CHURUMURI POLL: Has India lost moral compass?

In its 62nd year as a Republic, India presents a picture that can only mildy be termed unedifying.

Scams are raining down on a parched landscape with frightening ferocity. From outer space (2G, S-band) to the inner depths of mother earth (coal), the Congress-led UPA has had it all covered in its second stint. Meanwhile, Robert Vadra, the son-in-law of the first family of the Congress, has taken charge of scandals at or near sea level.

Salman Khurshid, the smooth-talking Oxford-educated law minister, thinks it is beneath his dignity to respond in a dignified manner to charges of pilfering Rs 71 lakh from the disabled. The Harvard-educated finance minister P. Chidambaram and his family is happily busy gobbling up parts of the east coast from farmers. Etcetera.

But what of the opposition?

The BJP’s president Nitin Gadkari is neckdeep in a gapla of his own,  one that threatens, in fact one that is designed to deprive him of a second stint in office. “Scam”, of course, was the middle-name of party’s Karnataka mascot, B.S. Yediyurappa. From Mulayam‘s SP to Mayawati‘s BSP to Sharad Pawar‘s NCP, from Karunanidhi‘s DMK to Jayalalitha‘s AIADMK, money-making is the be-all and end-all.

The less said of the corporates who have pillaged the country since time immemorial the better but Vijay Mallya presents its most compelling side as he shuts down his airline while his son hunts for calendar girls. The do-gooders of Team Anna and now Team Kejriwal are themselves subject to searching questions on their integrity levels. And the media is busy getting exposed as extortionists and blackmailers.

Questions: Have we as a country completely lost our moral and ethical compass? Are we going through an “unprecedented” phenomenon or is this what the US and other developed democracies like Japan have gone through in their path to progress? Or does it not matter in the greater scheme of things? Is all this leaving the citizenry cynical and frustrated or do we not care because all of us are in it, in our own little ways?

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68 Responses to “CHURUMURI POLL: Has India lost moral compass?”

  1. Narayan Chabbi Says:

    It is indeed a sad commentary of our times. The so called middle class does not nurture the ethics and moral values any more.
    They too belive make hay while the sun shines.
    This leaves a tiny majority. Successive Governments have spoilt everything. Go to a village today. No labour is available as they are paid under one scheme or the other.

    In Karnataka Shbha wanted to scrutinise illegal gas cylinders. Work was well in progress but Sadanada Gowda withdrew this scheme. urn the gas. What does it points to?
    Center wants cut down the subsidy of the cylinders . Lok at TOI report as to how much our netas burn.

    Alas something drastic should happen.

  2. Communal Award Says:

    India is an uncivilized nation.

    Every 22 minutes a rape is committed in India and out of which 30% are against minors.

    1. The conviction rate is below 25%.
    2. Police refuse to register victim’s complaint.
    3. Insane politicians are saying gang-rape is consensual sex.
    4. Inhuman family members of the rapist visit victim’s house to show off their hegemony.

    As per Congressman Trent Franks House Concurrent Resolution 139, I request Obama Administration to direct New Delhi regime to create an Independent nation for 300 million India’s untouchables.

  3. Nastika Says:

    Robert, Salman, Nitin are just names. The fact is, put any Indian in that post, voila their names pop up in the list of corrupt !!


  4. sahhasra saagara Says:

    some time back at a saloon speaking about politicians,government,etc.,
    One groundnut vendor suggesting that people should stop paying tax, stop franchising their valuable votes.
    he also predict “all these idiots will behind bars and their days are end”
    sometimes i use to remember his words as so many events are in front of us.
    i think within 2025 AD there will be major changes on the earth, it may be satya yuga.
    sahhasra saagara

  5. harkol Says:

    All those folks who were blaming Anna Hazare, Kejriwal etc. should answer this question:

    If we respect the existing ‘system’, and hope to bring about change through vote – whom do we vote?

    If your choice is one scoundrel or another – both of whom will do pretty much the same things once elected – isn’t election itself a false choice?

    This is why either the system will need to be changed through a revolution – or through new options emerging.

    Hoping parties like Jansatta or Kejriwal’s new party will grow and provide that alternative.

    Otherwise, we are back to voting for the ‘lesser scoundrel’.

  6. chidu22 Says:

    The suggestion that the bigger economies of the world have been through such a phase is looking for excuses. I don’t care what happened in these countries or how they evolved, I am getting screwed here.We as a nation didn’t change even after independence, with the British gone, the loot was easy as it became unchecked. Moral compass was never there in the first place. Barring a minority all the rich are corrupt. Hard work and ethics are alien to Indians. They beleive in multiplying wealth by grabbing gold, real estate, stocks and shares etc. No tangible hardwork on part of any body, it pervades every profession. Look at what movies gross 100crores, Dabbang. Compare this with Avatar, Titanic. The entire Industry is a con business. We has a nation need a change in attitude, only then there is hope.

