CHURUMURI POLL: Will you ever trust IPL again?

To the surprise of all but those who have just arrived from Mars, the sixth edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL) has been marred by the spotfixing scam involving players from the Rajasthan Royals. Three of them, including the former Test bowler Shantakumaran Sreesanth, have been arrested, two more are to be questioned.

It was quite obvious from the very beginning that the anything-goes, anything-can-happen format of Twenty20 cricket was  tailormade for bookies and other forces beyond the boundary. The confluence of cricket, commerce and cinema was a deadly combo, especially with the underworld having a vice-like grip on the gambling scene and Bollywood.

While the players are still to be proved guilty and the Delhi Police is known for monumental cockups, the mere revelation that there could have been more than met the eye in some matches so far, is a letdown of spectators at stadiums and audiences in homes. Plus, it is a disservice to the many honest cricketers showing their skills.

Questions: will you ever trust an IPL match henceforth? Will you watch the “maximums”, the no balls, the wides, without wondering if there is something more to it?

Or will this too pass in the circus that the BCCI?

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25 Responses to “CHURUMURI POLL: Will you ever trust IPL again?”

  1. Pavithra S Says:

    Much before the black money to white engine caleld IPL, Cricket in Pakistan, England, South Africa and India has been fueled by match fixing, lead by the D-Company!

    When the former India captain and middle-order batsman Mohammed Azharuddin was caught red handed for fixing a entire season of matches (not just spot fixing), a delegation of Congress leaders led by former Madhya Pradesh chief minister Digvijay Singh who has the ear of Rahul Gandhi, and including BCCI functionary and Congress Rajya Sabha member Rajiv Shukla, had successfully petitioned the then BCCI president Sharad Pawar to lift the ban on Azhar. Today the former captain, proven fixer (and probably a bookie too) is not only the face of Cong-I as a MP but is probably in line for a Bharat Ratna or Padma Bhushana or Padma Vibhushana in the days to come!

    To add more facts to the incident, Azharuddin had in an interview to Outlook magazine said cricketers from Bombay and Delhi have been able to get away with wrongdoing without being ‘investigated properly’. “Nobody talks of the Rs 70 lakh in cash in various currencies including UAE dirham’s, found in Gavaskar’s gymkhana locker,” Azharuddin had said.

    In another case, the vigilance Commissioner of Indian Cricket Board K Madhavan has questioned Sachin Tendulkar (greed of money prevents retirement) in connection with the controversial Ahmedabad Test match in 1999 when India did not enforce follow-on against New Zealand despite being in a position to do so . Madhavan, a former Joint Director of CBI, had already examined Ajit Wadekar (the then manager of the team). Thanks to powerful political connections, the matter was swiftly and quietly silenced.

    Kapil and Ajit Wadekar were offered Rs 25 lakh (today 25 crores in value) to underachieve against Pakistan in the Singer Cup? Asked about Kapil Dev’s emotional interview on BBC in which he denied making any such offer, Manjor Prabhakar (a witness) said, “Koi tab rota hai jab jhoot bolta hai’.

    Sadly no one talks about Ravi Shastri’s Ali Baug farmhouse, expensive gifts to various women and other costly properties, supposed to be gains from fixing matches.

    G.B. Shaw, the great philosopher, once described “cricket’ as “a game played by eleven fools and watched by eleven thousand fools.”. Now these eleven thousand fools have been multiplied to become eleven hundred million fools thanks to the unscrupulous manoeuvres by the most corrupt politicians who manage the sport, the commercial-underworld Mafia and we, the helpless fools have been hoodwinked in to a mad cricket mania and are being robbed of our money and productive working hours!

  2. harihara Says:

    Firstly T 20 is not can call it base ball want to be soft in it you cricket in the classical sense; Cricket was synonymous with grace, honesty and style. Now T 20 is kolte cricket. It is m baser than base ball. Now when you severely commercialize it in this era of market economy and culture, where every thing including feelings are commodities with aprice tag , it becomes gambling. In this gampbling the players are the horces of this horse racing type of format. You should call it Cricket Casino and run the betting anetc on those lines, As to fixing which is engineered gambling you an only minimize iot but that requires good intelligence

  3. Melanie Says:

    Have stopped watching IPL from today!

