‘Narendra Modi is test case of media objectivity’

CNN-IBN editor in-chief Rajdeep Sardesai in his nationally syndicated column, in the Hindustan Times:

“The mainstream media has always had a more uneven relationship with Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi. Modi’s acolytes would like to suggest that the mainstream media has always been anti-Modi and has hounded the BJP’s rising star with a ferocity that no other politician in this country has had to confront.

“Modi as victim of an English language media ‘conspiracy’ is a narrative that has been played out for over a decade now by the chief minister and his supporters, a narrative that aims to position Modi as a one-man army standing up to the might of the media.

“The truth, as it often is, happens to be far more complex….

“Journalism cannot be public relations nor can it be character assassination. Now, as Modi is poised for his next big leap, it is time for the media to maybe reset its moral compass: is to possible to analyse the Modi phenomenon by moving beyond the extremes of glorification or vilification?

“Can the media find a middle ground where Modi can be assessed in a neutral, dispassionate manner without facing the charge of bias or being a cheerleader? Or is Modi such a polarising figure that even the media has been divided into camps?

“My own personal experience suggests that it won’t be easy to avoid being bracketed as pro- or anti-Modi. But yet, we must make the effort. Because journalism in its purest form must remain the pursuit of truth shorn of ideological agendas. Modi has become a test case for the media’s ability to rise above the surround sound, unmindful of the rabid fan clubs or the equally shrill activists.”

Photograph: courtesy NDTV

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29 Responses to “‘Narendra Modi is test case of media objectivity’”

  1. usha Says:

    Oh, yes, I (partly) read something similar by Madhu Kishwar in Manushi. She has written a very long article discussing what she somewhere refers to as ‘the discourse around one man’ with a similar conclusion (actually stronger conclusion in favour of Modi, I think). Here is the link if anybody is interested in a very long article (and you haven’t read it before:) http://www.manushi.in/articles.php?articleId=1685&ptype=&pgno=1

    Rajdeep Sardesai in print on TV sound like two different people :)

  2. pessimisticcitizen Says:

    “…Because journalism in its purest form must remain the pursuit of truth shorn of ideological agendas.” Mere words Mr. Rajdeep; if you had been walking the talk things would have been much better. Much of the 4th estate in India and indeed the world, you included, from your actions appear to be light years away from ‘journalism in its purest form’.

  3. ERR Says:

    Media did not show the same objectivity investigating first soninlaw and spent only fraction of time as they did Srinivasan’s soninlaw 24 X7 X15 days nonstop…Objectivity of our media ?:)

  4. Anonymous Guy Says:

    In other words:
    “How do we re-align ourselves to the powers that be if Modi becomes PM?”

    Self-interest is a very powerful thing.

  5. Deepak Says:

    Media has been hopelessly biased over the last 10 years, maligning the BJP and Modi in particular and bowing before the Italian queen. Advani had said of the press during emergency, “She asked you to bend, but you crawled”. The channels and newspapers competed with each other to crawl before G-company to win favours. The performance of the media has been disgusting to say the least. All journalistic ethics have been thrown to the winds in their quest for NREGA/Bharat Nirman funds.

    Rajdeep (along with this former employers) has been at the forefront of the anti-Modi campaign and he and his channel, especially his wife have spared no opportunity to viciously target Modi and have lacked the guts to take on the first family in the same way. Probably now Rajdeep has seen the light and realises that he may have to deal with Modi the PM soon, that explains this article. It is fear of what Modi would do if he comes to power, rather all the crap anout than ‘pure journalism’.

  6. harihara Says:

    The media after the timeity at all; yuppies took over has no objectivity at all; if they did they would present factual news unfiltered to adjust it to their whim; they coul present opinion as comment and that should have brougyht out pothe the pro and cons; but then that would not be as per market culture and unless news is presented in acolored manner so as to make way doe gossip sales will niot pick up; the investors on media will like slaes and ads to pickup irrespective of ethics. This is the true status

  7. Doddi Buddi Says:

    First of all I want to correct the statement “English Media”; There is no such thing as English Media in India. All I see is the likes of Sardesai and his friends who sound like railway clerks in the remotest parts of Maharastra attempting to speak English and not succeeding in the endeavor. Forget the language there is no objectivity shown by ‘MSM’ in India.

