Rama Rajya is gone. Siddarama Rajya is here.


The ascension of K. Siddaramaiah, the agnostic-socialist who visits not temples and mutts upon becoming the chief minister of Karnataka but writers and intellectuals, as seen through the words and eyes of S.R. Ramakrishna and Satish Acharya of Bangalore’s Talk magazine.

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A Spaghetti Eastern that makes you say ‘Basta!”

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18 Responses to “Rama Rajya is gone. Siddarama Rajya is here.”

  1. Joseph Frankel Says:

    Raja Rishi, Ramya Raja was during the Golden Age of Wadiyar Hinduism. Siddaramiah as I mentioned would visit the Chamundeswari temple and he did it in 2 days. which agnostic would pray at the temple ? J.H.Patel passed the Palace Billl to attach the Palaces,but in the end what great misfortune befell his family ? Don’t play with Chamundeswari or her family,you are playing with divine fire.

  2. Anitha Says:

    In Siddarama Raajya the only thing that will happen is working class getting lazy and drunkards. With 30 Kgs of rice at Re. 1 and cheap liquor, free cash coming in from the fraud NREGA schemes, do you think anyone will ever do a honest day’s work?

    Adhogati, namma karnatakaddu.

  3. Deepak Says:

    He he he, what about the elaborate poojas in his office before taking charge? What about the visit to temple? What about the poojas performed by his colleagues. Agnostic my foot!! He is a charlatan – had the BJP done this, they would have been communal, because his ministers do this, it is secular?

    Siddu seems to be a big mouth. Let him talk less and work more. So far we have heard of cow slaughter and cheap liquor, what about development of infrastructure? Err, Mr.Lad is going to do that, but whether it is his infrastructure or the states infrastructure is the question!!

  4. Vinay Says:

    Churumuri, please publish this:


    Inspector suspended for registering case against CM’s son

    A police inspector who had booked Rakesh, the elder son of chief minister Siddaramaiah, on a charge of attempt to murder in a poll-related incident on May 3, has now been suspended from service.

    The Inspector G N Mohan attached to the Nazarbad station in the city had booked Rakesh and 10 others under various sections of the Indian Penal Code for allegedly attacking the KJP candidate Ka Pu Siddalingaswamy, who had contested against Siddaramaiah from the Varuna constituency. Rakesh was named the prime accused in the case.

    Please publish this as a blog post churumuri. The public needs to be informed about this miscarriage of justice.

  5. Joseph Frankel Says:

    Now he is a antagonistic dictator. HE has sacked Inspector Mohan who only followed the orders Of Mysore District Commissioner Shika and DC Police to inquire and book a case against accused Rakesh his son, lawfully. Siddhu and Home Minister Georgie should know who suspended Mohan,and reinstate him for exemplary duty,and prove they are men of integrity and moral turpitude . Mohan is a man of honesty who booked a case against the fraud ster Race Horse trainer Michael Eshwer who inhumanly robbed the dotting 101 year old aged Van Ingen. .I hope Home Minister George also a Race Horse owner should ‘ not ever ‘ try to get Eshwer Scott free. High time the High Court noticed these matters and hauled up the Government.

  6. Purandara Shetty Says:

    Sidda”rama” rajya indeed baed on what we’ve seen within few days of Siddu’s ascension:

    1. A police inspector who dared to file a case against Siddu’s putra ratna suspended for doing his duty during elections.

    2. Siddu who built a career against family dynasty now has his son groomed as a middleman – son already being seen on Vidhana Soudha, Delhi Karnataka Bhavan.

    3. So called socialist Siddu now a begger in front of golden spoon and madam – whatever happenned to self respect of this socialist?

    4. A socialist doing rounds of mathas offering usual soaps and happily accepting sanmanas instead of doing any work.

    5. A socialist who offers to sell arrack and beef at every galli of this state in the name of social jusitice.

    Yes sir, a role model for Rama rajya indeed.

    KP – we know and have seen you eating idly with Siddhu in Dellhi Karnataka Bhavan after his elevation as CM but did not expect that you will “deliver” to Siddhu so soon! Seriously dude – having like of Gowri Lankesh interview Siddu for Outlook and now this post? Bere yaaru sikkilva??

  7. M Says:

    Marie Antoinette: If they don’t have bread, then let them eat cake.

    Sidda: If they don’t have water, then let them drink whisky

    A taste of Europe is definitely evident in Sidda’s thinking

  8. asha Says:

    The congress government has given a glimpse of what is in the offing…Police SI who arrested/chargesheeted Siddu’s son has been suspended. KJ George, Market Devaraj (rowdy sheeter) are all waiting to show their “talents” in one form or the other…but the irony is Shankar Bidari who was almost man handled by Siddu is now in Siddu’s party and I am curious to know how this will work out for both Bidari and Siddu.

  9. Samanyaru Says:

    Churmuri is back with Bang for SIDDU & Congress. Is Churmuri Owned by Congress(I)

  10. Joseph Frankel Says:

    Siddaramiah is now after the elections declared his true self as the , mono Zorro Zamindar ,naturally a chowkidar policeman on duty ,cannot dare question the dictat of the fiery ruler. What other dynasty , it was alwys my dynasty that I wanted and only wish,, now it should be only my secret dynasty and all the vessels and vessels of Karnataka have to scrape and bow before the new dynasty. I went at once to inform Chamundeswari at Chamundi the new change ? On the why back kicked out Mohan ? God save the true gentle man former soft true king Wodeyar and may his tribe increase. May the public not die in sorrow.

