Where would Narendra Modi be without the UPA?

The veteran editor Sunanda K. Datta-Ray in The Telegraph:

Narendra Modi is the UPA’s creation. Despite his vigorous self-projection and the propaganda, both strident and sophisticated, of acolytes, he would never have been considered prime ministerial material but for what Azim Premji called a “complete breakdown in public governance across the board” under the UPA….

“Just as a young woman slapped Mohan Bhagwat, Congress needs to slap down Modi’s pretensions, not to save Rahul Gandhi’s career but to save the secular democratic polity that alone can hold India together in a harmonious union worth living in.

“The only way it can do so is by attending to the “widespread governance deficit in almost every sphere of national activity covering government, business and institutions” that Premji, Deepak Parekh and others highlighted in their letter to the prime minister. Their assessment that “the biggest issue corroding the fabric of our nation is corruption” cannot have been news to Manmohan Singh.

“The decision by 83 senior retired bureaucrats to move the Supreme Court over the decline in administrative services was another warning of the “urgent need to depoliticize management of transfers, postings, inquiries, promotions, reward, punishment and disciplinary matters relating to civil servants”, to quote one of the petitioners, T.S.R. Subramanian, a former cabinet secretary.

“All this assumes crucial importance because the economic dynamo of Manmohan Singh’s dreams is running out of steam. There is already talk abroad that the “I” in BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) should denote Indonesia. Prices, especially of food, are soaring. Despite a contrived market boom, India is plagued by high current account and fiscal deficits. The new one-rupee coin invites contempt….

“A nation with 200 million Muslims cannot be ruled by someone whose ascent recalls the Kampfzeit (time of struggle) that assailed Germany when military defeat, diplomatic humiliation and economic catastrophe (with a loaf of bread costing 80 billion marks) led to the death of public decency.”

Read the full column: Laughing up his sleeve

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51 Responses to “Where would Narendra Modi be without the UPA?”

  1. ramanath maiya Says:

    Good that the tribe of the author is a minscule proportion as his hatred towards Modi is nothing but the usual pseudo-secular barking. People need development; Modi has prooved himself by delivering the goods and people will continue to elect him. The former editor has just woken up now as the Nation is set for a change.

  2. manithan Says:

    Are you guys genuinely stupid or just pretend to be stupid enough to still project Rahul Vaandhi and being the shameless Congress Mouthpiece that Churumuri is?

    Ridiculous, I say. Narendra Bhai is a colossal political force and Rahul “ji” is a experienced failure. Nothing more. It is disgusting that we still continue to have a Nehru Family around. Wish Nehru’s sperm had not been fruitful at all !!

  3. rvbalaais Says:

    It looks you are anti modi team.

  4. Anon Says:

    I wonder why this blog did not see it fit to educate its readers about akbaruddin owaisi’s hate speech. Please first learn to love what you represent, coz if you cannot love your own religion & people, how can other religion & its ppl trust you?

  5. induramesh Says:

    Agree with you Mr. Maiya. The author cannot blame or belittle what Modi has achieved in Gujarat. Nobody told Manmohan Singh not to take action against the corrupt lot. The fact that Sonia Gandhi has to mention the show of wealth by congressmen and also that hint that peoplewill ask where these congressmen got the money is enough to note that the UPA is in doldrums and Modi will shine.

  6. Deepak Says:

    Ok I knew what this was all about. An article in praise of Narendra Modi will never be featured on churumuri. An article about the Vibrant Gujarat summit where corporate India czars fell over each other to praise Modi will of course not even be talked about in the blog. So continue your anti-Modi rant and keep hoping for an India led by Yuvraj!!

  7. sureshvacha Says:

    Hindutva= secularism= all roads lead to god=No one religion is a only true religion

    India is secular not because Muslims need it but Hindu wants it (Narendra Modi) please tells me one country where Muslims are in majority and

    there is secularism. Are Muslims secular? Or is it secular to bash anything that has to do with Hinduism doesn’t understand why Indian Muslims

    have this us & them feeling…

    Would you care not to vote for Kangress who massacred 3000 Sikhs or ur secularism is limited only to Guj this majority minority mindset created

    Pakistani call this as Jinnah mindset You only talk about secularism in Human Rights Conferences but Hindus have been practicing it time


    It’s just not Gujarat. Muslims across this subcontinent are poor because of lack of modern education. Arabs are rich only because of OIL Had

    Muslims been poor only in Gujarat; I would have been the first person to take on Modi. Can’t help, If you still want to see Modi thru 2002 lens.

