Caught on film: The Dalai Lama’s hair-raising tale

Photo Caption

The Dalai Lama is nothing if not funny. On a visit to the ISKCON temple in Bangalore on Friday, the (totally tonsured) Tibetan spiritual leader plays around with the tuft of Madhu Pandita Das, the ISKCON president and chairman of the Akshaya Patra foundation.

Photograph: Karnataka Photo News

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Corruption, religion, spirituality and the Dalai Lama

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12 Responses to “Caught on film: The Dalai Lama’s hair-raising tale”

  1. Daxa Sharad Ghai Says:

    A hair raising moment,literally.

  2. The Ringer Says:

    The ISKCON president in turn could have put his palm on the bald head of Dalai Lama.

  3. Anon Says:

    What’s so funny about it? What if it were the other way round as mentioned (wished) by The Ringer? Your caption would have been totally different.

  4. the colonel Says:

    the iskon guy is just a president.

    the Dalai is A living GOD.

    You want to put his hand on Him???????

  5. chidu22 Says:

    Bengalur’s identity is “no identity”, so what’s the fuss?

  6. karthik shandilya Says:

    Living god :D

  7. The Ringer Says:

    Dalai Lama is a living God? Still there are people who believe this in this day and age!

  8. Ravi Says:

    Which “living God” will joke like this put his hand on the tuft of a person. Is he , Kaliyuga’s ” living God” who can indulge in this prank?

  9. Anon Says:

    a ‘living God’ who loses his respect even in his capacity as an elderly human being by playing such a prank. Thanks to this photo, we know how some of the ‘living Gods’ behave.

  10. the colonel Says:

    All you hurt people, what ever you willingly hurt for, Yes he is a living God, your non-ack makes no difference to his devotees. So, stand by their beliefs, respect that and stop talking like U want vrgns in hvn.

  11. Karson Bhutia Says:

    howdy!! the R duo, Just reading your comments above shows your shallow thinking. why don’t you just look at the fun part! no need to make it controversial. Dalai Lama has always maintained that he is no god, but a simple monk. Anyways, the two individuals in the photograph, (HH Dalai lama & HH Madhu Pandita Das) has no issues sharing the lighter side of life. Guess you guys are playing your own kinda roles, so chill ! Goodness will lose all creditability if there are no bad/evil/devil. what say guys??


  12. Kavi Says:

    Hello B. The nakli American lingua needs no other comment except the remark that how shallow any nakli attempt is. Some one commented that Bangalore has no identity in another thread, but I would say many Indians have lost their identity at the alter of the Dollar!!

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