Garv se kaho India doesn’t belong to Hindus alone

As the attempt to airbrush Narendra Damodardas Modi‘s 2002 record and sweep it under the carpet of “development” gains steam in the media, following his admirable hat-trick of wins in Gujarat, Justice Markandey Katju, the chairman of the press council of India, strikes a discordant note in The Hindu:

“India is broadly a country of immigrants and consequently, it is a land of tremendous diversity. Hence, the only policy which can hold it together and put it on the path of progress is secularism — equal respect and treatment to all communities and sects. This was the policy of the great Emperor Akbar, which was followed by our founding fathers (Pandit Nehru and his colleagues) who gave us a secular Constitution.

“Unless we follow this policy, our country cannot survive for one day, because it has so much diversity, so many religions, castes, languages, ethnic groups.

“India, therefore, does not belong to Hindus alone; it belongs equally to Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, Parsees, Jains etc. Also, it is not only Hindus who can live in India as first-rate citizens while others have to live as second or third rate citizens. All are first-rate citizens here. The killing of thousands of Muslims and other atrocities on them in Gujarat in 2002 can never be forgotten or forgiven.

“All the perfumes in Arabia cannot wash away the stain on Mr Narendra Modi in this connection.”

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41 Responses to “Garv se kaho India doesn’t belong to Hindus alone”

  1. 4thaugust1932 Says:

    Google “state religion”.
    Hinduism is “state religion” of Nepal, not India.

  2. Deepak Says:

    Katju … does everything else, except his job. He is best at poking nose in things that doesn’t concern him. If his honour is so fond of politics, better he joins Congress at the earliest, they also desparately needs ‘intellectuals’, he will aptly fit the bill.

    And this Katju is the same one who as judge was soft on gang rapists. And he has the audacity to lecture on morality to others!! Let him first address the problem of paid media which is a disgrace to the press before he gets into other issues!!!

  3. chinnu28 Says:

    This is not the first time Markandey Katju has made a fool of himself. NAMO does not need a certificate from…Katju. He has proved what he is worth of.

  4. Doddi Buddi Says:

    Markandeya yeno swalpa jasthi thagondu ee column bardhidhaarey!
    This column must be included under A Discovery of India series. Katju as usual has no respect for history or facts. He conveniently forgets the 1984 Sikh Massacre in Delhi and near by areas. He forgets Kashmiri Hindus being killed and so on. As a Modi bashing piece it is very puerile and in bad taste!

  5. Anitha Says:

    I can see, the 100 crore budget of Congress for social media already working!!!!

  6. Sanjeeva Says:

    Hon’ble Justice is known for making sweeping statements like 90% of Indians are fools etc. Why anybody should take his views seriously!

  7. RC Sharmas Says:

    Whenever Katju opens his mouth, he puts his foot into it. How many thousands of muslims were killed in Gujarat. I shuuder at the quality of his judicial decisions, if he lies about Gujrat riots.

    He should say : Garv se kaho India doesn’t belong to Hindus at all.

  8. Soundar Rajan Says:

    He has hailed Akbar, history has recorded Akbar’s atrocities as well, probably the learned Katju chose to ignore it, like the massacre of thousands of Sikhs which took place in Delhi.

  9. harkol Says:

    I am an atheist, but I am proud I am a Hindu. It is the only ‘culture’ that lets me be an atheist.

    “Hindi hain hum, vat̤an hai hindustan hamara” wrote a Muslim (Alama Iqbal), before demanding a separate nation for Muslims.

    And they took out some folks (subtrahend) from undivided Hindustan (minuend).

    What is the ‘difference’? Who was left to live in Hind, after Pakistan, if Pakistan was made for Muslims?

    Stupid is as stupid does. Hindu is as Hindustani does.

    Katju’s predecessors in Supreme court thought so too.

  10. the colonel Says:

    “the only policy which can hold it together and put it on the path of progress is secularism — equal respect and treatment to all communities and sects.”

  11. Sanjeeva Says:

    While talking about religions, Hon’ble Justice wants all religions to be treated equally and when it comes to language, he wants Hindi to be adopted by the whole nation negating other languages. What he has to say about one country, one law, which will be a step forward in treating all the religions at par.