    But he is making a huge difference in Gujarat has also been refused by all Muslims are backward not because of so called right wing. Muslims

    extremism exists independent of RSS, Modi or BJP. No RSS in Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, Egypt and Afghan

    Who will decide who is communal and who is not?

    One who is neither spiritual nor atheist OR claims that his community is better than others, is Communal congress shares power with MIM in

    Greater Hyderabad…Shame Shame The only Muslim appeasement I approve of is to give free modern education to all Muslims

    Parsi, Sikhs, Sindhis have progressed without any state support

    Indians made the greatest mistake by not letting Vallabhai or Sub hash Chandra boss become the P_M and instead let the fake

    Gandhis rule India for 60 years. Hopefully we won’t repeat history this time. Only Na Mo is a real statesman who can lead India and

    transform into a developed country. The fake Gandhis will keep looting us for another 60 years if given a chance They are fake

    and have been ruling by the name of Gandhiji. They belong to no nation, no religion, no state & no caste. They have a fake title,


  8. RC Sharmas Says:

    Fabricated affidavits by Stealwad, tutored witnesses, forged sting operation by Tehelka. The fools cannot even count. Is it three days from 28 Feb to 1 March? The fabled 3 days Modi gave.

  9. ks Says:

    So India have 200 million Muslims so what about other 1 billion people called Hindu? Congress is in sivir since 1950s. They have not get out. Example:. Rahul and Sonia went hiding doing their sivir after Delhi gang rape. Will they go to sivir after Pakistan nuke India?

  10. debasish Says:

    BTW,What is this crap about Mohan Bhagawat being slapped by a young girl ! He could only have read it one of those magazines spoofing news.How can you give any kind of serious attention to a piece by a ignorant ,lazy writer.

  11. Gaby Says:

    I dont like Modi and his extreme views. However if the only choice that the Congress offers is that of this dumbass clown prince- what options does one have- not vote or vote for the lesser devil ?

  12. cbril_zen (@cbril_zen) Says:

    The hypocrisy of Congress stooges never ceases to surprise me.

    Right now these Congress media stooges are swimming in their own filth tainted with Congress ineptness and taste for scams, corruption exploitation of women, and keeping India uneducated. Enjoy your filth whilst it lasts, because Social Media will NOT forget you!!

  13. Doddi Buddi Says:

    An interesting column and it raises some disturbing questions. By their actions and words I feel that BJP and RSS have shown themselves to be anti-youth and less liberal to progress. BJP should be worried as its leaders have shown themselves to be having worse than Taliban-like ideas when it comes to women, like “ban skirts in schools”, “No rapes in Bharath”, and so on. Yes I know UPA has been opportunistic in its own snail-paced reforms but the BJP has tried to scupper even the modest growth UPA has planned for India. Looking at LKA and Sushma, I cannot help but feel sorry for the youth who want to vote BJP even as I know the alternative is even worse —the UPA! There is a big disconnect as to why BJP won’t make it this time also in 2014. As a national party it is being led by a bunch of discredited, Luddite clique from Nagpur. There is also a strong unpleasant odor of upper castes lording over minor castes and assumed superiority in the same mold. Another example of what an Opposition party would not do: BJP actively tried like a bunch of idiots to scupper the Nuclear Deal with USA! Only if BJP proceeds to fight under Modi there is a fighting chance against the UPA.

    However the author’s jealousy against Modi’s achievements and his selective nitpicking on various development indexes are to be expected. He is simply from the school of “Argumentative Indian”. Come on what if Bengal or some backwoods state leads in “Khadi Nirodh” usage! These stats are meaningless!! The author cannot bring himself to be direct against Sonia G and the Family like TJS George has and if UPA wins again we can all expect Sunanda Ray to be an ambassador to some minor nation in Africa where he will ‘regale’ his guests with Rabindro Sangeet and some whiskey!

    Now, it is quite obvious to every thinking Indian that Rahul G is almost the equivalent of King of Idiots in the most benign sense! I think 1000M Hindus and others matter. Lets see and wait for General Elections in 2014. IMHO writers like Sunanda Datta Ray are actually practicing a kind of ‘Secular Gobblesian’ propaganda and trying to hoist a much discredited UPA regime over India once again!

