CHURUMURI POLL: Will Yedi exit harm BJP?

After threatening to leave the Bharatiya Janata Party virtually every fortnight since he resigned from office in disgrace under a haze of sleaze and corruption in July 2011—and after making a mockery of two wonderful Kannada words sthana (position) and maana (respect) since then—former Karnataka chief minister B.S. Yediyurappa has finally mustered the strength and the courage to say that he has had enough with the BJP and will call it quits from the party.

By all indications, Yediyurappa will announce his new party in November or December, in time for the assembly elections due in the first-half of 2013.

Yediyurappa has ruled out joining any other political party although he has been singing paeans of Sonia Gandhi‘s Congress party over the last few weeks, and although Nitish Kumar‘s JD(U) and Mulayam Singh Yadav‘s Samajawadi Party, both avowedly secular parties with little presence in the South, are both said to be toying with the idea of joining hands with Yediyurappa, who cut his teeth in the RSS.

But the questions remain: Has Yediyurappa delayed his exit too long? Has BJP neutralised his influence by allowing him to drag on with his antics? Will Yediyurappa on his own be even half the force he was with the BJP? Will the BJP split help the Congress in the assembly polls? Will Yediyurappa’s new party result in a four-way race in the State and thus make it easier for the BJP?

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24 Responses to “CHURUMURI POLL: Will Yedi exit harm BJP?”

  1. Deepak Says:

    No doubt Yeddy has a strong caste base, but people are not fools, they know what has happened. They know that Yeddy’s flock is not a bunch of matryrs, but a gang of thieves. If he dreams of getting 15 LS seats and 40-50 assembly seats, it will remain just a dream. He may find it difficult to even convince the people of Shikaripur to back him.

    And as for the BJP, they should use this chance for a cleansing and rid themselves of all the nasty elements, they will lose the next assembly and LS poll in Karnataka, but they should not mind that and think of the long haul.

  2. Suresh Panje Says:

    The lotus, BJP’s symbol happens to grow in slushy and muddy waters. And the index of such dirty could be viewed in the likes of Yeddy, Reddy brothers, Sushma Swaraj, Gadkari, Advani, Uma Bharati and company. Hence it is better leaders of this calibre are out of public life, in the interest of the society.

  3. null (@_nullabletype) Says:

    Looks like Yeddy will now become a favorite of churumuri. No more embarrassing photos to be found here. That is unless he decides not to support the Congress.

  4. ERR Says:

    BSY is Khrushchev mould! He breathes brinkmanship.That’s his forte.It’s still early days..

  5. no gravitas Says:

    “sthaana” you mean? :)

  6. K Laxminarayana Rao Says:

    People of this country are fools of the first order. They want to be the slaves of these dirty Politicians. Educated are first among such people. That being the case how can Yeddies remaining or not remaining in BJP harm BJP? BJP will gain as long as they have programmes related to god and religion.

  7. Nastika Says:

    Harm now? BJP was harmed long back.
    Exit now? Probably in your day dream.


  8. Anonymous Guy Says:

    Yeah Deepak, make sure to tell it at the next shaka meeting. Does not make much sense ranting on a liberal/secular minded (insert whatever terms you cheddis use here) blog.

  9. dr ramesh Says:

    If renukapriya, bommai hrudaya simhaasanaadheeshwara, yeddy decides to quit bjp, it will definitely hurt bjp. Bsr Cong, yeddy ‘s new party will eat into bjp votes.bjp can only loose seats from here on.
    Bjp and Congress have badly let down kannada-kannadiga – karnataka, kannadigas should clearly understand,
    Coming elections will be interesting, three regional parties JD S, BSR CONGRESS, YEDDY PARTY with sizeable vote bank will contesting, regional party or parties will rule karnataka and will send 15 -20 MP ‘S to Parliament.
    Good sign for sure.

  10. Deepak Says:

    @Anonymous – being a secular liberal guy, why do you remain anon., why don’t you remove your mask, reveal your name and like your pals Sagarika and Barkha declare your everlasting love for the Italians? And yes, in the next liberal secular meet, you can pass a resolution banning those that criticise your favourite Kangress party. Once Sibal implements that, then you won’t be able to see fascists like me on your beloved sites. Please do this asap so your secular site can be cleansed.

