Everybody is a child to somebody or the other

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At the inauguration of the 8th international children’’s film festival, the veteran actor, B. Saroja Devi, proceeds to give Puneet Rajkumar a nice little hug, in Bangalore on Wednesday.

Photograph: Karnataka Photo News

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Corruption OK. Massacres OK. Romance, not OK?

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8 Responses to “Everybody is a child to somebody or the other”

  1. dr ramesh Says:

    Good one, it takes us right back to days of the hit movie YAARIVANU, a thriller starring annavru, puneeth, sarojadevi, srinath and others.
    Dr Raj sons, shivanna, raghavendra and puneeth are superstars, true but what stands out is their humility .

  2. Deepak Says:

    The nation and right thinking people are all agitated about the brutal murder of our soldiers by the enemy.
    The Godmother cuts defence budget by 5% and is more bothered about sending him the killer marines of her country to celebrate New year.
    The impotent Govt. is least bothered to take on the enemy and is instead looking for another Aman ki asha opportunity where one more Rehman Malik can come and humiliate us.
    And you instead of focussing on such burning issues are more concerned about irrelevant non-issued. Wah Churumuri, hats off to you!!

  3. Nastika Says:

    I didn’t know Churumuri was platform to be concerned about *burning* issues :)

    All I want is swalpa sihi, swalpa spicy.


  4. Arrow Says:

    You have opened my eyes Dr.Ramesh!!
    Raghavendra – a Superstar!!!!!???? from when??

  5. dr ramesh Says:

    Raghavendra rajkumar was a star, gave back to back silver jubilees, nanjundi kalyana and gajapathiya garvabhanga– which were trend setters then. But even today raghavendra is a star, he is taking care of a great great legacy, legacy of Dr Raj. He has a big role in shaping puneeth ‘s super career.
    Recently had the privilege of meeting raghavendra Raj, man ,he is humble, articulate and very slim fit for his age.
    Kannadigas have very few international brands, Dr.Raj is one such, and sons are doing everybit to continue the tradition.j

  6. Rajesh Avb S Says:

    so nice mom

  7. Gaby Says:

    Dr Ramesh- I remember Nanjundi Kalyana celebrating golden jubilee running over 50 weeks in Lakshmi theatre in Chamaraja double road. Howver I also remember all the credit of its success going to three women- Malshri, Manjula Gururaj and Parvatamma Rajkumar.

  8. Rahul Mirchi Says:

    Classic Dr Ramesh comment- making tall claims and no substantiation of the claims.

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