It never hurts to be blessed by those who vote

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There are few things more farcical in our democracy than the “Janata Darshan” that is a rage among chief ministers and assorted bigwigs inclined to show off the accessibility, where the aam janata turn up to seek redress from problems that should have been solved long ago by politicians and officials much lower down the ladder.

But in an age when CMs paint themselves as the all-powerful court of instant justice, who are in touch with the masses, it is unlikely to vanish. And in any case, they have their moments, like when the Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah had his cheeks squeezed by a lady who turned up at his home-office, Krishna, in Bangalore on Tuesday.

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16 Responses to “It never hurts to be blessed by those who vote”

  1. harkol Says:

    It appears CM is mortified and trying his best to push the hands of the lady!!

    Yes, these are farcical. And almost all politicians simply don’t care for the voters individually. Atleast some try to do some good for citizens as a whole.

  2. Shive Gowda Says:

    Siddaramaiah who had in the past accused BJP and ironically the Cong-I too, of hypocrisy is today regretfully, himself lost in the blind bliss that absolute power offers to any politician in our country. The “Janata Darshans” are mere publicity stunts organized by the corrupt dodo’s around various CMs, Cabinet Ministers, politicians and associated bigwigs to hoodwink the common man.

    The CM started his innings very controversially by cancelling the ban on cow slaughter in Karnataka with the excuse that Muslims were unemployed due to the ban.

    He revealed his true colour when the media exposed how a police inspector called G.N. Mohan, attached to Nazarbad police station in Mysore, who had dared to book a genuine case against the CM’s son Rakesh on an attempt to murder charge, was summarily suspended by a personal order from the CM’s office. The attempt to murder was on KJP candidate Ka Pu Siddalingaswamy who had tried to contest against Siddaramaiah from Varuna constituency.

    Most recently another of the CM’s personal assistants called Venkatesh, called up Raichur deputy commissioner SN Nagaraj and ordered him to ‘allow illegal quarrying’ in the district saying it was the ‘CM’s order’.

    While our poor farmers are suffering from damages caused by floods, drought, loans and lack of power, storage facilities..etc, and the prices of vegetables and fuel has reached sky high rates, the CM who claims to be a champion of farmers and an OBC, is planning to visit Hong Kong and China next week!

    The pseudo reason behind the ‘rest and recreation jaunt’ is supposed to be for attracting investments! Makes one wonder how many billionaires from the mainland have ever dreamt of investing in our state or at least heard of Siddaramaiah!

    The shrewd politician, who completed 100 days in office earlier this month, had himself honestly revealed on Aug 29 (during a function to mark the 87th birth anniversary of former Chief Minister Ramakrishna Hegde) that: “It’s true that today you need money and muscle power in politics. I have compromised a bit. It would be self-deception if I say that I am 100% honest”. Well, he should have also added, that politicians also need ‘rest and recreation’ of the sleazy type only available overseas!

    It would now be interesting to see who all accompany the CM on his expensive overseas jaunt, paid by the completely helpless aam janata.

    Will his former personal assistant M Venkatesh (and close associate of Rakesh) accompany the team? Venkatesh who is alleged to have gained assets worth more than 350 crore over the years including 14 acres of farmland right next to the international airport, was involved in the illegal-mining and de-notification scam. He now owns the noted Resto Bar at Blr’s Chandra Layout (rent of Rs 65,000 a month) besides various other properties in posh areas of Blr.

    Perhaps he can help the CM dine with some of the illegally procured, iron ore buyers in China? Or he can surely help Rakesh learn more about loan sharks in China, since he has been successfully running a black-money lending business along with his key assistant Jairam, with around Rs 22 crore in circulation, in Chandra layout alone!

    It is well-known that the PA’s of various key politicians and chief ministers are not only benami owners of massive, illegally acquired wealth but command stealth power.

    In recent times, one can recall, Siddalinga Swamy, who was Yeddyurappa PA and completely penniless when he joined Yeddi 20 years ago, is now rumoured to be worth more than Rs 500 crore, and has properties that include a coffee estate worth Rs 25 crore in Hassan, where he has also built a palatial bungalow!

