CHURUMURI POLL: Is this Congress’s Bofors-II?

The grenade lobbed by the Arvind KejriwalPrashant Bhushan gang on Friday, accusing Robert Vadra, the son-in-law of Sonia Gandhi, of dubious deals with the construction company DLF, has sent the Congress camp into a tizzy. Over half-a-dozen Union ministers trooped into TV studios to defend FDI*—the First Damaad of India—even as Vadra maintained a studied silence, before breaking it on Facebook (he has since deleted his FB account).

To be sure, there was little of surprise: the same details had been carried by The Economic Times a year and six months ago, quoting Registrar of Companies (ROC) documents. At the time, the Congress had not seen it fit to respond. But the timing of the latest “expose”, after the Jan Lok Pal movement was tarred and tarnished, after the announcement of a new party sans Anna Hazare, and in the run-up to the Gujarat and general elections, gives the issue a whole new angle.

Questions: Will the charges against Vadra become a millstone around the Congress’—and by extension, Sonia, Rahul and Priyanka Gandhi‘s necks—forever, like Bofors has? Or will they peter out because there is no foreign hand like Ottavio Quattrochchi‘s and no clear quid pro quo? Do the charges prove crony conspiracy at its worst? Or, has the Kejriwal-Bhushan duo bitten off more than they can chew by hitting below the belt?

*courtesy Rama Lakshmi/ WaPo

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19 Responses to “CHURUMURI POLL: Is this Congress’s Bofors-II?”

  1. Melanie Says:

    Yes, it will haunt the Congress and be a big election issue. But what about the poor voter- the choice is between the Devil and the deep sea!

  2. subrat Says:

    simply we can say this is a another planning indirect scam

  3. subrat Says:

    we are not independent as of today becaz we are before ruled by england and now by italy. so save your life indian

  4. Deepak Says:

    Forget Vadra. Focus on the media which stands exposed. They knew this but kept quiet on this all these days for fear of offending their paymaster. When the scandal exploded, anchors and editors showed great zeal in targeting the BJP for NOT exposing this scam earlier. What a farce!! The son-in-law loots, the media partakes of the crumbs of the loot and licks boots and when it all blows up, they attack the easy target.

    And yes, this is Bofors-II, just like the original Bofors it will be forgotten. The loot will continue and media, market and liberal jokers will sing paeans to the great reformer. This farce will continue till these crooks are thrown out and after that the next Govt. will be busy creating their scams, so they won’t have time to nail Vadra. We are like this only………..

  5. harkol Says:

    Well, It may assume bofors proportion, but may not be sufficient to end the feudal ‘slave mentality’ of quite a bunch of voters all across India.

    I am sure Sonia Gandhi may already be plotting how she’ll find another HR Bharadwaj to bury this – just as burried Bofors & Quatrocchi. Folks like Shinde are already smug that all these corruptions will be forgotten like Bofors.

    Bottom Line: If folks can vote for a corrupt Jagan Reddy and Sriramulu (or perhaps Yeddy or Gowda clan), wonder if this country cares about honesty at all.

  6. Suresh Panje Says:

    Sans fire there can be never smoke although Arvind Kejriwal might have capitalised on whatever dope he could manage vis-a-vis Robert Vadra’s rise. As such I would term the UPA-II term is the mother of all Bofors, not just one or two but in every other field where the wheeler-dealers and those with connections at the right place could reap it rich.

  7. sahhasra saagaraamrita Says:

    these r all the significance of end of kaliyuga and beginning of DAWN OF SATYA YUGA.

  8. Sanjeeva Says:

    Nothing is going to happen, nothing will come out. At the most, it will be fodder for the media for some time, which will be forgotten in due course of time, till something else will crop up.

  9. jayashree Says:

    Vadra is India’s son-in-law, leave him alone.

  10. Dharmesh Says:

    You think they care? They sailed through Bofors, they sailed through every other scandal, this is nothing. Bring it on. Congress is ready for Rs.10,00,000 crore scandals next.

  11. madhavan Says:

    “Vadra is India’s son-in-law, leave him alone” the best comment i have read in ages.

