If there’s a traffic jam, it’s most likely cause is…

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It’s probably a cruel thing to say, given that Ratan Tata has hung up his gigantic boots and is enjoying the fruits of recruitment. But, surely, it is no exaggeration to say that 8 out of 10 cars that break down in the middle of the road are ones bearing his surname?

As one did near the Vidhana Soudha in Bangalore, on Wednesday.

Photograph: Karnataka Photo News

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30 Responses to “If there’s a traffic jam, it’s most likely cause is…”

  1. 4thaugust1932 Says:


  2. Melanie Says:

    Is it true that eight out of the ten cars that break down on roads are Nanos? Where did these stats come from? If so, it is a pity because there was a time when the Tatas were known for their professionalism. But, I guess they compromised on the people’s car to keep down the cost and as always the “aam admi” pays the price!

  3. vaidya Says:

    Weird how you put it. Most taxis are tata cars. Most taxis are badly maintained. Most cars that break down are taxis. It follows that most cars that break down are Tata cars. Why blame Tata for this? Not sure how many private Tata car owners have breakdowns like this. That would be interesting.

    While at bad logical derivations, a survey recently said that the best car to buy is Maruti Esteem as the chances of it being stolen are the lowest. Go figure.

  4. S. Lonayudhan Says:

    Perhaps because 10 out of 10 cars that break down are subject to the not-my-car syndrome, namely commercial vehicles that drivers treat very poorly. They neither maintain their vehicles to minimum standards nor do they follow road rules with minimum decency. Could we also say that Tata cars don’t follow road rules?!

  5. Anonymous Guy Says:

    Vaidya, Most taxis are tata cars -> because of their inherent crappiness?
    BTW what car do you own, a tata or some other manufacturer?

    Melanie, It may not have anything to do with professionalism of the Tatas, but the inherent higher quality of western and japanese people and processes.

  6. harkol Says:

    That’s unfair Churumuri!

    You have insulted the best of the best CEOs that ever happened in this country by saying 8 out of 10 breakdowns are caused by him??

    What about other two? I am sure he deserves 10/10 record!! ;)

    Seriously – It is atrocious that Tata brought out low quality cars in to the market. Out of a sense of trust in Tata brand, and thinking ‘be Indian, buy Indian’ would help our industry – I bought an Indica in 1999, and the amount of trouble I went thru with it made me know each and every persons name in three different tata service stations in Bangalore!! I’d be there for some repair or other every two months, and it’d take couple of days to fix.

    By the 4th year, I was sick of the car. I sold off the car at what ever price that was quoted (1/4th of what I paid) and swore never to buy a Indian vehicle again, unless their quality ratings start equalling the best in the business (i.e. Toyota, even Maruti)

    It still hasn’t! Tata or Mahindra both have terrible quality record even today. Those who cal ‘live’ with niggling problems, and don’t mind trips to service stations love these cars, which are really cheap, but for people who want reliability, peace of mind they are horrible.


  7. Deepak Says:

    The TATA brand is very poor when it comes to quality. Indica has many complaints compared to the reliable Maruti. Nano is just a glorified auto and TATA Sky is a scheme to hoodwink TV viewers. Say Tata to TATA!!

  8. harkol Says:

    CHURUMURI: Correct a howler. It is ‘retirement’ not ‘recruitment’ that Ratan Tata is enjoying.

  9. RC Sharmas Says:

    There was a study published many yers ag. It said : White Maruti 800 are accident prone. Fact is at one time 70% of 800s were WHITE.

    The car shown is commercial cab. Tata’s Indigo have a big presence there.

  10. Sapna Says:

    I don’t know where did you got the stats that 8/10 cars which breakdown are Tata cars but don’t you think you also need to take into consideration other parameters like vehicle being a taxi or badly maintained.
    Blame Tata for all woes without giving it a proper thought – Not the right thing to do

  11. Srivathsa Joshi Says:

    There is an extra apostrophe (second one to be precise) in the title of this post. Maybe that also is a cause of traffic jam :-)

  12. ark01rani Says:

    idenu ? Traffic Police is pushing Tata Uncle’s vehicle? Che entha phajeethi banthu namma Poilce avrige…

  13. Goldstar Says:

    This statistical analysis of Churumuri ( 8 out of 10 cars …. ) falls right in the moronic standards of Manish Tiwari ( “Congress won wherever Rahul G campaigned…”) and Simple-ji (“Bol Bachchan got 100cr. So everything is fine with the economy… “).