  8. shemej Says:

    Today Nitish Kumar’s Janata Dal (U) quit the NDA. Many people do not understand the dynamics of regional politics. Every political party has its own mass base. No party can exist by undermining its own core base. In the below article, this situation is discussed in detail.


    That Narendra modi may become the prime minister of India can not be ruled out. This is because the coalition arrangement that may come to power at the center after 2014 (in fact December 2013 or January 2014– present goverment will dissolve the Parliament so that they can hold election after the good monsoon this year.)– the coaltion govt that may come to power will not last much. Hence in 2015 or in 2016 there will be one more election to Loksabha. That is why Rahul gandhi says he is not a prime ministerial aspirant this time. both Narendra Modi (BJP) and Rahul Gandhi are trying to become prime minister in 2015-2016 and not in 2014. BJP knows that alliance partners wont allow Modi to become prime minister. That is why Modi is aiming the 2015-2016 election. But he just want to establish his supremacy this time. LK Advani knows this. That is why Advani want to be in good relation with Nitish Kumar and other opposition parties and want to construct a secular image by opposing Narendra Modi. RSS itself acknowleges this. Though I always oppose RSS and BJP, in my opinion they are seasoned political leaders with clear understanding about the ground situation. They are not fools like those who dream of Narendra Modi becoming Prime minister. See this article–

    Narendra Modi can become the Prime Minister in only one way– that is by engineering defection from small regional parties. Mukesh Ambani led corporate lobby may help Modi to achieve this.

    Please understand that Adolf Hitler emerged as a hero in Germany when German economy was undergoing serious stagnation and problems. There is a similar situation in India now. No magic can change this problem of fundamental failure of market economy. But Capital can not wait. If you have 10 lakh or 1 crore, perhaps y ou can thinnk of investing in Bank, land, or Stock. But what if you have 10 lakh Crore rupees with you?
    You can not deposit it anywhere. Just imagine if you keep Rupees and the Rupee depreciate how much these corporate loses. If Indian economy go for reverse drive and GDP falls how much crore these corporate loses? No stock exchange in the whole world is performing well now. Even gold price is not promising.

    This is why Corporate want to add wealth to its pocket. The only one way is primitive accummulation of resources and land. Narendra Modi is the best person to do this for Corporate.

    In this situation we can not rule out Narendra modi becoming prime minister by purchasing MPs and splitting regional parties. Adolf hitler also came to power through back door.

    As Italian Researcher Marzia Casolari has exposed how RSS (and its polical wintg BJP) in his research work, no one has any doubt BJP is essentially doing what Hitler and Mussolini did. Though Hedgevar founded RSS, it was Hdgevar’s Godfather Dr. Munje who asked Hedgevar to found RSS to copy and implement what Mussolini was doing in Itali.

    Please note under Hitler, and Mussolini, Germany and Italy made significant gains in industrial growth. Essentially Hitler, Mussolini and Narendra Modi are just used as instruments by Corporate to boost their profitability.

    The lesson that we need to learn from Hitler and Mussolini is that– yes, they brought in development and more profits to Corporates, But in that process, they seriously undermined the very system. The reason why present day Germany and Italy is lagging behind USA is because of the disastrous experiments by these Fascist leaders.

    Narendra Modi can be made Prime Minister by Mukesh Ambani, through back door. He may further boost Corporate business. But that will be divisive to Indian society and it will only help India to perish in the long run.

    Under Narendra modi, the living standard of Dalits has deteriorated in relative sense if you compare the achievements of Odissa during the same period. In fact many other states in India has improved the living condition of the poor with relatively less State GDP rate.

    One thing I am sure is Narendra Modi will never become the Prime Minister of India by getting elected in election by winning 272 seats in Parliament elections. Please read the above link to understand why.

    The above article was written in 2011. 3 years back it was clearly pointed out (and not predicted) that Nitish Kumar will break away from BJP alliance. In fact it is also pointed out that after 2014 election, BJP and Congress will start disintegrating. Many of the regional state leaders of these parties will form their own outfits and Congress and BJP will never come back to its previous position, though it will bounce back to form Governments on regular intervals with the support of regional parties.

  9. dr ramesh Says:

    U have said it all, very well. Advani meant the same, when he blogged after Goa summit of bjp.

  10. harkol Says:

    Shemej: Shame Ji!