  12. harihara Says:

    The views only endorses the broad mindness of a hindu and hindus vichaara about the postulates of relation between man and spirit. Hinduism is actually a conglomorate og undogmatic ever seeking way of lited all religions into this landife with constant and everlasting striving to seek truth and regulate the lifes activities towards attaining continuously higher states of creation and ultuimately achieving union. in this sense all postulates which came after the sages are all ppart of Hinduism only and so they are opanths . the problem is the adherents suffer from Dogma which says ” my gad is gad’ and none other; ‘ They tend to force this dogma in some way or other by sale attraction, coercion and treat other postulates with disdain, simply because they do not understand vigrahaaradhana etc in the main.. They forget that the sages of this land have built into the generations a thinking mind of an open nature which facilitated and infact invited all religionists into this land. the like of which is nowhere, elsewhere. that is exactly why the “Hindu” in katju says what he says .Would any other dogmatic religionist if he becomes majotity say this? So the openness of Hindu way of life should prevail whatever needs to be done for sustaining this Hindu way of life which is umbrella to diverse philosophies,- should be done . It is not aquestion of land ownership it is a question of ever evolving process towards union between matter and spirit whic is possible only by Hindoo vichaara NOT any iother ‘ it si important for hindoos to be vychaaric in nature without the ahankaara of others . this is what management blokes call as openness to change

  13. Mysore Peshva Says:

    yes, india belongs to hindus, and that’s a good thing for all. if india did not belong to the hindus, it would not belong to most indians (including large numbers of muslim and christian minorities historically persecuted within their own traditions). if india did not belong to hindus, it might belong to nobody.

    (on the other hand, hindus do not necessarily belong to india!)

    the headline writer — justice katju? — fails to appreciate hindu dharma. hindu = non-proselytizing. hindu = perceiving divinity in all. hindu = unlimited methods. hindu = timeless, non-hagiographic; that is, hindu = sanaatana (that is anaadi, ananth and apaurushiya.)

    among spiritual seekers, few are intellectually more sophisticated or liberal than vedantic hindus! — tat tvamasi, aham brahmasmi, prajnyanam brahma, ayam aatma brahma . . .

    india is hindu, thankfully. i hope india will always be hindu. the alternatives are too scary!

  14. Omana Says:

    A Hindi headline in a south Indian blog!! Aenu kaala banthappa, shivanay!!! To discredit Shri Modi, anything and everything is acceptable. You have stooped to the level of quoting Mr. Cutju???

  15. the colonel Says:

    “india is hindu, thankfully. i hope india will always be hindu. the alternatives are too scary!”

    Don’t Worry.

    It is perenial.

    It couldn’t exist otherwise.

    However Hinduism has to be practiced de-reguer

  16. Anitha Says:

    Social media is such a wonderful thing to have happened to this country… we can see through the lies and incestuous relationship Congress has with many institutions. This is a comment written by Satyam Sharma and I am reproducing it below. Must read for everyone and a definite slap on the crony partners of Congress

    First, some family background about Markandey Katju. The Katjus are a famous Allahabad-based Kashmiri Pandit family with close ties (through marriages and clan relationships) with the other, more famous, Kashmiri Pandit family from Allahabad — the Nehrus. When the latter family, led by Jawaharlal Nehru, usurped political power in post-independence India, through their absolute control over the Congress party, close associate Kailashnath Katju (Markandey Katju’s grandfather) also became a Congress politician and Nehru loyalist-cum-crony. He was first made a minister in Nehru’s cabinet and subsequently (twice) made CM of Madhya Pradesh. The patronage offered to the Katju family from the Nehru dynasty continued under Indira Gandhi, when Kailashnath Katju was appointed Governor of West Bengal and Orissa. Meanwhile, as the Nehru dynasty (and now the Nehru-Maino dynasty) continued to remain India’s political masters, the sons, nephews, grandsons and grandnephews of the loyal Katju family continued to receive patronage from the Durbar Establishment, and were serially rewarded with bureaucratic and civil service positions. Kailashnath Katju’s son (Markandey Katju’s father) Shivnath Katju was also appointed judge to the SC, as was later Markandey Katju himself. Cousin Vivek Katju rose through the ranks of the IFS, was appointed ambassador to various countries like Burma, Afghanistan and Thailand, and retired as Secretary, Ministry of External Affairs. Such cases only go on to demonstrate the depth to which the tentacles of the Congress party and Nehru dynasty have entrenched themselves in all aspects of Indian society — from politicians to civil servants and bureaucracy, from armed forces to intellectuals and intelligentsia, and from historians to journalists and mainstream media.

