Are South Indians less ‘giving’ than the others?


South Indians are the least likely to loosen their purse strings to donate but when they do, they are most likely to dig and deep and give lots, the quantum of individual donations being only slightly lower than their counterparts in the West.

That is the one-line summation of a nationwide study of philanthropic habits of urban Indians by an aid foundation last year (sample size: 9,000).

# 73% South Indians had made a donation in the previous year, unlike 100% in the North, 85% in the East and 77% in the West.

# 36% in the South Indians had donated to a recognised charity, as opposed to 30% in the West, 24% in the East and 15% in the North.

# The average value of each donor in the South was Rs 1,069, just shy of Rs 1,116 in the West, but well above Rs 623 in the North and Rs 302 in the East.

# Sikhs (99%), Buddhists (91%) and Christians (90%) were most likely to open their wallets; Christians (61%), Buddhists (45%) and Jains (37%) were likely to do so to charitable organisations.# Muslims (84%) and Hindus (83%) were neck and neck in general donations and in donating to recognised charities, 24% and 25% respectively.

# Missionairies of Charity (10%) was most likely to receive donations, followed by the PM’s relief fun (7%), Plan India and Rotary Club (4%); Helpage India, Red Cross, UNICEF, CRY (2%).

# Individuals are more likely (63%) to give to strangers than friends, neighbours and colleagues (24%) or maids or servants (11%) .

Infographic: courtesy Mint

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13 Responses to “Are South Indians less ‘giving’ than the others?”

  1. Deepak Says:

    Fed up of these rubbish studies and their misleading fradulent headlines. These jokers talk to 100 people and then try to present it as the view of the entire nation.

    Every year the sleazy India today sex survey is released with similar outrageous findings which helps them to sell their rag like hot cakes.

    And Prannoy Roy conducts a poll of a few thousand people and then calls Hema Malini and tells her 60% of Indian population have voted you as greatest actress!!!

    As someone said there are 3 types of lies – lies, damned lies and statistics – we can add polls to this list!!

  2. harkol Says:

    If South is giving more than North and East combined and south’s average contribution is only marginally less than West then why a title “Are South Indians less ‘giving’ than the others?”

    I believe the amount of money donated has a high co-relation to the confidence to earn (both of donor and of his family) as giving is linked to financial security.

    And west, South have higher financial (& job) security than east and north.

  3. adithyahk Says:

    The farmers from the surrounding areas of Dhramastala and Horanadu offer their yields like Rice, Caradmom, Pepper and even Coffee in bags of 50 and 30kgs on their each visit to these shrines and in return these temples render free hot rice meals to all theirs diners, and market value of rice is much more than that of wheat.

    Even a place like Siddaganga Matt renders free education to eveyone with free boarding regardless of caste, including muslims. So far a million students have passed out of this institution I bet there isn’t any such missionary or Gurudwara with such a magnonimity in the whole of India.

    “the Prevalence of Sihk in the….” in bold revels the plot behind this survey. Please take all your surveyors to Dhramastala for a free hot meal, Ohh I’m sorry if they eat only wheat rotis we can’t help. In that case please take them all to Siddganage to educate them that people can live and do well even without wheat rotis.

  4. Guru Says:

    Its because there is more Black Money in the North

  5. the colonel Says:

    “I bet there isn’t any such missionary or Gurudwara with such a magnonimity in the whole of India.”

    You lost your bet!!!

    how much did you bet??????

  6. adithyahk Says:

    900 years ago when there wasn’t even a religion called Sikhism, here in Karnataka a practice called Dasoha was a rage.
    The annoying part of this survey is depiction of generosity of castes, well in Karnataka whom did they ask Hindus? then chuck it. Because the castes here are Lingayats, Vokkaligas, Kurubas, Sanketis, Shivalli ,,,

    Hey, if it’s u I bet a week Old wheat roti and authentic punjabi dish of 100% persian origin. Kebabs, cooked in authentic punjabi tandoor oven, which is of 100% persian origin.

  7. the colonel Says:

    this should answer you sour loser…..

  8. Praveen Says:

    Well said Adithyahk


    @Deepak, you said it!! You are 100% correct.

  10. Sanjeeva Says:

    Survey of 9000 odd persons out of some 25 crore odd population. Come on you can’t call it even a sample survey! By the way, how about a survey on “Are the South Indians less “receiving” than the others?!

  11. FirstReality Says:

    How was the survey conducted. I doubt 73% of south indians dontated last year, let alone 100% of north indians.

    In any case, funny that people beating their chests.

  12. dinesh Pandian Says:

    This must be a corporate survey and they should be claiming IT exemption, i am also one among them, i donated for cry around 12K

  13. priya yavagal (@priyayavagal) Says:

    Woww what an amazing survey. why just north or south? Hindus vs muslims vs buddhists vs Christians vs Jains vs …. ?
    Lets do men vs women vs upper caste vs lower caste vs singles vs married vs divorced vs widowed vs parents vs orphans vs car drivers vs bikers vs cyclists vs dog owners vs babies vs criminals vs tourists vs ….. i’m sure there are people smarter than me who can come up with more so we have the perfect statistics and decide once and for all as to which category of people are most likely to be charitable!

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