  7. nRavi Says:

    India sure did not invent Magnetic Compass!

  8. Gundaa Says:

    What has Vijay Mallya’s son going after girls got to do with ethics? We are not an islamic nation. Looks like Taliban members are up in arms.

  9. akpsuratAbdulraheman Patrawala Says:

    Is all this leaving the citizenry cynical and frustrated or do we not care because all of us are in it, in our own little ways? Nonsense !!!The time has come for a common man to chair the PM post in 2014.

  10. austere (@austereseeker) Says:

    The rulers are corrupt beyond redemption. But I trust in the common man, the man in the street and the man in the field. Perhaps I’m living in a fool’s paradise.

  11. Amit M Says:

    Is this necessarily a new, modern phenomenon? Were our leaders really better in the past? I don’t think so. It’s just that the scale and the awareness that these things happen, has gone up.

  12. Avi Says:

    It is nothing new. This is happening in India for long. Only thing is now there is media and people come to know; and also these kind of people have become thick-skinned now and doesnt bother about these exposures.

  13. Nanjundaswamy.S Says:

    It is agonizing to note that we have lost self esteem, ethics, morality and what not.? Common man is sand witched between the insensitive politicians and bureaucracy. God alone should come to our rescue.

  14. Objectivist Mantra Says:

    Why blame India, it is Italy (and Italians & their European cronies) who have lost their moral compass.

    Unfortunately the India political elite continues to prostrate before the Europeans, they don’t care about India and Indians, they would rather transfer all our wealth to Europe.

    The bottom line is that the moral compass of India currently lies locked up in a Swiss bank locker.

  15. Suresh Says:

    As a common man, i was not having such bad opinion about our country till recently , but the developments of late has completely uprooted my belief.

    One example :
    There is a problem in availability of gas cylinders in Kerala
    irrespective of whether it is subsidized or not. So the home makers
    shifted to induction stoves, which resulted in excess electricity
    consumption. So Electricity board started load shedding in the morning and evening ( in between 6Am to 10 Am and 6 Pm to 10 Pm). So the homemakers started getting up at 5 am and started cooking in induction stoves!. Electricity board started cutting power randomly also. The question is where should a middle class person go – He neither has gas nor electricity. How will he cook and eat?

    This is how the politicians run this country.!!.
    Banks are ready to write off the loan of Kingfisher (6000 Crores) but when it comes to farmers, they want government subisidy etc.

  16. Shridharaswamy Says:

    Reservation class are the majority in India, minorities, all have welfare, economic, benefits etc. Middle Class [whoever it is I guess all Castes and creeds] who perhaps are pulling Indian Economy through productivity and Taxes. Most small businesses dont pay taxes, middle and large scale involve CAs for cookiing books, Politicians we already know.

    In such a situation, in scarce and diffcult times How a minor Sliver of population support a vast ineffective, non productive majority?

  17. Deepak Says:

    Good set of points. But why do you exclude the media? Have they retained their morality? Does the media have ethics? Do they have any idea about jounralistic integrity? Such words don’t exist in their lexicon!!

    Take money in the forms of ads, etc, take Padma awards, etc, act like a broker between Radia, businessmen and politicians and then lecture on morality to politicians. Media is more immoral, because they are the ones who are supposed to set the moral standards for politicians. When media itself has no morality, what can we expect from politicians?

  18. onlymohan Says:

    When u convert Rs.50 lacs into Rs.300 cr, you are Robert Vadra…
    If u convert Rs.500 crores into Rs.50 lacs, you are Vijay Mallya….

    Difference is between chasing right and wrong Woman!

  19. dr ramesh Says:

    Curious case of gadkari —– classic case of corruption and mediocrity in Indian politics.
    RSS wanted a fundraiser, businessman as the party president of bjp who has no thinking power but would blindly follow their diktat, they coronated him, enjoyed huge favours but now heat is on after GHOST COMPANIES, SHELL COMPANIES CORRUPTION.
    Bjp’s reaction is more shocking, our corruption is less compared to vadhra.
    Congress bjp neck deep in corruption —- what is the alternative, obviously regional parties are gaining popularity. This trend will only get stronger.

