POLL: Rahul Gandhi vs Narendra Modi in 2014?

The contours of the next general election are becoming ever more clearer with the expected “elevation” of Rahul Gandhi as the vice-president of the Congress. Given the repeated rumours on the state of Sonia Gandhi‘s health and her reported desire to retire from politics at the age of 70, it is obvious the leadership of the 130-year-old Congress party has passed on to a fifth generation of the Nehru-Gandhi family.

But Rahul Gandhi is no Rajiv Gandhi. His father was 40 when he became PM, Rahul is 42. His father was thrown into the deep end all of a sudden, Rahul has been around for several years. And more tellingly, despite his travels across the country and his exertions in several election campaigns, Rahul Gandhi has not quite been the vote-magnet that Congressmen suspected he would be, having lost Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and Gujarat.

But all that is in the past tense now. As the new, official No.2, the silence that Rahul Gandhi adopted as part of his mystique (he has only barely attended Parliament and spoken even more rarely on the issues of the day)—and the reluctance that he conveyed through his swift disappearances after parachuting into the rough and tumble, allowing lesser mortals to face the flak for his failed experiments—is no longer a luxury he owns.

For politics is a game played with a scoreboard, and push has come to shove for the scam, scandal tainted party that is facing diminishing returns across the country despite a slew of well-meaning social welfare schemes designed to fetch votes by the bucket.

Although the BJP is in no better shape, the word on the street is that Rahul Gandhi’s elevation will serve as an impetus for Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi to assume a bigger, larger role in the BJP before the next general elections. With his hat-trick of wins in the State and with his advertised record as an administrator, Modi has a headstart over Rahul Gandhi, nearly 20 years his junior.

Indeed paradoxically, Modi, 62, is seen as more of a youth icon than Rahul Gandhi, who was missing in action when, say, the Delhi gangrape was scorching the party or when Google, Facebook and Twitter were being clogged up by the Oxford and Harvard educated geniuses in Manmohan Singh‘s government.

However, elections in India is not a zero-sum game.

So, given all the imponderables that swing into play—caste, allies, secularism, communalism, etc—who do you think will come up trumps if it is Modi vs Gandhi in 2014? Does Rahul, who has the Gandhi surname, have the pan-national appeal that goes beyond the urban middle-classes? Which of the two could garner more allies, so crucial in a coalition era? Which alliance will triumph—UPA or NDA?

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41 Responses to “POLL: Rahul Gandhi vs Narendra Modi in 2014?”

  1. Anitha Says:

    If, and this is a very BIG if, people decide to vote purely based on the merits of the men leading their parties, it would be a shoo in for NaMo.

    But, we know the stupid electorate of this country will not see reason.

    The girls want the man with the dimples to win, the left liberals want the congress to win because a congress win will protect them their turf, the media – specially the English language newscasters – want Rahul to win because their gravy train would remain intact, NGOs want Sonia’s son to win because that way they can keep siphoning money out of dubious programs they conduct, minorities – specially the christians and mozzies – want this sickular party to win since that would ensure lot more freebies for them…

    In the middle of all this, who the hell is going to care about INDIA??????

  2. harkol Says:

    Rahul No.2? it stinks.

    Unfortunately in this country we don’t elect leaders/Govt. We just elect a few thugs who are supposed to decide on leadership. But even they don’t do so (thanks to anti-defection law).

    So, a bunch of individuals/Families will decide who will be next PM (unless NDA can gather over 200 seats).

    But, if it is less than 200seats, then Jayalalitha/Karunanidhi, Mulayam, Patnaik, Mamata etc. will decide.

    Welcome to Feudocracy called India.

  3. Pardeep K Gupta Says:

    Narender Modi backed by BJP is not the only contender of the post of PM, Mayawati, Mamta, Nitish, Mulayam, jayalalita, Naveen Patnaik and many more but in Congress it is Rahul Gandhi.