  3. DHL Says:

    Personal Assistant to Devaraj Urs lived in our Street, His son was my classmate in High School, I would take him on my cycle to school. He died in an Bus-Cycle accident. His Uncle had a Yellow Corvette with those Wide Wheels. It was way back in 1980s.

  4. Socialist Says:

    So How does a Person in power keep in touch with his constituents? Oh! I see, he should use Facebook and Twitter and open a web site and run a call center. Right? He should depend on Journalists and his henchmen to understand te pulse of his constituents.

    Why does it look so farcical when an old lady expresses her love and admirataion that one of her own is in power and has the authority to make a difference to people like her? Should access to the CM be limited to Journalists and the elite? Does it not serve as a powerful symbolism that any common person can reach out to the CM? Is’nt Politics and Power all about the Symbolism and Perception ?

    I would rather have a CM who spend his time meeting people and listening to their problems than one who is closeted in an ivory tower.

    @Shive Gowda, We would certainly want this CM to be held accountable for his actions. His Son’s promity to power is a real concern and this should continue to be. We do not another Deve Gowda or Yediyurappa.

    The transfer of the Raichur DC is troubling. We sis not expect this from this CM. I really hope that this becomes an exception than a rule

    However your other accusations do not seem to hold water.

    1. Do you really beleive that booking an “attempt to murder case” against the CM’s son for trying to kill Ka Pu Siddalingaswamy in an election related verbal duel, propotional application of justice? I beleive the Inspector was politically aligned and was repaying his political “masters” for getting him posted to the sensitive Police station in preparation for the election. He paid the price for his actions.

    2. If I recall, the CM immediately got rid off his secretary when an allegation of misuse of power was levelled against his secretary. This was when he was teh leader of opposition.

    3. If you really find instances when the CM or his family is ammassing wealth and we can reasonably establish quid pro quo, we should certainly do so. But it is universally acknowledged that the CM is Honest and his personal integrity is above question. I am not suggesting that we should beleive in his “image” : Many starwalts have changed once they came to power – Bangarappa and JH Patel. But without stating specific instances of corruption or nepotism, it beocmes really difficult to hold a meaningful converstaion.

    4. Cow slaughter act was repealed. It was in the congress election manifesto and the people have voted congress. Eating Beef (or not eating it) is a personal choice and I do not want to the Goverment to decide whether I should eat beef or not.

    5. Just because the CM is an OBC and represents the poor, Why should he not go China or Hong Kong? If you establish that he is wasting tax payers money for a foreign Jaunt rather than getting investments to the state, then we should voice our concern. But Your accustaion as it stands now almost makes it seem that an OBC should not go on a foreign trip? Feudalistic tendancies coming to the fore?

    The first 100 days has gone pretty well. Interesting Social schemes have been introduced. Let us wait and watch how these get implemented but we have to agree that a right start has been made. Politically Deve Gowda, Kumarswamy and their nepotism and outright casteist overtures have been rejected in their own “heartland”.

    I sincierly hope that Siddaramaiah becomes another “Devraj Urs” and brings back the decencency to Karnataka politics that existed in the 70’s and 80’s (Shntaveri Gopal Gowda, Dev Raj Urs, Rama Krishna Hegde, Deve Gowda).

  5. saNNa buddi Says:

    No idea who you really are but your posting indicates that you are either strongly associated with the Cong-I or perhaps a part of the CMs inner cartel. Similarly, considering the intricate details mentioned in Mr. Gowda’s post, it is most likely that he is a well-connected investigative Jouro.

    While Shive Gowda’s remarks at times sound biased towards the opposition parties if not anti-Siddu, let me say that there are lot of glaring errors in your remarks.

    Before your attempt to change the entire subject to a pro-Siddu and OBC or caste-oriented agenda, you need to first understand that the original article talks about the drama, futility and political stunts that our PMs, CM’s and corrupt ministers have always performed. An example being the “Janata Darshans”. The so-called educational foreign jaunts are another. Anyone with an iota of idea of the actions within the corridors of power in Bangalore will confirm the real purpose.