    Anyway, the addiction of possessing a bungalow in New Delhi’s famed and posh LBZ (Lutyens’ Bungalow Zone, the holiest of holy postal address in Indian politics) has been known to be the moral downfall of a great many people, and so seems to be the case with the Katju family (who were co-opted as the loyal bureaucrat-cum-courtiers of the Nehru dynasty Durbar). Immediately after retirement (no doubt aided by a track record of pro-Congress judgments), Markandey Katju was awarded with a sine cure quasi-judicial position (that lets him retain all official privileges, bungalows, cars and remuneration, etc) as the Chairman of the Press Council of India. Sadly, Katju has been anything but a good or successful leader of the PCI, and on his watch, the Indian print media has hit all-time lows on all fronts such as paid news, bias and prejudice, unethical journalism, and subservience to the govt. Katju, meanwhile, has been more of a pseudo-journalist and political commentator himself, instead of a watchdog over the media or the I&B ministry, as the PCI should ideally be. Like a modern day Pharaoh (or, like I said, a “one man Khap panchayat”), he has been airing his opinions and pronouncing judgments on pretty much anything and everything under the sun, from national policies to economics, from astronomy to Kashmir, from linguistics to religious philosophy, from Kate Middleton to NASA, from current affairs issues to breast enhancement surgeries. Sorry, but becoming a columnist himself is definitely not the job of the PCI, and this kind of pompous megalomania (tinged with outright political bias) certainly does not suit a former judge of the SC.

    This time our self-proclaimed genius and expert-on-all-matters (i.e. FRAUD) Markandey Katju decided to air his opinions on Narendra Modi and Gujarat. But of course, you see, EVERYBODY, from folk dancers to pseudo-activists, and from Delhi Durbar pseudo-intellectuals to Bollywood celebs, is an expert on Modi and Gujarat 2002, right? It is ONLY the poor Supreme Court of India that is NOT an expert on Gujarat 2002, evidently, considering the “inexcusable mistake” they made in exonerating “evil Hindoo fascist bigot terrorist mass-murderer” Modi of all charges of wrongdoing, right? LOL! Katju’s rant predictably also contained the usual (nowadays mandatory in all Modi-baiting articles) Congress-sponsored propaganda discrediting Gujarat’s economic miracle as “myth”. So now, with his post-retirement appointment as Chairman PCI coming to an end, looks like Markandey Katju is looking for another sine cure posting, this time possibly a bigger prize like an RS seat or a governorship (such as the one his grandfather had once secured from Indira Gandhi). And hence the usual dance of sycophancy and pleasing the dynasty Durbar, by slandering the Queen’s enemy number one, Narendra Modi. But this time, Arun Jaitley rallied around and delivered to Katju an EPIC hammering of the kind that only he could deliver!

  17. jayashree Says:

    Most suitable candidate for the President of India post!

  18. Doddi Buddi Says:

    Anitha, simply brilliant thank you! I knew this Katju barfi was a bit suspect as he was spouting wisdom on all things he didn’t know much about!

  19. adithyahk Says:

    Blood stains on the road stay put, the only way you can remove them is by tarring the road, is that the “development”? I wonder how the probe was conducted when the accused himself was the chief minister, who did not have the minimum ethics and responsibility of resigning from his post after failing to quell the post Godhra riots.

    We may practice democratic mode of elections but we individually are not. There are a lot of people who are admirers of autocracy unfortunately democracy only takes majority into count not the values. I expect and wish in 2014 India disapproves his style of development.

    Deleted records may have saved him from the clutches of law, but we all are not blind folded. That doesn’t mean “Potha Rahul” is the answer India has to choose a new face in 2014.

  20. asha Says:


    The president’s post has already been filled by another congress crony

  21. harkol Says:

    An interesting survey in OPEN magazine says, Modi leads Rahul in almost all states, more so in south. But, Rahul seems to have an edge with Muslims, Dalits & Tribals (so called minorities & weaker sections).

