Does a State of the Union also need an anthem?

For non-Kannadigas who snigger when when they see the red-and-yellow Kannada “flag”, there’s another red rag on the way, a Kannada “anthem”.

Like Mile sur mera tumhara, Kannada Jeevaswara, an “anthem” dedicated to the state of Karnataka and its people, has just been released. Its aim: creating a sense of belonging to this enchanting land and appreciation of the cultural heritage of Karnataka.

Credits: Concept Maya Chandra, lyrics Jayanth Kaikini, music Abhijith Shylanath, editor Rahul Dev Rajan, cinematography V.K.Subash, director Ajay Kumar.

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23 Responses to “Does a State of the Union also need an anthem?”

  1. Goldstar Says:

    It is a red-rag only to Churumuri.
    Non-Kannadigas would appreciate the thought to highlight the culture of Karnataka. Also, many other states have also done the same.

  2. gourish chatterjee Says:

    The problem is of national integration. I have never understood certain behavior of south Indians, especially who wear lungis.

    1. The table manners of south Indians are horrible.

    2. In my office, we don’t hire south Indians because they smell a lot. Subtle hints to at least use a deodorant are not understood.

    3. Dressing sense is very poor. Choice of color of clothes is atrocious.

    4. Many south indians have a inferiority complex because they are black.

    I have a feeling because of these reason, south indians want to carve their own identity. This is so useless.


    A mediocre song and a very bad production.

  4. dr ramesh Says:

    ****** **** maga, bong
    He tells southies smell a lot, visit any north and east Indian cities, one understands what mess and chaos is, people there do not understand the concept cleanliness.
    That’s the reason people from north of vindhyas come here as refugees to find a good life in karnataka and other southindian states.

  5. Sanjeeva Says:

    gourish – Besides being offensive, you are an arrogant snob and fake. We can point out umpteen number of deficiencies in your tribe. You don’t like South Indians, but you are ready to leave your home state and live peacefully in South India!

  6. paari paramatma Says:

    @Gourish, Stop smelling your office-mates and get a swim …

  7. harihara Says:

    No harm as long as the state considers itself as daughter of the mother nation first; Each daughter has a personality SO LONG AS bahrata jnaniya thanu jaate first and always ….. etc

  8. Sanjeeva Says:

    By the way, don’t we already have a state anthem : Naadageethe “Jaya bharata jananiya thanujaate”?

  9. asha Says:


    You hit the nail on the head…it is an insult to Kuvempu to replace the beautiful song Jaya Bharata Jananiya with this apology of a nadageethe.

    Gaurish Babu,

    You comments are very rich for a guy coming from a big slum called Waste Bengal…go get a bath mate

  10. M Says:

    I visited Calcutta for 5 days, almost a decade ago with my brother and his friend. Our only tought during the whole period was same as that of Winston Churchill: ” the first thing that occupies your mind after landing in Calcutta is how to get out of it”.

    Other bong bangs:

    Robert Clive: “The most wicked place in the universe!”

    Gunter Grass “Delete Calcutta from all guidebooks!”

    Read Dominique Lapierre’s ‘City of Joy’ to know what a horror story Calcutta is.

    Despite spending all her life in Calcutta, Mother theresa couldn’t finish her job there and move to other cities!

    Bongs have an inflated estimate of themselves. They think they are the most artsy people in the subcontinent and revel that their State Secretariat is called ‘Writer’s Building’. They don’t realise that the building was built by the British (unlike our Vidhana Soudha) to house thier clerks who could ‘read and write’ in english and therefore called writers. Even to this day, the coffee plantation foremen in Coorg and Chickamagalur are called Writers.

    Ask any Police Commissioner in the whole of the coountry, they will confirm that majority of the college educated Call Girls are Bengalis !

  11. dr ramesh Says:

    It is a private video like hundreds made in karnataka, no one has given it a tag of anthem.
    Official naada geethe is jaya bhaaratha jananiya thanujaathe.
    One song which truly makes me proud as a kannadiga—— hacchevu kannadada deepa by huyilogola narayan rao.

  12. Ask Says:

    The Chatterjee is not a chatterjee and doesn’t believe what he’s written. and he’s having fun now reading the enraged replies! He’s successfully diverted the attention from the post! he has also succeeded in bringing out the true colors of the patriotic Kannadigas who in turn started abusing North Indians and Bengalis!

  13. Pulikeshi the Last Says:

    Dr Ramesappa,

    “Hacchevu” is by D. S. Karki. Rao is the author of “Udayavaagali namma.”

  14. Pulikeshi the Last Says:

    About as unsingable as “Jai bharatha jananiya thaujaathe,” but it is at least about Kannada unlike Kuvempu’s eulogy.

  15. Faldo Says:

    I agree with some of the others here about “jaya bharatha jananiya thanujaathe..” being the anthem. When I saw the heading I actually thought the article was referring to that.

  16. Vinay Says:


    He is most certainly genuine. Read the blog link which he has posted. He is just another pretentious lazy bong like millions of others.

  17. Sanjeeva Says:

    @Ask, Kannadigas have better work to do than indulge in abusing others unlike your friend Gaurish. But,if ungrateful people like you and your friend, who prefer to live in a place and then abuse it and unnecessarily provoke your surroundings, naturally Kannadigas or for that matter any community will retaliate in such a way that you will run for your life. Better be respectful to the place wherever you make your home and live peacefully instead of indulging in trying to create fun and entangle yourself in a bad position.

  18. Deepak Says:

    Firstly Karnataka already has a state anthem, so this focus on some new music video is just hype. Secondly the likes of Gourish chatterjee come to bangalore with a begging bowl for the poor, uncultured northern and eastern parts. And having come here and made moolah, they bite the hands that feed them.

    These arrogant north indian scum need to be shown their place. We seriously need a Bal Thackerey type who can let these people know their place.

  19. FirstReality Says:

    Does nt matter which one. Or if there is one at all.

    We can’t call ourself a civilization if a city gets paralyzed for 7 cms of rain. First have a drainage system, then fight over which song to dance for.

    Boy, We have some priorities.

  20. chidu22 Says:

    We celebrate the language but hardly speak. Eight gynana peet awards however no economic power to boost the beautiful language. Unless kannadigas wield power and attain position of strength the language ( the best IMHO) is going to die sooner than later, no amount of patriotic songs will revive it. Hard work, self belief and courage is the need of the hour.

  21. Maaramma Says:

    On Didi’s new train from Nelamangala to Bhadra-lok is just a matter of an instant.

  22. subbulakshmi Says:

    nowhere the singers’ names are mentioned. not good. who are the singers?

  23. Doddi Buddi Says:

    I am a little surprised by this post from Chatterjee fellow assuming he wrote it! Sounds like someone impersonated him. Of course Bengalis think they are superior to everyone else but that is due to ignorance.

    Regarding M’s post on ..”Ask any Police Commissioner in the whole of the coountry, they will confirm that majority of the college educated Call Girls are Bengalis !” makes for safe sex?!!

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