  4. Deepak Says:

    On a pro-Congress blog, if 70%+ feel Modi will thrash Rahul, then it really reveals the joke that Rahul Gandhi has become. His entire emotional speech was just hot air. He kept talking about change, what was his family doing all these years. And what was he doing the past 9 years? Why couldn’t he have initiated the blessed changes he was philosohphising about.

    Unfortunately for Congress, people of this country, especially youth and social media have seen through the Gandhi dynasty farce and Rahul’s projection will only accelerate the UPA’s journey to the dustbins of history!!

  5. K.Dinakar Kamath Says:

    when we generally interact with all kinds of people of late a common thing comes out is their admiration of Modi.It seems everyone is aware of him and talk highly about him.Some have tales to tell about their recent visit to Gujarat.we can see their enthusiasm and their body language changes to a little excitement.I do not know how many of this will get converted in to valid votes when election comes but certainly most of these general public normally busy with their work and not bothered about politics are see modi as only hope for this country and them.

  6. Gaby Says:

    The girls don’t want the clown prince with dimples to e anything at all. We would prefer him invisible. In any case aren’t the girls you mention part of INDIA?

  7. parijataka Says:

    Though I’d love to say Narendra Modi will win in 2014, I would say it will be UPA-III again in 2014. Voters of Uttar Pradesh will vote SP or BSP, bhoters in Bhesht Bangal bheel bhote phaar Didi, Biharis will vote Nitees babu (deservedly though unlike in previous cases), Jaya madam will romp home in TN, Congress in Karnataka and Maharashtra and Andhra will vote Jagan due to misplaced sympathy after the robber baron prince’s imprisonment . SP-BSP will gravitate to Congress as will Jagan’s YSRC as CBI will be used to turn the screws on Mulayam,Maya and Jagan – ostensibly `to keep out communal forces`. Nitees babu will forsake NDA if Congress promises to give special status to Bihar. Karnataka will vote for Congress due to disgust with Yeddyurappa episode. Maharashtra is Congress stronghold even if farmers commit suicide in droves (this is the only state where farmer suicides continue to show an upward trend while Karnataka in last 4 years had reduced the most among all states) and add to that the hold Sharad Pawar/NCP has on the Marathi Manoos despite his corruption. Jaya Madam will support whichever party comes to power in Delhi to guard interests of her state, not withstanding her camaraderie with Modi. Only place where BJP will score will be Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh – not enough to push for govt. BJP will continue to be the second largest party (or even largest in terms of vote percentage if it improves by few percentage points) but crooks from Congress and caste based goon parties like SP/BSP/MIM/IUML etc. And Churumuri along with other pseudo intellectuals will hail the victory of secular forces on the trio of English language TV channels these guys like to frequent!

    Someone tweeted on Twitter that if Rahul becomes PM India will trend to N Korea while if Narendra Modi gets to become PM India is going the S Korea way. Unfortunate but true that a imposed from top candidate Rahul Gandhi has better chance of becoming Prime Minister than a proven administrator and leader like Narendra Modi.

  8. Faldo Says:

    Given RG’s indifferent attitude towards hard politics so far, it might not be surprising if he allowed another politician from the Congress or even from a non Congress party in the UPA to actually lead the government if his party does not do very well. This would allow him to assume power without all of the responsibility and the headaches of actually being part of the government.
    Even if the NDA improves its showing, the lack of allies might hurt it when it comes to forming a government. The fact is that a significant number of voters do not necessarily look at track records, qualifications or experience but instead sentiments, regional or caste equations of the candidate often take precedence over other factors. It is quite likely that smaller parties would decide the formation of the next government.

  9. Mr Chand Says:

    2014..will c a major polarization of votes and no one can doubt namo’s credibility ,he has lwaz been a master strategist.,it was his strategy wo drove victory fo bjp..under Shree Vajpayee ,that time no 1 knew Mr Modi,His party took a call and asked him to stop helping odrs to fight,da time has come to fight fo urself..n he became da face of bjp in gujarat..and rest z history..Single handedly Namo will bring glory to bjp..He z at his bloody best wen he fights alone..