    You are talking of Mukesh Ambani and Modi together when Mukesh himself had told in Radia Tapes ‘Congress apni dukaan hai’???

    And Modi is a corporate proxy? Is Congress any different? In fact, it is even bigger one. Look at Vadra-DLF deals, Jindal is part of Govt! Petroleum ministry is not forcing RIL to be performance audited, because it will out another huge scam (like coal scam).

    You invoked Adolf Hitler many times. Curious to know why won’t you invoke our own dictator – Indira Gandhi & her clan? Sanjay Gandhi practically ruled India at the time, and Rajiv Gandhi was a Dalal for arms companies at the same time!!

    Current Prima Donna of Congress, Sonia Gandhi, was married into Gandhi clan in 1968, and was very close to Indira Gandhi. She lived with the ‘great dictator’ all thru the emergency years, and cultivated most of Gandhi feudality & ruthlessness, even as Menaka gandhi fell out of favor with IG. During emergency the kind of atrocities that were done were horrendous. Opposition leaders were jailed, people arrested & killed under MISA, without rights for bail, trial or even habeas corpus.

    If at all India didn’t have ’emergency’ or authoritarian dictatorship post 1980s, it is because Congress hasn’t got a majority ever since 1984. And who can forget the Sikh Massacre that happened when Congress was indeed in power in 1984, which is way bigger than Gujarat?

    Also, there is a nice compilation of big communal riots in free India, and except the 2002 Gujarat Riots, not one of them happened in BJP ruled state! What does that tell you?

    So, quit alluding to Hitler in Modi/BJP context. If only a party (BJP or Congress) gets 2/3rd majority, a Hitler may be born in India. Such danger only materialized under congress in 1975, because they indeed had 2/3rd majority those days.

    Today it is impossible for any party to get 2/3rd majority. But, should a party get it (BJP/Congress), it is more likely that the Gandhi family will produce the Hitler than BJP/RSS, because Congress has a precedence and template.

  11. Vinay Says:


    Well said. People like Shemej vomit whatever comes out of Western writers. And the Western “intellectuals” try to apply their “hitler” and “fascism” yardstick to every nation in the world.

  12. Abdur Rehman Patrawala Says:

    Of course, ‘Narendra Modi is test case of PAID media objectivity’

  13. Doddi Buddi Says:

    Dr Ramesappa and Shemej –Haagal Kayige Bevinkayi Sakshi!

  14. shemej Says:

    When RSS was founded, it was not founded for forging electoral alliance with Nitish Kumar or to make Advani the Prime Minister. It was not founded to develop Gujarath or India.

    RSS was founded with a clear objective.

    Obviously my respected friend above have not even attempted to read the text I provided in my previous comment.

    That research was not done by Congress, Nitish Kumar, Devegowda, Janata Dal, Yeddyurappa, communists, Mayavati or Sriramulu. That research paper was prepared by an Italian Scholar, who got the documents clearly establishing the connection between Rashtriya SwayamSevak Sangh and Mussolini’s Fascist party. Marzia Casolari has no love for Advani, Maneka Gandhi, Karat or Devegowda. Perhaps he is not interested in what impact it may make in Indian Politics. No Italian researcher can prevent himself from revealing what he found out in his research, just because that may embarass the present day followers of RSS or BJP.

    BS Moonje and Savarkar were inspired by the way Hitler and Mussolini were killing jews. They praised these massacres in public meetings and clearly said in writing that we Indians should also imitate them so that India also can become a great nation like Italy or Germany.

    In his book “We and our Nationhood defined” Guruji Golwalkar said: “the foreign races in Hindustan must either adopt the Hindu culture and language, must learn to respect and hold in reverence Hindu religion, must entertain no idea but those of the glorification of the Hindu race and culture, i.e., of the Hindu nation and must lose their separate existence to merge in the Hindu race, or may stay in the country, wholly subordinated to the Hindu nation, claiming nothing, deserving no privileges, far less any preferential treatment, not even citizen’s rights. There is, at least should be, no other course for them to adopt. We are an old nation: let us deal, as old nations ought to and do deal, with the foreign races who have chosen to live in our country.”