    A few other points:

    Inspector G N Mohan attached to the Nazarbad station in the city had booked Rakesh and 10 others under various sections of the Indian Penal Code for allegedly attacking the KJP candidate Ka Pu Siddalingaswamy, who had contested against Siddaramaiah from the Varuna constituency. There was a FIR, clear proof, witnesses and Rakesh was named the prime accused in the case.
    On May 3, Siddalingaswamy had lodged a complaint with the Nazarbad police that he and his supporters including Taluk Panchayat member Mahadeva Swamy were assaulted by the Rakesh-led group of Siddaramaiah supporters (included a few ex-convicts) when he was returning from the Chamundi Hills. It was a pre-planned, carefully executed attack and Siddalingaswamy suffered hairline fracture in the incident, which had triggered a snap stir with his supporters on the main road. Acting on the complaint, the police had booked Rakesh and 10 of his key supporters, all of whom never contested the accusations.
    Because of the grave injury and escape from getting lynched, thousands of Siddalingaswamy’s supporters protested in front of the office of the deputy commissioner. After the assault, Siddalingaswamy complained to Mysore Deputy Commissioner C Shikha, also the district electoral officer. She had directed him to complain to the police commissioner. Following another complaint by Siddalingaswamy, the commissioner specifically instructed the said inspector to verify the complaint and take necessary action, before the situation goes out of control
    Meanwhile, unfortunately due to direct orders from the CM’s office, it was Mysore Police commissioner K L Sudheer himself who turned his back and suspended Mohan! The incident happened on May 3, and you can check up all the newspapers for facts. During the first two weeks of May 2013, the newspapers were flooded with angry citizens protesting at what was perceived as the politics of vengeance.
    Perhaps as you also mention, it was the Police commissioner repaying his political “masters” for getting him posted to the sensitive Police station.

    All the CMs have more than one PA. It has been the tradition and each one of them serves specific purposes that only the CM’s office is aware of! Regarding M Venkatesh and his close association with the family, especially Rakesh, the less said the better. A lot of it is documented in the state’s vernacular media not just the smaller newspapers like the Star of Mysore. Perhaps a casual enquiry in Bangalore’s Chandra layout will enlighten you more!

    You say that it is “universally acknowledged that the CM is honest and his personal integrity is above question”. Phew…in today’s scenario, does anyone in our country say such a thing about any politician?
    Well, Siddaramaiah himself does not agree with your tall praise! If you said he is indeed frank, it is easier to understand. Pls go through his own speech made on Aug 30, in an event organised by the Rashtreeya Nava Nirmana Vedike.
    BTW, I did not notice anywhere in any of the previous remarks by all, any mention of the CM being targeted ‘because he is an OBC’ who is undertaking a expensive foreign trip, that too to HK and China, all paid by the tax contributions of the common man like you and me!

    Out state and nation is already on the verge of total bankruptcy but we sadly continue to have politicians making irresponsible, myopic and desperate announcements in view of the upcoming Lok Sabha polls. While the senseless initiative called Food Bill comes from New Delhi, the state CM had already announced a plan to supply 30 kg of rice at Re 1 only, to nearly one crore families across the state. A shocking initiative that will entail an outgo of a massive Rs 4,200 crore every year while the state is buying rice from Chhattisgarh, India’s ‘rice bowl’ at Rs 23.30! Aside to simple economic logic, the state is struggling for revenues despite the hasty decision to enhance guidance values for property registration..etc.

    Finally, one can only hope that the selective memory, biased opinions and mixing caste into everything attitude, of our folks will change for the better. We have indeed become a country of sceptics bickering on everything while the nation is on a tragic path of economic doom and collapse, with the prospect of worse to come in the next few months. The moment a Modi from BJP speaks about real progress and growth in Gujarat, we immediately have an army of Cong-I goons trying to butcher him with not a single sensible comment. The moment a Cong-I minister speaks about a lecherous crook like Asaram Bapu, we have some of the Sangh Parivar members unashamedly criticizing the Madam and Son combine!

    Let us pray and hope that the next Govt. will not only extricate the country from the current mess but also ensure that the aam janata will slowly start having a positive opinion of politicians, irrespective of the party.

  6. Gaampa Says:

    i feel CM should continue Janata Darshana. Let common folk get a feel of their CM. what is wrong in that?

  7. shemej Says:

    I dont think all politicians are corrupt. But most of them are corrupt.

