Pay attention. You’ll soon be zipping through it.

Photo Caption

It gets dark and it sounds different when the Bangalore metro passes through a tunnel from the arts college towards the civil court. But before that happens, some worthy souls need to wade through slush and mud and steel,  as one of them did in Bangalore, on Thursday.

Photograph: Karnataka Photo News

Also view: The Namma Metro photo portfolio

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6 Responses to “Pay attention. You’ll soon be zipping through it.”

  1. vaidya Says:

    Curious. Only one track is possible right? Means only one train can pass underground at a time? Or will there be two parallel tunnels?

  2. ARK Says:

    CHURMURI this is a very nice topic to drag on… Metro purana ee janmakke mugiyalla

  3. Anand Says:

    Vaidya, there will be two tunnels. Check this:

  4. babuds Says:

    In the name of Metro Bangaloreans are subjected to protracted traffic agony and eternal wait. One worthy proclaimed some reach, God knows which, will be ready by end 2014. Sigh…

  5. Ganesh Says:

    Hi ! This is in reply to Mr/Ms.Vaidya’s query above. Proper engineering principles demand that there should actually be Three Tunnels – One each for up and down trains and the third one [pref. in the centre] for maintenance and emergency rescue. Hope Namma Metro doesn’t cut corners when it comes to basic requirements …!

  6. Venkatesh Says:

    I, for one, will never step into this. Knowing our love for cutting corners and eating money, they would have used more sand and mud than cement, who knows how soon it will all come crashing down when you’re on a train inside one of these tunnels? And… god save us if a few of the dear politicians involved in these deals are not paid enough.

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