What lies beneath the soil millions have walked

Photo Caption

Photo Caption

The Vidhana Soudha, buitt during chief minister Kengal Hanumanthaiah‘s time, may be Bangalore’s most famous building, but in the mind’s eye of the common Kannadiga, it is an area named after a movie hall that bears the greatest resonance.

“Majestic” is where the main railway and bus stations in Bangalore are located, disgorging people from near and far across the State into the big city’s bowel.

The last big construction was during the late R. Gundu Rao‘s time, when the Kempe Gowda bus station was built. As the innards of an iconic area are excavated for the metro rail project, the mind boggles to see how much longer is it going to take.

Photographs: Karnataka Photo News

Also view: The namma Metro photo portfolio

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3 Responses to “What lies beneath the soil millions have walked”

  1. babuds Says:

    Namma Metro shall hold the record for maximum number of years taken by any such metro for completion, if at all it is ever to be completed. Majestic has already turned into a big ‘Conjestic’ with shopping, eateries, lodges, cinemas, City Bus station and Ry Stn. In another 10 years this metro may come up there to make the Conjestic into MegaloConjestic.

  2. Shemej Says:

    Do you know one guy was given the charge of re-building a destroyed (1964) Railway line to Rameshwaram. He was originally given 6 months time by the India Government. But this guy completed the whole project within 45 days. He must be a real fool. He lost a life time opportunity to loot. Guess who this ‘idiot’ is …..

  3. sisya Says:

    devare gati!

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