    At times I feel Muslims, Dalits & tribals deserve their tough life – because they are the ones who keep supporting a failed leadership of Gandhi family with feudal entitlement, pseudo-secular ideology that pampers but never gives anything of value and an economic policy that doesn’t let them raise up to prosperity because that’d mean loss of a vote bank.

    I am convinced this country won’t advance unless it gets rid of Gandhi family and its cronies.

  22. salman Says:

    Salute you Sir.

  23. Omana Says:

    Anitha, whoever you are, kudos to your diligent work. Great!!

  24. Rastrakoota Says:

    @ Anitha, Toooo Gud! Doubts started arising about Katju a while back but this piece presented by you should stop the argument forever.

  25. Anitha Says:

    @Adhithyahk… Congratulations.. you qualify to be amongst the 10% Indians Katju was talking about sometime back!!! That truly requires some hardwork, to be in this august club. Well done.

    See, the point is this. In the last ten years, every single agency, govt of NGO, every single media channel – with active support from The Family, every investigative agency, CBI – IB – CID- you name it… they all are desperately looking for anything, even a straw, to find Modi guilty. And all that they have come with till date is a big SIBAL. (In case you missed the pun, Sibal is the word used these days in MSM to denote ZERO!!)

    You wonder (and this is something all Modi baiters do… wondering how their entire effort went a big Sibal and they could not find anything to throw at this man which will stick) how a man can be the Chief Minister of a state when he is being investigated!!!

    Well, you must also be then wondering how the Congies are sticking onto power inspite of documentary evidence found against them in scams after scams after scams… did you wonder??

    Wonder about that first…

    If you are talking about values, let me tell you one thing.. not many have them,,,therefore we will make good with what is the best available choice…. people of Gujarat did.. three times in a row.. next it is the turn of people of India…

    Well you can keep wondering then….how the 90% fools chose to be different from the 10% of the rest !!! LOL

  26. Rommel Says:

    So all the people commented above agree that there are first and second class citizens in India and it should continue that way. Strange people call themselves civilised!

  27. Saathi Says:

    The question is NOT to whom INDIA belongs. It is that WHO unreservedly belongs to INDIA and India’s civilizational tradition.

  28. asha Says:

    Here is another good article to know Just Katju better
    Enjoy !!

  29. Sanjeeva Says:

    Anitha, That was splendid.
    Rommel, You must be living in 19th century or in some remote village. My dear sir, please wake up. This is 2013. People, whichever religion they may belong to, are aware of their status, their rights, their weakness and the political and social environment. Unfortunately, it is certain politicians and certain so-called intellectuals who are creating distrust, a kind of fear psychosis among a section of people of the country to keep the people divided for the sake of vote banks or to remain in the news. Common people pre-occupied with earning their livelihood are not able to either notice and are gullible enough to fall for them. However, slowly people are seeing through their games and they are waking up to the realities. Hopefully, people will choose, whoever is able to meet their requirements.
    First class, second class, third class – My foot.

  30. jayashree Says:

    Do you believe in so called secularism!! It is just a JOKE!

  31. harkol Says:

    Anitha: You missed out an very interesting fact about Mr. Katju. In a criminal case of Rape (Baldev Singh vs. State of Punjab), sitting as a SC judge, he allowed a ‘compromise’ where the a rapist was set free – in lieu of paying ‘compensation’ of Rs. 1.5Lakhs to victim!!

    His justification? The law allowed him to reduce the sentence and the victim herself didn’t want the rapist punished, as she was married by then and wanted the money instead!

    Any fool (90%) would know that in a criminal case between two parties (defendant and state), Victim’s thoughts are immaterial. If Victim had a say in sentencing, then would Mr. Katju punish the rapist to death, if victim so wished?

    Perhaps, By this logic he’d also allow murderers to go free, if he agreed to ‘compensate’ a family!? So, I wonder why he is holding grudge against Mr. Modi, when all the families that were effected were ‘compensated’??

    Got to wonder if he included himself in the 10% he was talking about! To me it appears he has to be among the worst fools in this country. Not only a fool, but the most pompous, arrogant, biased fool.

