When a wife-beater campaigns for the Congress

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ARVIND SWAMINATHAN writes from San Francisco: A week is a long time in politics; it’s even longer in the film industry, where reputations are made and marred over a weekend. But in Boxoffice Bharat, the fortunes of politicians and filmstars happily and conveniently comingle and collide at the turnstile, come election time.

And so it is in Karnataka, in the year of the bhagwantha, 2013.

Twenty months ago, when “challenging star” turned challenged star Darshan Toogudeep alias Darshan, beat up his wife, stubbed a burning cigarette, tore her dress, bit her ear, threatened their son, and pulled out his revolver and landed up in hospital like a wimp feigning asthma and jaudice, an obnoxious face of the Kannada film industry was revealed.

Homas were conducted, buses were stoned, processions were taken out for his release from police detention. The angels of the industry (including ‘DuniyaVijay, whose own extraordinary marital life recently played out on live TV) put pressure on his wife to withdraw her damning complaint.

The scandal took on a visibly casteist tone, as Vokkaligas jumped into the picture. The “other woman”, Nikita Thukral, was “banned” from acting in Kannada films.

Compromise ensued after “rebel star” Ambarish intervened.

It’s payback time.

As Ambarish, the Vokkaliga leader, contests the elections in Mandya on a Congress ticket, Darshan, his supposed “successor”, is at hand, lending his voice to Sumalatha‘s. And this one picture conveys all there is to be said of the “forgiving nature” of our largely illiterate, star-struck electorate, which can barely make out the difference between art and life and probably doesn’t care.

Meanwhile, Nikita Thukral provides the opium to the unwashed masses on “Bigg Boss“.

Howdu, swami!

Photograph: Karnataka Photo News

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7 Responses to “When a wife-beater campaigns for the Congress”

  1. Deepak Says:

    Wife beater campaigns, rapists, adulterers, land grabbers, murderers and assorted criminals contest. Truly next assembly will be blessed.

  2. harkol Says:

    If Congress can have a child rapist as its deputy speaker, what is the surprise of using a wife beater to campaign.

    But it is the folks who respect such *stars* who deserve to be in mental hospitals. Sanjay Dutt, Salman Khan, Darshan… If these are the folks they consider as ‘idols’ then perhaps they need ‘help’.

  3. Rastrakoota Says:


    Its eventually the “mentals” that make the candidate win. So the “stars” are obliged to campaign, anways they can bank on these activities to bail them out in mental conditions.

  4. ERR Says:

    It’s quite clear why Govt doesn’t want to hang Rapists as quite a few seats in Parliament and Assembly will be empty after Prez rejects their pardon plea!

  5. Gowda..Kempe Gowda. Says:

    YEs its understandable that some of our stars are’t starry enough inside out.
    But are these CHURUMURI folks who dig for a “caste certificate” in every story any sane ? ? Are’t they ashamed of themselves ?

    I was surprised to see a link for darshans bonafide caste certificate in this story. Lolz.

    Mental hospital folks ? ? Yeah. As our beloved yograj bhatt penned,
    “Only those with a chance of recovery are brought to mental hospitals… and the rest are out there without any hope”.

    I would suggest you to first fix these canecrous hypocrites.

    People of Mandya are politically very mature. They have taught ambreesh anna some good lessons in the past.

  6. harkol Says:


    Apparently this ‘challenged’ turd campaigned for Congress, BJP & JD(S) candidates! In some Kannada channel he was beaming with inane things like “he doing a triple role” etc.!!

    It is more like he doing services to whoever is willing to pay his daily fee?

  7. Kempa Says:

    If the acclaimed Murthy of Infy can claim to be a innovator of extra terrestrial intelligence while hanging a ‘SERVICE ONLY’ board… will it be any shame to work as a crowd puller ? ?

    I do’t think he’s doing it for one and all. No

    Ambanna was the one who helped him in his nascent stages.
    Anand Appugol is the producer of the movie “kranthi veera Sangolli rayanna” fantastically essayed by Darshan. Kudos to

    And for your information, Appugol belongs to sangolli rayanna’s caste. Kindly refer churumuri archives for any further casteist
    details !

    Well, I am no Darshan fan boy.. certainly not after seeing his caste certificate attested by churumuri ;)

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