Is there a lesson for BJP in Barack Obama’s win?

Reading newspaper reports, columns and editorials on the magnificent reelection of Barack Obama—and listening to his reelection speech full of hope and promise—brings home the stunning similarities between the current plight of the world’s oldest democracy and the world’s biggest democracy, in the year of the lord 2012.

There, like here, a man seen to be a reasonable, transformational figure was reduced to a divisive caricature by constant denigration. There, like here, the opposition put every hurdle in the path of the ruling dispensation, not allowing it to pass key legislation even if some of it may have been for the good of the country.

There, like here, the opposition stuck its head in the sand and pretended every problem was one man’s creation with no part of theirs or of the global economy. There, like here, sections of the media were skillfully used to spread the canards and the cock and bull stories reeking of self-righteousness and sanctimony.

There, like here, the opposition party allowed its agenda to be dictated by fringe elements from outside the boundary. There, like here, the opposition thought that the people would be fooled by the negativism and resentment, the intolerance and hate that they have made their leit motif.

There, like here, it was the single-point agenda of the opposition to get the ruling party out. There, like here, the opposition had no solutions for the travails, only more problems. There, like here, the opposition believed the fiction it had happily spun for public consumption.

Questions: Considering the glorious fate of Mitt Romney‘s Republican Party, is there a lesson in this for the BJP as it eyes the general election?

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17 Responses to “Is there a lesson for BJP in Barack Obama’s win?”

  1. 4thaugust1932 Says:

    Indian democracy is suffering from

  2. Deepak Says:

    He he he, your last option is an acknowledgement that the media is a paid servant of the first family.

    And there is no connection between Obama and BJP. Issues are different, opinions are different, politics is different, everything is different.

    All those secular-liberals who are hoping that Yuvraj will emulate Obama and sit on the throne in 2014 are living in a fool’s paradise.

  3. asha Says:

    >>There, like here, the opposition put every hurdle in the path of the ruling dispensation, not allowing it to pass key legislation even if some of it may have been for the good of the country.>>

    We have effete and a very accommodating opposition in India…Congress should thank its stars to be in such a situation and should have passed as many bills as possible for the benefit of the nation…but they did not have enough time to indulge in multi crore scams to fill their pockets in the last 4 years..where is the opposition coming into picture in all this

  4. pdk Says:

    “Magnificent re-election”? Come on. Obama got 50% of the vote and Romney got 48%. A difference of 2.8 million votes. That is, the equivalent to one-third the population of Bangalore voted for Obama over Romney.

    That’s hardly “magnificent”.

    Some people see the election and re-election of a Democratic president as the legacy of Baby Bush and the dick Cheney. I believe that analysis.

    They have a duopoly over there. There is no credible third-party. On many things the two parties’ positions overlap. They are just two flavours of the same corporatist party.

  5. K Laxminarayana Rao Says:

    Both media and opposition parties like the BJP have single point agenda – gaining popularity for their own benefits. Even the Congress does the same thing where they are not in power. It is not the parties it is the people of India. Historically we are like that. Most of us want to grab power and / or make money even at the cost of our own people. We will never learn from our mistakes.
    Media is equally responsible for this. They also have single point agenda- improve their TRP. they have programmes and news items that spreads blind faiths. Otherwise why should they telecast programms on Jyothishya, Temples, God men, etc? Just for the sake of money they telecast infomercials like, Hanuman Kavacha etc. If these solves every other problem, why not distribute them to every one so that every one will be rich and with out any problems.

  6. shiv Says:

    no Mr Churumuri,, there are no similarities between US of A and India.Infact there is a stark contrast.Here the ruling party has not been denigrated enough for the swindle.Imagine if it had been BJP which had swindled and Cong(i) in the opposition.How english media in India would have reacted as rabid dogs? The corruption issues in India has been unprecedented and I think USof A has no parallel.Here the 4 englishTv and all the english newspaper sans one play the same music which in no way compares to USA where fox sits on rabid right and NYT sits on sanctimonious left between them there are whole specturm of opinions where as you lot cannot play other than a single tune.BJP should be castigated for their somnolence.Whatever opposition that has been, has been from “fringe” elements.Thanks a lot for them and very little for the likes of you.

  7. taura Says:

    It is more pertinent to congress than BJP. congress should learn to take all sections of people with them rather than only non Hindus. creating schisms between peoples when none exists. Suporting terrorists, playing upto vote banks alienating people, creating enemity with its army of paid media, govt institutions etc.

  8. kris Says:

    First, BJP should get rid of Advani, Sushma Swaraj and Anant Kumar. They destroyed BJP in Karantaka and have become a menace.

  9. Churmuri suffering from Romnesia? « tattvaanveShaNam Says:

    […] is pathetic to see Churmuri’s contrived analogies between American and Indian politics, in what can only be described as a sorry attempt to cover for […]

  10. dr ramesh Says:

    RSS feels GADKARI is the man to take India FORWARD.
    Bhagwat, gurumurti, gadkari will make India a super power.
    Namaste sadaa vatsaale…..

  11. Sanjeeva Says:

    In fact, US presidential election is a lesson for Indian media. While the CNN and BBC were subdued and the news was ‘as a matter of fact’ for them, the Indian TV channels and print media was going berserk in the last 2-3 days as if it is an Indian election!

  12. Praveen Kodabagi Says:

    The analogy does not make any sense in any sense !

  13. Mysore Peshva Says:

    Sorry, but that is a lame comparison! The Republicans have been totally unreasonable, with not an act of redemption. The BJP has been only partially unreasonable in facing, on the other hand, an utterly incompetent Indian Prime Minister — who, unlike the inspiring, high-achieving, honorable U.S. President, should be kicked out of office.

  14. Bhogendra Thakur Says:

    True. Let’s hope BJP learns from its mistakes. But, will Tea-Party members see the writing on the wall? Similarly, will stubborn BJP hawks see this as call for course correction? I have little hope.

  15. Anonymous Guy Says:

    From some of the cheddi commenter’s comments above, looks like they will learn the lesson only after elections…

  16. harkol Says:


    Read your blog. I have seen far too many articles in Churumuri against Congress shenanigans to think it is an establishment blog. It seems to be very balanced in its approach.

    Just because an article is against BJP doesn’t mean the blog is anti-BJP. There are indeed lessons for BJP from what happed to GOP in USA. You can’t be ultra-conservative in a young country that’s looking to modernity.

    BJP is being stupid in raising issue of treatment of Hindu mythology in parliament. They are loosing to congress by painting themselves to a corner instead of trying to carry the country on their side.

    And what does an front-page in outlook has to do with anything. It was apparently done as a satirical retort to Time magazine’s article. Both carried merits. Obama is indeed an underachiever, but was a better candidate (and represented a better ideology). So, it is not hypocritical at all.

    You choose among the choices you have.

  17. Nastika Says:

    How about Gadkari, the shady local deal maker whose one & only skill is that he is RSS stooge? And whose tiny brain utters gems every new moon?

    This is what the pea brain comes up with:

    If we compare the IQ level of Swami Vivekananda and Dawood Ibrahim, then it could be the same.

    1)What does IQ number indicate? If you say intelligence, probably you have to read about IQ again. IQ is a meaning less number.
    2) Has any one measured IQ of Vivekananda & Dawood? If not why comment?

    Yeddyurappa’s action is ‘immoral’ not ‘illegal’.
    So Yeddyurappa can continue as CM of KA !!


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