Mysore Mallige for ‘Maharani’ on day of glitz, gold

On the first day of Dasara 2012, the scion of the erstwhile royal family of Mysore, Srikantadatta Narasimharaja Wodeyar, dressed in traditional robes, sits on the throne at the main palace (top and middle), and blesses his wife Pramoda Devi, during the private darbar, on Tuesday. –

Photographs: Karnataka Photo News

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9 Responses to “Mysore Mallige for ‘Maharani’ on day of glitz, gold”

  1. SShridharaswamy Says:

    Erst while years in India we truly of Merit. Either for a King or a Peasant; definitely for a Brahmin. Nature is invincible.

  2. Deepak Says:

    These traditions make Karnataka what it is. We would have probably been better off ruled by a benevolent monarch like Wodeyar, rather than the thugs who rule us today!

  3. richardws Says:

    Awesome ! The grandeur of an era that once was ! The Britishers, removed royalty from this nation and still have “honarary” queen, prince, king etc. in their country – and celebrate their marriages etc. etc. Ah.. irony, irony.. irony !!

  4. Sanjeeva Says:

    Then It was “Krishnaraja Bhoopa, Daarigella Deepa”.
    Now, rajakaranigala thaapa, prajegalella ayyo paapa!”

  5. Connan Doyle Says:

    Britishers did not remove royalty. we did, and it is a good thing. Think of it this way, you can always kick out the politician, can the British kick out their queen. There are numerous instances of tyrants in our history.

  6. Kaushik Dessai Says:

    It is indeed worth appreciating, and a matter of pride to see that the scion of the Mysore royal family Sri Srikantadutta Narasimharaja Wadiyar ghas continued the tradition of holding the Durbar on account of Navaratri. The Wadiyars are the cultural successors of the Vijaynagara Empire and the former are the ones who are responsible for the glory of Mysore Dussehra.

    Of course, today’s “Nada Habba” cannot be compared to the glorious past..

    One cannot forget the immense contribution of Wadiyar family for Mysore.

  7. Gokulam 3rd Stage Says:

    His heaviness looks silly with that beard and moustache. All gravity and no gravitas. JCW had both, while NKRW had only the latter!

  8. Joseph Frankel Says:

    A great legacy Not only for Mysore, also Bangalore and the rest of Karnataka, and till date out of power but outshine all our corrupted politicians and bandigoots . I t is the people, public spontaneous love, reverence and relevance that make the Wadiyar family the No.1 in Karnataka till today. Though officially H.H. (His Highness) tile is removed, H.H. (His Holiness) title as he conducts his religious festivals ,like Dasara etc. cannot be removed by any Government or court. God has a purpose still for the Wadiyars.

  9. kumari Says:

    today king shrikantha datta narasimha raja wodeyar is not there .. we r missing him very much .. but will dusara darbar continue or not in next coming years … or it is gone with him we have to watch and seee.. but i wish it should continue ..

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