  20. sunil Says:

    Most of people who raise their voice against does’t not come across a situation where the can be corrupt. If they ever come across, then 90% of these people are suceptible to corruption. Only 10% will remain clean. As somebody said above, that “these are just names”, it is very ture statement.
    People are greedy. Every body want to become rich. People always fall prey for Easy money. The only solution is to build a system where there is no scope for Corruption. Every transaction should be accountable. United states has this kind of system to certain extent (if not 100%, they are sucessful to an extent of 60%). We really need to think in this direction. There is no point in shouting at A,B and C. A,B,C will be again replaced by X,Y,Z.

  21. Deepak Says:

    @dr ramesh – What about the corruption of regional parties, namely Deve Gowda and Kumaranna who have looted the state shamelessly? What about the corruption of Jaya and Karuna? Mulayam and Maya? Badal? So corruption of regional parties is OK and of national parties not?

    Reality is everyone looks to make money because they know no one can stop them. Fools like Kejriwal instead of focussing on ensuring a strong system wants to play petty politics. Till we have an independent Lokpal with its own investigation agency, our country can never improve. The corrupt will keep looting

    PS : I had written a comment about immorality of media. As though to prove this right, today Zee News has been accused by Jindal of demanding a bribe to kill a story. Who will guard the guardians?

  22. Communal Award Says:

    Caste = Corrupt by birth.

    90% of corrupt money ($2 Trillion) is with forward caste people. Their population in India is less than 150 million.

    * Corrupt Money in Swiss banks = $1.4 trillion(FC)
    * IGI Airport scam = $32 billion(FC)
    * Coal Mining Scam = $213 billion(FC)
    * Karnataka Wakf Board Land Scam = $39 billion(FC)
    * Andhra Pradesh land scam = $20 billion(FC)
    * Service Tax and Central Excise Duty fraud = $3.82 billion(FC)
    * Gujarat PSU financial irregularities = $3.39 billion(FC)
    * Maharashtra stamp duty scam = $126 million(FC)
    * Highway scam = $13.97 million(FC)
    * Ministry of External Affairs gift scam = $100,000(FC)
    * Himachal Pradesh pulse scam = $200,000/month(FC)
    * Flying Club fraud = $38 million(FC)
    * Jammu and Kashmir Cricket Association scam = $10 million (MC)
    * Punjab paddy scam = $3.59 million(FC)
    * Arvind Joshi and Tinu Joshi = $50 million(FC)
    * Uttar Pradesh seed scam = $9.98 million(FC)
    * Obsolete French Fighter Jets = $11 billion(FC)
    * NHRM = $2 billion(BC)
    * Goa mining scam = $700 million(FC)
    * Noida Corporation farm land scandal = $40 million(SC)
    * Bellary mines scandal = $3.2 billion(FC)
    * BL Kashyap EPFO Scam = $118 million(FC)
    * Hasan Ali Khan = $8 billion(MC)
    * ISRO-Devas = $300 million(FC)
    * Cash-for-votes = $715,000(FC)
    * 2G spectrum scam/Radia Tapes = $6.9 billion(BC)
    * Adarsh Housing Society(FC)
    * Commonwealth Games = $15.5 billion(FC)
    * LIC Housing Loan scam = $200 million(FC)
    * Belekeri port = $12 billion(FC)
    * Lavasa = $80 million(FC)
    * Uttar Pradesh Food Grain = $44 billion(BC)
    * APIIIC = $2 billion(FC)
    * IPL Cricket = $8 billion(FC)
    * Madhu Koda = $800 million(SC)
    * UIDAI = $1 billion(FC)
    * Vasundhara Raje land scam = $4.4 billion(FC)
    * Satyam = $1 billion(FC)
    * Scorpene Deal = $10 million(FC)
    * Oil-for-food programme (Natwar Singh) = $10 billion(FC)
    * Gegong Apang PDS = $200 million(ST)
    * Taj corridor = $44 million(SC)
    * Ketan Parekh = $200 million(FC)
    * Barak Missile = $200 million(FC)
    * Calcutta Stock Exchange = $2 million(FC)
    * Cobbler scam = $214 million(FC)
    * Sukh Ram = $5 million(FC)
    * SNC Lavalin = $10 million(FC)
    * Advani Hawala = $18 million(FC)
    * Bihar fodder = $211 million(BC)

  23. partha Says:

    I would suggest please give India to some other rich country like Singapore or Denmark or UK. British rule was better. Indians are fit to be ruled. Nehru and his congress looted India for all these years. Indian media is full of crime news.

  24. Sanjeeva Says:

    All said and done, the very same people get elected again and again and again.

  25. Nastika Says:

    If Simple is Congress, then Deepak is BJP. Proved beyond doubt.


  26. Umesh Says:

    @ Communal Award: Corrupt have a single caste ‘corrupt class’. Do not complicate the matter by dividing them to forward class corrupt, backward class corrupt.

