Modi, BJP and a Telugu bidda called Somalingam


Even as BJP fans and fanboys go ecstatic at the re-entry of Gujarat chief minister Narendra Damodardas Modi into the party’s parliamentary board, CPI(M) leader and member of Parliament, Sitaram Yechury, strikes a note of caution in the Hindustan Times:

“It is fairly certain that any government that will emerge following the 2014 general elections cannot be anything except a coalition. The question, however, remains over its composition and leadership.

“This context throws up the irresoluble contradiction that will plague any coalition led by the BJP.

“If the coalition has to be strong enough to command the numbers of a majority, then the BJP would have to put its core communal agenda on the backburner.

“On the other hand, unless the communal agenda is aggressively pursued as directed by the RSS, the BJP would not be able to either consolidate or expand its own political base.

“This contradiction is already reflecting itself in the choices being considered by the BJP for its prime ministerial candidate based on its illusory hopes of winning the forthcoming election.

“The BJP’s illusions remind me of a Telugu saying which loses its punch when translated but means: ‘Neither do I have a house nor a wife but my son’s name is Somalingam‘.”


On, Vicky Nanjappa speaks to the psephologist Sandeep Shastri and asks him about the impact of Modi in the Karnataka assembly elections:

There is a lot of dependency on Narendra Modi. Will he be able to change the prospects of the BJP this time?

I have my doubts if Modi will actively take part in the Karnataka assembly election campaign. Modi is well aware that this is a losing campaign. He did not take part in the Uttar Pradesh campaign for the very same reason.

But you will see a lot of Modi during the elections in Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh, as the BJP will surely emerge victorious there. You will also see a lot of Modi in Karnataka during the 2014 Lok Sabha elections.

Cartoon: courtesy Surendra/ The Hindu

Read the full column: More than just a front

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12 Responses to “Modi, BJP and a Telugu bidda called Somalingam”

  1. Deepak Says:

    Al this is understandable. There is a panic among the loony liberals and the Congress paid media. Because the writing is on the wall!! Whether Modi is declared PM candidate or not, it is clearly going to be Modi Vs Rahul, which will be a no contest. So media, leftists and other elements are desparate to try and attack Modi in whichever way possible to discredit him. Just as people wanted to give BJP a chance under Vajpayee, the mood slowly is moving towards giving Modi a chance to test his abilities. As the months go by, this mood will become stronger and as will be attacks on Modi by the etceteras of politics.

  2. Saif Says:

    “Will you vote for Modi as PM?
    Will you vote for BJP if Modi is not their candidate?
    Then why do you want to vote for BJP?
    Hmm.. Let me think.”

  3. the colonel Says:

    gentlemen : hold your horses, just see the way the water flows.

    there is an old saying.

    All rivers are very very old, but the water is always fresh.

  4. arun Says:

    That Highway is closed. Mody cannot move through Keralam.

  5. asha Says:


    Well said…it is a straigt contest between a stellar performer with a excellent track record for 12 straight years and a lucky sperm born into a pampered and corrupt family.LOL The desperation of MSM is palpable.


    So MSM is trying to re-circulate discredited commies like Sitaram yechuri who wreaked havoc during the 3rd affront regime…who is next harkishan surjeet or jyoti basu :)

  6. harkol Says:


    “Will I vote for Modi as PM” – If we were voting for a man as PM, then yes. But, unfortunately it doesn’t happen that way in India

    “Will I vote for BJP if modi isn’t their candidate” – If they have haf decent candidate in my constituency for Loksabha – Yes.

    “Why would I vote for BJP?”

    That’s easy. I like their economics far better than the Crony-Socialism of Congress that is bankrupting India a-la 1990. I hoped MMS will do something good for the country and voted congress in 2009, But, he chose to be a boot licking, seat worshiping Nikamma, and real power turned out to be a kleptocratic family.

    The question really is “Would I vote for BJP in Karnataka state election”.

    Now, That is a tough one! (scratches head) ;)

  7. harkol Says:


    The strange part is that Sitaram yechury is commenting on BJP affairs.

    The Clique with CPI(M) has practically snuffing out that party and this ‘leader’ wants to comment on what’s happening in other parties?

    The reality is, CPI(M) needs to re-examine its priorities. It needs to figure how it can adopt good points of Chinese system, instead of failed ‘russian’ system.

    Vicky Nanjappa is bang on as usual in his thoughts. Modi may not campaign in KA, because it may be a loosing proposition. But, that’d be a bad thing for him to do – because it sends a message he is only a leader, if there is a win to be had. What is the difference between him and RaGa? He should fight even if it is a loosing cause.

  8. harihara Says:

    The author should also look at his postulates and the effect in this way; according to him poiical base of BJP will increse if they promote culturaland heritage nationalism; given this, they will enter into CMP on market culture basis with the suckular groups and form the Government ; they will hold back some of their objectives to placate/ compromise with the suckulars and enable them to suck some of the vitals of true growth and manage; that is all he aught to remember that its all market culture now adays

  9. Yella Ok Says:

    Modi not campaigning in Karnataka – still a conjecture. But if it is true, I would say “smart move”. Why waste time on a cause so hopelessly lost by yeddy and gang.

    I did not understand the translated telugu saying. but in essence, i think it means “thirukana kanasu” – which is the state in which almost all the political parties are in India, always

  10. Simple Says:

    As is with the DNA of BJP to speak about everything in high decibels, this campaign for Modi to become PM will be as much as a damp squib as the failed Ram Mandir.

  11. harkol Says:

    Yella OK: The telugu saying seems to presume you need to have a family to have a son! And not having a house or a wife and claiming to have a son is an illusion!

    Wonder what yechuri have to say about the likes of ND Tiwari!!

  12. Deepak Says:

    @Simple..err sorry isn’t there already a Ram Mandir in Ayodhya in a temporary structure? No?

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