    I have already discussed about Gopala Gowda. Interestingly, when Avasthe (UR Anantha Murthy’s fiction based on the life of Gopala Gowda, his wife protested. Did anyone see that film? JH Patil said to have acted a small role in this film. The two lawyers who were responsible for filing the case agaisnt Yeddyurappa, and finaly for his resignation, were inspired by Santaveri Gopala Gowda. UR AnantaMurty has said somewhere, Gopala Gowda used to talk about literature and Darwin’s theory during election campaign to the poor voters.

    K. Siddaiah. was two terms MLA in Sante Marahally constituency.Was director of KSRTC. Never recommended any one to get a post. Never took a single paise bribe in his entire life. Even after becoming an MLA, he continued to do agriculture activities and continued his profession as a Lawyer. He has an small house in his birth place, which is little bigger than a hut. He owned a Housing board house. Perhaps that is the only one asset he acquired thoughout his life (out of agriculture and advocate profession.) He was a Congress MLA. But noone, not even BJP and political opponents say he was corrupt. But many from Sante Marahally complaints he could have helped them to get a “sarkaari kelasa” through back door. In that sense many do not like him. But I would say, that is only a feather in his cap.

    Another politician I met was G.N. Nagaraj, was former State Secretary of CPI(M), presently its state secretariate member. I have seen he living in his party office room (which was a leased first floor room on top of a powerloom unit, near GEO hotel) with his disabled son, with all health problems for both of them. While old time Trade union leaders like Suryanarayana Rao, led lavish life with comfortable income from Trade Union movement, Nagaraj, never worked in Trade Union wing, (where he could have at least met his expenses). Most of the time, he worked with the Agriculture wing of the party, where poor agricultural workers who always struggled to make ends meet. Now, they have built own party office, which I have never seen. Nagaraj also sold his inherited property and bought an old house, but his ground floor premises is used as Disabled organisation’s office. However, I dont say the same about all communists. For many of them, trade union work is like a small scale business. He had a good job in agricultural department, and could have led a comfortable life, if he is still in service. But he quit his job, inspired by Peasant movement during Gundu Rao’ period (Gadag). He himself came to know the difficulties of farmers as his job needed him to mingle with farmers every day. Some of them corrupt, but for most of them it is a livelihood.

    Prof. Nanjunda Swamy was very much isolated from his Rajya Raitha Sangha colleagues after the Amritha Bhoomi project. Though he built a palatial house (taking loan) in Raja Rajeshwari Nagar, his family had some struggle after his demise. His daughter later explained that Amritha bhoomi belongs to farmers. Many activists from foreign countries used to come and stay in that house. And as Rajya Raitha Sangha guests foreign countries etc used his house as residence, some times telephone calls etc went up. They are very proud people. I would say really noble people. They would never admit it outside. But they faced difficulty is a fact.

    According to me Devaraj Urs, Sidharamaiah, Dharam Singh, Deve Gowda et al are corrupt, but relatively less corrupt, JH Patil might have led a colourful life, but according to me, he was personally less corrupt. But during his CM, Karnataka witnessed massive corruption.

    Coming back to Siddaramaiah — This is what Deccan Herald reported:
    “Inspector suspended for registering case against CM’s son

    ..booked murder attempt case against Rakesh Siddaramaiah
    …… He (victim) had suffered hairline fracture in the incident, ….
    Mysore Police commissioner K L Sudheer said on Tuesday that Mohan had been suspended as he had erred in his duty in several cases, including that of Rakesh, in the recent past. ”

    No minister can interfere in the daily adminisration, activities of a police officer. However, Uttar Pradesh govt suspending the IAS officer is LEGALLY VALID, (I am not commenting if it is correct or not- but legaly they have power to act) as they have cited a policy issue. Govt can decide policies, especially that is concerning the masses. But no Chief Minister can interferein the routine works of a police officer. This is plain illegal.

    I wonder why some good advocates are not filing a public litigation case. In this case,there is a clear case against CM’s son.

    However, I agree, it was not an attempt to murder case. But, it is not proper for any outside agency/ individual / group to determine if the police officer acted with a motive. I may strongly support Siddharamaiah’s son on that aspect, if goes to court. But that has to be determined in a court, not by a Chief Minister.

    This is clear violation of law. This is ridiculous.

