Now showing at a theatre of the absurd near you


So, young Indians cannot tell their friends what they ‘like’ on Facebook, without being “pre-screened” by Harvard types (or hauled into a police station by Shiv Sena goons). So, bloggers cannot publish their “online private diaries” without the sword of 66(A) hanging over their heads.

So, tweeters can be blocked and Savita bhabhi‘s enviable lifestyle can be subject to some faceless babu’s sense of humour (or voyeurism). So, the Mahatma‘s life is beyond scrutiny in the land of you-know-who. So (oh!), Aamir Khan‘s film will not be screened in the land of you-know-who.

Or his TV show.

So, TV stations cannot show protests without threatened by the information and broadcasting ministry (or corporate titans). So, newspapers cannot report what their reporters see without being told that the tap of government advertisements could be turned off.

So, M.F. Husain cannot die in his own country. So, A.K. Ramanujam‘s interpretation of the Ramayana hurts somebody.

So, Ashis Nandy cannot drop his pearls on corruption without offending Dalits, tribals and OBCs. So, Salman Rushdie cannot go to a lit-fest in Jaipur (or Calcutta) without offending Islamist fundoos. So, Shah Rukh Khan cannot write what’s in his heart without offending.

So, Kamal Hassan‘s new film can be banned by a government run by a former film actor.

Sometimes, you do have to remind yourself it is a free country, don’t you?

Image: courtesy R. Prasad/ Mail Today

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19 Responses to “Now showing at a theatre of the absurd near you”

  1. harkol Says:

    Ha! That image is too good!

    But, let’s be clear about Shah Rukh Khan. No on lodged a case against him. He criticized a few things (Stereo Typing) and brought up ‘I am a khan’ a few times, and said he is asked to apologize for his religion. It’s all well, sort of playing the victim.

    But, He had every right to say everything he said, and all those who criticized him has every right to criticize. That’s not intolerance – it is just fair & open discourse.

    Intolerance is when someone tries to curb the other’s right. Like when a group asks for a Ban (which is suppression of another’s right). Harassment thru foisting frivolous cases that judiciary takes long to dispose, govt. banning things or even hurling petrol bombs on theatres etc.

    No one has a right to do that, even if they are hurt.

    Our govt. specialize in pandering to minority ‘victimhood’, minority ‘hurt’ and any small group that claims to be ‘offended’. The courts should start imposing extrordinary costs on such malicious acts, not on govt. but personally on those who take such decisions without thought.

  2. 4thaugust1932 Says:

    This movie is remake of “True Lies” funded by VHP/RSS/BD to malign Islam/Muslims.

  3. Anonymous Guy Says:

    We should all become like the Jain munis, wear a cloth across our mouth and walk around naked, to avoid offending anyone.

    If the politicians decide to alter 66(A), they should definitely consult harkol to make it more ambiguous.

  4. induramesh Says:

    Oh yes, we ban books without reading them, films without seeing them. The high official of Tamilnadu government could not answer any question by the TV anchor and others gave hilarious excuses for the ban. We thought the end of emergency ended all problems with the natural freedom one enjoys in a democracy. But we seem to be sliding back into those days

  5. asha Says:

    Muslims of India are becoming super sensitive. Even if you show Taliban’s actions in a movie they go on rampage in India…that should tell us where the hearts/support of muslim is.

  6. nangu gottu Says:

    Anyone be it Kamal,Rajni ,minority or majority who is using freedom of expression as a garb to antagonize/malign/take cheap potshots on any community is just plain cowardice.

    PS:This may not apply to this movie or Kamal as I havent seen the movie.

  7. RC Sharmas Says:

    There was no problem about MF Hussain dying in his country. Did he consider India his country? NOOO. There was fatwa on his head. A few court cases, and he chose to escape to foreign lands.

  8. Goldstar Says:

    Note to “Indian Muslims”: In an episode of “Homeland” which plays on Star World which deals with the Iraq war, terrorism and such, you will find plenty of material to get offended. Please get it banned now!!

    Any chance that “Zero Dark Thirty” will get released in India?

  9. babuds Says:

    At this rate everything should be banned, including text books. Remember some joker asked the text books with some cartoons to be taken off? We really do not deserve any public communication channel, like internet, TV, movies, print media, as something told or published is bound to offend jokers from x community or y caste. Let the country go back and stop at stone age for ever, because that is what we really deserve.

  10. Sanjeeva Says:

    It is really ridiculous! From the post and the comments, I am really unable to understand who is the aggrieved party and who is the offender and what is the nature of grievance. Why are we going mad at each and everything!

  11. Nastika Says:

    If ‘Vishwaroopam’ is remake of ‘True Lies’ then ‘Ek Tha Tiger’ is based on SM Krishna – Hina Rabbani ‘chemistry’.


  12. FirstReality Says:

    If there is ever an Olympics for getting offended, we would win some medals.

  13. the colonel Says:

    churumuri. ssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. asha Says:

    Now JJ is offering to negotiate between Kamal and the muslim outfits…talk of rocking the cradle and pinching the baby…

  15. somuchforcontroversy Says:

    So the wily old man Karunidhi is right, Kamal tried to rub JJ Amma the wrong way with his chidu remarks and movie rights deal. Incurring Ammas wrath that too while she is ruling was a bad bad idea. While the media and blog mills spin about cultural terrorism and liberty of expression etc kamal exactly knows what he was fighting. His remaining options would be to prostrate and grovel to get on with his life .
    BTW Is the movie good ? The plot sounds yawn.

  16. the colonel Says:

    India has won, KH has won.

    We have all Won

  17. priya yavagal (@priyayavagal) Says:

    Ouch Churmuri

  18. chidu22 Says:

    Everybody knows that Kamala Hasan is a Drama Queen. He portrays female traits very well on the screen. Everybody hails him as a great actor for this. This is completely beyond me. Besides this, he has chosen a controversial topic to make some quick buck. Muslims being muslims, it’s not surprising.

  19. Vasu Says:

    I wanted to check what the movie was all about and saw the movie yesterday. It is a lousy movie with lot of violence and a wayward narrative. Despite all of Kamal’s intellectual pretensions, it is a cheap masala movie with no artistic merit by any stretch. I can’t understand how anyone can be offended by this lousy movie. I have a strong hunch that Kamal has given money to some unemployed Muslims in chennai to protest against this movie to create publicity. He got all the limelight.

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