A sea of milk flows from one state to another

20130716-083615 PM.jpg

India’s fifth tallest waterfall, the Dudhsagar, on the border of Goa and Karnataka in all its milky glory, on Tuesday, as the Mandovi receives copious rains.

Photograph: Karnataka Photo News

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8 Responses to “A sea of milk flows from one state to another”

  1. VTVenkataram Says:

    It is really a milky glory !!

  2. dr ramesh Says:

    Nature at its best,
    Dudh sagar is a miracle, it is the best advertisement for India tourismn
    Recently, a high quality, super hit Kannada movie MYNAA captured dudh sagar like no one before. Dudh sagar was a character in the movie, it appeared dudh sagar was emoting hundreds of feelings.

  3. the colonel Says:

    ah Mother Nature always makes us happy.

    one suggestion, lets assume everything’s wrong.

    let churumuri only post if something good is done politically.

    that would make life much much better.

  4. Sanjeeva Says:

    Spectacular, Fantastic. Rudra Ramaneeya endare ide!

  5. shemej Says:

    Though the image provided by Churumuri itself is not bad, there are some nice images and youtube videos online, if one searches for Doodhsagar waterfall. Images presenting nice view of train passing across the downstream…

    Well, when searched online, it is found, Goa Forest Department is in control of the area. Never seen it in real.

  6. dhruv Says:

    Fantastic, will be there next week to see Dudhsagar in all its Milky Glory. Wow

  7. jayashree Says:

    Now if Tamil Nadu says that they do not want Caveri water what will happen to Mysore. Let us share and live in peace!

  8. b n venugopal Says:

    What a majestic look, Really it is milky as the name itself suggests.

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