    Personally, I consier Siddaramaiah as some one who is less corrupt. A person who is concerned about rural poor. But he keeps corrupt people around him. Remember, a person like Varthur Prakash was his close aid. I feel like vomiting, when thinking that he went on to become an MLA.

    As I said earier, Democratic parties (which do not have organization) has no way to collect fund. Janata Dal and Congress in Karnataka should start collecting fund from every house. And the Election commission should not allow use of more than one vehicle for campaigning per day. (if necessary give more days or months for campaigning). We have a great tradition that our Swamijis come and collect alms from houses and live with that money. Political parties (during election campaign should collect money publicly and count them publicly (with a small mobile phone camera, people can record it. Before moving to the next ward, they should send sms informing the total amount collected from every area to authorities. Independent volunteers can help to maintain transparency. This information should be maintained in a website on a daily basis. (It may sound silly, but it is possible). Election commission should not allow flexi boards, printed materials etc(which are expensive). But all news papers which gets Govt advertisement should allow candidates to write request in news papers. Political parties should be allowed to use Door Darshan, state owned media etc. Private TV channels should conduct special programmes allowing each candidates to appear at least once (. There should be a programme for every district. All contestants from that District can participate in a public discussion telecasted compulsorily in TV). this is possible if election campaign is held for more than one month. Govt should call a Grama Sabha/ panchayat level meeting where all candiates should be allowed to meet voters together.

    How can a honest individual contest in election if the expenses are more than 1 or 2 lakhs? If election commission do not restrict expenses and if the political parties do not collect fund from every household, (and stop accepting fund from corporates and black money holders), then no point whining, “thsi country has gone to dogs”…

  8. Socialist Says:

    @Sanna Buddi,

    >>Being part of CM’s inner cartel, I wish I were, But I do not even know anybody who knows the CM. Comparing to the likes of Yediyurappa, and Kumaraswamy, our present CM is far better in terms of being honest ,forthright and decent. He represents and is vocal about a class of people who have not had a voice for centuries in our society. CM’s admission to allowing money being spent in elections and not knowing the source of money is an open secret. Nobody can win an election without spending money including Vajpayee and Advani whose personal integrity is also above question.

    Closely associated with Congress… No. I live in a far away land and I cannot even vote. However, I have a pathological aversion to communalism. My aversion is not limited to Hindu fundamentalism but extends to ISLAM and Christianity.

    Unfortunately, Congress is the only party that represents all classes of people of our society and I make no bones about being deeply appreciative of the Congress for its steadfast commitment secularism and inclusiveness.

  9. Latha Says:


    It is indeed revealing to know that Churumuri has ‘Socialist’ readers praising the Cong-I while living aloof from India’s reality, probably in a glass house, in a Capitalist country! USA?

    @Shive Gowda, @saNNa buddi..etc

    The tragedy of Kannadiga’s is that successive Govts (Cong-I, JDS, BJP, Cong-I again) have only repeated a vicious cycle of populist announcements without any economic logic aside to extreme corruption, nepotism, caste and vote-bank based al, while ruthlessly bleeding the state exchequer and ensuring that Karnataka is today on par with Bihar and parts of UP!

    What’s more, for decades we have had the bad luck of having a roll call of shameless central ministers, all exclusively devoted to their own prosperity!

    After a decade of the Cong-I’s misrule at the center, hundreds of record-breaking scams, with the nation’s economy in complete shambles under the stewardship of a so-called economist, while many consider Narendra Modi as the only saviour for the country, the antics of perpetually-selfish, senile politicians like Advani is perhaps a indicator of unfortunately, destructive power games ahead!

  10. Vinay Says:


    So you think Congress is “steadfastly committed to secularism and inclusiveness”. I don’t know whether to bang my head against the wall or laugh at you.

    Congress has encouraged the most vile divisions in society. On the basis of religion, caste – you name it, and the Congress has encouraged it.

    More communal riots have taken place under the Congress than under any other regime in India, even if you average it out by year. Congress is not only communal, it is also casteist and hypocritical.

    I am not a BJP supporter, but I dislike the Congress for the way they have mismanaged and ruined the nation. They are responsible for 90% of the problems of the nation today.

