IPL fixing system runs on Mac, Linux or Vindoos?


The IPL spotfixing meets betting saga, starring Thiru Shantakumaran Sreesanthan Nair, Gurunath Meiyappan and Narayanaswamy Srinivasan, as seen through the eyes of Sri S.R. Ramakrishna and Sri Satish Acharya of Talk magazine.

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4 Responses to “IPL fixing system runs on Mac, Linux or Vindoos?”

  1. harihara Says:

    Betting, cheating etc are allhuman follies and frailties .They cannot be eliminated. the problem is that the over indulgence in market culture causes desire for excessive consumption which needs lot of bucks. The uncivil mind drives action of the mature of cheating and speculation etc to make these nonvalue aded bucks. i is the unbridled desire for consumption that causes the folly to grow into monstrous levels. All other logic and reopeated smshaana vyragya type of thoughts and words are only euphemism. Moderation is the cultural process needed . one has to start from anew generation, with the present elders starting to moderateness right now . may be 2 or 3 generations of practice of moderation will caause clean up of culture. merely increasing checks and controls will not do. on fact witha consumptive culture , each control step will create an oppurtunity to cheat and make a non value added buck.inour culture it is not satyameva jayate. It is kritrimameva jayate

  2. DHL Says:

    If IPL fixing system were run on next gen FOSS, it would mean Naidu-Nagar to most.

  3. Rajesh K Says:

    Every day, we see another sensational twist in our country, economy, politics, and now in cricket-IPL betting scandal combined with the shocking revelations on the BCCI cartel, black money to white engine, fixing, hawala, politics.etc. All this appears complete with the silence from all former super-stars of Indian cricket except the extraordinary, courageous lone-ranger called Kirti Azad.

    We all know the biggest skeletons are still waiting on the sidelines…the so-called bankrupt and grounded liquor & F1 billionaire, the petrochemical honco and first family of India Inc, who literally dictates budgets and funds nationwide campaigns….Many more shadier, crooked folks who will never-ever be in any regulatory or executive or judicial net. You bet!

    Meanwhile, it is time, the media notes that Suresh Chelaram, owns 43 per cent of the latest crook in news, Viz., RR/Raj Kundra.
    FYI, incidentally, Suresh is the co-brother of Lalit Modi, the manipulator extraordinary, who repeatedly talks to global media, like he was the Pope of cricket and IPL. Help!

    Truth is that, ALL the current office bearers of BCCI are complete crooks, who need to be jailed for life if not hanged!

    For example, everyone in Karnataka and Blr is aware of the corruption that Anil Kumble has been indulging in as chairman of Karnataka State Cricket Association (KSCA). Kumble’s associate & KSCA vice-president Venkatesh Prasad has also been in mega business with multiple cheating cases whitewashed by the top politicians in Cong-I, local BJP (with Jaitley’s blessings) and the Cubbon Park police.

    During the World Cup Cricket match between India and England on February 27, 2011, there were 100s of complaints wherein apart from Kumble, the black money pots of Blr and KSCA Vice Presidents including Sadananda Maiya P (Billionaire Hotelier) , Venkatesh Prasad B K, Roger Binny, Secretary Javagal Srinath, Treasurer Tallam Venkatesh (Billionaire diamond-merchant), and all other members of the Managing Committee (most of whom are either into real estate or mining or politics or hawala business) were recorded on criminal cases, but the investigation by local police, not surprisingly, did not even take off!

    Sadly, the muscle power of the office bearers (the current sheppard, backward caste CM in Karnataka is a long-time fan and proxy member of the renowned KSCA cartel), ensures all skeletons will remain in the cupboards!

    Well, there is perhaps a silver lining.

    On Dec 21, 2012, due to hundreds of complaints with proof, amidst the increasing backlog in the courts, the Karnataka Information Commission had brought the Karnataka State Cricket Association (KSCA) under the ambit of Right to Information (RTI) Act-2005, days after bringing the Vijay Mallya controlled Bangalore Golf Club also under the purview of the law.

    So friends: The Courts and RTI..etc are not totally a lost cause in the midst of the powerful political class. ….pls don’t lose hope.

    Never lose hope, always file your genuine complaints.

    As real Indians, let us all pray and hope the media will get enlightened, encourage and ensure Indian sports is a fair game, finally.

  4. chidu22 Says:

    Anil Kumble’s(KSCA president) silence in this whole episode of spot fixing/ betting scandal is astounding. Anil is himself embroiled in multiple conflict of interests and not surprisingly is keeping mum. Anil in reality is not what he is perceived in the media viz, humble, sober, sincere etc. Anil upstaged the politicians to occupy KSCA office in the garb of players know better, but looks like it was only to seize power, not improve cricket in the state.

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