    Or perhaps, is it just to get back at Ratan Tata because he invested in Gujarat?

  14. chinnu28 Says:

    It is to do with how you maintain the Car & not with TATAs.

    Ratan TATA is turly RATAN of India who brought Indian automotive to Global scene; Churmuri, tell me who else could bought JLR; who else could have imagined a car for Aam Admi.

  15. Guhan.S. Says:

    Get a TATA S-207 pick-up; a true heavy weight. Nothing can go wrong with that. Gives you 14 Kms/Lt, and rock solid build, comes with extended cab version.

    In the two accidents with TATA Indica I witnessed, a brand new VW Polo lost its Hood/ and front fender damage, in the other case it was lucky for that Lady to survive a ramming from Indica, her Hyundai was totaled.

    I have a Video compilation of Korean car accidents, Korean cars are made of Paper.

  16. Jayasri Says:

    All the guys pushing it ta-ta are cops. Traffic cops.I guess they are doing their real job! Is this an Indica of things to come?

  17. Doddi Buddi Says:

    Tata cars and buses are a disgrace! Witness any number of Marcopolo buses plying in Mysore today. As far as Indica is concerned one gets a feeling one is being dragged at speed in a plastic bag! Drivers of Indica and other Tata mini buses are outright rude, full of shit morons! They drive disgracefully on city roads and highways. No wonder Tata is floundering in cars market. Korean cars may be light but they are better engineered although one does see quite a few techie drivers and sundry morons overtaking other cars even within barriers! These are usually the totaled cars you see in highway wrecks. Indica is the Ambassador of 2000.

    About Nano less said the better! Maruti cars and Suzuki cars are better engineered and offer better value for money! Other US cars like Ford Chevy offer greater comfort and are built to last. Japanese cars are good as well.
    I will never buy cars or any product from Tatas. they are a relic from the past.

  18. harkol Says:


    >Maruti cars and Suzuki cars

    Are they separate?

    >Other US cars like Ford Chevy offer greater comfort and are built to last

    I disagree about Ford. GM has made quite a lot of progress, but Ford vehicles don’t have a reliability/quality reputation.

    If you want Functional, high quality, long term reliable, peace of mind vehicles – it must be Toyota, Maruti or Honda – Even Nissan has good quality.

    If you want flashiness & reasonable reliability then it can Hyundai, VW/Skoda win.

    If you want to burn money BMW, AUDI win over Benz.

    If you want cheap & trouble some vehicles – then TATA/MAHINDRA.

    If you want reasonably priced, but reliable vehicle then Renault.

    I would settle with Japanese makers, because for me commute is about peace of mind – knowing I won’t get stuck in middle of road.

  19. harkol Says:


    Churumuri may be exaggerating abotu 8/10 being Tata vehicles, but there are other statistical facts, that show Tata is indeed very bad in reliability.

    JD Power surveys (2012) shows Tata & Fiat have the lowest satisfaction index, while Toyota/Maruti top it.

    Realiability surveys show Maruti, Toyota, Honda, Hyundai being at top in all of segments. Mahindra/Tata mostly have higher problems per 100 cars than the segment averages.

  20. Nastika Says:

    @Doddi Buddi,
    A typical Indicab would have run 3,00,000 kilometers. Closest vehicle which would have been similarly abused would be well-serviced Innova, which is 4 times at the price of Indicab. Not many Maruti, Ford, Chevy or Korean cars would have run that many KMs.

    BTW, cheapest car is Tata (Nano). Cheapest diesel car is Tata (Indicab). Cheapest sedan is Tata (Indigo). If you can afford Ford, then you are not the customer of Tata. USP of Tata cars is price & space – Tata cars offer the best space, in the cars lower of 15 lakhs.

    And, I hope Tata conduct CQ (Courtesy Quotient) test on the prospective buyer and sell cars only to those who clear the cut-off ;)


  21. shorya Says:

    It’s always how people maintain their cars and not which brand they use and when it comes to Tata’s, they are the one who have made the most compact car like Tata Nano.

  22. ambijay Says:

    Totally disagree with the statement, as i am using Tata cars from such a long time, i can say they are the most reliable cars, No niggles, no issues. Also quality wise they are far better than other cars. People should start learning how to maintain their cars, instead of Tata Cars.

