CHURUMURI POLL: How many seats for Modi?—II

The exit polls for the Gujarat elections are all gung-ho, predicting between 118 seats on the down side and 140 plus on the upside for the BJP under Narendra Modi in the 2012 assembly election, and not surprisingly some media houses are already in celebration mode.

But the satta bazaar is less sure. According to a report in the Economic Times, bookies think that while Modi will retain power, he will not cross 100 seats in the 182-member assembly and will most certainly not overwhelm his 117 tally in the previous assembly election.

After the first round of polling, Gujarat’s most important Congressman is said to have told a Congress functionary “we are through”. And after the exit polls came in, a Union minister and a prominent Congress general secretary are both believed to have told a published journalist that there was no way Congress would get “less than 70”, meaning Modi could be looking at a tally of under 117.

On the other hand, India’s bestknown business journalist said after a tour of Gujarat last week that 140 was on the cards for the BJP. And a BJP functionary says that while talk of 90 is ridiculous, she is also wary of euphoric numbers of the sort the exit polls have been touting, like 140.

And so it goes on.

How much do you think Narendra Modi will score tomorrow?

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5 Responses to “CHURUMURI POLL: How many seats for Modi?—II”

  1. A. Patrawala Says:

    Most remembered roll was played by Miss Tulika Patel ads by Congress… Modi was humbled for ever.

  2. asha Says:

    Of course with help from the pliant EC anything is possible….I believe there is hectic work going on in the background to tamper the EVMs and hence the result…we will get to see a lot of P Chidambarm kind of wins in Gujarat…ELM guys should have patience and stop getting heart burn at the prospect of a landslide victory for Namo :) After all it is one more day vonly…by the way a win is a win no matter how much the margin is…is that not what democracy is all about…just asking

  3. induramesh Says:

    It was helarious to listen to P.Chidambaram saying Congress has won, because Modi was contained. Now Congress leaders are talking about BJP loss in Himachal Pradesh was because Modi campaigned there. How terribly childish

  4. Deepak Says:

    @induramesh Chidu’s confident assertion that Cong has won because Modi got 1 seat less was hilarious. Clearly Congis have now entered delusional mode, one step away from the end!!

  5. asha Says:

    Congress win in Gujarat as asserted by PC is the same as PCs win from Siva Ganga constituency in the last Lok Sabha elections…what if you studied in Harvard, mental slavery to a single dynasty makes you utter things that are hilarious and stupid at the same time.

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