The total number of colours in this picture is…

Students of the Satya Sai institute of home science turn out in their colourful best at a youth festival organised by the women’’s University in Dharwad on Thursday.

Photograph: Karnataka Photo News


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8 Responses to “The total number of colours in this picture is…”

  1. Soumya Says:

    Ilkal sarees… very colourful & beautiful!

  2. chidu22 Says:

    I think they are Hubballi seeres.., can’t agree more, beautiful colours. Reminded me of the united colors ad from Benetton, cheluva Kannada nadu…

  3. Shankar Says:

    One Kaavi

  4. jayashree Says:

    In the old tradition! Great! There is girl from Coorg!!

  5. Sanjeeva Says:

    At last something pleasant to see amidst all around trash we are surrounded with!

  6. b K Chowla Says:

    It doesnt matter.
    what is important is the confidence on their faces

  7. kfi365 Says:

    to count the colour in the sarees, it comes around 17 colours. Colours in the pallu are common with 2-3 sarees.

  8. :) Says:

    Home science from bangalore to home science from Sathya Sai university… lots of difference. “Charecter is end of education – Baba”

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