  11. Socialist Says:

    @Latha, USA is the closest you can get to meritocracy in this world. I am deeply indebted to USA for providing me the oppurtunities to succeed and this includes its Capaitalistic system. However, USA is what it is not only because of its capitalistic system but also because of its socialistic schemes. It has food-stamps for the poor (Anna Bhagya?), Unemplyment Benifits (MGNREGA?), Affirmative Action (Mandal Reservations) for the blacks, Social Security (Old age pension Scheme?), Medicaid/Medicare and the recently enacted Obamacare. I strongly beleive that Governement should encourage private enterprise and should not run businesses/factories and should focus all its energies on Social interventions in order to level the playing field for all its constituents.

    I have also worked in remote parts of Northern Karnataka (athini/aigali) and have seen first hand the prevailing Feudalistic and Casteist practices and how poor people (usually belonging to Dalit and backward classes) are exploited in the name of god and religion. I was idealistic as a young man and as I got older I evolved and I made best use of the oppurtunities that I got.

    My first Cousins still Live in remote villages in Karnataka and find it hard to eke out a decent living inspite of tilling their land all day long, all year. They do not even earn RS 50,000 per year.

    So, Moving to another country to earn my livelihood does not exclude me in being vested with my country and state of birth. My Parents, siblings and family live there and for all I know my children may return there.


    I know Conress is not all virtues. However, it would be foolish to seek perfection in any political party. Political parties are a reflection of the society and you cannot expect a Political party to be diametrically opposite in terms of the values it represents as compared to the society it aims to serve. Our Society is corrupt and divided and our political parties are a reflection of that.

    I know that individual elements within the Congress may be communal and casteist. But the Party platform does not support it.
    Your argument is like saying “there are castes in isalm and Christianity too!”. Yes there are, But Islam and Christianity do not sanctify caste in their core beleifs. The problem with Hinduism is that Caste system is religiously sanctified and prescribed in Rig Veda and Manu Smrithi. We have been exploiting our own by denying them access to education and social mobility by making them beleive that God and Dharma ordained it for them.

    similarly Congress Core beleif is secular and inclusive while BJP’s core beleif is based on stratified social structure of Hindu Sanatan Dharma.

    There are inherrent divisions within our society based on Caste and Religion. If you do not acknowledge it and take affirmative actions to remove the root cause for the inequality and go on pretending like “we are all one” when we really are not, it makes no sense.

    Dalits, OBC’s and Minorities need to be politically and economically empowered in order to remove the social inequalities. Congress is the only Viable Political Platform available in the country to respresent aspirations of these sections of our society.

    If Congress is not strengthened, these sections will turn to revolutionary ideals like Marxism and Naxalism.

    Congress is the saftey Valve in the pressure Cooker which is our society. Thank God (If he exists) that Congress is there, else you would have seen total chaos.

    Our founding fathers who were congress leaders made sure we had a strong foundations in terms of insititutions and a viable democaracy. In our initial years of independence we did not have revolutions and bloodshed like many other countries had (including USA , France and Russia). The IT revolution and Economic liberalism were headed by Congress Governments.

    All Major social schemes in Karnataks were introduced by Congress Governments under Devraj Urs .

    Hence my support for Congress.

  12. Vinay Says:


    I can totally believe that you saw widespread discrimination, feudalistic and casteist practices in villages. Yes, such problems do exist. So, what is the solution?

    The solution is economic development and urbanization. Villages in rural India are a den of social evils, as rightly pointed out by Dr. Ambedkar. As long as we remain a country of villages, we will never be rid of casteism and feudalism and such social ills. We will solve our issues only when we move to egalitarian urbanization.

    All this nonsense of “secular communal” is just a pile of fetid hyena dung. Unless the national focus becomes economic development and nothing but that, we will be an underdeveloped nation.

    If you want to talk of “secular-communal” stuff, just look at the current Muzaffarnagar riots:…w/22425140.cms

    Muzaffarnagar turns ghost town, locals blame Samajwadi Party

    The Samajwadi Party is the biggest piece of scum in the country. I have maintained this for a long time. SP has been like this from the beginning, there is nothing new in what they are doing here. They actively encourage riots, and many of their leaders take part in riots, all for the sake of votes. UP will never progress as long as the SP is around.

