When Mr Gandhi sent a message to Ms Gillard?

The Australian prime minister Jullia Gillard tripped and fell at Mahatma Gandhi‘s memorial, Rajghat, in Delhi on Wednesday after she had placed a wreath and was walking towards the television and newspaper personnel waiting for her.

Gillard, who has a long history of footwear malfunctions, brushed it all off:

“For men who get to wear flat shoes all day every day, if you wear a heel it can get embedded in soft grass and when you pull your foot out the shoes doesn’t come,” she said.

But not everybody is seeing the incident in such a matter-of-fact way. The protestors at the Koodankulam nuclear plant certainly do not; they see it as some sort of an inter-gallactic message being sent by the Mahatma to Gillard of what lies in store if her country co-operates with the Indian government.

In a press release, the protestors say:

“The People’s Movement Against Nuclear Energy (PMANE) as well as our sympathizers all over India would like to apologize to Julia Gillard, the honorable Prime Minister of Australia, for the dangerous fall she suffered at the Raj Ghat. If we ask the local authorities in Delhi why they had not taken enough precautions to avoid such a dangerous fall and why none of the security officers could prevent an important international leader from falling on her face or for not coming to her rescue on time, we may attract more sedition charges.

“Madam Prime Minister, this whole Raj Ghat episode reflects the authorities’ utter lack of safety precautions and emergency preparedness. And your government is seriously considering selling Uranium to these folks. Maybe, Madam Prime Minister, Mahatma Gandhi, the Father of Our Nation, is trying to say something to you and please listen to him.”

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10 Responses to “When Mr Gandhi sent a message to Ms Gillard?”

  1. NRavi Says:

    It is true that it is a inter-galactic message sent by Gandhi; remember Gandhi used to eat red soil[mud] to aid his health occasionally;

    His message to her this time is “Eat Dirt Lady!”

  2. vaidya Says:

    The youtube video has Aussies going bonkers in the comments. Not too popular a PM I believe.

  3. Deepak Says:

    This must surely be a joke. If the protestors have indeed written like this, it proves that they have no love for the country and are in the payroll of foreign powers and maybe ISI. They should be ruthlessly dealt with,

  4. Melanie Says:

    Yes, it is definitely an inter-galactic message and the clairvoyance of those who figured it out has to be lauded!!

  5. the colonel Says:

    yeah time to eat dirt

  6. asha Says:

    PMANE is a church sponsored, US backed organization that is trying to derail and delay the commissioning of Kundankulam nuclear plant…why is churumuri giving credence to such shady organizations and wasting everybody’s time

  7. asha Says:

    There are other news worthy items that can be published on churumuri…how about the “scam a day” by congress that is the staple of the nation these days..:)

  8. harkol Says:

    Every one got it wrong.

    She was just doing a ‘sashtanga namaskara’. ;)

  9. Vinay Says:

    These Kudankulam protestors should have their skulls cracked. First, for the protests and second, for nonsense pieces of writing like this one.

  10. saggere Says:

    I remember, former President of India the Late Shankar Dayal Sharma tripped and fell here in 1992

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