Don’t you know, don’t you know, she’s very very

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There are many labels the Kannada and Tamil actress Divya Spandana also known as Ramya has attracted in her chequered career: moody, hothead, temperamental, drama queen, etc.

She may be all that and more, but she is also spunky, spirited, full of beans, not short of “attitude”, never short of a word, and lives life on her own terms.

Being elected the youngest female Congress MP for the short time that is left in the tenure of the current Lok Sabha may seem trivial, but doing so in the male-dominated Vokkaliga hotbed of Mandya carries all sorts of import.

Will the Ooty-educated actress with a cloistered upbringing, who is now a firm favourite for a ticket in the next general election, be a successful politician with her ear to the ground? Or will she end up being seen as a puppet of politicians firing at their rivals from her nimble shoulders?


Watch Ramya in an item number in the movie Johnny mera naam, Preeti mera kaam:

Photograph: Karnataka Photo News

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25 Responses to “Don’t you know, don’t you know, she’s very very”

  1. harkol Says:

    In times like this I do believe a good portion of Indians are fools (if not 90% as a wiseman said). I could understand why voters wanted to vote for Congress in State elections.

    But, Voting for congress at the Center (LS) is nothing more than voting for a corrupt, venal, feudal family.

    But then, do voters really care? I guess a good portion of voters (atleast 30% of them) are masochists. They seem to enjoy all the pain they receive, and don’t want to change things.

    So, I guess, they’d have even voted for a donkey on a congress ticket.

  2. Javeed Says:

    Sorry… I could not figure out the necessity of appending the link to ‘item’ song. Actually, what u wanted to convey through this? The link is not consistent with the standards of Churumuri. Never before had Churumuri disappointed me like this. :(

  3. Anonymous Guy Says:

    In India sons and daughters of take up their parents profession if it is profitable. Politicians children become politicians. What is the big deal here?

  4. Doddi Buddi Says:

    Kai idhe sumne vote-u haaku
    Mandyadh Congress Rani naa!
    Devegowdra nightmare-u naane
    Dr Ramesappa alabedappa

    Good to see Ramya winning! Any body is better than a JDS candidate! As Ambareesh observed, ‘Siddaramaiah is the Modi of Congress!”

    Jai Ho!

  5. Deepak Says:

    The problem with our country is not Congress party but with the people who vote for Congress. As long as just fools exist, our nation will continue on its journey to doom.

  6. dr ramesh Says:

    politics is not for the faint hearted, Its for the triers. None better than DEVE GOWDA exemplifies it.
    Player enters an arena, he has both victory and defeat in his foresight, yet he tries to win, loss makes him work harder and plan better.
    HDD and HDK will play a big role in the govt formation after 2014 loksabha elections.

    Results of this by elections clearly demonstrates the eroding values and decline in political thinking of voters in karnataka which was once known for intelligent voting.

    HDK immediately offered to resign taking responsibility for the defeat of the party, it shows his caliber and sensitivity, other hand a certain PARAMEHWAR continues as KPCC head even after getting defeated.
    This says it all.

  7. dr ramesh Says:

    I am very curious and eager to know the reaction of TECHILLIGENTIA who have strong opinion against dynastic politics particularly devegowda and family -to the supposed coronation of NRN son as vice president of infosys – the temple of Indian entrepreneurship.
    Was there a lack of talent among others in infy to become VP or infyites pleaded for his elevation.?
    Blood is thicker, its viscosity and magical traits can destroy best of principles.

  8. Shemej Says:

    Dr. Ramesh, I agree businessmen are opportunistic, as the busienss is. When was Narayana Murthy principled?

    Well, appointing someone as the executive is their prerogative, however unethical, as long as the director board endorses it. Compared to the massive fraud Indian Software companies commit, this is negligible.

    One can not compare Political party with a private company.

    Janata Dal (including its old avatar, Janata Party and Socialist groups are not built by a family. Nor it is possible for any one to build a political party without the active support of masses.