    Not only the SP, the Congress has also been guilty of this in the years they were in power. Ask people in Hyderabad about what Congress cadres used to go and do in old city to ignite communal riots.

    These scum who call themselves “secular”, are the biggest bastards around. It is pointless to differentiate between parties based on “secular credentials”. As long as we keep focusing on “secular-communal” bullshit, we will be in the pits.

  13. Ramachandrappa Says:


    The CM (a.k.a socialist!) and his party indeed needs ignorant pseudos, flunkies and dodo’s like you, especially with the doomed elections in near future, so can you kindly come back to India to help? If not, pls don’t make folks back home angry and disgusted with any retarded post. Thank you.

    Just FYI, the small Kruba community to which I belong is much smarter and much more enlightened today, thanks to a few key entrepreneurs within the Kuruba Samaja but not due to any politician from any party. It does not need any pseudo leader or a corrupt Socialist (now in a Cong-I skin) for prosperity or growth. The canny and shrewd CM had long ago forgotten that his AHINDA (a political forum he set-up when thrown out of the JDS by the Gowda clan) had once promised the sky to the downtrodden and OBCs. Well, as expected we all got betrayed while life’s misery goes on…

  14. Lawrence Lobo Says:


    Based on his 1st experience with Bangalore, Viz., ‘City of Craters’ with ‘Garbage Stench’ of inefficiency everywhere, the CM apparently told his team members that in future he would like to avoid the deadly pot holes and piles of unattended, rotting garbage at several points along the stretch!

    After a hastily called-off, incomplete trip of boom-town Blr, where crooked politicians have already consolidated massive encroachments for ages and pocketed all premium sites, the CM quickly realised that Blr is lost to the Cong-I mafia. To save face, he promised a good look at his own Mysore!

    Answering queries, he admitted that there were loopholes in the implementation of JNNURM, especially in his own Mysore city, that got a massive Rs 100-crore grant in June budget and none of the JNNURM plans announced was actually implemented! (is Rahul Gandhi and family broadcaster NDTV listening?)

    It may be noted that even after 100 days in power, the CM has not had the time to inspect any other major city including Mysore or Mangalore or districts or key infrastructure projects in Karnataka! Strangely, he is leaving on an expensive overseas jaunt (Shanghai, HK) with a large team, on Monday night.
    When a curious young reporter asked the CM of his agenda and key meetings in China and HK..etc, the quick-witted Siddu, on noticing the TV crews, only replied that all the CMs in the past have undertaken overseas trips.

    Luckily the helpless CM had his quick-witted media official, D.P. Muralidhar around. The bureaucrat came up with a instant mantra: while in China, the CM will showcase the Cong-I government’s flagship programme ‘Anna Bhagya’, the subsidised scheme to supply 30kg of rice or wheat at Re.1 per kg per month to poor families, and ‘Ksheera Bhagya’, free milk thrice in a week to school children across the state. He will also interact with other panellists at a food conference, including Katia Abreu, president, Confederacao Nacional da Agricultura from Brazil, Tim Hanstad, chief executive of Landsea from the US, and global food major Nestle’s executives in China.”

    Sadly, none of these idiotic jokers and so-called leaders from our state realize that no one smart enough in China will ever be interested in Karnataka, especially if rice is sold at Rs 1 per kg!

    With the reporters confused and utterly disappointed, the CM’s large team which comprises of anonymous businessman a.k.a shady black money operators, real-estate tycoons, MLAs, PAs and Cong-I butlers, added a ray of hope, “At Dalian, he will visit International Metal Working Engineering & Production Company, Sinovel Wind Energy, Port & Agriculture Market. Later, our Siddaramaiah will visit Shanghai Electrical Corporation and Huawai Technologies at Shanghai”.

    Bon Voyage!

  15. Praveen Kodbagi Says:

    The title seems very faulty because careful observation of the photo makes it seem that as if CM is trying to get her hands off him. I guess it does hurt sometime to be blessed by those who vote especially when you are in power and the voter comes to give his blessings, the actual blessings and not symbolic!

    Democracy does not work, it is an illusion as well as an allusion. We live in the Matrix refusing to see the actual reality even when somebody gets out of Maya or illusion or a structure and comes out and sees the things for the first time in reality, We refuse to believe it. When the person who has seen the reality beyond Matrix tries to convince us that we have been trapped for years and where we are living is not an actual world we simply do not believe him instead we take part in the world that we are trapped in.