    (the funny fact is that the Aryan language speaking races actually came to India after the Harappans built the 6000 plus years of civilization. Though we are not sure if Dravidians also came from outside, present day evidence clearly shows that Dravidians lived in India much before Aryans migrated — and not invaded — to India. Not just Kannada speaking people, but Malayalis, Tamilians, Telugu, Coorgi, speking people also belonged to Dravidian group. Interestingly, many Adivasi Naxalite followers in Chathisgarh also speak Dravidian Language – Gondi.From Quatar to Pakistan, especially in Balochistan area there are Dravaidian language speaking population – speaking Brahui, giving an indication that the Harappans may be Dravidians — However, we have no clear evidence yet.)

    Read Guruji’s Manifesto for RSS here — http://www.scribd.com/doc/95053816/We-or-Our-Nationhood-Defined-Shri-M-S-Golwalkar-Guruji-1

    In the “Bunch of Thoughts”, considered to be the Bible of the RSS, it is described that Muslims as the first and the Christians as the second threat to India in a chapter titled “Internal Threats.”

    Golwalkar also said: “… some of our volunteers work in politics. There according to the needs of the work they have to organise public meetings, processions, etc, have to raise slogans. ….. However, the actor should portray the character given to him to the best of his capability. But sometimes volunteers go beyond the role assigned to an actor as they develop overzealousness in their hearts, to the extent that they become useless for this work. This is not good.”

    When Advani started acting too much and called Jinnah a secularist, he lost his job as the unquestionable leader of BJP, and RSS removed him. (in fact Jinnah was more an opportunist than a communalistt, and in his earlier stage of life, Jinnah was a secularist, but at later stage, he was communalist.)

    What can I do, to change what is already written and said by RSS founders? I am helpless. I sincerely wish I can undo what ever these RSS ideologists has written in the past to save our good friends from embarassment. But please understand that we are all helpless and can not undo what ever was already done in the past.

    It is understanable that majority of the people who worship RSS or BJP never even bothered to understand what is their objective. Many of our friends came to BJP because they either thought BJP may be opposed to Mandal Commission report or BJP may be interested to build a Ram Temple etc. These are all political gimmicks aimed to target innocent citizens like our good friends at Churumuri.

    If any one read the above texts, they can understand that RSS founders not only glorified Hitler and Mussolini, but they actually visited Germany and Italy and from Mussolini, they took lessons to establish similar organizations in India. Rashtriya Swayamsevak sangh was formed a result of this.

    BS Moonje (in whose house Hedgewar stayed for his medical study and who was the Godfather of Hedgewar) visited Mussolini and studied the work of Avaguidisti and Balaila (the youth wings of Fascist party).

    RSS shakha was visualized exactly in this line. That is why in RSS shakha, they arre wearing half shorts exactly like that in Balaiala and Avanguidisti. The evidence is provided by the Italian researcher in the above given article. Please click that and read, if possible.

    Shyama Prasad Mukherjee the founder leader of Bharatiya Jansangh was a personal friend of Hitler’s right hand Joseph Goebbels. (BJS later merged to form Janata Party but they once again floated new party that is Bharatiya Janata Party.) http://www.nationmaster.com/encyclopedia/Rashtriya-Swayam-Sevak-Sangh . I agree this link may not be a very reliable source. But there are any number of books written showing links between Mookerjee and Goebbels. Kindly see that I am not giving any irresponsible statement. I am giving some source to support my claims. Please verify these sources. And please tell me why it is wrong. If what I am saying is right, kindly accept it, that is the way of gentleman who pursue the truth. When we close our eyes, world will not plunge in darkness. The rest of the world can see the facts. Then why closing the eyes like a kitten drinking milk?

    “….in 1947, Mr L.K. Advani, then an RSS swayamsewak and not a Bharatiya Janata Party leader, ran away from Karachi because in his house bombs were being made to kill Mr Jinnah. Many of his associates were arrested and punished. He was able to get out. Now he says that he came by plane to Gujarat after the incident. But in his first biography by Atma Ram, it was said that he took a boat from Karachi to Gujarat and then could go to Rajasthan and other places in India.”

    D.R. Goyal- author of an authoritative narrative of RSS history.

    The same Advani spread hatred and led Rath Yatra. And hundreds of people belong to minority community and many Hindus killed as a result of the communal riots and communal polarization of society.

    Same Advani later claimed Jinnah was a true secularist. He said this, because he wanted to cultivate the image of a Secularist, who is acceptable to all sections of voters so that he can lead an alliance of centrist (old janata parivar) parties and try to get Muslim votes with relative success.

