BCCI hands Dhoni cricket trophy without Kashmir!

The Border-Gavaskar trophy was proudly handed over to Mahendra Singh Dhoni last evening by the “two legends” of Australian and Indian cricket, Alan Border and Sunil Gavaskar, after India’s stunning 4-0 brownwash of Australia in the four Test match series.

But look closely at the trophy which Dhoni received and held up.

You will find a map of India with half of Jammu & Kashmir missing; a map which looks like the maps that foreign publications use, on which the censors then dutifully put their stamp: “The borders of India are neither correct nor accurate”. Or something to that effect.

Is this a trophy created by Indians or Australians?

Did BCCI (which presumably represents the nation) okay the use of such a map? Did BCCI, many of whose high functionaries (from Sharad Pawar to Rajiv Shukla to Arun Jaitley to Laloo Prasad Yadav to Farooq Abdullah) are top politicians, agree to its use?

Is the proud uber-nationalist, Sunil Gavaskar, who refused the membership of the MCC when asked his identity, who walked out of an Australian ground because of a dodgy umpiring decision, OK with it? Couldn’t the commentators and the super-smart cameras which can spot a sweatdrop on a forehead, see this?

Or does it not matter, as long as the wallets—of the board, the cricketers, the ex-cricketers, the channels, the commentators—are overflowing?

Or is it all OK since even Gujarat’s borders or of the peninsula’s, are not what they usually are?


Hat tip: Rajeev A. via Abhijeet Harolikar


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17 Responses to “BCCI hands Dhoni cricket trophy without Kashmir!”

  1. vaidya Says:

    Also, there is no Andaman and Nicobar Islands or Lakshadweep! Let us outrage!

  2. Anonymous Guy Says:

    BCCI can do anything as long as they are feeding the moronic cricket drug into Indian’s asses.

  3. RaoWords Says:

    I hope Indian Politicians raise their voices and condemn BCCI, shit, they can’t do that, members of each and every party is the member of BCCI.
    These politicians created lots of drama when Google showed a similar map of Indian in its GooglMaps, where are the same A**h*les when a sporting body does this.

  4. sajad Says:

    this is real India,,,,,,,,,it has occupied Kashmir illegally,,,,

  5. Ravi Kulkarni Says:

    Storm in a teacup. Who cares about cricket anyway? It stopped being interesting once the mafia took over. Rest is just make believe

  6. Yella Ok Says:

    I believe it is illegal to show a distorted Indian map. Is it true? If so, can some legal eye file a case against BCCI and make sure the judiciary hauls them up.

  7. Doddi Buddi Says:

    Vaidya chill man!

  8. indian Says:

    i guess since it was done after india won it in a hurry they put a rough outline and it came up like tht… bcuz gujarat shape is wrong….so i think its a mistake but the upper part of kashmir seems to be like the one in our map only thing is its small…. thts y it looks like tht….

  9. R. D. Choudhary, Says:

    I leave it to Politicians connected with Cricket for a long time to coment and let their vies known.

  10. Faldo Says:

    Like others have mentioned the map leaves out or has distorted other regions as well so we could all cool down a bit.
    Tongue in cheek: Perhaps the map is meant to represent the cricket playing portion of the country!

  11. Vindy Says:

    might be it was mfg’ed in China …better look for Arunachal pradesh as well…closer look confirmed my fears :(…no himalayas as well..well well well

  12. jayashree Says:

    Disgusting! Any way the team represents BCCI not India!

  13. Vikas Says:

    Its shame for BCCI that too Being an Citizen of India!!!!!!!!!

  14. Sanjeeva Says:

    Mahmood’s famous song: na biwi naa baccha, na baap bada na maiyya, the whole thing is that ke yaaron sabse bada rupaiah….

  15. Sam Says:

    Oooh…what an outrage. Yawn.

  16. Nastika Says:

    It is probably social engineering by vested interests to condition the Indian citizens. So 20 years down the line, when PoK is ‘recognized’, nobody will ‘miss’ it.

  17. shekar Says:

    Kricketers in Kashmir:We all know that this is typographical error as it will be claimed by the authorities shortly.We sincerely hope that the diginity of the nation will be maintained and the trophy will be silently withdrawn and replaced with the “corrected”version…Immediately.HOpe the cricketers in Kashimir react immediately.

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