    You fail to notice that, HD Devegowda, never endorsed Kumaraswamy alligning with BJP. Your Kumaraswamy is, I am sorry to say, a naive individual, if I dont want to put it more bluntly. And my complaint is that, he is agaisnt he is actually destroying the party built by thousands of principled men and women in the past. (At the same time, I never consider Socialist movement as really socialists. They were actually representing the Landlord interest in the rural areas. Out of that very few leaders were guided by principles and ideology.

    HD Kumaraswamy is one of the most efficient, hardworking politician we have ever seen in Karnataka (perhaps in India) after his own father HD Deve Gowda, Veerappa Moily. And he was undoubtedly one of the good chief ministers after Devaraj Urs and HD Deve Gowda. No one can accuse him of inefficiency, lack of strategy etc. (yes there are questions about the direction of strategy). Yet, he is primarily responsible for Janata Dal being washed out of Karnataka Politics. He is compassionate as a human being. But really matters is not compassion by an individual leader. What happened to hundreds of people he helped during his “Meet the people programmes” he conducted during his tenure as chief minister? Are they getting any follow up help now? How many of these people KD Kumara Swamy heped to get a job continue to be in job now?

    Who is responsible? HD Kumara Swamy himself is responsible.

    Under the leadership of his father HD Deve Gowda, Janata Dal had build an image of a pro-farmer party. A party representing Rural people. A party which never compromise on Secularism. A party which is relatively less corrupt.

    What happened to all these now?

    Janata Dal is now fast becoming the party of Capitalists. Worse it is the party of Crony Capitalists. Not many people in Karnataka can point a finger agaisnt his own father and his brother HD Revanna. Even if they are corrupt, they are perceived to be relatively less corrupt (compared to the champion of all corruption, SM Krishna, Bellary Reddys, Yedyurappa, Eswarappa, Pramod Mahajan, DK Shivkumar, Housing Scam fame Anat Kumar, Jaffer Sharief et al. But can we say the same thing about HD Kumara Swamy? What was his over all asset before he entering the politics, what is his wealth at this point of time. If he thinks, making money is not a sin, then he himself is putting himself within the group of congress and Bjp leaders. Janata Dal leaders were never worshiped by the upper caste and urban voters. There is an urban rural divide in Karnataka. Bangalore population is one of the few people who got benefited because of the gloabalisation – neo-liberal policy, if you examine localities throughout the world. The problem with neo-liberal policy is that, it can not sustain its own achievement. Bangalore got benefited due to Neo-liberal policy only because Bangalore had the highest number of skilled labour where the Global Corporate could outsource its jobs. But when Bangalore is no more cheaper, the Transnational corporations and their agents in India are looking for cheaper destinations. And who is at the receiving end? It is the urban population of Bangalore who are suffering. But Bangaloreans would never complain that they dont need globalizations. They will continue to dream that the good old days will come back and they all get nice salary checks. Even the small shop owners say, if the Software revive they will get more business. Every one is dreaming. But these dreamers never realize that China and even Pune and Hyderad are cheaper than Bangalore and the Software companies are already expanding their base in these cheaper destinations.

    The role of a Chief Minsiter or a leader is not to chase the mirages just like the laymen in the street. If possible, they should try to study the market economy. Why India got benefited in the early stages of neo-liberal policy implementation stage. Why it does not work now.

    How can such a system ensure the delivery of cheap Software applications, considering that in the neighbourhood, there are cheaper skilled labour available. When Bangalore first became the Software outsourcing destination of the world, other smaller cities didnt have large pool of skilled labour. But after two or three decades, that is no more the truth. Today every Indian metro has large pool of cheaper skilled labourers. Every state of India now produces approximately 4 lakhs graduates and nearly 1 lakh engineering (diploma + degree) in an year. The total work force in Infosys is just below one and half a lakh. That means every state is producing more skilled labour to start one more Infosys. How can Bangalore ensure that it has the largest cheaper skilled labour in this city?

    Hence we need to change the emphasis from that to manufacturing industry. For that new industrial estates needs to be developed in the rural India. A manufacturing hub can not be built in the Big cities. It can only come up in the outskirts of the cities or rural areas.