  10. RC Sharmas Says:

    Apart from Dynasty, what assets does Rahul have. We do not know even about his education.. On his own, he cannot earn more than Rs 26 a day. Modi has no dynasty, but is well educated and it is no secret.His developement track record is for all to see.

  11. jayashree Says:

    Rahul Ha Ha Ha!

  12. the colonel Says:

    let me digress, written by someone, somewhere:-

    I went to a Parsi school, the Sir JJ orphanage, in Surat. 32 years ago , there were only four English schools in Surat, then a city of 1.5 million people. Lourdes Convent run by Carmelites, St Xavier’s run by Franciscans, Seventh Day Adventist run by Presbytarians and Sir JJ run by Parsis.

    Hindus, 90 percent of the population and 90 percent of the student body in all four schools built none, though we’re quite good at building temples.

    This aspect of Parsis taking the lead and emulating Europeans to improve the lives of others isn’t unusual. If one is observant and looks around, the most civilised things around us are usually not our own contribution.

    In Bangalore, the Indian Institute of Science, in Bombay the Tata Memorial Hospital, the National Centre for Performing Arts, the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research and so on.


    so guys forget politics, lets start elsewhere, where you can make your energy bear fruit for all

  13. Anitha Says:

    check this:

  14. K.Dinakar Kamath Says:

    Well said Its only Namo who will be able to completely sway all nation loving citizens of this country irrespective of caste creed religion and region. All these petty minded boneless wonders masking them as our leaders will tracelessly de camp. Namo and Namo only will be able to rescue this great Nation from total anarchy. BJP will romp home under his leadership and be assured all that he will deliver without sparing anyone or lapses keeping this country’s and country men’s highest in his mind always.It’s the duty of every citizen of this country that Namo wins next general elections with thumping majority.

  15. Anitha Says:


    NDTV or CNN IBN showed some footage of girls crying and shouting ” we love you Rahul Gandhi”… that kind of made me thinking…

  16. Rastrakoota Says:

    Dont think BJP can be in power in 2014! How I wish congis were challenged! sg’s dogs all are working overtime covering up one another who are muddled after allegations after serious allegations.

    BJP actually needed to invest a lot of time, energy and resources into primarily educating the majority. It is a given that they identify with the Hindu majority but there is serious lack of leadership at the center. They came up during the 90’s on the Hindutva plank but they cud not sustain(forget bettering) it. Their ideology appears only in literature. Need to be really driven to acheive what they believe in but they are as good/bad as the congis. The only diff is dynasty has some seriously loyal dogs for life! There is no wrong in saying BJP fronted by RSS is to a large extent casteist. There in lies the real problem.Eliminate that and you can see only one way. UP

    Unless the Indian masses are educated (those who can form a respected opinion on general issues), these elections will remain an hogwash for ever. And congis are pretty clever to keep them that way (uninformed/uneducated) and throwing them with some crappy gandhi named schemes to just keep them barely alive. (enough to walk down to vote!) They have mastered that.

    BJP need to invest on this aspect. Just a few spokespersons (who are programmed to speak against congress) wont help.

    Isnt Katju so right about his 90% fools statement?

  17. 'Mudi' malnad Says:

    Did anybody read this ? Na Mo is the only hope!!? (UPA had a chance to correct but it didnot with PhD PM)

  18. jayashree Says:

    See what this statesman says!

  19. NRavi Says:

    @”Mudi”, Although the article in NYTimes make sense dissecting it from an tech and socio-economic sense. One must also take environmental and Karmic impact of so called “development”, Even first world cannot remain first world forever.

    Everybody need not be rich, if you take Buddist advice the middle path, and Hindu advice “Balance and Moderation”. West takes everything to extremes, maybe because they are very competitive.

    God made this planet, so you could admire teh Natural beauties of Life. Not ruin it. A correction is in order.

  20. Sanjeeva Says:

    @ Parijataka, A good analysis, but am not able to understand why and how India will go N.Korea way if RG becomes PM!
    If Cong wins it is purely because of TINA factor. RG may be having good intentions and sincerity, but the court jesters, crooks, self-servers, bunch of idiots in Cong will fail him, just as it happened in the case of Rajiv Gandhi. Result – country will continue to be in chaos,directionless….