  11. Anitha Says:

    And in the meantime, during the UPA’s celebration of its 9th year of misrule, here is how our CM carried himself :


  12. Kennedy Says:

    After his close victory in 2006 by-polls he is no longer an atheist. His priorities seem to be more of a vendetta – cow slaughter bill, take over of temples. Can he also propose take over of all Churches and Mosques??

    Good he did not visit any Mutts but he got stumped when he met two ‘writers’ or ‘intellectuals’ more known for their foot-in-mouth talks as much as Siddu himself is.

    Siddu, a known pro AHINDA (nothing wrong with this by and large) and anti-‘upper’ caste person will bring his own downfall with his leanings towards the former group. A CM is for the state and not for a particular community; he should start taking balanced views as he is no longer the former deputy CM

  13. Divakar Says:

    Rama Rajya? No Sir, it is now Drama Rajya and Dram (a peg of alcohol) Rajya now.

  14. Nandan Says:

    The first few decisions of the so called pro-poor politician (everyone is!) Siddaramaiah has revealed all the hidden colors and the cat is now out of the bag!

    The CM’s principal secretary D N Narasimharaju is said to have personally telephoned Mysore police commissioner KL Sudheer and demanded the suspension of G.N. Mohan, attached to Nazarbad police station in Mysore, who had just a month ago registered a case against the Siddaramaiah’s eldest son and 10 other people on May 3 for physically (in the Cong-I you need to prove that you are indeed a brute) attacking KJP candidate Ka Pu Siddalingaswamy who was contesting against the CM from Varuna constituency. The poor candidate, who suffered a hairline fracture in the attack, has now been silenced with some stealth gifts.

    Siddaramaiah’s elder son Rakesh (political heir) who has numerous cases including an attempt to murder charge has managed the CM’s last two election campaigns. The other son in the poor sheppard’s family has in recent times bought a 225.70 square meter, super-premium property on WC Road in Basaveshwara Nagar, Bangalore. He has invested crore’s in Gold, Prassid YS Diagnostics and in the stock market, the revenue source is unknown. While the CMs brothers Sidde Gowda and Rame Gowda are well-known as the benami holders of massive wealth in and around Mysore and Blr, the former deputy CM himself had earlier bought a main road, massive commercial property measuring 10,000 square feet in Malleshwaram.

    With most controversial writer’s like U.R. Ananthamurthy and corrupt politicians like CM Ibrahim, as his personal advisers, the Kuruba (shepherd) politician in Siddaramaiah has played to the Cong-I’s communal, supremely corrupt and scam-oriented agenda by announcing a host of publicity stunts including loan-waivers, subsidies and rice for Rs. 1 a kilo even before constituting a council of ministers that has a few barons who not only have murder charges but are noted as being highly corrupt while already into thriving real estate and illegal mining!

    Most notably, among the several ill-advised decisions that the canny CM took immediately after being sworn-in was to reverse the decision banning cow slaughter in the state. This was obviously influenced by the powerful leather industry and the meat packaging industry that had sponsored his election campaign as well as that of a few others in the Cong-I. Siddu’s lame and shocking excuse? The ban affects the cattle transporters along with beef-eaters!

    More recently, the once Cong-I basher has become a Hindu-basher and is in a hurry to get the goodwill of Italian madam and Golden spoon kid. After all, before his name was announced, he had promised the CLP leadership to majorly fund the next nationwide election! The former Dy CM, who had on 2010 demanded that ‘the Govt entrust the Sri Krishna Mutt of Udupi to Kurubas” has now announced his plans to entrust the famed and sacrosanct Udupi Krishna Temple and the Gokarna Temple to Mujrai Department ! Obviously, there is a gold mine to be looted here too.

    Well, Karnataka has gone ten years backwards because of profligacy adopted by all the previous governments and it is shocking to note that we have no solution in sight!

  15. Juroofie Says:

    Siddu yedda, bidda, gedda. Best of Luck Sidhu.

  16. Ramya Says:

    Siddu has started his own IPL in Karnataka! After Illegal Mining Gate, Real Estate Gate, Excise Gate and numerous other scams, we now have the bigegst scam of all :-(

  17. Ringer Says:

    Good on you Kannada brethren. Sadly, I do not see any change from the depth of despair in this once glorious state of Sir MV and Krishnaraja Wodeyar which does not deserve these thugs. Treading the memory lane of 1950s and recollecting what this state was then, I can only offer sympathies from yonder.

  18. Rizwan M Says:

    While selfishly keeping key posts such as finance, energy, industries, IT and Bengaluru city with himself, the plum posts (a.k.a ATM ministries) have all been given for Siddaramaiah’s men!

    Notably the all-important portfolio, excise, has gone to his staunch supporter, two-time legislator and party hopper, Satish Jarkiholi, whose father Lakshmanrao was a big excise contractor, notorious for openly flaunting his power and black money in Gokak.

    Incidentally, a day after announcing freebies costing a massive Rs 4,409 crore to the common man, Siddaramaiah is understood to have directed the State Excise Department to introduce a cheap liquor brand! Talks a lot about the priorities for our state from this caste-obsessed , poor Kuruba leader, who was politically groomed by the ‘Mannina maga’, poor farmer from Haradanahalli in Holenarasipura taluk, Hassan.

    What’s more the face of the government is none other than mine lord Santosh S Lad who has been given the crucial Infrastructure and Information Ministries! Bellary to our various ports, can now have more highways for the free movement of illegal-mining lorries!

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