Will Yediyurappa return change BJP fortunes?

What goes around, comes around. Barely months after he left the party fuming and fretting, barely months after the party thought it had seen the back of him, B.S. Yediyurappa and the BJP—both chastened by the defeat in the Karnataka assembly elections—are apparently eyeing each other.

In one sense, it is a reality check for the BJP, which likes to think of itself as a cadre-based party, and for Yediyurappa, who thought that his standing was alone enough to carry him to power. With both the party and the individual realising their limitations, they are thinking of mending broken bridges.

In another sense, it is also a reflection of the changed if not changing reality in the BJP. With “two-time former future prime minister” L.K. Advani, who apparently played a key role in Yediyurappa’s ouster, no longer calling the shots, Yediyurappa sees an opening in the new scheme of things under Narendra Modi. And vice-versa.

Both sides are now playing coy. The BJP wants him to formally “apply” to rejoin the party. Yediyurappa, for his part, says the majority of his followers only want a tie-up with the parent body, not a formal merger. Either way, the path is being paved for the return of the prodigal.

Still, there is such a thing as political morality. When Yediyurappa walked out, the BJP painted all the excesses of his government—the corruption, the scams, the scandals—to him and his cronies. Will facilitating Yediyurappa’s return impact Modi’s national ambitions? Will the BJP emerge stronger in Karnataka with Yediyurappa’s return, or is this too convenient an arrangement which voters will see through?

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6 Responses to “Will Yediyurappa return change BJP fortunes?”

  1. harkol Says:

    Yeddy & his side kick DJ Kumar kept saying they’ll never return to BJP or have anything to do with BJP. But, then the stark reality is even his own sons won’t win Loksabha seats in 2014.

    So, BJP swallows a bitter pill and takes back Yeddy. It will certainly help in an immediate context by allowing it some semblence of performance (not necessarily 18 seats but, perhaps a more acceptable 12-14).

    But, the party may have to get ready for ‘yeddy current’ (the Foucault currents) that may singe the party from within.

  2. Pulikeshi the Last Says:

    The current BJP goal seems to be preempting Kumaraswamy’s position as the leader of the opposition. If that is not done, the next electoral battle might just well be between the Congress and the Appa-Makkala party.

  3. Badarayana Says:

    Yes, bring him in and BJP will be ruined once for all !!

  4. Faldo Says:

    Well said, Harkol. More than anything else it is yeddy currents that have brought Yeddy and his former party to their current state.

  5. Objectivist Mantra Says:

    Well, Yediyurappa’s return might or might not change BJP’s fortunes, but it will certainly lead to the seminal changes in the fortunes of the “pseudo-socialist & pseudo-secular” intellectuals and journalists.

    These “pseudo-socialist & pseudo-secular” intellectuals and journalists are already having a field day in whining about Narendra Modi, and once Yediyurappa comes back, the pseudo-secular barbs are going to get even more shrill.

    We are going to have a shrill cacophony emanating from main stream media. The India media does nothing to criticize the corruption, the mismanagement, the communal speeches that so-called secular leaders are leading to.

    They have sold their souls for advertisements and other perks that only the ruling party can provide. There is a big bias in the media…

  6. nilesh Says:

    No, it will puncture modi’s image, the first mistake gadkari as president made was joining hands with shibu shoren.

    yeddi is like kalyan singh, he will join before election and quit after election

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