    In realty all the political parties have the same manifesto and apparently same intentions too. They all want to stay in power, earn money and lot of influences so and so forth. Tony Blair was once voted as the most hated politician in England but what is more appalling was that he won the election in the same year. Something very similar happened in Karnataka when just to take one example of Yedyurappa, he was accused of corruption nepotism etc in Karnataka. He was put into jail and when he was in power turned a blind for all the illegal activities of his ministers. However it does not end there. He came back founded a new party and won again and his absense deeply affected BJP too in the elections as is evident.

    It is a good thing that we have Chief minister who represents backward caste in the political power. it shows many things in an otherwise politics led by caste and class categories. but we should not take or ignore their corrupt activities. corruption is corruption whether you are corrupt physically, mentally, externally or internally. one of the reasons why so many of our forefathers fought and got us independence was not just because of Gandhi, bhagat singh,etc and so many others. It is because people wanted to gain freedom for themselves, they themselves wanted to change.

    Hence until and unless we want to change ourselves there will simply always be corruption at all levels and democracy then exists only as an illusion then as a reality.

  16. Socialist Says:


    The link you posted does not work. However sighting individual article in a newspaper is never a good argument. I can sight 3 others that say exactly the opposite.

    Communal Clashes happen no matter who is in power. However it is the responsibility of the Government to protect the minorities and not let the majority lynch the minority. When you use the power of the state to either explicitly or implicitly encourage lynching of minorities, it is called Genocide.

    What Modi and BJP did in Godhra riots in Gujrat was Genocide. Even Vajpayee acknowledged that Modi did not follow Rajdharma.

    With a secular party in Power, they will never allow a Godhra to Happen: Not because of they are genuinely interested in the welfare of minorities, but because they depend on the minorities for their power (vote bank). A right wing communal party does not depend or care about the votes of the minorities and therefore has no vested interest in the welfare of the minorities.

    I agree that Urbanization and Industrialization is the way to go. However, we have to ensure that the historically disadvantaged sections of our society are set up in a way to take advantage of the opportunities that Urbanization and Industrialization brings , in a just and equitable way. We do not want “crony capitalism” of the likes of “Reddy Brothers” to Perpetuate historic oppression. Social Schemes that are aimed at the disadvantaged should always go hand-in-hand with the urbanization and industrialization.


    I will not take your bait and start getting personal or wearing my own caste on my shirt. I have been raised better than that. You have a choice to not read my post.I would encourage you to be more civil. But if you choose to be abusive, it does not affect me one bit. It is a clear demonstration that my post has gotten under your skin and made you uncomfortable in a way that you cannot defend your position rationally.

    I will come back to India on my own terms and when I want to OR I may even choose to stay back here. That will not in any way prevent me from being vested in my country and state.

    Re “Small Kuruba Community” – They are 3rd largest caste in the state of Karnataka. Maybe you are enlightened and are doing well and your circle within your community are doing very well and do not need symbolic representation.

    However, in North Karnataka, the situation is totally different. A typical Kuruba still leads a nomadic life. Just before the monsoon, they set off with their herd of sheep on their annual nomadic journey across long distances. They let their flock rest in the fields before the “planting happens” and charge a small fee. This helps the fields get manure. Usually they drink the local toddy and sleep with the sheep in the fields because thieves may steel their sheep if they go and sleep in a hut in the village. They do this for 4-5 and their nomadic trip takes them as far as Malnad sometimes.

    Because of poor sanitation, they stink like hell and they are not admitted to any houses of the upper castes in the villages. A kuruba will have to stand outside of the house in a village and is always abused. He cannot fight back because he usually has no support system due to his nomadic life.

    He comes back to his village right after the harvest season and stays with his family for 3 Months. His wife and kids meanwhile works as a laborer in the fields of the feudal land lords. The fact that their husband is away for 4-5 months opens them up for abuse.

    These Kurubas need representation. somebody who stands up for them even symbolically. The fact that their man is the CM of the state means a lot to them. Every Kuruba has a role model today. If one of their own who also heareded sheep like them can become the CM of the state, why not them?

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