  14. Ajaib Singh Says:

    Only a Bong could write such an article because they have never seen good governance in their history to appreciate what it means.

  15. RC Sharmas Says:

    This middle is so silly that it provides the economic and intellectual sinews to any society. But what for in India? Slogging to pay income taxes, service taxes [in lieu of what service], high prices of scarce resources like food. The silly ones want something in return for their efforts, and that something is provided by development and good governance, not by empty rhetoric of secularism. And Modi has demonstrably provided development and governance. Hence the middle class loves him. Better ask: Where would Modi be without silly middle class.

  16. GuRU Says:

    Like the other young NArendra; He would be Swami VswajeethAnanda

  17. BK Says:

    Useless crap. If you want to highlight UPA’s failures, why do you have to bring in Modi? Seems all the ‘secularists’ are genuinely scared now after rahul gandhi is projected as PM candidate from congress. with his electoral track record, BJP should be happy.

  18. sureshvacha Says:

    A Lok Sabha MP, Rahul Gandhi has not asked even a single question in his more than years in Parliament. Not only that, he has attended only one debate since 2009. He appears in front of cameras during election time. He eats in a Dalit’s house to show people how he and his kind-hearted party will always take care of them. But people can’t be beguiles quite easily anymore.
    I firmly believe that if the ‘Gandhi’ tag is removed from Rahul’s name, he wouldn’t be able to win a Lok Sabha seat for himself.
    If you find these people true leaders, think twice.
    Now let’s talk about Narendra Modi. I think he has the qualities of true leader who can lead the country from the front. He has all the attributes that one should have to be a leader. People have at times said he is a bit autocratic, but at the end of the day, when results come, the same group of people applauds him for his foresight and approach.
    He loves his country, and that is something that reflects in his eyes. Gujarat and the Gujarati people are being talked about everywhere. People envy them for their growth and development. Modi’s presence is being acknowledged on foreign soil as well. The time has come for people to realise that he is the one we are looking for when we look for someone to lead us.

  19. sureshvacha Says:

    . Mr Gandhi is an applicant for a big job: ultimately, to lead India. But whereas any other job applicant will at least offer minimal information about his qualifications, work experience, reasons for wanting a post, Mr Gandhi is so secretive and defensive that he won’t respond to the most basic queries about his studies abroad, his time working for a management consultancy in London, or what he hopes to do as a politician.

  20. Vishwas Gokhale Says:

    Hindu are secular simply because every Hindu chooses his own God or chooses not to choose one. Every Hindu chooses his own God or does not choose at all.. That is precisely why Hindu are secular. God knows when Hindu will realise this.

  21. Pulikeshi the Last Says:

    Now the son also rises, lighting Modi’s path. Another mother-son alliance, conferring legitimacy on the Gowda clan’s grip on the supposedly national regional outfit, the JDS. And then there is the Yediyurappa-Raghavendra axis.

  22. Sanjeeva Says:

    It needs considerable intelligence to write an article which does not make any sense except indicating that the author does not like someone for some reason. for some reasons, the author does not like someone. Best way is to ignore such articles and such ‘veterans”.

  23. Nastika Says:

    To make the hero greater, movie story writers create a bigger villain. So between Modi & UPA, who is villain, who is hero and who got bigger this time ;)


    Without his last name, the youngest savior of the family wouldn’t be able to earn Rs 100 per day on his own.
    You paint Gujrat as if it is different nation. Well, still Gujrat is not vastly different from India, and probably it has better PR.

    @Doddi Buddi,
    My feeling is Rahul is no less smarter than Rajiv. What matters is his team. In Indian political context, I prefer a dull leader with a smart team than a smart leader with dumb team.

    @Vishwas Gokhale,
    Hinduism is also a religion. Secularism is a concept outside of religion. Eg, secularism is like an umpire, while religions are players. You can’t play and be an umpire too at the same time. So any religion being secular is an oxymoron.
    FYI, Hinduism has its complex set of rituals and multitude of gods. No, Hinduism doesn’t advocate not to believe in its gods. Why would any religion do so?


  24. Vinay Says:

    Modi seems to have the right ideas w.r.t. to the economy. Invite industries, generate employment – none of the pseudo socialist bullshit in him.

    For that reason alone, I hope he wins a resounding victory. The most important thing for the country is economic development and economic growth. All this talk of “secularism”, “fascism”, “pseudo secularism” is a big pile of fetid hyena dung.