  21. harkol Says:

    BJP just dumped Gadkari. Overall BJP trackrecord of dealing with the corrupt elements within has been comparatively better than Congress.

    But, for internal democracy within BJP, if I decide to vote for a national party in next elections, my vote would certainly go to BJP.

    Hope some alternative to both Congress and BJP emerges in next year – though it is very tough. Building organizations like Congres or BJP takes decades.

  22. Deepak Says:

    Its good that BJP got rid of Gadkari. But Rajnath Singh is not the right replacement. Anyway now BJP will have nothing to fear while exposing Congress corruption.

    Run away inflation, the LPG-petrol-diesel farce and the inaction on corruption will ensure that Congress cannot come back to power in 2014. But whether BJP can come to power is another story!!

  23. parijataka Says:

    @Sanjeeva, at the rate at which our deficit is growing under UPA-I and UPA-II thanks to populist measures plus the humongous scams revealed in the last 5-6 years of UPA leads me to think India is probably on its way to a 1991 type of situation. S Korea and N Korea is probably an extreme view but a third term for UPA is definitely not a good thing for India and a Third/Fourth/Fifth… Front with crooks like Mulayam, Maya, etc or a regressive Leftist grouping even worse. Ideally I’d like to see NDA with Narendra Modi playing an important role at Delhi in 2014.

  24. Anitha Says:



    Had it come from anyone else, in any other situation, this would have made sense… from this clown prince? Utterly laughable.

    As a Member of Parliament, his achievement is a big zero. Never part of any debate, cannot speak coherently on any subject.

    As a General Secretary of Congress party, it is even worse. Wherever he has canvassed for his party, they have lost miserably. Bihar being the worst ever performance.

    As a citizen of this country, he displayed his absolute sense of ignorance and foolishness when he said he fears “Hindu terror far more than the Islamic terror”

    The one person he has interacted in his life outside his protected sphere, Kalavati, complained that he has not done anything for her or for her family.

    His attendance in parliament is 40%. College students will not be given hall ticket if they have the same attendance percentage.

    Yet, for all these things, he is projected as the future PM of this country..

    Naguvudo, aluvudo neeve heli….

  25. pardeep kumar gupta (@outburstindia) Says:

    An attempt was made to create an impression as the Projected Revenue losses calculated by CAG are the real losses, knowing well that people trying to pose more concerned regarding corruption will cry foul. It worked with few people but it didn’t work completely being false. So few are on every networking site to repeat the lies again and again to prejudice the innocent minds against Congress & UPA. But progress made in every sphere is visible to everyone since 2004. People will decide by the level of their own prosperity & progress of the nation on economic front.

  26. pardeep kumar gupta (@outburstindia) Says:

    Dumping Bangaru Laxman President BJP after convicted by court of law and now Gadkari who has not been dumped as yet as new president Rajnath is giving clean chit to him. BJP is no option for me.

  27. pardeep kumar gupta (@outburstindia) Says:

    Run away inflation with high salaries does not effect anyone. had it affected there would not have been sales of high priced Mobile phones, motor cycles and cars. Even labor is fetching high daily wages and is happy without any complaint.

  28. jayashree Says:


    Check this site please

  29. Deepak Says:

    @outburstindia aka successor to simple. Your argument that everything is fine in the economy and all is rosy and people are joyous is an old one that has been dished to us by a congress veteran on churumuri. You will not find a single supporter for your delusional statements. So please present some other logical arguments sir.

  30. Brahmanyan Says:

    It is too early to pass a comment. But comparing tenderfoot Rahul with Narendra Modi a veteran Leader and proven Administrator is not correct. As on today our Country is in a complete mess, prices are soaring, economy is complete shambles, our national wealth is being eaten away by corruption. Political Parties have become personal properties of hereditary “leaders”. At this time only a leader like Narendra Modi can help.