    During emergency, Indiragandhi was leading a Semi-fascist regime is now well understood by every one. However, compared to Congress, RSS has a fascist vision which is directly inspired by Carnages conducted by Adolf Hitler and Mussolini. RSS has an ideologically crtystalized fascist vision. All corporate parties on one occasion or another shed their liberal mask and show their true authoritarian nature. Congress also shows this. Even today there is a semi-fascist rule exist in our North Eastern states. But no other party in India has an ideologically crystalized fascist nature that RSS and Jamaat e Islami have. RSS and Jamaat e Islami are true Fascists who occasionally (when dont have clear dominance in society) wear a liberal mask. But Congress and other parties often show their true semi-fascist nature. Otherwise they talk about Ahimsa and Mahatma.

    When ever it is reminded that under the leadership of Narendra Modi, RSS cadres massacred people belonged to Minority community in Gujarath, some of our friends hurriedly point out the Sikh massacre in Delhi led by Congress. No true Indian can take such an opportunistic stand and blame each other and find consolence in the fact that other group also are evil.

    For a patriotic Indian, especially for a person like myself who is from Hindu Religion, we can never tolerate any of such evil acts practised by RSS or Congress. Whether it is Muslims or Sikhs, these evil murderers should be punished, and it is our responsibility to expose these elements. I am sorry, I dont want to use such examples just for scoring points in a discussions, and counter the opposition argument.

    If any one wants to glorify Killing pregnent woman and cutting the uterus and throwing the foetus in the streets of Naroda Patia, I am sorry to say, I can never and never sympathize with such people. That is not what my Hindu Dharma taught me. I am can challenge that none of these RSS leaders can come closer to my family members when it comes to devotion for God or following Hindu relgion or Dharma. However, personally, I dont give much importance to any religious practise.

    And about Mukesh’ and Radia connections —

    Narendra Modi who was married earlier, left wife (allegedly because she didnt suit his image –http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tHtbnK3i_Dk) and leading the life of a bachelor was well connected with Nira Radia, who was the Corporae lobbyist of Mukesh Ambani group and Tata group. http://deshgujarat.com/2010/11/25/was-gujarati-bahu-niira-radia-a-nano-link-between-modi-and-tata/

    Also read — http://articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/2013-04-04/india/38276743_1_adani-power-ltd-reliance-industries-ltd-undue-benefit

    These are facts. These are not imaginations. If you disagree with any of the Sources, kindly ask BJP or Narendra Modi to challenge these claims in the court. These are all available in public domain. And till this date, no one has bothered to question all these…

    Let us be open minded. Let us accept the facts first.

    Please dont come with an argument that, One Kharge or Devegowda or Sonia Gandhi also are doing all these. That is not answer to my questions. If BJP also does these, oppose them. If Janata Dal does this, then oppose them. For your information, I am one of the first persons in India to criticize Budhadeb Bhattacharya favouring Tata in West Bengal. I am not supporting Congress or BJP. At the same time, I have political views and support a small political party which is now targetted by all big parties and recently its top leader was assassinated. I am opposing all types of extremist groups including Muslim Terrorists and Naxalites, which are funded either by foreign groups (many Islamist groups) or corporates (wikileaks reveal that Naxalites are funded and often controlled by Essar and other corporate groups).

    If you have answers, please provide them. I am definitely open minded to criticisms and ready to examine any facts, and if necessary to accept them.

  15. nirbhayasindiaNirbhayasindia Says:

    It’s easy to understand what’s happening, though it appears delightfully complex. We are an utterly capitalist nation, to the point that we realize now that we reached the heights of crony capitalism. Thus for a politician to have the arclights on him must do a few obvious things. First, molly cuddle the shitty and corrupt business class in this country so that they flock and make him look progressive and ‘growth’ oriented. Once this happens, the salaried class including the press sees all development from the prism of the stock market. And lo and behold, it’s easy to become a hero. But in the elections, someone else votes – the faceless, the nameless and voiceless now take over. And you know where they put their finger! Still, you might enjoy reading the story of the awakening of a spent nation in verses at http://www.nirbhayasindia.com

  16. Gaby Says:

    An absolute majority for the BJP will lead to a Fascist state and one for the Congress will lead to a dictatorship. Both totalitarian governments. Therefore the Indian electorate will give neither even a simple majority.