  27. shiv Says:

    If the top person in an organisation is corrupt, the rest will also be corrupt.We have reached this sad state because the institutions and the people who can control corruption have been undermined.Instead of blaming all and sundry, the real cause of this degradation was the regime in power in the 70s.just to be in power the powers of institutions like our high and supreme courts were undermined by appointing judges who are friendly to the regime.Similarly the top bureaucrats were all yes men.Media men and women became pawns.Once this trend started in Delhi, the states followed suit.the remedy starts with the dismantling of the dubious first family.Once that is done, the rest will fall in line.The issue is who can bell this cat?It seems tough when many influential but less corrupt people have been systematically blackmailed either thro’ investigating agencies or through tax agencies.Look at the corrupt being targeted like yeddy,godcurry or the salmon.Are they the top1000 fishes?Indians like me are laughing.Every one knows who are the richest in India.Target the richest.Real story will tumble.Western nations are less corrupt not because their citizens are honest.Any human being given half a chance will loot.That is due to the defective gene in our body.What keeps the humans in control is the fear that they will get caught and punished.That can only happen when courts cannot be subverted, the institutions work to pull up the corrupt and the media is free and open.Indian media is the most corrupt in the world investigate the hidden wealth of our top media men and women.So go after the top fishes, strengthen the institutions.Within 5 years this country will be different.

  28. shiv Says:

    One other thing I want to tell all in this forum.For the single issue of Kavery water, many in this forum divided themselves as kannadigas and tamils.As long as we divide ourselves in this stupid manner, the powers who control us will easily swindle us.Instead of playing in to their game, start asking how to solve the issue.A solution acceptable to all in Kavery was always available but the crooks who rule us in both states will not settle for a just solution.Once you guys learn to be united for just and correct and spread it to all, the corrupt can be brought to book.

  29. babuds Says:

    Corruption festers in India, and it continues to fester like cancerous wound. If surgery is not done it will consume the country. The politicians should realize this fact and save the country at least for the sake of their own children ( because their children are going to inherit their netaship and what are the princelings going to rule if their is no country). As far the voters are concerned they will continue to vote merrily corrupt parties to rule, oblivious of the danger to the nation state. So the politicians and their political parties are the ones, who can save the country, if only they can see the logic in eradicating corruption.

  30. Deepak Says:

    @Nastika – get your head examined!! Looks like Simple, Anonymous and Nastika are all the same person – member of Congress IT Cell, which is why you post such useless comments.

  31. harkol Says:

    @Communal Award

    Forward caste? 90% ? Really?

    And you know this because all the foreign banks directly report to you with the caste details of their depositors and their percentage holdings?

    And they specifically characterized folks like SG/Vadra, Mayawati, Karunanidhi family etc. as ‘forward’ castes??

  32. Communal Award Says:

    Afraid to take your caste share of land and build your own corruption-free nation as per

  33. shiv Says:

    “The Harvard-educated finance minister P. Chidambaram and his family is happily busy gobbling up parts of the east coast from farmers. Etcetera.” – I heard 10000hectares of prime land in western ghats of karnataka, the time has come to go after the benamis, the real crooks will tumble out.

  34. shiv Says:

    Hello MrCommunal Award @ 25 October 2012 at 9:42 pm

    You are a certified joker, by your examples Raja,Karunanidhi,lallu,Devegowda,Maya,Mulayam are all forward castes!!Bunch of idiots always skew real issues.

  35. Praveen Kodabagi Says:

    I think that the question itself is a problematic since India has lost its moral compass the day the Manusmriti was written, the day Vedas were restricted to the Upper Caste, the day Eklavya was played with, the day the Brahmins took over the hegemony of this region. Hence the base itself has started off on a wrong and fraudulent footing we cannot hope to have the moral compass in the superstructure.

  36. chidu22 Says:

    Praveen Kodabagi,

    Right on the money, hit the nail on the head!

  37. Manivannan Says:


    I am not opposed to anyone. But, feel that we are blaming ‘democracy’ unnecessarily.

    If we don’t have anybody good to vote, then why don’t we stand for elections? Why can’t we sacrifice our personal life for the nation?

    Why don’t we go to the streets and support whomever we think is good(Loksatta). so that it gets votes and form the government?

    IMHO, that is desirable, than challenging the democratic system, which is the better of the lot.

    But, yes, i am for bringing changes in the system, but without uprooting it. Lets fight for a better Election commission that will give us clean roles, a better bureaucracy, a better judicial system.etc. But, lets not challenge or kill the democratic system.