    The problem with outskirts of cities in India is that there is a huge population living there. Hence eviction of land will not be viable. A leadership has to build infrastructure in the remote corners of India and build new industrial cities. Karnataka Govt should allot huge amount of money to build infrastructure in the rural areas and then acquire land well before attracting industries (before developing the area). Then the Central govt should invest to develop Research and Development within India. It may not be successful for the next two or three decades. But without having any patent, any research happening India can not have its own manufacturing industry.

    Hence What Kumara swamy needs to do is to ignore the complaints of the Bangalore population. But build new Bangalores within Karnataka, which will become the finest cities within the next 20 or 30 years.

    But that is possible only if Kumaraswamy abandon his business dreams. If he tries to build individual wealth, then please let him quit the politics. Please understand the politics also is a business. There were Janata Dal leaders who invested their life in the politics. Because of Kumaraswamy, there is uncertainity in their mind. Siddaramaiah realized that this Kumaraswamy is the most unrelaible person and he quit Janata Dal.

    Because of his mistakes, minorities can not trust Kumaraswamy. They quit Janata Dal.

    All these because of the greed of Kumaraswamy and his families.

    If Kumaraswamy argues that, he is personally honest, he can fine a few lakh people to believe him, because other political party leaders are more corrupt than him. But rememeber, none of his business will work once he ruin his own party. Kumara swamy can not build a political party by relying only on Vokkaligas. He needs minorities. He needs poor Lingayats especially, lingayat Gowdas (who are farmers). Forget about lingayat Shettars,they would never come back to Janata Dal folder. But why Janata Dal fails to attract SCs and STs in Karnataka.

    Yes, Kumara Swamy as an individual and to a less extent as CM did a lot of things to SCs. still SCs are not with Janata Dal. Why?

    This is because Janata Dal is a party of Rural Landlords. Landlordism is collapsing in India. They are migrating to cities to invest in Real estate and small business. It is time for Janata Dal to re-structure itself to take the causes of SCs and STs.

    In my opinion this Kumara Swamy is a Bhasmasura, who is well meaning, good individual, capable, strategist, but he will ensure Janata Dal will be perished in Karnataka. He may win two or three Loksabha seats. But for Janata Dal, 2 or 3 Loksabha seats are not important. What they need is the trust of the masses. Who can trust this guy?

    I pity old time good leaders like late M.P. Prakash and Nanaiah. I can understand they cant advise Kuamaraswamy. But why cant they advise HD Deve Gowda against this Bhasmasura?

  9. Goldstar Says:

    Dr. Ramesh,

    As usual you are living in la-la land imagining that the so-called “tech intelligentia” support NRN.

    Please read the comments below this news to know how the “tech-intelligentia” think nowadays.

    Believe me, ( I work in the IT industry only) when I say that the “adoration” of NRN is thing of the past. Only a few “well-paid” reporters from the English media are still in awe of NRN. Many senior Infosys manager are quitting in this show of open nepotism.

  10. Anonymous Guy Says:

    dr. ramesh,

    The few profitable professions in India are dynastic. As you know, dentists children would become dentists by hook or crook, if dentistry were profitable.

    What do you expect in the management of a company which makes most of its money by body shopping, stock market speculation and real estate acquisitions?

    And in case of Infy, likely there was really a lack of talent among others, since they spend most of their time worrying about timesheets, exchange rates and American immigration policies. On the other hand, sons and daughters of upper management dont have to worry about these mundane things and go and get degrees and life experiences at the best American universities and companies where you can really learn just by osmosis and induction, as long as you have the money to get in.

    The temple of Indian entrepreneurship is strewn with dynastic rule. In fact, any counter examples would be a surprise.

    Does this absolve your guru Deve Gowda and extended family of their sins? Sure does not.

  11. Anonymous Guy Says:

    Javeed, Stop using the internet.

  12. NRI Says:

    Poor voters deserve what they deserve! I’m sure Ramya will not know basic knowledge about Karnataka like number of districts etc..
    Congress has spent crores of swiss bank money for this elections anyway.
    It is very pity that still elections are based on the caste. When Indians will grow up? Does India deserve a democracy? Why did British left India? Why India has got most corrupt politicians? Democracy is by the people and for the people. And in India people elect those dirty politicians so logic is simple. Again people deserve what they deserve. India may need another at the least 200 years to become completely developed nation.