  17. Deepak Says:

    @shemej very clearly you belong to the Congress/NGO/NDTV cadre whose bread and butter comes from maligning Modi. Every line you write stinks of lies, bias and anti-national intentions. It is people like you who are responsible for stalling progress and leaving India in the condition it is in now. But your circus won’t run. People don’t care for such rubbish.Modi has a golden chance to be PM and will probably do it, while you jokers keep crying and moaning.

  18. Doddi Buddi Says:


    You are being funny! Things are not so simple but if UPA come to power again they will perpetuate the same dictatorship that is going on for the last 8 years or so!

  19. harkol Says:

    Gaby: Can you tell me where dictatorship ends and fascism begins?

    Webster defines fascism as ” a political philosophy, movement, or regime (as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition”

    Effectively, fascism is an ‘dictatorial’ govt. with only one spin additional quality – racist xenophobia. By classical definition of fascism more for leftist govts are fascist than right wing ones. USSR, China, Korea all have fascist govts.

    All the above happened under Indira Gandhi. If you are old enough you’ll know that by 1975, She was autocratic, opposition was suppressed, economic & social regimentation was a reality, and she blamed all ills of India to a ‘foreign hand’. So, it was an authentic fascist (not semi-fascist as Shemej says above) regime. The folks who were part of that clique carried out the biggest pogrom India has seen in 1984.

    Can this happen with Narendra Modi as well? It can! Gujarat 2002 is a blot on the nation. And he didn’t do enough. But, did he create a cult of fear in Gujarat? NO! Check this image of Ishrat Jahan’s brothers burning an image of Modi within Gujrat – http://goo.gl/5vsdt

    If there was true cult of fear, this would’ve been impossible.

    Fascism can happen under any leader who has unbridled power. Which is why most democracies have checks and balances. Our biggest safety against fascism is ‘the people’ themselves. They threw out Indira Gandhi, fought her tooth and nail during 2 years of emergency.

    They’d do that again with another fascist. Because, India is essentially diverse and more tolerant society, unlike any other fascist societies you can see across the world.


    That RSS has fascist vision? Distinguish between communal & fascist ideologies. A communal ideology is to promote a religious agenda, a fascist agenda is to ‘supress’ the opposite faith/religion/ideology.

    RSS leaders had contacts with Hitler & Mussolini? Perhaps they did. Many in pre-independence India did too. Subash Chandra Bose met Hitler and took active help from Germany & Japan for ‘Azad Hind Fauj’. What does all that has to do with today?

    In USA, Republican party was founded by Abraham Lincoln, who abolished slavery, but today it has come to be associated with right-wing conservatism. While democratic party, which has its roots in party founded by Thomas Jefferson (a slave owner), has become the natural party of the black and considered ‘liberal’ today!!

    So, what matters is what are being propounded as ideology today. Not of the days gone by.

    RSS is indeed communal, as it talks about Hindu ideology. It doesn’t talk about Hindu ‘supremacy’. I dislike RSS, because they are parochial. But, I am not biased. I can see it doesn’t promote or advocate suppression of other religions or ideologies.

    And, I won’t foolishly vote for Congress with a mistaken belief that it is any better, when it was the only party to have actually had a fascist govt. in India.

  20. harkol Says:


    Just to be clear that I am not biased – I voted Congress in 2009. I would vote for either of these parties depending on three things:

    1. Issues currently at hand.
    2. Leadership capability
    3. Credible candidate in my constituency

    To go by all other blabber is to fool oneself. BJP & congress are equally bad/good for the nation. Both are essential, both have flaws.

    And one chooses between the options one has, because as in a cards game ‘jokers’ are useful side players, but you can’t play the cards with only jokers. So, voting for parties like JD(S), KJP, SP etc. only serves one purpose – horse trading.

  21. Gaby Says:

    DB,yes I was being facetious. But what else can you be when fan clubs keep talking of how their respective drama companies will usher in a fantastic time/ has ushered in a fantastic time- 100 crore movies, power napping PMs, Rama Rajya etc without considering the complex nature of the Indian polity.

    Having said that I wasn’t entirely unreal- the BJP Ideology has a tendency towards radical authoritarianism and the congress for blind leader worship. Both sets of clowns are intolerant of common sense.