  23. rajat Says:

    Whenever somehing wrong happens with Tata cars, people start talking negatively. why dont they start thinking in other way, may be it happens because of poor driving, or due to bad maintainance. So blaming the brand without proper thought is not correct i guess.

  24. Nakul Says:

    Mr.Ratan Tata have made an achievment by making the most Compact car, i.e Tata Nano. It is the best car for traffics, still people blaming the reputed brand Tata for no reason.
    When anyone wants to buy a car, Tata was the first word comes to the mind. They are the most VFM cars. This itself shows the brand value in the minds of people.
    So stop blamming the brand, and think positively.

  25. jai Says:

    All those who are cribbing and complaining about Tata cars please understand that the company is running for 150 years and they are the most trusted brand here.

    If you’ll are commenting about this image don’t be fooled by the pic, it can also be fake. Plus the only reason all buses and cabs are tata cars because it the only reliable brand in the country.

    Have you seen Maruti cars that are cheap to be taxis? They can’t compete.

    Tata Rocks

  26. adithyahk Says:

    In the recent times ‘Push’ has become Tata’s middle name.

    Mamata pushed or rather kicked Tata’s out of Singur which resulted in Tata’s pushing Modi for PM.

    After apple in the US Indian media wanted to push something, or were desperate to aggressively push anything and he gave them Tata nano.

    ‘Swadesi’ is the only other tag that is pushing them in the market, other than being omnipresent in the world of business.

    Here we can see our underpaid lung-cancer prone traffic guys pushing hard our nation’s pride.

    It’s always been like nation owes something to Tatas I don’t know what that is, but I’m sure India has given them enough.

  27. Faldo Says:

    The world over, Japanese cars have scored over local brands due to high functional and safety ratings.In most cases local auto makers tended to focus on the requirements of the largest consumer segment in their market and did not necessarily bother about all round satisfaction. In the the US in the 70s before Honda and Toyota began to seriously pose challenge to other auto giants, it was mostly about speed and comfort while it Europe it was style and space to the exclusion of other factors. It took local automakers over a decade to improve their overall ratings.
    In India motor vehicle ownership is a mere 18 per thousand and taxicabs form a significant percentage of cars that ply on roads. The vast majority of drivers still care about low cost, easy maintenance and mileage. With greater exposure to vehicles from around the world, the Indian consumer would get more demanding and it is hoped that quality standards would improve as a result.

  28. Goldstar Says:


    I didn’t say the “8/10” is an exaggeration. It could be “10/10” for all I know. I said that the analysis or interpretation of the fact is wrong.

    As many have pointed out above, Indica cabs never see the inside of a Tata service station. They run thousands of kms which “white-board” cars can never beat. They are extremely abused by non-owner taxi-drivers who care a damn about the car. So why blame Tata for that?

    The first batch of Indicas, till they introduced the V2, had a lot of issues and that is well-known. But from then on quality has improved considerably. On the other hand, the quality of Toyota Etios or Liva has become questionable.

    Now that many taxi drivers are using an Etios, let us see in 3-4 years how they take the abuse.

  29. harkol Says:

    Folks who support Tata and flaming folks who are criticizing them are sadly mistaken. It gives me no pleasure to run down an Indian company, and I wish Tata well. I even put my money where my mouth is and owned a Tata vehicle – A bitter experience and a lesson that’d never be forgotten.

    What we want to see is for Tata & Mahindra to become world class by improving their quality standards. Giving something sub-standard at marginally cheap rate will work for you for a while, but in the longer run, people will go for better quality vehicles even at a higher price – Nano proved that.

    Both Toyota & Hindustan motors (ambassador) started approx. at the same time, and Toyota became #1 worldwide by focusing on engineering and quality. HM is on the throws of death.

    To thrive Tata & Mahindra will have to become a Hyundai, if not a Toyota. If not they’ll continue to lag in JD Power satisfaction, Initial Quality & reliability surveys, and will set themselves up for mediocrity.

  30. sanjay Says:

    The recent models of Indica are pretty good, if not as sophisticated as their Japanese, Korean, american or European competitors. But most of the cabs running on the roads are five or six years old and cabbies don’t believe in maintaining their vehicles. I don’t think Ratan Tata should be blamed for what is a pan indian phenomenon

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