  31. Anonymous Guy Says:


    He does not need a ‘supporter’ to post anything. Remember again, this is not your dad’s forum :) Seems like you internet cheddi-wallahs are the delusional ones here…

  32. Anitha Says:

    Yet another instance of how the congress policy of handing out doles in the form of NREGA is hurting the country’s farmers:

    Scene 1: Late December, on the Hunsgi-Talikot-Muddebihal road, northern Karnataka:

    Every few kilometres, on both the sides of the road, we find white snowy material in patches. Yes, this has been a cold winter, but it would be pushing the limits of fantasy if we were to assume snow in these semi-arid hot temperate zones of southern India. “There is no agricultural labour in our villages,” explains Agatirth Bheemappa, a Dalit landowner, “Almost half of my 4-acre cotton crop has withered away. Now am desperately trying to save the other half,” he says with a worried look on his wrinkly face. Cotton that doesn’t get plucked in time withers away from the adjacent fields and accumulates as artificial snowflakes on the muddy roads of this region.

    This is the second consecutive year cotton farmers have had to bear huge losses in this region. The reason is plain and simple — non-availability of agricultural labour, especially during the peak harvest season. Where have all the hard-working villagers disappeared? “They have been gobbled up by a new Rakshasa (demon), known as NREGA” says Bheemappa with a sad, toothy smile. Cotton farmers are the biggest sufferers as cotton harvesting is a labour-intensive process unlike the other major crop of this region, paddy.

    As per NSSO data, an estimated 23.5 million rural workers have disappeared from the rural labour market in the last 5 years. A significant portion of them are supposedly MNREGA beneficiaries and have consequently chosen not to work in regular activities like harvesting. The impact on rural agronomy of this Government-sponsored dole scheme is colossal. It would take us at least 2 generations to rectify this Santa-clausism by UPA as rural work culture and productivity have gone for a toss. Meanwhile, the one ostensible reason why MNREGA was introduced in the first place — to prevent farmer suicides — has in fact become more acute, as the data on number of suicides in Vidarbha and northern Karnataka clearly show.

    Why is the Government continuing with this scheme despite realising the disastrous consequences? Is winning a few more votes and a few more elections more important than farmers’ livelihoods and rural agronomy? “Two of my relatives have committed suicide in the last year,” confirms Bheemappa, “What to do, it is a much easier option than seeing this cotton wither away like this,” he concludes with feeling.

    This region is now much like a prehistoric palaeolithic site. Many millennia ago this was the site of a tool factory. Hunsgi tools, made of limestone, are an important part of India’s entrepreneurial history. Today, this race of entrepreneurial and hardworking people have been reduced to a bunch of dole scheme dependent fatalists. It is not just the cotton that we see withering away on the edges of the road, it is India that is falling apart on a socialist path to nowhere.

    Do you still want to support Congress???????

  33. Anitha Says:

    And here is an article in The Hindu Business Line today about agricultural revolution in Gujarat:

    Apart from the various measures adopted by the State Government, improvements in delivery system, democratising, capacity building and encouraging farmers to take their own decisions as clusters, have made the Gujarat miracle in agriculture possible.

    “We have unbundled rules and 70 per cent of all decisions are taken at farmers’ groups at the taluka level itself. Since we do not make any purchases whatsoever, at Government or agricultural corporation levels, we have seen the number of probes in malpractices fall from 892 in 2009 to just three in 2012,” says R. K. Tripathi, Principal Secretary, Agriculture.

    So liberalised has been the process in Gujarat that most of the decisions are taken by about 16,000 clusters of farmers and 7,000 groups of women across the State.

    The State Government does not force the farmers to buy seeds, machinery or equipment and encourages them to decide it on their own as a group. So, the demand is being created by the farmers. Purchasing officers are no longer extension officers. Even the Director of Agriculture has no powers in this regard, nor any political interference allowed.
    No paper, no quota system

    The State Government has adopted a policy of no paper and no quota system and does not sanction anything to the farmers. It only provides a fixed financial assistance to farmers and has de-controlled decision-making. The Government prefers the farmers’ clusters to take a collective decision and make a choice. “We are focused on increasing productivity and creating a knowledge-base through the annual Krishi Mahotsava,” he said.

