CHURUMURI POLL: A third term for Manmohan?!

When he was first sworn in in 2004 after Sonia Gandhi reportedly heard her “inner voice”, the less-than-charitable view was that Manmohan Singh was merely warming the prime ministerial chair for her son Rahul Gandhi, who was decreed even by the prevailing feudal standards to be too young to be imposed on a captive nation. All his first term, they teased and taunted the Silent Sardar. They called him “India’s weakest PM since independence“, they called him nikamma. It didn’t work; he survived a pullout by the Left parties.

By 2009, when the Congress-led UPA won a second stint in office, Singh, a mascot of the middleclasses for his 1991 reforms and clean image, had emerged as one of the three faces in the Congress’ aam admi campaign, besides mother and son, but it was said he would be kicked upstairs as President in 2012. We asked if he would survive in 2010, in 2011, in 2012. They called him “underachiever“. It didn’t work; he survived a pullout by the TMC and DMK, and every scam and scandal swirling under his very nose.

Now in his ninth year in office, longer than other Indian prime minister bar Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and Indira Gandhi, Manmohan Singh has provided fresh evidence that he may be “an overrated economist and an underated politician“. Even as Congressmen, P. Chidambaram downwards, count their 2014 chickens before they are hatched following Rahul Gandhi’s expressed reluctance for the top job, Singh has refused to rule out a third stint for himself in the event of the UPA coming back to power in the next general election.

On the flight back from the BRICS summit in South Africa….

In the 2014 elections, If the Congress President Sonia Gandhi and your party request you to accept third term, will you accept Prime Ministerial nomination for the third term?

These are all hypothetical questions. We will cross that bridge, when we reach there.

Hypothetical yes, but certainly “India’s weakest PM since independence” has killed many birds with one stone. He has not ruled himself out of the race, if such a race were to take place. He has told his upstart colleagues to watch out. He has shown that the Rahul Gandhi vs Narendra Modi race is one he isn’t watching on his television set. And he has shown that he has greater political stamina and acumen than people give him credit for, despite the scams and scandals that have enveloped his regime and the repeated pullout of various parties.

Question: Could the Silent Sardar become India’s first PM to get three consecutive terms?

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13 Responses to “CHURUMURI POLL: A third term for Manmohan?!”

  1. Melanie Says:

    Should we not be taking this one step at a time, meaning, shouldn’t the Congress be winning first?

  2. Joseph Frankel Says:

    It was not not Sonia Gandhis ” inner voice” about Manmohan Singh or even her entering politics. it was a letter from some ” Voice in the wilderness” given to her to read by a former lady MP and General Secretary of the Congress, from Karnataka, in total confidence,on some ones request to the Lady MP known to him to give SONIA . That letter made SONIA move forward and enter active politics. But that Divine direction Sonia did not later follow in her Christian born principles of ” Father Forgive them for they know not what they do”. In relation to the Tamils of Srilanka, and to get human justice or revenge on a handful, tens of thousands of innocents were killed and thousands raped. SONIA DOMINEERS THE CONGRESS she could easily have saved the Tamils by uttering one strong word in 2008.

  3. shanoi Says:

    We have to remember that in the past
    1 Lord Ramas sandals ruled 14 years
    2. Drithrastra rued Hastinapur

    Any thing is possible in our country

  4. the colonel Says:

    you still have doubts.

  5. Sanjeeva Says:

    1. It is indeed a premature question. The PM is right when he observes crossing the bridge when you reach there.
    2. The list of aspirants and claimants is quite long.(Anybody having 30-40 MPs becomes a claimant in case of a fragmented verfict)!.
    3. In the last election there was a perceived situation where it was like putting (or throwing) your towel or handkerchief on the seat to ‘reserve’ the seat in the crowded town bus. At least if such a situation doesn’t arise, we should be happy with that!

  6. harkol Says:

    “How much has PMO paid you to ask this question?” has got 27% votes as of now? Wonder if people were being as humorous as Churumuri – when they voted for that!!

    However, The MMS needs to be taken to Psychiatric ward if he thinks he deserves another term (or even has a chance). I wonder what he is saying to himself? That he has done such a ‘great job’? Or that ‘Ok, here is my chance to be greater than Nehru or Indira, even if I have to lick a few shoes?

    I’d rather have an incompetent RaGa as PM than an Besharam Nikamma as PM!! But, either of them has low probability of becoming PM in 2014.

  7. Deepak Says:

    If there is anyone who thinks MMS and Congressis going to get a third term, no bigger fools than them!! MMS got a second term not because of his popularity or his image, it was because of local factors where state satraps like YSR, Mamta, Karuna swept and because the BJP was totally lacklustre. And more than anything, there was no scams and the UPA’s image hadn’t taken a beating. This time the story is different and neither MMS nor UPA will get another chance again ,

  8. babuds Says:

    MMS to Consider lucky, If SP doesn’t pull the rug, before schedule!

  9. Ravi Kulkarni Says:

    Even in a dysfunctional democracy such as ours, there should be some limit to how much and how long we will encourage sheer incompetence. Not that the alternatives are any great at the moment, Modi notwithstanding (what can one man do, after all in a vast country like ours). Kejrival and AAP are not ready for prime time yet.

  10. Sanjeeva Says:

    @ Deepak, Don’t be too confident sir! You never know what is in store. Voters could be quite unpredictable (Err, I am not quoting the great sage Katju’s another pearl of wisdom today!). The question may not be Cong getting majority, but forming the government. Had the BJP put on its act well, things would have been different. But they are not able to give a credible performance. So the situation is still fluid enough.

  11. the colonel Says:


    “If there is anyone who thinks MMS and Congressis going to get a third term, no bigger fools than them!!”

    i am a fool .


  12. harihara Says:

    He was asked a SILLY question . He saved thefoolish questioner by glorifying the question as hypothetical; Which bloke will not agree when a national party and its powerful president will call ?

  13. harkol Says:

    Well, it isn’t turning out to be foolish question anymore. Congress has floated a baloon today to see if this idea can fly.

    Only a person with a gaping hole through his head would want a Nikamma, Power hungry, shameless man to continue to his third term, continuing to help kleptocrats to keep bankrupting this nation.

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