    Carry out economic reforms, set up industry, spread wealth and prosperity – all other problems will fix themselves automatically. Nothing else matters.

  25. dr ramesh Says:

    Middle class poster boys, top Indian corporates resorting to worst form of chamchagiri in a business meet arrenged by modified recently. Modi was hailed as the next mahatma.
    A corporate is concerned only about topline, bottomline , PAT. He will do anything for it. Their words should not be taken seriously.
    Modi should stop the megalomaniac syndrome from getting worse.
    There is a big vote bank which prefer, A POLITICIAN HOWSO EVER CORRUPT HE MAY BE, WHO REFUSE TO KNEEL DOWN BEFORE A CORPORATE LOBBY over a politician who is supposedly clean but driven by corporate lobby.

  26. harihara Says:

    In what way Modi is responsible for the widespread mental sickness of all indians viz corruption? in what way he is responsible for the central governance “deficit” ( this deficit is indian economists jargon)? Can we say -has he not shown good leadership in his actions? Has he done nothing good in Gujerat /. You see we will get only what we deserve. as leader?. it is people whowill decide and not biassed opinions of some The article is titled as a subject on Shri Modi but brings out things totally irrelevent

  27. Christina Moniz Says:

    It’s unfortunate that no one seems to understand what secular really means. It means the removal of any religion from public life – religion and religious practice stays within the confines of your home/place of worship and not on the streets, not in governance and not in politics. The BJP has an unfortunate pro-Hindu view and the Congress too unfortunately thinks that appeasing muslims/minorities is secularism. What we need in this nation is politics that separates itself from religion, and at the moment neither Modi nor the Congress seems to be able to do that. The citizens will be the losers whichever way the election goes.

  28. babuds Says:

    The Telegraph (Does any body still use Telegraph?) article is highly incoherent and is like a telegram written in hurry. What its editor wants to purport could be
    a. Industrialists are chiding UPA2 for its non-governance and corruption.
    b. Retired IAS officers are lamenting the state of administration.
    b. Industrialists are unnecessarily praising Modi
    Inference: If we slap Modi everything will be set right!

    It is display of senility at its best

  29. parijataka Says:

    Dr Ramesappa, I presume you are talking about Kumaranna and his dear Dad when you say `a leader HOWSOEVER CORRUPT HE MAY BE…etc`. FYI Gujarat state has achieved double digit growth in agriculture as well as industry despite being a semi-desert region. While most other states have misused NAREGA funds Gujarat has made farmers renovate village ponds using the money, large scale building of check dams and other water conservation measures have ensured the water table has risen in Gujarat. It is also the only power surplus state in the country from whom Shobhakka has wangled power to tide us till May 2013! Gujarat that used to have communal riots every 4-5 years right until 2002 has not seen violence since 2002 – speaks much for Narandra Modi. Compared to so called `secular` govt of Uttar Pradesh that has seen 100+ incidences of violence between different groups since SP took over.

    Of course everything is relative and Gujarat still has plenty of poor people but it is definitely one of the better states in the country today and Narendra Modi has only made it even better!

  30. dr ramesh Says:

    A college which admits only kids who have scored 95% or more in class tenth, it then tells with pride that it has got super results in P U EXAMS—- no big deal, Gujarat is that, it has been the most economically developed regions form ages.
    A college which can turn around the fortune of a 55% scoring kid to a 90 % student deserves more credit.
    Kumaraswamy gave a great govt for 20 months with very good schemes, but strangely English media remained silent.
    Nitish Kumar is slowly but surely turning a hopeless bihar into a liveable bihar, growth there has been more inclusive.

  31. Doddi Buddi Says:

    Dr Ramesh
    As usual you sparkle with your wit and eloquence. Give is some examples of how HDK and DG have fought the corporates. Thanks.

  32. RC Sharmas Says:

    @dr ramesh

    Can you give an example of a most corrupt politician NOT kneeling before the corporates?

    Does Modi kneel? Can you show how?

    AND what is inclusive growth?

  33. dr ramesh Says:

    Doddi buddi,
    Did u catch up with any latest Kannada movie? Try LAKSHMI—— shivanna movie about international terrorism, intelligence and black money, Hollywood range ge ide filammu.
    Two days back, HDK announced that within 48 hrs of his swearing in as CM, he would waiver all farmer loans.
    Hearing this the so called economic experts, corporates went into a tizzy, they are drinking YELNIRU from maddur and slowly recovering.