  38. Shridharaswamy Says:

    Praveen Kodabagi is wrong: It all comes to Culture, even within Brahmins you have different grades, I am not saying there are no cultureless people in other communities.

    Preserving a refined culture that can resonate with Dharma [Nobody knows what exactly it is] is more important than being beautiful, rich or healthy.

    Its how your parent raise you, what are the important values that they pass on to you. Its sad modernity has destroyed ancient wisdom, culture, etc. In the end its only Poison.

    False Propanganda etc all are bad, There is a GOD, they will remove anyone they feel who dont deserve.

  39. Nastika Says:

    So what you mean is if I am not with you then I am Congress?

    If I say Congress is corrupt then Simple will prove that BJP is more corrupt.
    If i say BJP is corrupt, you will prove JDS is more corrupt?

    @Praveen Kodabagi,
    Thats an interesting thought. If the foundation itself is based on contradictions, then everyone is right in whatever they do.

    If you have sinned, then take a dip in Ganga and wash away your sins. Come back next year to wash more sins committed that year.


  40. Gokulam 3rd Stage Says:

    In a democracy, “Yatha praja, tatha raja”. We don’t care for morality in public life. See the recent trend. We have the biggest power cuts in the history of the world and the power minister gets promoted to home minister. The law minister is accused of stealing money from his NGO and he gets promoted to external affairs minister.

    I can’t believe this kind of bullshit would have happened in a country that at least kept up appearances of morality.

  41. Deepak Says:

    Very clearly you are biased, you don’t bother to read comments and come to a conclusion. I never attacked JDS, I attacked corruption in all parties – including BJP. Inspite of that, if you call me
    BJP supporter, then I will reciprocate by calling you a chamcha of Yuvraj!

  42. Emptymind Says:

    >>False Propanganda etc all are bad, There is a GOD, they will remove anyone they feel who dont deserve.>>

    You are damn right Sir! Yes GOD exists in Nonexistent form! it exists within us around us in the form of pure empty, The ultimate power of silence, Supreme Almighty- The Emptiness! it is only because of our delusion and greed which made to hide this truth.

    Next time don’t make any sin when you are single or isolated, Emptiness will be watching you :) and will punish you later.

    You know the same Emptiness preserve the Mom-energy, Newton 3rd law, Spacetime intervals of the Nature and put all micro to macro cosmic bodies in order.

    Do not become Nobody,Kill the “Self” and feel Dharma=Emptiness.

  43. Emptymind Says:

    Small correction.
    Become Nobody, Kill the “Self”(only subjective) and feel Dharma=Emptiness.

  44. Sanjeeva Says:

    @ Praveen Kodabagi, Are you living in 2012 A.D. or B.C.?!
    @Gokulam 3rd Stage, ‘Yatha raja…. Reverse is also true – “People get what they deserve”.

  45. harkol Says:


    I am a member of Loksatta. Loksatta, Arvind Kejriwal all represent the probable democratic alternatives.

    Non-Democratic alternative is a revolution, which will be violent and I shudder to think of the outcome.

    The current state of affairs is unsustainable.

    I am a bit pessimistic that elections alone can bring in change. Here is a calculation for you. A Loksabha constituency has an average voter base of about 10,00,000 people. In our first-past-the-pole system most elections are decided by swinging 5-10% votes, with
    about 20-30% votes locked in to one party or other (blind votebanks).

    At Rs.500, to get a 8% swing all it takes is Rs.4crores.

    There are many ways Parties target sections of voters. One way is to bribe voters to vote for you, but you, and it does work. If you pay 20,000 people, you can expect atleast 10,000 of them voting for you.

    Another way is they offer Rs.500 for a voters ID for the day of voting. The voter has to give the voters ID to a party worker in the morning, and collect in evening and he’ll get Rs.500 or Rs.1000 (Depending on desperation).This way they ensure the rival party doesn’t get a vote, thus result in a swing. Money power plays a big role.

    The system is rotten. We need a proportional representation system (like JPN of Loksatta proposes), or we need a presidential system, where a president can’t be elected without 50% of votes polled (making buying voters far more difficult/expensive).

    If we don’t transform our system, then we’ll have some 10% of folks who will revolt – violently.

  46. dr ramesh Says:

    Corruption is an accepted reality in India, one cannot cure it but endure it.
    But RSS should stop preaching about chehra, Chaal, charitra, chintan and similar nonsense stuff. Country has realised how weak the basis of their ideology is, how could they defend their blue eyed boy gadkari? Its time for introspection for RSS veterans.
    Devegowda fight against NICE corruption went unabated, inspite of gowda realizing that enquiry may also involve him, yet he wanted justice and truth to win, his fight has won, enquiry has been ordered.