  22. dr ramesh Says:

    If churumuri ever had an award for the most enlightening post, I would vote for SHEMEJ, the write-ups have been very informative. It has saved my time and energy to know more about RSS-BJP-CORPORATE symbiotic relationship. He has summarized it very well.

  23. asha Says:


    >>An absolute majority for the BJP will lead to a Fascist state>>

    What are you basing this assertion on?

  24. M Says:

    I do not know how powerful this Modi is. Even now I beleive that Modi can sway the vote only in traditional BJP pockets like Gujarat and parts of UP and Delhi. This way, he may become successful at consolidating the core BJP vote. Be it Congress or BJP, their core votes are no longer sufficient to garner comfortable majority. Regional parties are a growing reality.Therefore, the party/coalition that ultimately forms the Govt. has to be secular. Advani brought BJP to power through his Rath Yatra and Masjid demolition. Not a single brick was laid at Ram Mandir while they were in power. They also opened up to Pakisthan. Neutrality is an inevitability to stay afloat.

  25. shemej Says:

    “…very clearly you belong to the Congress/NGO/NDTV cadre whose bread and butter comes from maligning Modi. Every line you write stinks of lies, bias and anti-national intentions. ”

    : )

    That is funny.

    Not knowing a fact is not a crime. Most of us are NOT scholars, or at least I am not. Why we participate in discussions is to understand/enhace our knowledge/ to get more clarity on issues and to learn from our fellow citizens and netizens.

    We can have different opinions or interpretations of facts. But how can we deny a fact?

    If any of our valued friends thinks that I say lies, then I humbly suggest him/her one thing.

    Kindly say which sentence I have typed is a lie. Please precisely pinpoint it. Let us not make sweeping generalizations. Kindly tell me which word, and in which sentence and in which paragraph of what post is a lie. I hope our respected friends are aware that hundreds of others watch and read these discussions and let us not belittle ourselves by sweeping generalizations, which is intended as a tactic to escape from facing difficult questions. Sweeping generalizations, in this context, are like standing at Mekhri circle and throwing garbage bags in all directions.

    “..Effectively, fascism is ‘dictatorial’ govt. with only one spin additional quality – racist xenophobia… ”

    If any one wants to cut off the same branch that they build their arguments on, it is their personal freedom. But at least please note down Bangalore’s emergency ambulance phone number -108, because all those who fall down and break their hip wont become Kalidasa and all of them whom Narendra Modi’s police shot down are not political opponents. If you have doubt, please ask Keshubhai or Praveen Togadia… News reports indicate, in some of the fake encounters organized by senior police officers where to make Modi happy and to get promotion.

    “German race pride has now become the topic of the day. To keep up the purity of the race and its culture, Germany shocked the world by her purging the country of the Semitic races-the Jews. Race pride at its highest has been manifested here. Germany has also shown how well-nigh impossible it is for races and cultures, having differences going to the root, to be assimilated into one united whole-a good lesson for us in Hindusthan to learn and profit by.”

    books.google.co.in/books?isbn=8178240866 (see page 252)

    — This is the same word written by Guruji Golwalkar. Who is the second SarSanghchalak of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh. Naredra Modi himself openly says he is proud to be an RSS man.

    Do the above words show RSS an “authoritatian power”, or a “fascist organization”? If RSS spin on any pivotal principle, then that is this ideological premise, my dear friends, it is NONE OTHER THAN THIS VERY SIMPLE PRINCIPLE – “It is near ‘impossible for races and cultures, having differences going to the root, to be assimilated into one united whole…”


    I guess all of us has the simple common sense to understand what he meant by these words… Doesn’t it send a chill up your spine?

    I thank all of you for criticizing and correcting me- Thanks Dr Ramesh. And more importantly harkol for positively responding to earlier comments. I thik harkol has shown the open mind to look into his/her inner heart and modify (slightly) his/earlier positions.

  26. harkol Says:

    >I thik harkol has shown the open mind to look into his/her inner heart and modify (slightly) his/earlier positions.

    Actually, I have an open mind, that’s why I revised my vote of 2004 to BJP to vote for Congress in 2009, but will positively vote for BJP in 2013/14 (unless BJP puts up a criminal candidate in my constituency).

    Having an open mind is to be able to evaluate a situation objectively, without biases. You apparently are very biased against BJP.

