a search.

    Kalpana Pandit = impressive achievements, impressive looks, impressive kannadiga.

  9. Deepak Says:

    @Anonymous – Bro looks like you spend all your time searching for bikini babes, so you are well qualified to give expert opinions. And yes, I don’t pay a paisa to churumuri and neither do you. But churumuri has to decide what is important – relevant issues that encourage debate or irrelevant tripe that attracts irrelevant comments!!

  10. Maneesh Says:

    I’m surprised you didn’t use the “Commodification of Women” tag . Double Standards ??

  11. Anonymous Guy Says:

    Deepak, Guess Churumuri thinks your editorial advice is irrelevant tripe. But no harm trying. Lage raho.

  12. kfi365 Says:

    @Dr. Ramesh, add to your list Dr. Suri who directed “Lucky” produced by Smt. Radhika Kumaraswamy. Ricky Kej and Shamita have been doing a good job in music. But Siddhanth!! Surely he doesnt deserve to be an actor. He studied in MMC if I am not wrong.

    Long ago, we even had doctors in TV serials. The famous Dr. Vijay of Shakti and other serials. Even one of the “danDapinDagaLu” actor was a doctor.

  13. anamika Says:

    @deepak – irrelevant tripe that attracts irrelevant comments!!-
    Very true. Like the ones you are making.

  14. Ramesh Muniyappa Says:

    Kalpana Pandit and her brother and sisters also studied in Ideal Jawa Rotary Children’s School Mysore

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