  47. Goldstar Says:

    Corruption should not be seen as a Moral issue but because of policy issues. Politicians are corrupt because they have the chance to be corrupt.

    Remove/Reduce the power of the government and corruption comes down automatically. Why don’t we see low level corruption of the sort of telephone connections/Bajaj scooters which was prevalent in the socialist 70s-80s?

    After the massive 2G scam and a successful 3G auction, now it is seen that auction is the best way to allot resources. I don’t think there will be a scam in the telecom space in the future.

    Similarly policies should be in place for coal, oil, and other natural resources. Auctions should be the natural policy. The government should not have “discretionary” powers to allot anything.

    Organisations like BDA (the government sponsored real estate company ) should be scrapped. This should end the G-category allotments.

    KIADB and other state “industrial development” boards should be scrapped so that agriculture lands are not taken over in favour of DLF-Vadra golf courses ( as was done in Gurgaon). Industries should deal with the land owners directly and govt should step in only after 80-90% acquisition is done.

  48. Praveen Kodabagi Says:

    Sir, with all due respect what culture are you talking about? The Indian Culture the majority of the books say the Dharma that you have mentioned in your comment. What is this Dharma? Whose Dharma? What are its contents?
    Sir I find your comment not only ambigous but also self contradictory. On the one hand you say that the refined culture should resonate with the Dharma but on the other hand you say that nobody knows what this Dharma is.

    The culture that you talk about is not only abstract but also very unclear. Some of the features of Culture that you have mentioned are generalized. You make a feel good statement by saying that even within the Brahmins there are different grades! Is it a consolation? Contrary to what you would say the very culture that you want parents to pass on to their children is corrupted! YOur staement about modernity detroying the Ancient Wisdom ( I am struggling hard to understand it) I think that the modernity in some ways has played far greater role in correcting the mistakes and in writing the commentaries, so on and so forth on these so called anceint wisdom that you talk about. Large majority of people are still struggling hard to join the mainstream of the Upper Caste/ Class hegemony in India today.

  49. Praveen Kodabagi Says:

    What you said about everyone being right if the foundations itself is shaky and faulty is totally right. Everybody makes a mistake today, We all are sinners in one way or the other but the founders of this foundation and the group of so called the new elite, the bourgeoisie class are the one who mostly get away with this. Hence it applies to only some people who are at the top today baring class, caste.

  50. the colonel Says:

    there is no god

  51. manivannan Says:


    What you say makes sense to me. I am now clear that you are looking at democratic alternatives. But, pray, what change you have in mind?

    If you are talking about change in the election process, i am completely with you! But, i do not support the action of denouncing the system, do a ‘hit-and-run’ or ask people to disobey the government.

    Thus, the thought process & methods of Loksatta and JP are ok with me, but not all the actions of Kejriwal, with due regards to him.

    Coming to elections, yes, we need to bring in change. Can we address the issues you have raised? Why don’t we educate the voters? Why don’t we try to restrict the influence of money? I do believe that Election commission can do this with the resources that they can Marshall.

    Public will be shocked to know that, the District Election Officer (collector), cannot even book a criminal case on any of his staff for lapses, unless he takes permission from the Chief electoral officer! An archaic rule, which now chains the collector! Its just one example. And let the transfers of officers be taken out from the control of government and given to a independent board/commission. Then see the change in the way the elections are conducted!

    So, lets first dissect and change the rules concerning election process. They are doable. It will solve more than 50% of the problems you are pointing out. It will clean the rolls, make voting easier and restrict the influence of money.

    If the above things don’t work, the lets think of bigger things like PR or presidential form. Please correct me if i am wrong somewhere.

  52. Sanjeeva Says:

    @ Dr. Ramesh, Sir, you are an educated person and belong to the cream of the society. it is unfortunate to hear from you that corruption cannot be cured and you advise to endure it! If it is a reality and one has to endure it without voicing any opinion, then some of the politicians and a particular political party, whom you always try to badger at the drop of a hot is also a reality! Why don’t you endure it without complaining and condemning!

  53. Emptymind Says:

    @the colonel
    yes sir, you are right god is empty

  54. Communal Award Says:

    India is an uncivilized nation for farmers/peasants.

    A farmer commits suicide every 30 minutes in India.

    Since Independence, New Delhi regime treated farmers/peasants as their slaves by prohibiting them from **making money** and banned them from exporting their crops to foreign countries for profit.

    Now Indian regime is grabbing farmers/peasants land and giving it to Industrialists/SEZs so that they can **make millions** by exporting their goods to foreign countries for profit.

