What could you want when you’re an MP at 31?

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India’s youngest woman MP, the Kannada actress Ramya aka Divya Spandana, offers prayers at Ajmer dargah, the shrine of India’s most famous Sufi saint, Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti, on Thursday.

Photograph: Karnataka Photo News

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15 Responses to “What could you want when you’re an MP at 31?”

  1. chidu22 Says:

    Well, close to home was Khwaja Bandey Nawaz, Gulbarga( or many others in karnataka). Equally spiritual in terms of sufism, but then it has no glamour like the ajmer one. Atleast it would have raised the hopes of congress prospects in this part of the state. Alas, when will kannadigas overcome this complex?

  2. DHL Says:

    A good umberalla

  3. Anonymous Guy Says:

    Paapa yeno harake hothkondidhdhare nam guru Ramya. Avara ishta bandhange maadli bidi.

  4. Salman Says:

    Film actress Ramya is quite rightfully called the Queen of Controversies, aside to her famous tantrums and arrogance. To those unaware the most arrogant actress from Bangalore had in the past filed a complaint against two cine photographers and two journalists for merely publishing a photograph of her without her permission!

    Among her famous controversies include a fight with actor-director Sudeep on the sets of Just Math Mathalli and producer Ganesh during the release of Dandam Dashagunam. Ramya also fought with hero Yash for various reasons during the making of Lucky. Reputed Director Nagatihalli Chandrashekhar who faced a lot of tantrums and irresponsible behaviour from her during the shooting of Amruthadhaare never worked with her again.

    Apart from a few recent films like Johnny Mera Naam and Kataariveera Surasundarangi, most of the films which she has been a part of have been subjected to many controversies; and that too from Ramya herself.

    It now remains to be seen as to what controversies will this highly-pampered actor and rookie MP stir-up, while the voters of Karnataka can be guaranteed that none in Parliament will ever hear her speak a single word concerning key issues of the common man.

    With the Indian economy at a crisis, rupee into a record spin downwards, oil prices spiralling upwards, the rise is food items such as milk, vegetables, fodder and the likes going through the roof, perhaps the pathetic, yet supper-affluent Cong-I MPs along with their flunkies can think of nothing worthwhile or constructive, but visit dargah’s and temples!

  5. Pulikeshi the Last Says:

    Ramyaa’s true challenge now is to command our respect by showing that she is not a sycophant, also-ran parliamentarian. I honestly hope that she can do it.

  6. Narayan Says:

    Hope this is the first and last MP term for her. I absolutely have no expectations for Mandya from her. She is just a glamour doll of Congress, who has had it lucky. lets wait and see if she proves me wrong.

  7. NRI Says:

    Ramya..request you to go to some Kannada school in Delhi and learn proper Kannada. Your Kannada is pathetic.
    Also be a good and honest politician. Don’t do drama by going to religious places. Do some good work for Mandya people. They will love you.

  8. Suma S Says:

    We must all be relieved that the glamour doll of Congress and Mandya’s new Cong-I statue, will only be a MP for a very short period and probably go back to what she does best: dancing around bushes and arguing with all co-stars and film directors. Her term could be shorter if the acute financial and economic crisis will hopefully force the UPA Govt to pre-pone elections and save our country from certain economic doom and financial bankruptcy for another decade, irrespective of which party comes back to power!

    Talking about our state MPs and their ineffectiveness, while the extremely corrupt Cong-I MPs need no mention, off-late, one can’t help watching H N Ananth Kumar, trying his best to sideline and sabotage the now most obvious prospect of Gujarat CM Narendra Modi as the PM nominee. It is well known that there is no one else, more qualified and capable to lead the country, across any national party or political spectrum!

    In fact, the L K Advani flunky, was today proposing and praising the Madhya Pradesh CM as the BJP’s PM candidate, little realizing that he himself will not even save his deposit in the upcoming elections! After 4 terms as Bangalore South MP, everyone in Blr is aware that the canny politician has not done an iota of work, neither for his constituency nor for Karnataka.

    Our politicians of all hues, are not only crooked but have mastered the art of survival, devoid of shame or principles or moral standards. After the delimitation of the Bangalore South, the majority in the constituency are no longer Brahmins. Realizing this Kumar, who has adamantly opposed Yeddyurappa for decades, has started a new courtship with none other than Yeddi, hoping to seek the Lingayat votes in Bangalore South!

    Well, after 4 terms as Bangalore South MP, the Modi baiter has been desperately scouting for a safer seat. Ananth Kumar even tried to influence the BJP high command to consider contesting from Dharwad constituency in northern Karnataka. But luckily for the voters of Dharwad, party leaders like Venkaiah Naidu and Modi, under pressure from the cadres, have ruled out the possibility in the future.

  9. harkol Says:

    Suma S:
    >After 4 terms as Bangalore South MP, everyone in Blr is aware that the canny politician has not done an iota of work, neither for his constituency nor for Karnataka.

    While I agree with your comment mostly, I wondered about the above piece.

    Why do we expect an Member of Parliament to do any work for Constituency or Karnataka??

    That is not his brief! By definition a representative is there to represent the wishes of his people in making of legislation, and bring up the critical issues faced by people to the fore in parliament.

    Solving those problems are the function of ‘executive’.

    We often confuse these two roles, and end up with monstrosities like MPLAD scheme, and curtail the original intent of MPs & MLAs with stupid acts like ‘anti-defection’ act, which in reality a way of imposing ‘high command’ opinion on all MPs/MLAs.

    Ananthkumar deserves to loose an election for his lack of participation, initiative, arguments and achievements in legislative sphere (i.e. Parliament). Not for lack of work done by him in his constituency or Karnataka.

    In fact, by the same measure – almost every MP deserves to loose an election. They mostly enjoy perks, and vote as told to them by the whip!! WHy have them at all? Why not just give a share to each party and let high commands decide?

  10. babuds Says:

    She is carrying the burden of congress!

  11. Doddi Buddi Says:

    Agree with you, Suma! Ananth Kumar will lose!

  12. Deepak Says:

    BJP is in a royal mess in Karnataka and JDS is also affected. In such a situation, even a donkey would have won on a Congress ticket. Bimbo Ramya’s 6 month tenure won’t be worth anything. But what is scary is that she may get a 5 year tenure next time, if the political situation in the state remains the same.

  13. richardws Says:

    If NaMo is made PM candidate.. many might vote for Ananth Kumar…

  14. Anonymous Guy Says:


    Yen maga hege mayige? Bimbo-gimbo aagirbahudhu nim avva. Summane nam mandyadha hennu Ramya bagge yen-yeno maathaadbedi. Aidu varushadha bagge ashtu hedharike aadhare kambli hodhkondu malko hogi.

  15. Mandya Says:

    @anonymous ! Fitting reply. loved it.

    Shame on you Deepak.

    @Suma Dumbolkar,
    could you not see how well she managed her career in filmdom ? She remained at the pinnacle all through.

    If the so called intelligentsia(electronic media) want a jwala gutta, raveena tandon, Juhi, shah rukh khan …. to give expert opinion on issues which arre non issues for them, why should not our Ramya who always expressed interest in electoral politics not be given a chance ?

    Caring for none she vented her ire on remake culture plaguing kannada industry. Infact she rejected many offers citing the same reason. Most of her movies are originals. Proud about her.

    She is not some one to budge over a nudge. In a male dominated society this may have created friction at tiems. But do’t you see that the biggest banners of kannada filmdom have all worked with her ?

    So, kindly see things beyond the horizon. Else just be what you are good being at … DUMB=NUMB.

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