You’re too old for Dilli but not so for your Halli*

The lord moves in mysterious ways in the Congress party. At the age of 80 years and six months, Somanahalli Mallaiah Krishna was overnight found too old to be the nation’s external affairs minister and packed off to the boondocks in quick time to usher in Salman Khurshid, 21 years his younger.

But at the same age of 80 years and six months, S.M. Krishna is still young enough for the verdant political landscape of his State, where the Congress is eyeing a comeback after six years in the doghouse. On Thursday, the “dapper” former chief minister, who is eyeing the CM’s chair once again according to the grapevine, was meeting independent MLAs who, having supported the BJP earlier, are now eyeing the Congresss.

Question: Can S.M. Krishna, the only Congress figure with Statewide appeal, make a difference in the assembly elections?

* To be sung to the tune of the old Amul jingle

Photograph: Karnataka Photo News

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18 Responses to “You’re too old for Dilli but not so for your Halli*”

  1. Mysore Peshva Says:

    Hehe, love the headline. :) Too bad for the Congress that old age is not a predictor of intelligence, judgment or competence! If it were, then I would prefer S.M. Krishna over the other, much younger Krishna — son of the late Byre Gowda!

  2. Deepak Says:

    There is a realisation even among hardcore BJP types that Krishna’s rule was anyday better than BJP rule, esp. in urban areas. There may have been loot but lot of good things happened in Krishna Raj.

    It is unlikely he will be able to do special magic. But many urban voters will vote for Congress this time, Krishna or not. Cong is likely to end up as single largest party and may tie up with Yeddy and Ramulu to form the government, unless HDK is in the mood for another T-20 match with BJP.

  3. asha Says:

    Krishna is being inquired in the NICE scandal along with other former CMs…how is he acceptable as a CM again…this smooth talking scum bag was responsible along with M Kharge in selling fake stamp papers in the state and was never even questioned about it by our vigilant(?) media. Your fake hair piece, dentures and cultivated mannerisms can only take you so far and no further

  4. M Says:

    I work as a Research Associate with a Senior Professor in USA who is also 80 years old. There is no compulsory retirement in US system. Justice Roberts of US Supreme Court retired 2 years ago at the age of 90. He was appointed to the bench by J.F.Kennedy in the 50s.

    Age by itself is not a barrier provided the jobs gets done. Some jobs are best done by younger people and some jobs by older people. If you have a health concern who would you choose 25 yr old doctor fresh mint or a 80 yr seasoned wood. Same is the case with lawyers and academicians. But if you want a mason then you will probably look for a person in his 20s.

  5. dr ramesh Says:

    Welcome SMK,
    I hope the charismatic, overhyped leader has learnt his lessons well and has come out of his childish IT BT FIXATION.
    with or without his knowledge SMK sent a wrong message to NON-IT,BT population of karnataka when he was the CM.
    perhaps he got carried away by bouquets offered to him by English media and ITczars.
    Karnataka , in particular namma bengalooru is much more than IT, BT.

  6. Guru Says:

    He may be Old; but he is fast enough for any ordinary Kannadiga in Karnataka.

  7. Srinivasa Says:

    He doesn’t look 80 at all. You’ve got to give him that much. btw, I hope you are you going to comment on Sri Girish Karnad who seems to be currently on the rampage. Bhyrappa is nothing compared to the big fish viz., Naipaul and Tagore, that the Chikkappa (of Vamsha Vriksha) is after now.

  8. Nastika Says:

    Congratulations to S M Krishna for being hail & healthy at 80. But its time to *renounce* public office and mentor younger folks.


  9. Sanjeeva Says:

    He may be old, but he is lot better than the present lot of ‘young leaders’ available in the party here in Karnataka, who are clueless of what is going on, directionless of what to do.

  10. vaidya Says:

    The only good thing that can come out of SMK coming back is that Siddu can be prevented from being CM. I’d like to see SMK as CM and Kharge as DyCM. They’d probably be as corrupt as the current lot, but they do some work at least compared to the clowns ruling now. DVS looked like he might get some work done, but Yeddy continued to screw us. More than anything these guys are the least devils among the current lot.

  11. asha Says:


    Take away the hairpiece, dentures and then see…he looks 90 :)

  12. dr ramesh Says:

    Set aside hype, Congress and bjp in karnataka are yet to synchronize themselves as a unit to fight the upcoming elections, but far from hype and hoopla, HDD and HDK is carefully, methodically galvanizing their electoral strategy.
    HDK’s announcements for disabled population of karnataka in the first ever meet for disabled held recently is an example.
    Jagadish shettar offlate has been doing some good work one must accept,
    UNICODE implementation for Kannada in administration, hoisting of Kannada flag inspite of high court ordering Kannada flag is unconstitutional, govt agreeing in principle to set up 7 medical colleges across the state.
    Bjp can control the damage by distancing itself from YEDDYYURAPPA and company.
    Predicting poll outcome this time will be tough because of four cornered and five cornered contests in most of the seats.

  13. Vinay Says:

    Dr. Ramesappa saar:

    I totally agree that there is much more to Bangalore than IT. But unfortunately, IT is the primary “driver” of the city’s economy.

    I do not say this is a good thing. It is a bad sign that Bangalore is so IT centric – we urgently need more diversification in industries. But the fact remains that in Bangalore, almost all sectors like construction/real estate, architecture, automobiles, hotels and hospitality, airlines/airport, etc. etc. – almost all of them get a lion’s share of revenue from the IT industry.

    Hopefully, that will change in the next few years and Bangalore will have a more diverse economy.

  14. shiv Says:

    IMHO none of CMs Karnataka had since the state’s formation could deliver.Karnataka along with AP historically has been the most poorly administered state in India.Infact Karnataka should rank along side UP and Bihar.What Karnataka has to thank for is the effort Kannadigas makes to get educated,probably the higher educated majority kannadigas have kept the flag flying.But for them, this state will be floundering.

  15. kodagallu Says:

    Yelliya Hina Rabbani Khar ,Julia Gillardu and Hillary Clintonn jothe Kari Kotu ironed dirisu
    Yelliya pataapati mandya shirtu with maroon sweaterru!!

    Halli Dilli classic :) Krishna tragic Skyfall :)

  16. mansoor shaekh Says:

    All that matters is GAGE not AGE….

  17. Avi Says:

    Krishna’s PR tactics were really good when he was the CM (when the play area i.e.,s maidaana’ was small). However, that did not worked out well in centre.

    @Dr. Rames:
    HDK would have given a tough compeition to Obama in US.! He would have given reservations and maasika vetanas to all the american citizens!

  18. Broadwit Says:

    I am Kitta from Somnahalli
    Just returned from New Delhi
    I can read Portuguese
    But can only converse in English
    And some Canarese

    Me a loyal Congress man
    Closer to home I am a Gowda clansman
    Have always served the Dynasty
    With a view to getting free angioplasty

    You may laugh at my hairpiece
    But I have shaken the hand of Hina Rabbani
    And She might have thought I was Armani
    Cuz this foreign affairs is tricky business
    Comprising few friends and many foes

    The bald truth might as well be told
    I was never intellectually bold!
    –Mandya Shakespearappa

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