  12. Anitha Says:

    I have always been arguing that BSY should be hanged in public…. for the sheer stupidity he showed while he was in power to get a 80X120 site for his son! He is an uncouth chap with no finesse whatsoever in his corrupt practices. I mean just look at this Vadra Chap.. and the support he is getting from his Mom-in-law!!! That is a class apart…

    And BSY was right.. that Sonia sticks by her people while BJP dumps them! What a fine display of support for this Vadra Chap from the best and the brightest of the Congress… from the motor mouth Manish Tiwari to the in-Law minister Salman Khurshid to the Fin Min Chiddu to the Corp Affarirs Moily to all the minions of the party!!! Even the two other Motor Mouths, Jayanti and Renuka were pressed into service the moment shit hit the roof… Very very admirable.

    While praising the Congress for defending the Nation’s Son – in – law, can one forget the luminous role played by the media? No sir…. here is my heartfelt pranaam to the stalwarts of Media like Karan Thapar, Rajdeep Sardesai, Sagarika Ghose, Barkha Dutt, why even our own Churumuri….

    Keep up the good work folks… the next Padma Awards are surely going to be given to you.

  13. harkol Says:

    Anitha: Agree on one point – BSY must be the most dumb corrupt man around. He seems to have done a few things that is easily provable to be corrupt. Others take pain to masquerade so it is difficult to trace/prove.

    But, I don’t think Sonia sticks by her people. Just wait – Congress will offer some fall guy for Vadra too (may be Hooda). Atleast temporarily. She only cares about family.

    The sad part in this nation – People keep voting for corrupt politicians. They vote for Jagan/Yeddy/Reddy/Gandhi/Pawar/Mulayam etc.

    I know they may not have alternatives, but the least they can do is not vote on party lines and vote for most honest guy they can find.

  14. Bk chowla Says:

    Result will be worse than what happened after Bofors

  15. Anitha Says:

    The social media ( withe exception of few well known names) is doing a brilliant job of ripping apart the government and its handling of Vadra Gate when the main stream media is totally busy covering up the misdeeds of this chor family.

    Coporation Bank giving an overdraft limit of about 8 crores to a company with a capital base of just Rs. one lakh???

    Here is what one of the Mango Man of this country had written on the comment sections in a website

    “I had approached Vijaya bank for housing loan and in spite having bank shares, having steady salary from MNC, bank out right rejected the measly loan of 10 Lakhs against property and here this guys company receives 8Cr credit for a company not worth even a Lakh from corporation bank. If this deal is clean then I would say Suage water flowing in gutter is mineral water. ”

    Yet no probing questions from the tele journalists, who otherwise can be seen hopping mad had the same thing been done by a BJP member

    No cover story on Tehelka, which went out of the way to probe a non existent coffin scam whereas it is keeping quite when a misdeed of this proportion has come out in the open.

    Any response from the court supporters of congress????

  16. Goldstar Says: and The Hindu have been doing a decent job, since last week, after the s**t hit the fan. The others are still the same.

    Couple of days back, there was a panel discussion on NDTV. Yogendra Yadav ( IAC member ) said that now that serious allegations against one holy cow ( Vadra) has been made, the media should be brave enough to question other holy cows like Ranjan Bhattacharya and the Ambanis. The host Sreenivasan Jain latched on to Ranjan Bhattacharya but conveniently ignored the Ambanis. This is how our media works !!

  17. harkol Says:

    Anitha: It is futile to seek response from congress court supporters like ‘simple’ton. They’ll go on about ‘mera bharat mahan’ and how congress has made this country a superpower etc. I suspect they are paid trolls otherwise they can’t be so irrational. Watching ManishTewari, J. Natrajan etc. will give you an idea of what they are like.

    But, here is a simper response. Forget the 0-300cr growth, that a fantastic businessman (even better than google/apple founders) can pull off. Let us for a minute assume it was all legit.

    I am also an entrepreneur. I have never come across any company doing crores of business in India without having atleast a few dozen employees.

    Vadra companies have only one salaried employee – His mother!!

    So, per his own filings in 6 known companies so far – what vadra has managed is to create wealth of Rs.300cr without ever having created a job or without having paid any tax.

    Now, that’s not just improbable – it is impossible. Ask anyone to create a business venture worth 10cr without atleast a dozen employees and they’ll lift their hand.

  18. Nastika Says:

    “Vadra’s sweet-heart deal with DLF raises many questions but what makes no sense whatsoever is how a petty brass trader from Moradabad, who looks more like Priyanka’s chauffer than her significant other, could patao a Nehru-Gandhi scion and marry into India’s most powerful political family”



  19. Goldstar Says:

    This is a pretty damning report :

    Hours after Haryana’s top land records officer starts probe into Vadra’s dealings, he is transferred

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