  13. The Ringer Says:

    I gave up on India 3 decades ago, looking at its fast slide afflicted by the moral depravity.
    As for this young woman, well she got elected she will say.
    But that reason cannot be given if some one in industry designates his son as his deputy.

  14. harkol Says:

    Ramesh Sir:

    Dynastic Politics is not equal to dynastic succession in private sphere. We all bequeath our assets to close relatives, and that isn’t nepotism or wrong.

    What is wrong is public offices being conferred on close relatives or people getting to positions of public authority on the basis of the lineage.

    This is exactly what was wrong in olden days (royalty) and we can’t have that happen again.

    There is absolutely no comparison between what is happening in Infy and in politics. What happens in Infy is a private affair. In majority of cases (with very rare exceptions), people do inherit what their parents owned. in Rohan Murhty’s case, a large percentage of stock in Infy. Thus an ownership of Infy.

    I don’t approve of the way he was brought in, but it is between NRN and Infy board.

    But, same can’t be said in public offices. You can’t have the advantage of entrenchment/vested interest to be passed on for generations (exactly what allows Gandhi Family to bleed this country). Doing so leads to feudalisation of society.

    Perhaps we will soon have lords, earls, dukes etc. nominated by first family – just like they nominated a Prime Minister! And such titles (and nobility) will be inherited for generations, which is what you are seeing in case of congress – All young MPs have political families!

    So, the right comparison between deve gowda and family is with Gandhi Family – Not NRN family.

  15. Narayan Says:

    @ Harkol
    Infy being a public limited company, how can it be a private affair of NRN?? So it is fair to contort rules laid out by Infy and induct his son and voila ….VP of Infosys.

  16. DHL Says:

    CEOs in Major Conglomerates do a “rotation”, or sabbatical in other Industry prior to being picked as a CEO. As they say you need a “Paradigm Shift” in Karnataka, all Industry Tycoons should for a “rotation” run the Government, All Politicians run the Industry.

    NRN running JDS, HDG running Infosys. etc

    Seriously Rohan could do wonders in Startup with his qualification in Silicon Valley with his Sister, Usually startups are Nimble.

    Glad that IT industry is supporting a huge population, on the other hand I want to pay real value for any land I wish to purchase in Bangalore.

  17. harkol Says:


    Fantastic analysis. In fact, your analysis Holds good for each and every party. All these parties have Bhasmasuras (I call them termites) who come in to position of authority within the party and destroy the party from within. Yeddyurappa did that to BJP. Kumaraswamy is perhaps doing it to JD(S).

    Congress has a fantastic termite family at the top that not only has destroyed the original congress institution, but also destroyed the strength of this nation.

    BJP has many termites within, who compromise with corrupt and support floks like mining reddys.

    What we need indeed are parties that limit terms to their top leaders (say 10-12years), ensure they never come back to same position again, mandatorily retire them after 70years of age. Never give seats to their progeny, unless they rise up from the roots, work as ordinary workers and rise up the ladder.

    There aren’t any party that does all of the above. But, Communists and BJP atleast are more open to talent that rises from bottom. All other parties are ‘appa makkala’ or ‘one man/family’ parties.

  18. dr ramesh Says:

    Erosion of existing vote base and in ability to widen the vote base is a definite cause of concern for JD S, but to attribute the losses to HDK is a Tad too harsh.
    If HDK had not aligned with BJP and formed 20-20 govt, Congress would have finished JD S then with nefarious designs, JD S would be extinct by now, he gave it new lease of life.
    Even today HDK is the most popular leader in karnataka and the best CM karnataka has seen in the last 20 years.
    HDK should continue as leader of opposition and post of state president should go to a leader belonging to minority community or SC ST.
    DYNASTY has invaded all spheres of life in India, it would be insane to single out only HDD and family.

