It’s unofficial: our democracy has a bribe future

On the pages of Talk magazine, S.R. Ramakrishna and Satish Acharya look at the great Indian poll waltz in Karnataka where a 29-year-old sitting Congress MLA has happily declared assets of Rs 910 crore, up from Rs 768 crore four years ago, as it heads into dance of democracy called elections.

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2 Responses to “It’s unofficial: our democracy has a bribe future”

  1. Rastrakoota Says:

    Its every Indian politician’s birth right to be corrupt! Whether he exercises this or not is secondary. He has to STFU whilst others make the most of it! It cuts across barriers such as sex/party/age etc etc.

  2. karthik shandilya Says:

    Its an ok toon. We all know the corruption starts from the common man. Well it shows that itself.

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