  34. Sanjeeva Says:

    @ Dr. Ramesh, your admiration for any politician is your choice. But to say that he gave a “great” govt in 20 months is too much. Even with a strong stomach it is difficult to digest! Please be realistic.

  35. Akshay Says:

    Can you read the reviews author? How much you get paid to wirte such meaningless blogs? It’s just the begining as India has less than 10% internet penentration. Can you even imagine what will the situation of Congress once the percentage bumps over 50%. We’ll get independence in truest sense.

  36. dr ramesh Says:

    Sanjeeva, r c sharma,
    I am only complaining of over hype about modi by sections of media.
    Shivraj Singh chouhan -bjp cm of MP has delivered agricultural growth in excess of 10 % which is commendable, nitish too has delivered with social indices showing growth more than Gujarat.
    Kumaraswamy pioneered grama vaastavya, janata darshana schemes which was a big hit. He envisaged cycles for girls in govt schools, handicapped people were given jobs .

  37. Vinay Says:

    Dr. Ramesh:

    Yeah, keep giving loans, keep waiving them off, keep ruining the nation.

    This kind of poisonous populism is killing our country. Of course slimy politicians like your beloved Kumaranna and co. will not care. And people like you support that nonsense. Shame on you.

  38. RC Sharmas Says:

    @dr. Ramesh

    Oh, hype?? Lots of motivated hype against him too, continuing for the last 11 years. Comparisons with other states are not always fruitful. Take Bihar. A stretch of 100 km of pucca road makes a lots of % in Bihar, and is next to nothing in Gujarat, or Punjab.

    As for buckets and all that, a Congi leader said it happens in every state.

  39. Doddi Buddi Says:

    Dr. Ramesh, I pray to God you never cease to use your keyboard! :) LOL

  40. dr ramesh Says:

    Voters of India who easily get enticed by glitz, glamour of PAGE 3 – CORPORATE – MEDIA SAVVY POLITICIANS nexus should be ashamed of themselves. A person on a look for a good school for his kid, spends days doing due diligence, because he wants a good future for his kid. Elections, assembly or general, shapes the future of the state and country, spend some time, think, discuss with an unbiased mindset, vote.
    glamour, ding dong will not help.
    A famous statement by HDK recently, there are leaders in this country who are scared to touch the poor and needy, even if they do for camera, they immediately wash their hands with foreign disinfectants.
    Waiving off farmer loans is bad economics, giving thousands of acres of land to corporates at 100 rs per acre is great fiscal prudence. Mr. Vinay , CHANGE.

  41. Doddi Buddi Says:

    Dr Ramesh,

    I think we should bring back Devegowda as PM and HDK as CM! What is this …”glamour and ding dong” you are referring to? I thought when politicians touch the poor it was understood they touch their lives by their Grama Vasthavya, and your favorite ‘loan waiver’ schemes and so on!

  42. Deepak Says:

    @drramesh saar. Only one question for you!! Let us agree that HDK is the greatest CM in Karnataka history and he should be given another chance. If he falls short of majority should he tie up communal BJP of Modi or currupt Yeddi’s KJP? Yen helthira saar?

  43. Vinay Says:

    Dr. Ramesh:

    Both are bad economics. I never claimed that corporates should be given land at Rs. 100 per acre. On the contrary, you say that giving land to corporates is a bad thing but waiving off thousands of crores of farmer loans is a wonderful thing. Think about it – you’re the one with double standards, not me.

    Corporates should purchase land at market rates. That will force them to buy smaller plots of land and build vertical highrises. That will also reduce urban sprawl which Bangalore is witnessing today.

    Populism of all kinds needs to be discouraged. This farmer loan waiver business is the most misused scheme in the country, and people like you encourage this sin of the soil in their poisonous populism. No wonder India finds it so tough to get up to speed. Tragic, really.

  44. Anonymous Guy Says:

    dr. ramesh,

    Not to mention the ‘tax holidays’ for companies, ‘per diem’ schemes for employees and rest of write-offs given to IT industry. People who work in that industry will definitely say that it makes great economic sense since it is benefits them personally. What to do, they are the ones with internet, keyboards and ample free time to write on the forums…

  45. dr ramesh Says:

    As a kannadiga, I would want JD S tie up with a coalition which has the best chance to come to power at the centre, extract the best from centre for development of karnataka, correct the wrong doings of previous govts on karnataka.
    Personally, bjp minus yeddy, gadkari and less RSS control is not a bad idea at all.

