Delhi gangrape, liberalisation & Godwin’s Law

Dozens of reasons have been ascribed to the gangrape of the Delhi paramedic: from the bestial nature of men in the nation’s lawless capital to the base instincts aroused by Bollywood item numbers, ads and songs, and everything else in between.

As if to prove Godwin’s Law, two commentators on the Al Jazeera website have invoked the ‘L’ word—liberalisation—blaming the economic reforms in the country and arguing that there could be a connection “between the growth of violent, undemocratically imposed, unjust and unfair economic policies and the growth of crimes against women”:

The activist and ecofeminist Vandana Shiva:

“The economic model focusing myopically on “growth” begins with violence against women by discounting their contribution to the economy….

“A model of capitalist patriarchy which excludes women’s work and wealth creation in the mind deepens the violence by displacing women from their livelihoods and alienating them from the natural resources on which their livelihoods depend….

“The economic model shaped by capitalist patriarchy is based on the commodification of everything, including women.”

The author Dinesh Sharma argues:

“The new paradigm says “profit is better than poverty”, “greed is good” and “chasing after material wealth” is not antithetical to the traditional Indian values, which preach that “one should do one’s duty, not worry about the fruits of one’s labour”.

“As a result, women have rightly acquired more power because they are working outside the home, earning more money and raising children in the modern nuclear families. The traditional family has broken down, to some degree, as “the couple” or “the jodi” in a marriage has assumed more importance over the joint family.

“Women feel empowered at home and may be at the workplace, but are they safe? Has the rapid pace of change in women’s lives left men bereft to idle mischief? Has the men’s inner world matured with the changing current of the times?”

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10 Responses to “Delhi gangrape, liberalisation & Godwin’s Law”

  1. anil Says:

    india is a banana republic dancing to the tunes of news anchors who speak english as if they have been possessed by an ghost of an elitist englishman

    drama everyday and each day

  2. Anonymous Guy Says:

    Yes, everyone is going to blame their pet peeve for everything they perceive as bad.

    Like there was no rape and violence on women (and men) before a ‘capitalist patriarchy’. If anything, there was no media to report on the past horrors.

    Get out of the way oldies hidebound by your narrow mindedness. Your thoughts dont matter anymore. Go hug some trees.

  3. Suresh Panje Says:

    There have been so much of armchair criticism, street rallies, hysterical protests, candle light vigils, peace rallies in memory of the hapless young para-medico that I feel enough of public outrage has been witnessed. What we need is an introspection among each of us, as individuals to reckon and ascertain whether our ethical upbringing could eclipse and even annihilate the evil thoughts sprouting in an innocent mind.
    Yes, I mean it since the mankind should realise that any physical (read sexual/marital) indulgence is futile sans any emotional involvement unlike the manner in which the brutes in New Delhi SEXPLOITED a hapless young lady, beat her male companion and even resorted to using iron rods on her. Indeed, all these acts were acts of heights of perverted mind which even that dreaded Rama Raghav (of 1969 in Bombay, if old timers recall) would have resorted to.
    As such, I feel that it is time for all of us to educate our children on ethical values in society. Please don’t feel that the devil is preaching the scriptures but the fact is a fact.
    I am all set to transmit a thought provoking piece (article in journo’s lingo) about the hypocrisy of Bollywood vis-a-vis the Delhi rape case and I trust our learned readers (no leaders please) react on it. Just wait for a day more. – Suresh Panje, New Delhi

  4. Kesi Says:

    Sentencing a few people and hanging them will not solve the deep-rooted maladies that the Indian society is afflicted with; the molestation of women is not new; they happened in closed communities in rural and semi-urban areas those days in 1950s, and the poor women simply took their lives leaving the prestige of perpetrators who were rich landlords and society grandees in tact, and who then preached morals and paraded their virtues, and charities they established to showthey walk the talk! All was apparently well then!!

    These days, those crimes are perpetrated by ordinary people who cannot hide them behind their wealth and power unlike in 1950s and later, and probably even now. What were the state and central governments doing then in 1950s, if any one had the audacity to bring those crimes to their attention? They simply denied, and said that they got rid of the colonialism where all those crimes took place, and in independent India, a new nation will emerge!

    Well ,now they have found a reason!

  5. Vinay Says:

    More than rapists, there is an urgent need to castrate these jholawalas. Only an asinine moron will blame liberalization and economic policies for rapes. Actually, the jholachaps find it weird that women are getting empowered and are finding employment in almost all spheres of life that were dominated by the jholawala ilk earlier.

    The new economy has brought not only a media revolution, but things like youtube, twitter, social networks, etc. And these make it really tough for things to be hidden or kept under warps. The accountability and threat of exposure has increased.

    In the jholachap era, crimes were much more. Crimes have reduced now, but the reporting and news dissemination has increased. And with societal changes due to the new economy, more and more women are coming forward and going to the police to lodge FIRs against rapists and molesters.

    I tell you, these bloody jholachap morons need to be murdered en masse.

  6. Nastika Says:

    Godwin’s Law is true in India too – any discussion wanders towards socialism or anti-socialism. But in 4000+ years on Indian history, India is anything but a socialist country.

    Coming to Delhi gang rape case, I hope all this ‘activism’ & ‘candle-light vigils’ finally result in reform in police investigation in rape cases. You might have punishments like death penalty, castration or stoning to death for rape. But if police investigation has loop holes, then no judiciary cannot impose those punishments.


  7. Nastika Says:

    Another need of the hour is to legalize prostitution. Else any sex other with spouse will constitute rape under Indian laws.


  8. Sanjeeva Says:

    Ah, what an English! Superb observations by eminent people. Unfortunately I could not make out what it is all about except that in our country this is how serious issues are trivialized by all those people who are safe and comfortable in their havens and have no concrete suggestions to improve the quality of life of ordinary citizens and are indulging in ‘research’ with their stupendous knowledge of queen’s English.

  9. Deepak Says:

    There are two reasons why rape and other crimes have increased:

    Firstly: Politician-Criminal merger – not nexus, but merger

    Second : Total failure of police and judiciary to protect the common man

    Thankfully, we have a vigilant media, which atleast ensures criminals and caught and punishment process initiated (whether punishment is given is a different story). But this is post-crime. If we have to prevent crimes, we need to crack down heavily on politico-criminals. If this is done, police and judiciary will automatically fall in line.

    But who will bell the cat? Can anyone do it at all??

  10. asha Says:


    You hit it on the head..Very true about the MSM libtards and assorted Jhollawala brigade…their days are numbered and they know it…

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