  4. Gaampa Says:

    IPL is entertainment and we should just take it like that. Arnab like stupidity shouting – a billion people cheated – is just a hoax. More than IPL being a hoax, I am wondering if the 24×7 media channels that are more of a hoax.
    Who cares if IPL is cheated or not? The Indian populance? Heck, NO. I casually asked my 50 odd friends spread across India for their comment – and it was all same – who cares.
    And secondly, we have more important thing to worry about. How Big B is treated in Great Gatsby etc.
    Delhi police instead of spending time of cracking more important crimes of yester years and bringing them to a conclusion is busy with whatsapp evesdropiing etc. They have gone bonkers with their priority.

  5. Faldo Says:

    Some more answer choices to the above question:
    – This seems to be an attempt by the Delhi police to divert attention from the negative publicity they were getting
    – This is an attempt by the ruling party to show that they are capable of taking action
    – This is attempt to improve the ruling party’s chances the Rajasthan elections. None of the other teams are from regions that will see immediate elections.
    – .Like the LBW rule, this is all very subjective and depends on a host of factors – where the towel used for signaling was placed, whether it was clearly visible from the stands, whether there was sufficient light and so on
    – IPL itself looks like a scam, so why are we worried about a scam within a scam
    – This was the former IPL Chairman’s way of getting back at the BCCI.
    -This is part of a larger conspiracy by other cricket boards to target the boards of South Asian countries. Whenever there is a cricketing scam, it is only South Asian cricketers that get exposed.

  6. FirstReality Says:

    Are you crazy? Only thing that’s interesting about IPL is match fixing.

  7. harkol Says:

    I stopped watching IPL 3 seasons back. In fact, I no longer watch much cricket at all after the retirement of Dravid, the last gentleman fo the game.

  8. Sanjeeva Says:

    I never trusted right from the beginning. The format is funny and questionable and reeked of mischief.

  9. Shetty Says:

    Women, Wealth and Wine T20 tournament!

  10. Sanjeeva Says:

    @Gaampa, ‘IPL is entertainment’ ! Ha, ha ha, ha ha….. You have an appropriate name. Gully cricket is much better to watch. The boys play with passion. Corruption, scams, foreign aggression, price rise, water crisis, mismanagement, non-governance, horrible traffic, rapes, cheating of gullble people, enormous delay in delivering justice, confused opposition parties ……… And the people are busy watching IPL!. A good opium for the lot having money and time to waste. Please go ahead.

  11. Anonymous Guy Says:

    Why blame IPL exclusively? What is there to trust in India besides your relatives?

    It is just a reflection of the Indian culture of lying, cheating and covering up.

    Tomorrow if there is something else we borrow from the West, we will twist that too to our low standards.

  12. the colonel Says:

    Dear Gaampa.

    D is the betting kingpin.

    the same money he earns is used to kill indians.

    you can laugh only till you die.

    a man earning 15 k spends 5 k for a match.

    a total betrayal like everything else in india.

    Pavithra S is right. all cricketing stars are on the take and heavily too.

  13. rajesh s Says:

    Considering the past history of such cases, Sreesanth will have a more lucrative, new career in Indian Politics, the moment the ongoing tamasha settles down!
    You bet!

  14. Vinay Says:

    Anonymous Guy:

    Lying, cheating, etc. may be an accurate reflection of your family, and what you have been taught as you grew up. Don’t extrapolate to the rest of the nation. Thanks.

    White-ass worship goes on non-stop I see. I think you’re especially bitter these days – maybe someone nicked your “aaansite opportunity” – could that be the reason?

  15. dr ramesh Says:

    If one can watch a movie after knowing that it is not real but stage managed, then watching IPL is no bad.
    But the worst part of IPL,
    an average Indian paying 5000 INR for a stadium ticket to watch IPL, doesn’t know that the money he is paying is going to anti -national forces outside India, and will be rerouted back to India to fund terrorist activities against India.
    SO CALLED desh premi cricket fans smearing their faces with paint are being cheated every day.