    I am able to do that, and I can see myself voting for Congress again, if it reforms its own governance, makes it more democratic and pushes the ‘royal family’ away.

    And of all other stuff you’ve said, only some are clearly true, some of it is patently false propaganda.

    But, none of what you said matters, because those are not an issue in elections – Economics is.

    If I voted for Congress in 2009, it is with the hope MMS will reform further and grow Indian economy. I will vote against congress because Gandhi family ruined the economy with ‘sonianomics’.

    Ultimately jobs, economic growth is what matters because that lets people live with dignity. Not handouts like NREGA, FSB.

    Such hand me downs are equivalent to a coin thrown out to a begger, while the queen (SoGa) sits in an imported car. Or how Rahul Gandhi gave Rs.1000 to a news paper boy. Charity.

    People don’t need charity – they need opportunity. Opportunity is what is denied by Congress for past 4 years, by undermining the economy, destroying employment (Check NSSO figures).

    All this is far more damaging than anything RSS/BJP can do, in an inherently secular nation.

  27. Shemej Says:

    “And of all other stuff you’ve said, only some are clearly true, some of it is patently false propaganda. ”

    Kindly tell me which line, which word or which coma or a semicolon is false according to you. Generalized statements like this wont help.

    It may be shocking to you. It may be something new to you. But as long as these are not questioned with corroborative evidences (at least some supporting facts), they would remain what they are– Undeniable, TRUTH…

    “But, none of what you said matters, because those are not an issue in elections – Economics is.”
    I have given my view about why the corporate model of economics is adding to our problems. You have chose to remain silent.

    at this link —

    If you are interested, then respond to me at that link please. Or kindly ask Churumiri editors to start a new discussion about what economics model is good for India. I have not studied economics. I am just a layman. But there are any number of economists studied and exposed this LIE. Let us not be fools believing what the Nira Radia inspired journalists and coolie professors writing in substandard magazines like Times of India or India Today.

    You dont need super-intelligence to understand that Corporate model is destroying India. It doesnt create jobs. It is a bankrupted vision. Even a person with average intelligence like me can easily see this– But I cant take the responsibility to keep your eyes open.

  28. prakash Says:

    To Shemej :
    to start meaningful dialogue why do not you counter arguments to Madhu kishwar on godhra riots 2002 if you lose you prove your self biased and your all arguments fall like pack of cards. you appear to be a studied misguided and misled poor soul e. g. aryans and dravidians controversy. are you living 50 years past this matter is resolved by scientific research way back. there can be many counters to your arguments on RSS and Modi and et al. do you think Ramkrishna Mission was wrong in allowing Modi to sit and meditate in Swami Vivekanand’s room. there is history of their close association with RSS for more than 70 years. and Ramkrishna Mission can not be wrong.

  29. Shemej Says:

    P. Sainath has written volumes to show that modern election are won or lost, by purchasing coolie journalists. While Congress pays in India, NRI businessmen pay on behalf of Narendra Modi in USA.
    Non Resident Gujarati Indians in USA fund BJP and Modi.

    This discussion shows, Narendra Modi/NarendraModi’s associates pay journalists to praise him. See —


    “At the Vibrant Gujarat summit earlier this year, a list of 20 journalists was drawn for a luncheon meeting with Modi. On this list was Madhu Kishwar, editor of Manushi…. who has turned from being a critic to an advocate of Modi. Internal communication accessed by Open shows that the agency was wooing Kishwar, something she firmly denies.”

    Why should I respond to respected coolie journalists, Vir Sanghvi, Kishwar, Kushwaha, KoolhaasShoes etc and the noise that they make when paid money?

    “aryans and dravidians controversy…50 years past this matter is resolved”

    So, this shows you have not read anything which is published during the last 50 years back.

    Do you know where the first references of God Indra was found? It is in Syria.
    Where Bashar al-Assad and Al-queda supported rebels fighting each other. What does that mean? If Devendra was born close to Syria, most of his great grand children must be Muslims now. Shocking? Okay, read if you can. At least, try to think why Arabs (not exactly Arabs, but Iranians) and North Indians have similar features? From hair color, height, nose, skin color to even behaviour traits? Why their languages are so similar, where as South Indian Languages are totally different from North Indian Languages?

    Kindly Search online for this term and read, if possible, “Early India: From the Origins to AD 1300 the context of Rig Veda romila thapar”

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