    In August 2012, the Zurich-based bank Credit Suisse released a report that pointed out 10 Indian business groups, each owned by a different family, now owed Rs 5.4 lakh crore to Indian banks.

  55. dr ramesh Says:

    Sanjeeva, it may sound harsh but it is true.
    techies, page 3 brats , corporates claim political corruption is bad but corporate corruption is OK.
    RSS-BJP school proudly say CHEDDI corruption is tolereble compared to Congress, because they are relatives of ram.
    NGO’S feel because they are into social service—siphoning a portion of funds to their private accounts is Fine.
    Corruption has tightened its noose on India, coming out of it will be nothing short of a miracle.
    Wish moral science was taught effectively in schools.

  56. harkol Says:


    All change needs tactics. It is true what Kejriwal says “You can’t play their game, their rules and still win”. So, he is trying to define his own game & rules – in which violence is abhorred – so his method isn’t entirely bad.

    As to hit-and-run & Electrical Connection politics : The reality is Kejriwal has earned far more traction with these actions than Loksatta has managed with mature, sedate action. I do like JPN’s mature approach to politics, but unfortunately it is only us educated & sophisticated who can relate well to such an approach.

    To reach folks who only watch movies & songs on TV and rarely watch news, how do you approach? How do you appeal to folks who don’t understand the meaning of republic?

    So, I believe the answer lies somewhere between JPN & Kejriwal.

  57. Shridharaswamy Says:

    @ Praveen Kodabagi

    If I told you what will come for exam; I have made it easy for you. True Dharma is illusive, its for the most wise to realize and pursue and preserve it. In the game of life not all should win, Only a few capable people should and will win.

    Merit always wins; Survival of the fittest from a Nature’s perspective will always survive.

    Historical wrongs may/may have not been done, its not a matter of concern now. As a person on Earth, having observed, I have empirical data that Brahmins cannot be painted as oppressors broadly. I have seen truly nobel souls.

    There is GOD, and God invests his energies on getting a “ROI” on his investment. No free lunch anywhere buddy not even with GOD.

    Again not all same, each is an individual,

    You have only your Karmas to be blamed.

  58. Manivannan Says:


    It makes more sense. I agree with you. Its lies between JPN and Kejriwal. However, instead of we going to the levels of persons who cannot understand Republic, why don’t we raise their levels to that of ours? Agree, it’s a long & tedious process, but it will empower them to sustain the change. My two cents.

    Meanwhile, the election laws have to be scrutinized thoroughly by the civil society. It is archaic, to say the least.

    Voting shall be made as easy as possible. Illegal practices should be on fast-track courts, with deterrent penalties.Transfers of officials connected with elections shall be made transparently and scientifically by a independent board.

    I am saying this at the cost of repetition, because, this is one area where we need activists like Kejriwal to target. His RTI was the best law to happen to India since Independence. I wish he does this too, and the third being the law on public disclosure! What a hat-trick it would be!

  59. Emptymind Says:

    This is the modified version for those who don’t believe in Almighty God -The Emptiness the ultimate God of Balance.

    From the movie Bhakta Prahalada here some sequence.(please see the original video to feel the effect)

    Hiranya kashapu: shunya, shunya yelliddaneyo ninna Shunya?
    Prahalada: ellelliyoo iddaane. Sakala charachara vastugalalli, anu-renu-thrunakheshta yelladaralliyoo iddane. Avanillda shtalave illa.
    Hiranya kashapu: howling at prahalada:- yelladaralliyu iruvano, ee bhumiyalli? Prahalada: iruvanu; Hiranya kashapu : aakashadalli?; Prahalada: alliyoo iddane; Hiranya kashapu : benkiyalli? Prahalada: alliyoo iddane; Hiranya kashapu : neerinalli?; Prahalada: alliyoo iddane; Hiranya kashapu : gaaliiyalli?; Prahalada: alliyoo iddane; Hiranya kashapu : nannalli?; Prahalada: ninnalliyoo iddane; Hiranya kashapu : ninnalli?; Prahalada: nannalliyoo iddane; Hiranya kashapu : ninnalli iddaru irabahudu!!; Hiranya kashapu : Ee Aramaneyalli iruvano?; Prahalada: iruvanu;
    Hiranya kashapu : yelli yelli? Prahalada: elli nodabekendare alli; Hiranya kashapu : ee khambadalli , aa khambadalli ?(rotating his gada the weopon); Prahalada: yella khambadalliyoo iddane;

    Hiranyakashipu outrageously ran towards the pillar shouting, “I will first kick the pillar to prove that you are wrong and then I will kill you.”

    When Hiranyakashipu kicked the pillar with great force, to his utter surprise, he saw the pillar burst open. Building lose its balance, roof on the top hit his head as structure collapsed. Due to injury suffered he died on the spot.

