CHURUMURI POLL: How many seats for Mr Modi?

If elections were just a bunch of opinion polls and television shows and magazine covers and advertisements and 3D shows, it would seem as if Narendra Modi has already won the Gujarat assembly elections and the Congress and the other opposition are only there to help him do so—although polling begins only after ten days from now.

In a house of 182, the ABP News-AC Nielsen poll gives the Gujarat chief minister 124 seats, up seven from the current tally of 117; the Congress 51.  The India TV-C-voter poll gives 120 seats; the Congress 55. The India-Today-ORG poll predicts a landslide. The CNN-IBN Hindustan Times poll says he is urban India’s most preferred choice to be PM. Etcetera.

In the face of such drum-beating about Brand Modi and Vibrant Gujarat, and against the backdrop of constant invocations of development and growth, key issues that help a voter make up her mind have been swept under the carpet. There is no talk of the three-cornered contest, even less of education, poverty, unemployment, malnutrition, pollution, law and order, etc—all very live factors in Gujarat as in other parts of the country.

Nonetheless, who are we to poop such a party? So here’s a simple question: how many seats do you think Narendra Modi and the BJP will walk away with?

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16 Responses to “CHURUMURI POLL: How many seats for Mr Modi?”

  1. austereseeker Says:


  2. Suresh Panje Says:

    Probably Modi may emerge as the winner and one only hopes that he doesn’t become more arrogant.

  3. Abdulraheman Patrawala Says:

    The very candidature of Mrs. Shweta Bhatt against Modi has defeated his arrogance and he is facing unbearable humiliation by the woman power.

  4. shiv Says:

    “In the face of such drum-beating about Brand Modi and Vibrant Gujarat, and against the backdrop of constant invocations of development and growth,” –

    What drum beating? Who is doing it? If it is people like me who is apolitical,it should be accepted.We have no axe to grind whoever does a good job.

    well, here is my opinion having spent 5 days in Gujarat in 5 different places returned just yesterday to “our” beautiful bountiful garbage city of bengaluru!!.All the small scale industrialists are full of confidence that the government works for them.The 3 different car drivers who took me around said that the government works for them.All of them are unanimous that they get 24/7 water,power.everyone seems to be extremely busy,, scale of manufacturing activity borders on the Chinese frenzy,plenty of land has been brought under irrigation.The road leading to dahej from Bharuch which used to be barren when I went 15 years back had fields on both sides growing millet/sorghum,lentils or cotton.Whatever a state government can do is moving at great speed where as in the same state of Gujarat whatever in central government control like new ports, sEZs are all developing slowly like in rest of the country.Yes, there is greater pollution, educational levels are still low but I did not see any begging in any of these 5 towns especially when I walked around with a “white” guy in contrast to mosquito like zooming in of them when we did a short walk in Mumbai.I think Churumuri should write about what he actually knows , not fart in the wind.

  5. Deepak Says:

    Oh dear!! What a tragic post!! I can feel the pain in your liberal heart and the defeat when you have accepted Namo’s megawin!! Forget number of seats for Modi – its a waste of time to discuss this. You should be talking about Rahul Vs Modi, no? Poor Yuvraj will be having nightmares about taking on Modi…rofl

  6. Simple Says:

    The allegedly educated are the most ignorant. The press said the same nonsense about Chandrababu Naidu 10 years back, and look at where he is today. Relegated to the margins behind Jagan Reddy’s party, behind Congress, behind TRS.

    The opinion polls as a rule, always overestimate BJP’s strength and underestimate Congress’s numbers.

    1) I wonder how the fanatic netizens can support a man who has shown a very poor economic growth rate for Gujarat of just 10% as opposed to 16% under Congress way back.

    2) Under all socio economic indicators, Modi has made sure it is way below the national average.

    3) Not a single big industrialist emerged under Modi, unlike Dhirubai Ambani or karsanbhai patel or even Verghese Kurien of Amul fame. All these guiys were fostered under Congress regime.

    Development is the biggest casualty under Modi. Yet the fanatical urban educated lot strongly root for him. I wonder what goes on in their brains to root for this disaster of a development man.

  7. aditya Says:


  8. Anitha Says:

    LOL Simple

  9. Goldstar Says:


    Thank you for opening my eyes !! I will never vote Modi again :-) !!

    But also please do not go absconding for long periods of time. We need our weekly quota of laughs.

  10. Simple Says:

    Gold star, I provide you laughs? 35,000 farmers committed suicide under Modi! Is this a laughing matter? Shows how thick skinned you are! Gujarat is under a debt of 1 lakh 20thousand crore! This is laughing matter!? Gujarat is worse than national average in malnutrition and education. This is laughing matter? CAG has indicted Modi govt for corruption on 3 occasions causing Lakhs or crore losses to Gujarat. This is laughing matter? His cabinet ministers are convicted of murder!!! This is laughing matter? What are you Made of? Stone? This man is anti progress. He opposed nuclear deal and FDI in retail whilst he ran to Japan and china with a begging bowl asking for FDI.. Can we trust this double speaking man with no principles!? More such laughing matters will follow ….

  11. J.RAJAGOPAL,Tamilnadu. Says:

    we want MODI as PM.Come to Tamilnadu we have 18 hours power cut.we will vote for MODI only.

  12. Deepak Says:

    Oh my dear Simple, please don’t do this – seriously even your party is not bothered – they have given up the fight!! Why waste your breath repeating the lies non-stop? It is of no use – reserve your energies for defending Mannu on the LPG fiasco and start the Yuvraj for 2014 program!!

    And yes, me too no have never voted for Modi and will never vote again…ROFLMAO

  13. Goldstar Says:


    I don’t know how to thank you enough !! You’ve opened my eyes again to the fact that P.Sainath Rural affairs editor of The Hindu, the (only??) journalist who regularly writes on farmer suicides has TURNED CHEDDI !!

    Read the atrocious “facts” he writes here. He says the top five states in farmer suicides are in Maharashtra, MP + Chattisgarh, Karnataka, and then AP. Biladi chaddi !!! And he also says, the least of the top 5 is AP ( 31 thousand ) from 1995-2011.

    Bloody cheddi Sainath totally ignores the 35K suicides in Guja…. Yech !! I shouldn’t even spell the bloody state’s name.

    Down with Modi, The Hindu, P.Sainath and all biladi cheddis in this forum !! Simple, I am with you, devotedly.

    ps – Tired of reading RBI, IIP, ADB and other jokers’ nonsense data on India’s GDP growth. How much did “Sons of Sardar” and “Jab Tak hain Jaan” make? India Shining or not recently ?

  14. Simple Says:

    Deepak, did you say I lied? I will say who lied. Sushma swaraj lied on the floor of lokh Sabah that McDonald’s potatoes were sourced from abroad. The truth is that Gujarat gives its potatoes to McDonald’s!!! The company called the bluff of sushma within an hour of her making this statement.,did not Modi inform her?

  15. Deepak Says:

    @Simple, regarding lies, Goldstar has ripped your facade!! And regarding Sushma’s speech, check out this link, what do you have to say now?

  16. Simple Says:

    Deepak. Gold Star has come up with one more lie to cover up his lie. McDonalds gave a rebuttal within an hour clarifying the truth.

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