The hubby on one TV channel, biwi on the other



It’s Friday, box-office day, and there’s not a dull moment on Kannada news TV channels at the 2.30 pm matinee show.

The marital life of the Kannada film actor DuniyaVijay, who has modelled himself on the lines of Salman Khan, six-pack abs and all, is playing out on the two major news channels, TV9 and Suvarna News 24×7.

The actor’s version on the latter, his wife’s on the former.

Live, simultaneous, exclusive.

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16 Responses to “The hubby on one TV channel, biwi on the other”

  1. Suhas Says:

    Idikindtha entertainment bekenri?

  2. Girish Says:

    They have 3 children. 3 more news channels could have boost their TRP as well…


  3. Sapna Says:

    This is news duniya!

  4. Deepak Says:

    Our Kannada channels have totally lost it!! Last month, all were competing with each other with doomsday countdowns. Previous to that, one channel targetted actor Yash and other defended him and both channels took pot shots at each other. Then one channel targeted Nityanananda, another defended him. So on and so forth. Its nothing to do with news or viewers, its all do with competition and making more noise, that’s all!!

  5. harkol Says:

    Their life, their business. Wonder why this is even public news.

    Hopefully, the Film Chamber won’t act like in case of that ‘challenged star’!!

  6. induramesh Says:

    It is really amazing. The whole country is talking about the women’s world cup cricket Armstrong’s confession, Sonia Gandhi;s speech almost admittng that Congress cannot win the next election without allies and our kannada chabbels are talking about this film actor and his wife? Do we not live in this country?

  7. Gouri Satya Says:

    Disgusting the way channels competed in exposing their personal issues.

  8. Sanjeeva Says:

    What a contribution by the channels to Kannada and Kannadigas! Disgusting fellows.

  9. Gaampa Says:

    Since most channels belong to Non – Kannadigas (except Kasturi), they dont care what they dish out. Even the Kannda spellings are a horror to watch. Udaya News is the only channel that does some debate on issues. May the tribe of Mr.Aradhya grow.

  10. Deepak Says:

    Public TV today established a new low in the history of news TV in Karnataka. For the whole day we were treated to a detailed analysis of the marital life of Vijay courtesy his wife and children. And there was a ridiculous idea of blocking the children’s face and it was done so shoddily that we could clearly see their faces. C’mon whole day, this is what a news channel shows!! Mr.H R Ranganath you have some answering to do sir, your reputation as a good journalist has gone with the wind!!!

  11. Chidu22 Says:


    I concur with you completely. You cannot expect others to do the job for you while you only complain. We need more Kannada entrepreneurs in the media to boost the quality of hitherto pathetic Kannada programmes,dished out by greedy hawks from neighbouring states. Glad to know at least one channel belongs to a kannadiga?.

  12. ark01rani Says:

    Nice tag line dude…ivrigella sumne publicity beku ashte….

  13. Mahadesh Says:

    Bringing children to tv studio’s, to rake up the trp, in the name getting justice to them is disgusting. I think people are loosing there sensitivity, can’t imagine what’s going in the kids mind. shameful act. public tv or any other channel disgusting !!

  14. Ethics Says:

    common..why are we blaming TV channels… when the person is in public life they have to follow certain ethics in the interest of the society. what does the poor (interms of parents love)children do by just taking his money. I think children are not telling lies….Father deserves to be punished by the public…do not blindly support anybody..

  15. subbulakshmi Says:

    How dare you say “he has modelled himself on the lines of Salman Khan” !! EVen when salman had to speak about his ex -GF katrina he did it with so much respect unlike this vijay who has no class or ethics. Everybody knew all this long back. Now every time there is a marital discard happens the “parallel court of kannada cinema” Amabarish will step in say a few words and both the parties go home and sleep. no change whatsoever. DISGUSTING.

  16. Mahadesh Says:

    Ethics, I was no way justifying or supporting vijay, I understand kids condition. But Bringing them on tv doesn’t solve there problem, I don’t know what kind of psychological scar it would have left on them with all these going on. It would be better for them some qualified person doing counseling. rather than bring them up on tv. that was my point.

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