CHURUMURI POLL: Who will be the next CM?

Now that Congress has accomplished the easy part, it has to brace itself for the difficult part: choosing the next chief minister of the State.

Will the newly elected Congress MLAs really have a say, as they should, in choosing the leader of the legislature party? If so who will they opt for? Or will the high command impose its leader, who will be proposed and seconded, in true Congress style, by the other contenders? In either case, who is it likely to be?

Will Union labour minister Mallikarjuna Kharge get the green signal for his rock-like loyalty to the party? Or, will a younger aspirant like former deputy chief minister Siddaramaiah get the OK? or will his late entry into the party and the party’s less-than-impressive showing in the Old Mysore region prove a deterrent?

Does the state Congress president G. Parameshwar stand a chance at all after failing to hold on to his seat in Koratagere, which he unbelievably first won by nearly 90,000 votes? Or will the high command fall back on dark horse, like former chief ministers S.M. Krishna and Veerappa Moily, to tide over potential dissent?

Will the next five years see just one CM or will the Congress change horses mid-stream?

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12 Responses to “CHURUMURI POLL: Who will be the next CM?”

  1. Yella ok Says:

    Siddu should probably be the one, unless he had a hand in Paramus defeat. As long as they don’t saddle us with the ineffective kharge or the about to be senile Smk or the uber-corrupt deekayshi

  2. vinaynadgir Says:

    O Churmuri! How I wish ‘high comandress’ of the Congress reads your blog! I hope she has faith in the MLAs and allows them to decide in a truly democratic manner or is that asking for too much?

  3. ERR Says:

    Whoever forms the ministry will face dissidence from day 1 and also the days of airdsah to Delhi to consult the ‘High Command’ will be back.

  4. Deepak Says:

    Congress party is unfortunately doomed from beginning. If they make Siddu CM, loyalists will be upset and will start dissidence from day 1 and bring down Siddu in a year or two (just like Moily brought down Bangarappa). If Siddu is not made CM, he will sulk and restart Ahinda and may move away in a year or two. I predict only 1-2 years of stability for this Govt. After this, they will go the same way BJP went.

    If they want to prevent this, they must have an open election for leadership post. This will ensure that the loser won’t have too much of a scope to protest and even if he does,he will be seen as a sore loser and not many will back.

  5. harkol Says:

    Siddhu perhaps may loose out because Gandhi family has an allergy to folks who won’t be subservient. And Siddhu’s bondage to the family may not be to their satisfaction!!

  6. G Says:

    Siddhu. If not Siddhu..Congress knows what can possibly go wrong if he is not made the CM.

  7. Sanjeeva Says:

    Dinesh Amin Mattu has analyzed this issue very well in Prajavani (7th May issue).Despite dissidence, Congress will manage to hold the flock together. They know too well the fate if they indulge in infighting and follow the BJP in non-governance. The High Command is also strong enough to control any dissidence. The lure of power is too much to indulge in bickerings. They have to prove their worth to face the 2014 general elections. In any case, Siddaramaiah merits to be the CM.

  8. Anand Hosmani Says:

    Siddu should become CM.

  9. harihara Says:

    Their High Command on which every media reported “aspirant is placing the onus of naming should put all the “aspirants ‘ in a room and ask them to come out with ONE name unnimously , assure the High command that their followers will be made to elect UNANIMIOUSLy in a formal SLP meeting and take approval if the High Command

  10. bhargavi Says:

    Siddaramaiah should become Chief-Minister…. I casually asked Mr Vikas Sales Manager at Cavery Ford Showroom when i went to leave my vehicle for service whom he voted and why ..he said madam me and my friends voted for Congress thinking Siddaramaiah will be the Cheif Minister…looking forward for a clean administration…

  11. babuds Says:

    Dear Churumuri, you dont have the luxury of a daily to sport such ephemeral posts. Cant you control yourself to wait until CMs declaration.

  12. Vitlan Potli Says:

    Now that Siddhu is the CM it is to be seen how the major communities gang-up against him. In the current political scenario he is a fairly clean guy, has done more than a decent job as the finance minister and the only politician who can take on the mantle of Devaraj Urs. Given his attitude it will be difficult for him to rein in his brashness and could be his achilles heel. He would do well to take a leaf off SM Krishna’s book regards to suave posturing but then Siddhu would not be Siddhu. Give it 8-20 months(give or take a couple) when the machinations will come fully to the fore. Right now the scabbards are hanging loose, in time the fingers will be itching and the daggers will be out. Hope he does a good job as long as he is in power.

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