‘The simple pleasures of villainy have been lost’

The adman cum columnist Santosh Desai pens a nostalgic tribute to Pran, in The Times of India:

“Today, villainy has for all practical purposes moved into the dimensions of the hyperreal. To be considered a villain, one has to maim, savage and disembowel a large number of people, preferably in slow motion.

“The simple pleasures of villainy—getting someone to sign a will, marrying the girl at gunpoint, succumbing to the hero’s blows after a climactic showdown involving jeep chases, cliff edges and construction sites with dynamite going off every now and then- have all been lost.

“Even the notion of the bad-turned-good has lost the power it once had, for the line between the two is irredeemably blurred today.”

Read the full article: The power of bad turned good

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5 Responses to “‘The simple pleasures of villainy have been lost’”

  1. the colonel Says:

    Over 400 movies!!!!!

    and he has never seen a movie in his life.

    he stood by everyone, and on his death see the hypocrites who had used him , now shamelessly extol him.


    “AND PRAN”

    nothing more need be said. that and pran says it all.

    read the book. highly recommended.

  2. Gaby Says:

    I find this bemusing and amusing. Nothing in Churumuri when the equally fabulous and more topical (to Churumuri) P B Shreenivas passes away……..

  3. FirstReality Says:

    So we need more simplistic movies.

    Only TOI can come up with something as stupid as this.

  4. asha Says:

    Gaby spot…another sign Churmuri is becoming anti-kannadiga slowly but surely

  5. dhruv Says:

    Could have used a better image for such an immense personality.

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