Can an all-time Karnataka XI beat Dhoni’s men?

India Australia 3rd test in New Delhi

Mahendra Singh Dhoni carries Anil Kumble on his shoulders after the latter had played his last Test match, at the Ferozshah Kotla in New Delhi, in November 2008 (courtesy Sportstar)

As the Karnataka state cricket association (KSCA) celebrates its platinum jubilee, the cricket writer Suresh Menon compiles an all-time Karnataka XI, with a telling line “Humility need not be an aspect of greatness, but in Karnataka (cricket) the two have always gone together”:

V.S. Vijay Kumar

R.M.H. Binny

G.R. Vishwanath

Rahul Sharad Dravid

Brijesh Parasuram Patel

S.M.H. Kirmani (wicket-keeper)

Anil Kumble (captain)

Javagal Srinath

B.K. Venkatesh Prasad

E.A.S. Prasanna

B.S. Chandrasekhar

B. Vijayakrishna

The 12-member squad has two quickies, one leggie, one offspinner, one left-arm spinner.

Let us squabble: should Dravid be coming in after Vishy? Was Venkatesh Prasad really better than Doddanarasiah Ganesh or even R. Vinay Kumar? And, wasn’t Sadananad Viswanath a better keeper than Kirmani?

Could the all-time Karnataka XI with 28,579 Test match runs and 1,432 wickets beat Mahendra Singh Dhoni‘s all-conquerors?

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6 Responses to “Can an all-time Karnataka XI beat Dhoni’s men?”

  1. Prashanth Says:

    The thought itself is very interesting. Karnataka line up looks awesome.

  2. Anonymous Guy Says:

    Couple of options:
    Sunil Joshi as an all rounder.
    David Johnson as another medium pacer.

  3. ERR Says:

    A Karnataka team without V. Subramanya (Kunjumani)? One still remembersthe Century partnership in his audacious knock in Duleep trophy with no.11 Chandra at the other end.

  4. Jayashree Prasad Says:

    Ok a good selection for the Mysore team! There is no place for Kumble in the team. Subramanian is the Captain. The big Subramanyam at silly point will make Doni’s players shit. The match has to be played at Central collage ground, uncovered wicket, during monsoon season. Prasanna will turn the ball like a Buguri ( A top )., Chandru will run through the batting in the 3rd session. .Subramanian, Chandru and Prasanna will have Mosaranna for lunch with Shankar Iyer in his car and crush Doni’s Money hungry team!!

  5. Goldstar Says:

    Is it already five years since Kumble retired from Test cricket :-( ?!!

  6. Robin Says:

    i wish i had seen Subramaniam playing, this team is my dream team too.
    In fact Ideal Jawa team had beaten SBI in Mysore when SBI had full Karnataka team.

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