    Doddi buddi,
    Glamour and ding doing — state of mind under high influence of capitalism, materialism much above permissible limits catalyzed by lust for power.
    Fully endorse ur opinion.

  46. Vinay Says:

    Anonymous Guy:

    Instead of your tired old brain farts against the “IT industry”, it’s time for you and Dr. Ramesappa to accept that subsidies and populism is bad in any form. And when we’re talking about poisonous populism, IT consumes a teeny weeny amount. The amount of subsidies that the farming sector got over the years runs into lakhs of crores and actually harms not just the nation but even the farmers themselves in the long run.

    Do you realize what “free power” has done to the farming sector in Punjab and Haryana? The rich farmers who were already well off to begin with installed electric borewells and depleted the groundwater to dangerous levels. The poor farmers who had no use of power anyway didn’t benefit and were worse off at the end of the day. And in TN, free power has brought the state into a situation where there are 15-16 hour power cuts. And the rate of power is still among the lowest in the nation. Amma does not have the guts to increase rates. At those rates, one just cannot produce power and break even. How can you ever do away with power cuts when you give “free power” to a humungous percentage of the state?

    So, stop brain-farting here just to vent out against your pet peeve, the “IT industry”, and stop encouraging this poisonous populism culture.

  47. dr ramesh Says:

    Anonymous Guy,
    The best article about Gujarat model of development that I have read,
    Mani shankar iyer’s column in the latest edition of weekly magazine THE WEEK. Thyssen Krupp, hitler is the tagline of the article. Very insightful, direct and thought provoking. U simply feel he is spot on.

  48. dr ramesh Says:

    People must take note of an other regressive development taking place in big cities of India, ,specially Bangalore.
    IT CZARS AND CORPORATES are trying to get into civic bodies in the guise of TASK FORCE, ABIDE etc, they want to indirectly control Bangalore slowly shunting out localities and Kannada culture.
    What expertise does a TECHIE GURU have in garbage disposal.? Peoples rights should not be subverted this way.
    If Obama makes a protectinist rant, tsunami of emotions erupt in IT SECTOR, govt is pressurized to talk to US to tone down, concessions like fdi in retail are made, but if NREGA, FOOD SECURITY BILL, LOAN WAIVER is announced, concerns about fiscal deficit, economic growth are raised.
    Third front deserves another chance in the interest of the poor and middle class.

  49. Anonymous Guy Says:


    Which country do you have in mind when you claim that farm subsidies are such a bad thing:
    e.g. From the wikipedia article on farm subsidies (with links to real articles):
    “In 2010, the EU spent €57 billion on agricultural development, of which €39 billion was spent on direct subsidies.[1] Agricultural and fisheries subsidies form over 40% of the EU budget.[2] ”
    “The United States currently pays around $20 billion per year to farmers in direct subsidies as “farm income stabilization”[9][10][11] via U.S. farm bills.”

    On the other hand in Africa:
    “Increases in food and fertilizer prices have underlined the vulnerability of poor urban and rural households in many developing countries, especially in Africa, renewing policymakers’ focus on the need to increase staple food crop productivity.”

    And what happened as a result of introducing a subsidy in one of the African countries:
    “…The subsidy was implemented by means of a coupon system which could be redeemed by the recipients for fertilizer types at approximately one-third of the normal cash price.[3] According to policy conclusions of the Overseas Development Institute the voucher for coupon system can be an effective way of rationing and targeting subsidy access to maximize production and economic and social gains.”

    So what are you talking about: that India should get closer to sub-saharan Africa, or be more like EU and the US?

    Or are you still on your US hating trip, though you owe your job and everything you do to them?

    As Dr. Ramesh said, look outside your cubicle and CHANGE.

  50. Anitha Says:

    Dr. Ramesh,

    Mani Shankar Aiyar is probably the last person you should be reading, even if it is in a situation where you have to save your own life!!! But then, one can understand from where you are getting your viewpoints when you are reading and quoting Mani S Aiyar. Dont worry, we understand.

  51. Anonymous Guy Says:

    Anitha, Pray tell, who should dr. ramesh be reading? One dont understand if you cant give alternatives when making blanket statements.

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