    In the case of horticulture, the State Government has been flooded by 18,000 applications to set up green or net houses. Even with the existing 3,500 greenhouses, Gujarat currently tops in India. The State Government is likely to assist the selected greenhouse developers with finances of up to Rs 70 lakh.

    In Gujarat, irrigation has been debottlenecked. Now, even drip irrigation can be decided by farmers’ clusters on a group basis. The State Government does not keep payment of grants pending: 75 per cent of grants are released in the month of April itself every financial year and all payments are completed for the year by August-September.

    Interestingly, the agricultural revolution in Gujarat has been the strongest in areas which were water deficient until the last few years. These areas have registered the highest productivity with the optimum use of available water. “In these areas, about two lakh farmers applied to the Government agreeing to share water through the drip irrigation technology.”

    Another important aspect of Gujarat agriculture has been that most investments in this sector have been for creation of agricultural infrastructure for collective usage, rather than using the money for individual subsidies.

    Now you decide, should it be Modi or Clown Prince…..

  34. V.K.Saxena Says:

    Rahul Vs Modi : Comparing the in comparables, the fateful choice of a pitiable nation

    The nation has to make its choice of choosing a leader that leads its people on the path of prosperity. It is a time to establish that we as a nation make the right choice by upholding our highly cherished democratic norms. It is a time to prove to the world and etch in history that we are not a monarchy in disguise, we are not a land of feudal lords and we are not a nation that hangs by the branches of a banyan tree planted by the grandfather just for the reason that it bears his name. We need to progress in a competitive world, protect ourselves from our enemies, refocus the power of youth, build bridges for a prosperous tomorrow and erase incompetence, complacency, corruption and internal conflicts. We live in a testing time. As such, we need to seriously weigh our choices.

    At a time like this and while making the right choice, we need to capitalize on experience, efficiency and effectiveness of a leader that has proven his worth in the society. The choice that we make for the nation is the choice that we make on the future of our children. While people are frustrated with the indecisive rule of Congress that is fraught with senility and sycophancy and are getting excited about the prospects of Narendra Modi leading our nation, Congress is positioning Rahul Gandhi as a future Prime Minister.

    What a choice of leader the Congress puts forward!

    Rahul is a Gandhi by name. It is a great name that is unconnected to the great one but was acquired by an insignificant quirk of fate after his grandmother married a man by that name and then passed on these precious six alphabets carefully through the generations. This Gandhi who lent his family name to Rahul did nothing worthy of that name that we so fondly cherish, but very unknowingly, he created a mammoth brand capital to the family and to a political party that has nothing else to pride about but the name. Well, what’s in a name? In this case, much of everything that is not in the person who bears it. The name bears a powerful recognition which may perhaps mesmerize and confuse the younger generation of India. It has that power which keeps a tight leash on the largest political party that no longer has an idealism or vision to lead the country and even give promotion to those facing serious corruption charges . It has the allure of making an ordinary Indo-Italian man into a crown prince and heir-apparent of extraordinary fortune. It has that amazing historical value that easily turned an Italian woman on Indian soil into a ‘Regent’ and the Indian National Congress into a ‘Regency’. It is a name that when misplaced on a fortunate lad – shamed the democratic norms and legitimized a ‘monarchy’ with a sugar coat of democracy.

    Modi is not a Gandhi by name. Except that he comes from the soil, which bore Gandhi, he too is unconnected to the great one in lineage. He does not have the fortune of the insignificant quirk of fate that endowed the head of the Prince of Congress with the halo of power. He had no illusions of rising to power through thumb-sucking childhood on a political landscape where regents would wait on his steps. He has worked his way up by serving the people for decades, delivering goods that matter in the everyday lives and binding the individual fates of the 6 crore people of Gujarat to a smiling destiny of a better tomorrow. He did not rise in power as a namesake or for the namesake. He bore a vision of delivering power to the peoples’ arms, so that they could earn their meal, quench their thirst, raise their children, live in honour and build a society of health, happiness and hope. What’s in his name? Nothing that brings power or some beneficial confusion that the name ‘Gandhi’ brings. But what’s in his deeds is what matters.