  32. babuds Says:

    Garv se Kaho Jews ko Israel Hain! Musalmanon ko Pakistan Hain! Hinduvon kidar ka bhi nahi hain! Par Maha Bhakth Markandeya ke upar Denewala ki Meharbani Hain! Beta Swater pehano, kyonki Namo ki sardi anewala hain!

  33. adithyahk Says:

    If Cong and co are scavengers the other side is maggotic, they vanished the evidence before the scavengers could reach it.
    Even congress have lived through “the 1984 horror” so it seems like a treaty.

    Court has put Modi in a grey area you’re portraying it as white.

    We are the culture which ghettoized certain castes for their beef eating and other habits, which still does, but it’s okay for it when their first gen American daughter sleeps with an beef eating white or black or whatever. Stupid is as stupid does.

    Let’s just hope America let’s him in at least after he becomes the PM. And when will that happen? May be in your dream.

  34. Anon Says:

    This shows there is simply no objective journalism left now. Whenever & whoever says anything against Namo & Hindus are honoured by the MSM & blogs like this one. In fact, they have been indulging in reality distortion field to accept their theory.

  35. adithyahk Says:

    let’s say Modi becomes PM after the 2014 voting!?
    Modi becomes PM on the off chance and he completes his term again on the off chance, what would be his campaign quote for 2019″ India dazzling with development” or ” bedazzling India” or ” blazing Bharath”. And wouldn’t his speeches be like “Britain wakes up to Assam’s tea, all day long Europe sips Karanataka’s coffee, look at IT city bonglore, look at this look at that all because of development during my tenure…development development develop… ”
    Dude you let your gujrut’s milk sour once and no amount of sweetener or remorse can change it’s state.

  36. Raj Says:

    There are men in uniform out there in the harshest conditions fighting as one unit. These men consist of differnt religion and caste groups, neverthless they still continue to unite and bond as one irrespective of their religion or region background. There is no gurantee that all these men are coming home. Almost every alternative day a soldier falls in siachen, they are up there in the harshest conditions beliving in one country. There are people of all religions going down for us.

    We, hypocrites living in our luxury are fighting, arguing about caste, justifying killing of our own blood. What the heck! there is a long endless debate going on caste too. How much more sick can we be?

    PS: My father is a war veteran, he would be ashamed of himself to see/hear about such hypocrisy.

  37. Anitha Says:

    @Adithyahk… truth, even when it is shining bright like “sun” in front of your eyes, you are not able to see it….. hmmm wonder the standards of 10% of Katju’s followers….

    Court has put Modi in grey area… how? where? when? Oh, I forgot… for the followers of Katju, who firmly believes that no matter what the courts decide NaMo is guilty, everything appears grey and black….. they cant see white LOL

    The European Union, which acted as the moral upkeeper of the world, came licking their wounds to Modi’s den… did they not?? What does it show? Amreeka will also keep its tail firmly between its legs and invite Modi… just a matter of time….

    Ah, how I would like to see the faces of Rajdeep, Ghost, Burqa, Chubey and the assorted Katju followers on that day!!!

  38. harihara Says:

    Mr Akbar failed in his attempts of treatment of religions equally andinfact was followed by vicious actions by his son. Mr Nehru also failed in his “Kashmiriyat” which he proclaimed as the hall mark of secularism and which failed . Infact it is the hindopo who is second rate citizen if you look at realities so much that many hindoos are now saying ” why I am not a hindoo” as it helps in filling the belly better. Because it is hindoo land all those religions Mr katju listed could find followers here. it is because only hindu way oflife includes oall postulates of relationship between matter and spirit under Monism/dualism Mixed and Nihilism all being hindoo freethought long beforthey were rediscovered and patented and dogmatized the day they are allowed to dominate by this land will nolonger be secular

  39. Anitha Says:

    Katju is a moron has been proved beyond doubt with this : He accuses a Chief Minister of a State – who has been cleared by a SIT appointed by SC, who has never been put even to trial in any case – and denigrates him in a Pak Daily…. the same moron asks for mercy to a Supreme Court Convict…

    I think along with the journalists, Katju too needs some kind of education.

  40. shiva prasad Says:

    Yes, India is does not belong to hindus anymore. But, it must continue to remain for Indians.. not Italians or Pakis…

  41. asha Says:


    Congress is pissing in your milk for the last 65 years and you want more of it..LOL

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