  11. kris Says:

    When will BJP get rid of its primary culprits – Anant Kumar, Sushma Swaraj, Advani?

  12. harkol Says:

    BJP, Communist and even congress are not one man, one family, one issue ‘dukhaans’ like JD(S), SP, DMK etc. Though congress has allowed itself to be identified as a one family party.

    These parties have been developed over a long time by the efforts of so many folks. Yeddy leaving BJP may mar its prospect in the very next election, and that’s the price BJP has to pay for dabbling in operation lotus, and pampering the likes ot Yeddy & Reddy.

    But personally – getting rid of Yeddy and Reddy has made BJP more acceptable to me.

    Hopefully, over next 5 year period, BJP will recover, and Yeddy, Shoba & Family saga will go the way of Kalyan Singh Kusum Rai saga… Yeddy may even try and stage a ‘homecoming’ like Kalyan is attempting – but BJP would do well never associate again with this ‘crocodile’. Unlike Kalyan or Uma Bharati, yeddy has very serious corruption charges.

    So, Yeddy will set up his new ‘angadi’ and perhaps get a dozen seats. He’ll try to become the Lingayat Equivalent of JD(S). But, neither JD(S) or “Yeddy Angadi” will have sufficient clout to form govt. on their own.

    So, we will have at least another 5 years of ultra-corrupt govt. ahead, orchestrated by the likes of Yeddy or Deve Gowda. What is there to choose! :(

  13. Sanjeeva Says:

    @ Mr. K.L.Rao, You don’t have a choice sir!. You just do not have a choice my dear sir.

  14. Nastika Says:

    BJP has to introspect why it has to fire its chief ministers often. The number of CMs BJPs had to ‘shed’ is too high for the party that is half the age of Congress.


  15. b k chowla Says:

    He will wait till Gujarat election results are declarred

  16. Gundaa Says:

    He proved one thing right:
    mooruk bittavaru oorige doddavaru

  17. Says:

    North Karnataka – Yedi, BSR congress will surely eat into the votes of BJP.
    Mandya region – With the handling of Kaveri issue , there is no chance of winning even one seat
    Bengaluru region – BJP might retain few seats, but the rest might swing in favour of JD(S) followed by Congress! Loksatta, IAC party, Ka Ra Ve might make some inroads into Bengaluru voters choice.

  18. babuds Says:

    I think BJP is gone for good in Karnataka, with or without Mr. BSY. So is JD(S) much before all this. Now the doors are wide open in the next election for who else but the GOP:)

  19. Simple Says:

    BJP is dead in Karnataka (With or Without BJP)

    The most regressive, and corrupt party of all time is the BJP. Come 2014, and BJP will be reduced to double digit for its anti national stance on everything under the sun.

  20. Deepak Says:

    Missed you dear!! Where were you all these days? Mourning over the end of UPA?
    Anyway, for a change I agree with you, BJP is finished in Karnataka for now. But the double digit you mention are Lok Sabha seats? If they get double digit LS seats in Karnataka, they will party like never before :)

  21. ashwini Says:

    @simple,as name you are not simple but i guess you are pro-italianparty,anti-hindu.pseudo-secular,alien,christian!

  22. Simple Says:


    if I say BJP is dead I become anti Hindu? Is your mind diseased? So should all Hindus support BJP which is a decaying, dying, corrupt, communal anti national party which is full of rapists, murderers and porn experts ?

    Stop making personal attacks. I am criticizing BJP, not you. So if you attack me personally I too can go below the belt.

  23. Anonymous Guy Says:

    Simple, That is the problem with the cheddi hive mind, they see everyone else to be as closed minded and brain dead as they are. Making unwarranted generalizations is as much their speciality as repeating their same old tired rants on blog comments. Funny thing is they are never able to put up a half decent blog of their own which attracts even their own crowd. What else to expect from such kill joys :)

  24. Naga Says:

    Contribution from congress to the state is zero, due to in-fighting BJP could not deliver, other than MLA Sureshkumar everyone else has made the money using politics as a tool so in the existing lot Yeddi is far better as a leader who thinks about the state compare to other leaders who gets the direction from centre and does nothing from the state… I am not inclined ot any party…

    remember – very few politicians were born with silver spoons..,

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