Two kinds of people work in the dead of night

Photo Caption

When the lights come on, two kinds of uniformed men get down to work: one for private profit, the other for public good.  As the Royal Challengers Bangalore get into their red and gold at the Chinnaswamy stadium for the first match of the Indian Premier League (IPL) tonight, a not-so-royal set of challengers, will put on their helmets for the Bangalore metro.

Photograph: Karnataka Photo News

Also view: The Namma Metro photo portfolio

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2 Responses to “Two kinds of people work in the dead of night”

  1. Ehsan Says:

    when ever i passed thru this road i wondered whats going on beneath the metal bridge the pictures explains a lot about namma metro.

  2. Chinkurali Says:

    What a waste of electricity… two villages could have lit by this … I don’t understand why the cricket has to be played during night using so many lights while sun god is burning and giving so much of light during day

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