  19. Faldo Says:

    @Shemej – good analysis.
    One is not sure who is exactly to blame for JD(S) defeat, but to an extent the losses in the two constituencies could be attributed to bad election management as much as other factors.
    Getting Anitha Kumarswamy to contest in Bangalore Rural after she lost recently in May caused the leadership to divert their attention. Having a stronger presence in Mandya, had the party focused a little more on the constituency they might have run a lot closer.

  20. harkol Says:

    > Infy being a public limited company, how can it be a private affair of NRN?? So it is fair to contort rules laid out by Infy and induct his son and voila ….VP of Infosys.

    Infy is owned by its shareholders. Govt. of India or Karnataka is owned by each and every citizen of this country.

    If an Investor of Infy is unhappy with it, he has the option of selling its share and investing in to some other company. An citizen of India can’t overnight become a citizen of Srilanka or Singapore. He can’t “disinvest” from India.

    INFY did not have any ‘rule’ against having promoters relative. It was an ideal which NRN broke. I feel this action is wrong, not because a highly qualified son has come in to the company, but because NRN, having retired, should’ve left others to run the company (even if it made loss). It is also not fair to parachute his son from the top.

    But then, that’s NRNs call as it’s biggest shareholder. When you and your family have the most to loose, perhaps it is difficult to stand idly and do nothing. It sets a wrong example and takes some sheen from NRN’s formidable reputation.

    But, it was NRNs prerogative to drive a private company, if 50% of shareholders agreed. Just as it was the prerogative of Mr. Nadar to pass on the banton to his daughter or Premji’s decision to bring in Rishab Premji. These companies are not owned by ‘all citizens of India’ – unlike say ‘Coal India limited’ or public sector banks. A large share of Infy shareholders are foreigners(through ADR etc).

    But, how do we ensure we are not ruled by families. No family in this country gets over 25-30% of votes, but they get to live like royals with only a fraction of votes.

    If India was a presidential system, requiring minimum 50% votes for winning, let us see how many ‘royal families’ will continue in India.

  21. Shemej Says:

    Till recently I have been arguing on Churumuri that JD(S) would bounce back in Karnataka. Yet just before this byelection, I posted the above comment (except the first 17 lines of what I posted above) in of 19th Aug. That means, for an average person like myself, it was obvious that JD(S) would be wiped out even before the elections results are announced. The reason is simple. People (except the core base of a political group) vote agaisnt one party or group or personalities. People wont vote in favour of a group. When Kumaraswamy says, he has no differences with BJP, he is not just betraying the minorities and secular minded people. He is betraying himself. What respect he has in the eyes of the people of this country !!

    If JD(S) has something to offer that Congress and BJP offer, people may vote JD(S).But if they argue there is no difference between “our party” and BJP, (or JDS and Congress), then naturally people would vote for the dominant party and not “our party” of opportunists. This is how JH Patil dissolved Janata Dal in the north Karnataka. When Kumarasway started doing the same foolishness, it was obvious for all. However, when our eyes are blindfolded by our emotional prejudices, admirations, anger etc, we fail to notice the writing on the wall. Even Ramoji Rao failed in running TV media business. If Kumaraswamy needs to run that business, he needs power on a daily basis. That is why he is more interested in his business interests than the interest of Janata Dal or the people of Karnataka. Any political leader who played for business class, were rejected by people. Take the example of Narasimha Rao, Manmohan Singh, Murasoli Maran, Amarsingh, Chandra Babu Naidu or SM Krishna.

    The problem with centrist parties is Fund collection. Corporate do not give fund to them in big way.(RSS collects from industrialists and using its American Wing, NGOs are funnded by funding agencies, main political parties like Cong and BJP gets corporate fund in return, they give back when come to power). And elections are becoming expensive. Till one decade ago, Communists had a systematic way of fund collection from bottom. Their caders collect fund from every household. All their party members have to pay a certain percentage of their income to party. (this is reported by India Today, under Prabhu Chawla, then the unofficial organ of CII) But the tragedy in India is last one decade or so, CPI(M) started collecting fund from Corporates and Budhadeb and other corrupt elements started working for TATA in return for the “Brand Budha” campaign (similar to what Corporate campaign for Modi now.). This is despite the opposition from principled leaders like Abdur Rezzak Mollah in Bengal and VS Achutanandan in Kerala. In Kerala, the state sercretary Pinarayi Vijayan’s daughter was given CEO position in a company run by Ravi Pillai (brother of Britania fame Late Rajan Pillai). That is exactly why CPI(M) is isolated from people now.