  16. Doddi Buddi Says:

    Hey Guys and Gals,

    Please relax. I am a Ph.D in polemics and I am trying to be reasonable here! OK please everyone start supporting legalizing betting. As Colonel observed why fund Dawood Ibrahim? Betting legally is empowerment! I am sure–although it cannot be proven-all the biggies politicians, top players, are involved. Sreesanth was a stupid arse who got caught. I request editor of Churumuri to campaign for Legalizing Betting!

    For once, men stop pretending you can use ‘Khadi Condom’ to prevent population control.

    Jai Ho

  17. Vinay Says:

    Doddi Buddi:

    I concur. Hypocrisy has seeped into our society at every level. It is high time we legalized betting.

    Dr. Ramesh:

    You are right about the D-connection being the most dangerous part of this whole episode. What shocked me was when Tiger Memon’s name came up. Tiger Memon is a wanted man for 1993 Bombay blasts – he organized the entire blasts and fled to Dubai, and subsequently to Karachi. It is horrifying that he is still able to pull string in India to such a great extent. Tells a lot about the capabilities of our IB and RAW.

  18. Anonymous Guy Says:

    Vinay, The extrapolation works the other way. Indians are corrupt and hence our politicians and IPL an IB and RAW is corrupt. So is your family.

    How do you explain IPL, IB and RAW and whatever else you bleat about all the time? Why is D company able to rule your ass. Give me one non-lying, non-cheating Indian institution not run by Westerners.

  19. Anonymous Guy Says:

    Vinay, “Hypocrisy has seeped into our society at every level.”
    Your family is immune to this?

  20. Anonymous Guy Says:


    What is your solution to the D problem? Let the army go on a rampage?

  21. Faldo Says:

    Legalizing is fine but it may not be enough in this case. Legalizing betting would only transfer control of the process from the underworld to authorized parties but what is there to restrict players who indulge in spot fixing and rig the process. Desperate elements would still approach players to under perform and some would fall for it. This requires tighter monitoring systems and restrictions on players’ activities and above all, harsh punishment to those found guilty of wrongdoing.
    For instance, horse racing and lottery tickets are legal and to a large extent fairly operated only because it is very difficult to ‘fix’ the system to favor a specific party.

  22. Doddi Buddi Says:

    ‘X’ Guy and Vinay both of you mean well. Can’t we all just get along and find solutions to this Betting Problem, pls?
    ‘X’ Guy agreed that ‘White Guys’ have made a better deal of everything they borrowed from India and China! maybe we should wake up from our slumber do one better? You ‘X’ Guy seem to have an enormous insight into White Man’s talents. May be you should show us corrupt Indians the way forward!

  23. Vinay Says:

    Anonymous Guy:

    We have had this discussion several times over in the past. Whenever I answer your questions and provide long detailed explanations, you hide with your tail in your ass like a rotten rat and stay buried for weeks on end – just to surface with more white-ass worship a few weeks later.

    The simple reason is that you have no answer when sensible points are made. You have nothing to say, so you devolve into your usual white-ass worship and useless rants.

    Your constant rants about “corrupt cheating lying Indians” is a reflection of your family, your parents and the people you have grown up with. I was brought up with certain universal values – values like “it is bad to cheat”, “it is bad to steal”, “it is bad to throw garbage around”, “it is bad to cause inconvenience to others”. I received a good dose of universal values, and almost zero so-called “religious moral values”, which most Indians (most probably including you) thump your chest about.

    It is clear that your family has brought you up in an environment of cheating, lies, deceit, hypocrisy and corruption. That explains your constant hate for Indians in general, and your incapability to put forward logical counter points in the discussions we have had in the last several months here.

  24. the colonel Says:

    all betting in india has crossed 48,000 crores

  25. Ringer Says:

    There is no surprise here at all! Scams and Corruption are oven into fabrics of every endeavour in Indian society.

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