IPL scorecard: Morality c Avarice b Greed

SUNAAD RAGHURAM writes: In the labyrinths of hell, inside its boiling cauldrons, through its unfathomable maze of blood-curdling monstrosities, of the macabre, the cadaverous and the ghoulish,  in the sepulchral dankness of it all, there is perhaps a spot of idyll.

But at the moment, not in Indian cricket for sure.

The shock and shame of an international cricketer in police custody, an absolutely arrogant and defiant cricket board chief who thinks he personally owns Indian cricket, the strange term called spot-fixing, where anything on a cricket field can be orchestrated by men with shades of grey in their hearts and souls, for whom the smell of money and more and more money is more fragrant than all the legendary scents of Arabia.

Men of the same mental conditioning as maniacal terrorists, except that here they deal in cold cash, not cold blood!

Men who don’t think twice before plunging a dagger of deceit into the very hearts of the game’s fans, the millions glued to television sets inside homes and at street side cafes; fans who come to cheer lustily for their favourite teams; fans, most of whom have saved up to their last penny to get hold of a ticket to get into a stadium and revel in the joy of seeing their idols in flesh and blood on the field; to enjoy the headiness of it all and forget for a few euphoric hours the bleakness of their own lives.

Such a travesty of faith that these multitude of fans have been brushed aside, their feelings trampled with the finality of an angry elephant’s foot.

And amidst all this mayhem, the silence of the legends!

The legends of the game occupy a very high pedestal in the hearts of their fans, in the very pantheon of the game. Fantabulous creatures, their lives, as a result of their rare deeds on a cricket field, awash in folklorish superstardom.

But to stand up and speak from the interiors of their existences, to put the hand up and make it to be counted, to utter weighty words of meaning and responsibility, to show from their very being, the all-important sense of anguish and disappointment and outrage.

Seemingly, not on their busy agenda.

To react forcefully to the manner in which their own game, the game they love and live for, is being marauded by scums and scoundrels, all for a few rupees more than the millions already earned and credited to their accounts officially.Those traitors who seemingly have the same proclivity of a serpent that can bite the very hand that holds it.

But then, the serpent is a mere animal.

In the silence of the legends is the silence of conspiracy. Not one of complicity but the complicity of convenience, the collaboration of selective deafness to the painful moans of the game itself and blindness to the ghastly sights of monumental murder, the murder of probity and earnestness in Indian cricket.

That the game has been brought to serious disrepute is not on their minds, that the name and image of Indian cricket has been tarnished and lies in a sad heap of shabby shreds is not their botheration. That young boys who ought to have been taken under their wings and shown the path of morality now find themselves in police custody is not their concern.

But alas, what matters to them are their professional contracts with the cricket board and the resultant lucre that accrues.

Is that all there is to their lives?

To ignore the future of the very game that got them to the station they find themselves in, in life, is the very definition of self-preservation. Men with their ability for heroics and the capacity to handle pressure and adversity and perform scintillatingly in the presence of a million baying spectators almost all through their sporting careers.

Men who came to be known as legends of the game.

Such men to owe a sense of a fatherly responsibility to the game is fundamental to the very basis of their existence. Not for nothing are they deified as great players. Not every cricketer who bowled a cricket ball or wielded the cricket bat has come to be known as legendary after all!

Just to name some immediate names like Sunil Gavaskar and Ravi Shastri, Anil Kumble and Javagal Srinath, Saurav Ganguly and VVS Laxman, Rahul Dravid and Sachin Tendulkar, notwithstanding the fact that the last two have made some semblance of a statement regarding the need to clean the rubbish in the bin of Indian cricket, for them to behave as if they all played hockey for India and not cricket is simply amusing.

Their silence makes it look like they don’t belong to the game at all.

Come on gentlemen, bowl that one unplayable ball once again or essay that one marvellous stroke one more time so that the score board of Indian cricket looks respectable.

If we may inform you, right now it reads, morality caught avarice bowled greed! As for the runs, like the money, you can add whatever is feasible to both sides!

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12 Responses to “IPL scorecard: Morality c Avarice b Greed”

  1. Prabhu.S Says:

    I am not sure if I am alone in getting a feeling that the author has tried a convoluted method to make his point. Needless complex sentence formations through out the article. Was tiring to read.

  2. Doddi Buddi Says:

    Yenoo swalpa jasthi thagondu bardhidhaare antha kanisuthhe! I will not be surprised if some day some bookie claims God of Cricket’s century was fixed! Or the amazing ease with which Dhoni defies odds each time every time and so on…

  3. Deepak Says:

    Is this an English essay for a PG course or an useful article about IPLgate? There is nothing at all of substance in this article, when there are so many important issues to talk about. Look for a better article by a better writer which is more relevant.

  4. dr ramesh Says:

    BINDRA’S statement that bookie supplied a call girl for a top Indian player during srilanka tour is testimony to the fact Indian cricket is only about sex, sleaze, drugs.
    Many insiders knew this for long, its good that things are coming out. Many more skeletons to tumble out of the closet.
    IPL– star cricketers kit bag has another addition, I PILL.
    I hope India gets thrashed out of champions trophy, if not Indians will forget the controversy.

  5. chidu22 Says:

    This article was excruciatingly painful read of my life.

  6. K.Balasubrahmanyan Says:

    learnt 150 players are on India cements payroll including Kumble.Lakshman and dravid.! the game is very deep! bala

  7. harihara Says:

    One wonders : in which sphere of activity are we iondians devoid of corruption; For the past 1000 years we have practiced corruption and along with that talking about principles.!!! and shedding croco tears or false expressions of righteousnes /gossip Ijesus when he saw the crowd beating sonmeone for an alleged misbehaviour asked them to stop an declared ‘only the one whio has not committed thesame mis behaviour has any right to punish and asked such ones to raise the hand ; NONE raised , including himself; !!!!!! we are in the same predicament;It will require 5 generations or 125 years of cultural practice change to become good we have to sacrifice consumerism ANDEXCESS PLEASURE . Let us NOT write on the subject but start living better so that we can be can be model to our children, hrand children and so on

  8. Anonymous Guy Says:

    dr Ramesh, Sex and sports always go together. Women want to sleep with sportsmen, and sportsmen are able to perform better in bed. If you dont like this fact, stick to doing puja 24/7 and forget about sports.

  9. ERR Says:

    Ideal team for Champions Trophy:

    3 Fast Bowlers, 2 spinners, 3 batsmen, 1 w/k and.. 2 fixers.

  10. Vitlan Potli Says:

    Sunaad the sesquipedalian returns.

  11. Faldo Says:

    Agree with others here that this article seems belabored. There has been a lot of noise on IPL-gate and a lot of media commentators have mixed up spot fixing, betting and BCCI boardroom politics in an attempt to sensationalize this issue.
    The coverage this issue has received seems disproportionate in comparison to many other pressing issues facing the country. One hopes the police forces from various cities show the same urgency in tackling crimes affecting the common man.

  12. Gaby Says:

    Are Indian cricketers really athletic sportsman (except Rahul Dravidian of course)? Most of them look like portly real estate agents. The only reason why sex is getting added onto this is because they can afford it and it is pretty inexpensive to obtain. Possibly also the fact that they are the only celebrities other than film stars.

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