    If JD has to come back, they have to work for the Dalits, Kumbhararu, Nayakaru, Madivalaru, Uppararu and deserving sections of all castes, especially farming community, and other backward sections and urban poor and rural poor. I think, till date, Janata Dal was never a party of rural poor. It was the party of Rural Landlords. Why cant Janata Dal take up land struggle in the rural Karnataka and forget about the electoral results for a decade? Why cant they ensure at least a pension sheme is implemented in the unorganized sector in Bangalore? For thousands of those agarbathi workers, the construction workers, housemaids, cart pullers, pettiyangadi owners, cobblers, sweepers and cleaners who work for business houses? Is it that difficult?

    Have you ever heard of this man — Shantaveri Gopala Gowda who “stood up to the severest tests in life – overcoming poverty and even starvation to become a champion of the farmers, and then a legislator representing the socialist cause. …a voracious reader and a great orator.”

    “Gopala Gowda advocated ‘land for the tiller’ and nationalisation of banks.”

    “..(Devraj) Urs understood the depth of Gopala Gowda’s dedication to the cause of the poor. The Land Reforms Act and …during Urs’s time came about because of the momentum generated by Gopala Gowda….”
    “.. was one of the architects of the famous ‘Kagodu satyagraha’, a peasant agitation claiming rights for tillers in Shimoga district. That movement is still fresh in the memory of many veteran politicians, and Girish Kasaravalli made a documentary film about it…”

    “..His compatriots would narrate tales of how Gopala Gowda, with no money to spend, would go hungry for days on end. And if he did manage to get any money, he would spend it on bun and milk at Ksheera Sagara. They recall how in the socialist circle of those days, (future chief minister) J H Patel would be the only one to have any money, and the rest of them would wait for him so they could have tea. In dire straits he might have been, but none of it could make dent in Gopal Gowda’s selfless nature. Or for that matter, his outspoken character; if anything it fuelled it…”

    Thanks Harkol, Faldo, more importantly Dr. Ramesh and many others, for all brickbats and bouquets..

  22. harkol Says:


    Actually, I am willing to bet that within next 10years, Kumaraswamy will be the tallest leader of BJP in Karnataka!!!


    Such is the state of ‘value based politics’ in our country. If Siddharamaiah, who fought congress all his life can be their CM, I am fairly certain Kumaraswamy realizes his best long term bet lies with BJP, if JDS won’t get anywhere.

  23. Anonymous Guy Says:


    Nam Ramya bage ashtondhyenu maathadbedi, paapa bejaar madkonbidthaare.

  24. Shemej Says:

    “Actually, I am willing to bet that within next 10years, Kumaraswamy will be the tallest leader of BJP in Karnataka!!!”

    Ha! ha! ha!

    He may, after the demise of his father. But how many months he can remain with them? Just like Narendra Modi he will push others out… Then all others will push him out.

    Well, no disrespect to him. He is very hard working….and all that zeal…. And I like the way he addresses opponents.. Like our Dr. Rajkumar.. always shows respect

  25. Doddi Buddi Says:

    I am some what bemused by JDS fanboys here who have been singing the 22-month CM rule of HDK as the glorious days of Ashoka or Mauryas or some shit! Those were the days when Kannada and English hacks were paid off handsomely by the Senior Gowda and they sang praises about the manipulator CM who became a CM with just 54 MLAs thanks to Yeddy!

    JDS has nothing to offer to Karnataka except some packet biriyanis for its ‘core’ supporters and photo and speaking opps to the likes of Datta and his ilk. Come LokSabha elections there will be wholesale exodus from JDS and the party will be decimated. I am predicting Senior Gowda will suffer loses from multiple constituencies!

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