    Under Modi, peace has reigned in Gujarat with a record of no communal riots in a decade of his rule while the other parts of country have faced recurrent riots. AP, UP, Bihar and Maharastra have seen repeated events of communal disharmony. Modi does not pursue an appeasement policy as he targets development for all. UK’s most influential Muslim MP, Lord Adam Patel, who is the founder of Council of Indian Muslims , a UK-based organisation that was formed to campaign against Gujarat riots, met Modi on 24th Jan 2013 to show solidarity. Adam, who played a pivotal role in organizing protests during Modi’s visit to London in 2003, has now reconciled to the fact that Modi is a friend of all communities alike and has invited him to London
    In the recently concluded Election of Gujarat, 11% Muslim voted in favour of BJP which is a significant change in the thinking and proves against a common belief that Muslims do not favour him. Time magazine has held high the message of Brand Gujarat and it now looks like the model that should cover the entire republic of India. Against such tall accomplishments of development and communal harmony, what is being compared is a person of no vision, experience, accomplishment, public acceptance or even relevance to our society.

    If Rahul Gandhi is the choice before us against the prospect of Narendra Modi, it plainly is a choice between inexperience and experience. It is a choice between someone who has never held an office against one who has led a state for over a decade and established a model of exemplary development. It will be a choice between upholding monarchy against voicing for democracy.

    And if Rahul is the choice, it is a fateful choice of a pitiable nation.

  35. Shardul Says:

    Opinion polls over-overwhelmingly favors Modi led NDA however the polls hardly translates into votes, mainly because the one who cares less for the polls are the ones who stand for hour to vote. I hope for a change this time everyone makes a point to go out and vote.

  36. the colonel Says:


    Now you decide, should it be Modi or Clown Prince…..

    wherever an individual and like minds form a group they take off,

    for e.g. kurien did it by forming a nucleaus and then the take off.

    it is so everywhere when i am given the freedom to choose.

    so where do these two clowns come in, are they not same stupid feudal monarchs.

    the story of all our civilisation is resilience and that is available in plenty.

    i have always wondered where and why do we need them, what good has come from they denying us.

  37. Doddi Buddi Says:

    Hi Colonel

    What do you mean when you say …”so where do these two clowns come in, are they not same stupid feudal monarchs.” I see only one clown! Can you clarify please? Thanks

  38. dr ramesh Says:

    Modi and bjp should remember INDIA SHINING campaign fiasco during NDA rule. They went overboard with this tagline, but real India thought otherwise. Publicity to an extent is fine, but crossing the limit can boomerang.
    India has always supported silent, performing leaders who go about doing their work without media glitz,
    devegowda, manik sarkar, raman Singh are some of the best examples.

  39. Gaby Says:

    How is the Colonel’s fault is you cant see the other clown- prancing about with his Khas aadmi durbar, searching for the aam aadmi and using poor Kalavati for his silly reasoning.

    Colonel- One of the rare times I totally agree with you.

  40. vijaysarkar Says:

    Mr. modi is disappoint with this year budget!!!

  41. K Laxminarayana Rao Says:

    People might vote for B J P. and they will take the country back to 18th century using 21st century technology.
    You will have temples replacing signals at Road junctions.
    For every work you want get done in the government rates will be fixed, since government work is gods work and one has to give Dakshina to the Poojaries.
    Instead of Government offices Temples and Mutts will receive applications and complaints and that will be the proper channel in the future for reaching the Government.
    More mutts will be created and swami’s will be installed for every cast and sub-cast. TV Channels will telecast only programmes related to religion, Astrology related issues and sale of yantra, Mantra etc.
    Internet will in future will be used only for sale of gods, Prasadam and online booking of Pooja’s etc.

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