    Moral of the story: maintain the emptiness (balance) of the mind before doing any action like disturbing the emptiness (again balance) of the other entity like building structure here.

  60. Gundaa Says:

    GOD=Waste of time.
    Do we really need to know whether god existe or not? I don’t think so
    Are there better things to do then worry about god or gods? Too many things at least for a desi who has not seen a world without poverty, corruption etc.
    My suggestion to you is to go to school learn and become more tolerant to different ideas , cultures etc.
    Talking about god will not/never lend any meaning to your life, only your deeds would!!

  61. Shree kar Says:

    @Manivannan and Harkol :

    May your tribe increase, starting at Churumuri.

  62. Maddy Says:

    Can I make some money out of my post here ?! – This is the reality.

    There is no such thing called Good/Bad. Everyone just lives on their own thoughts. Survival of the fittest.

    “ಕಾಲಾಯ ತಸ್ಮೈ ನಮಃ”. Time have the answer for everything.

  63. Nastika Says:

    Q) When does the discussion end in Churumuri?
    A) When Mr Emptymind comes up with some random bumblings.

    Refer: Emptymind Says at 31 October 2012 at 12:14 pm


  64. harkol Says:


    I believe folks like JPN, AK, Anna hazare etc. are all folks who bring to bear certain moral pressure, that will lead to change in the system.

    But, we can’t wait very long to raise awareness of people. If we don’t fix the problems in the system, nation will go broke and perhaps broken up, and a few generations will live in desperate poverty.

    I keep thinking of how USA was about 120yrs back. It was corrupt, with a few robber barons having cornered over 10% of US GDP. It had party bosses who controlled practically everything – mafia, underworld, black market, govt. contracts etc.

    Then they had progressive era for about 30-40 years, with many right thinking civil activists (Teachers, lawyers, judges, doctors, ex-armymen etc.) putting moral pressure to change laws & rules to ensure that the system became more liberal, transparent, responsive and people oriented. If that hadn’t happened US wouldn’t have become what it became.

    People don’t change due to long awareness campaign alone. Almost all changes were brought about by either a revolution (sudden change) or through coercive laws that enforced a newer system. For eg. abolition of Sati, Child Marriage, racial discrimination etc.

  65. Praveen Kodabagi Says:

    Sir, It is a very interesting as well as a very embarassing comment.
    Well it is subjective, not everyone has to subscribe to your ideas on who is to be blamed and who is not. Truly embarassing. Everybody knows whats true……even you !

    I am living in a much advanced period than you, that is why I keep invoking history. Have not you heard what happens to a building if the foundations is shaky………I think it falls.

  66. Manivannan Says:

    @Harkol: Logical arguments! Do changes happen because of only revolutions? Revolutions may hasten the process, but, a good foundation is necessary i feel. I agree with you on coercive law. However, even for a law enforcement to succeed, it needs acceptance from a critical mass.

    But, i get your point. May be we need both types of people; JP and AK. I only wish that they focus on election system and transparency, which may be unglamorous, but the right path.

    I agree with you that we don’t have the luxury of time to create a change thru awareness. Hope the information revolution will help in empowering the people faster and better.

  67. Anonymous Guy Says:


    Dream as much as you wont, wont change reality.

    Dont compare India of today with US of 100 years past. They were Americans, we are Indians with our castes and superstitions. Things like abolition of Sati etc. were implemented by the British. At best we can keep the system the British put in place going a while longer. Subversives like Kejriwal will question status quo sure, but they dont have any alternatives. And Westerners aren’t going to go out of their way to help us improve.

    Nothing’s going to happen.

  68. Harkol Says:

    @Anonymous Guy

    “Aagadu yendu kai Katti kulitare saagadu kelasavu mundhe,
    Manasondiddare margavu untu, kecchede irabekendu…”

    I support Kejriwal because he has shown ‘kecchede’ aka Guts.

    British didn’t bring the laws on their own, they had a Raja ram Mohan Roy whose advocacy and social reforms work, and social movement for change convinced the British to bring the laws. Similarly, RTI didn’t happen in a vacuum. Lokpal too will need some pressure. Equal rights to women in Hindu law happened only a decade back after long debate and struggle by social reformers.

    And In US racial & slavery situation was worse than our caste situation, but Lincoln and compatriots changed things. Kennedy & Martin luther king changed it even further.

    Things can change, but it needs an agent provocateur, someone who challenges existing laws, and pushes people to change things. Sometimes such folks are killed for their ‘brave hearted’ approach. Lincoln, MLK, MKG were all killed for what they professed, but their message survived.

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