POLL: Can Nandan Nilekani win Bangalore South?

Kite-flying effortlessly replaces cricket as the nation’s favourite sport before every election, state or national, and so it is in the run-up to 2014, with “guided rumours” of Infosys co-founder Nandan Nilekani suddenly but not unexpectedly doing the rounds as a potential Congress candidate from Bangalore South Lok Sabha constituency.

For the moment, there is no confirmation from the man, but he has certainly not denied the report which first appeared on the website of the business newspaper, Mint. “It’s speculative,” is how the Sirsi-born software mogul has chosen to greet the unattributed reports which clearly emanate from his “camp”, and all of which uniformally talk of his candidature having Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi‘s imprimatur.

On the face of it, Nilekani has plenty going for him. He is young (58), has a demonstrated track record as an entrepreneur and a technocrat, has ‘written’ an ambitious book on how he imagines India, and is a past-master at charming the pants off the media. On top of that, his wife, the former journalist Rohini Nilekani has pumped in crores into philanthropic projects.

Nilekani’s role in crafting “Brand Bangalore” is not insignificant. It is Infosys that largely put the shine back into Bangalore and made it the country’s unquestionable IT capital. Nilekani was also the brain behind the Bangalore Agenda Task Force (BATF) during S.M.Krishna‘s tenure. So, the Congress’s, if not Nilekani’s, calculation is: this is payback time.

The preponderance of IT types in Bangalore South, the large sprinkling of Brahmins, and a five-time sitting Brahmin MP (Ananth Kumar) who is not on the right side of the BJP’s “prime ministerial candidate”, Narendra Modi, makes the Sai bhakt’s candidature look all very rosy—on a spreadsheet.

But politics is not a zero-sum, page 3 game as the similarly qualified Captain G.R. Gopinath discovered not too long ago.

It is not only software engineers who go to vote, in fact they can barely get their backsides off a spa table on the weekends. Plus, Bangalore South has a sizeable Vokkaliga population, and who doesn’t know H.D. Deve Gowda‘s antipathy to urban, educated, rich, IT-BT types?

Above all, for all the friendly media coverage of Nilekani’s “Aadhar” card, the fact remains he has essentially presided over an unconstitutional scheme which does not have Parliament’s OK, and which has actually taken millions out of the welfare net, while precisely claiming to do the opposite, by stopping leakage and pilferage. These are the people who vote and, sadly for Nilekani’s and Aadhar’s backers, there are thousands of them in Bangalore South too.

So, does Nandan Nilekani, who can just about speak Kannada, stand a chance, if he gets the chance, or is he like so many billionaires deluded about what his billions can fetch? If he does, could he end up being a potential minister in the next UPA regime, if there is one? And, while we (and he) fantasise, could he even be the kind of quiet technocrat who could be Rahul’s Manmohan Singh? Just kidding.

(Or, tongue firmly in cheek, could Nandan Nilekani’s nomination papers get rejected because his date of birth does not match the DoB on his own Aadhar card?!)

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69 Responses to “POLL: Can Nandan Nilekani win Bangalore South?”

  1. Goldstar Says:

    Predictable taunt from Churumuri about the IT-BT types not voting in the 2009 elections. But that is quite old news.

    Voter turnout in the 2013 assembly elections was up by 10% . One reason for that was online registrations and work done by organisations like Smartvote.in.

    Ample proof that if the voter registration becomes easy then there will be greater participation.

    If Nandan Nilekani stands from South Bangalore on a Congress ticket, he has very good chance of winning. Nandan is more practical and get on the ground campaigning, rather than preaching from the pulpit like NRN.

  2. VTVenkataram Says:

    Whatever name & fame Mr.Nandan Nilekani,has earned so far, is bound to get liquidated by his joining the political game.The “Aadhar” card , has caused a lot of heart burning to one and all who have to travel a long distance and stand in the que .
    The electorate will teach him a proper and fitting lesson !!

  3. harkol Says:

    If he stood on Congress ticket, dobutful. Especially in current climate.

    But I hope he wins. Because, he is a good, clean candidate as versus the jaded, ineffective (even corrupt) career politician like Ananthkumar.

    I have always said – Vote for good candidates instead of parties. All parties are more or less same – i.e. Socialistic Crap, high corruption, Caste/religion based appeasement, bad governance.

    But, this particular election Modi being a best bet against economic morass we have fallen in to, Bangalore South, an educated middleclass bastion, may not vote for Congress.

  4. Anand Says:

    Yes he can. Yes he will. It is the right time to eliminate jackal ananth kumar.

  5. mysticresearcher Says:

    I stay in South Bangalore, I will not vote for Nilekani for the only reason that a business man is always a business man.

  6. chidu22 Says:

    If Nandan can protect state interests then my vote is for him. We have already seen the foxy ananth Kumar betray the state and its people in the past, kick him out. Karnataka’s interest should not be sacrificed just to get BJP at the Center.

  7. PVL Says:

    At the outset, we should all be aware that the ‘rumors on Nilekani becoming a Cong-I MP’ are not rumors but news that is intentionally planted in advance, by the Cong-I’s media cell and PR managers, to gauge public opinion. As long as there is no extremely adverse reaction, everything is ok to proceed!

    Nandan Nilekani is a techno, economist, Aadhaar hero, Rahul Gandhi chamcha, , blah blah blah…
    He is actually the billionaire co-founder of slave trade-outsourcer Infosys. A software mogul with an estimated net worth of $1.3 billion USD, among the top 50 richest Indians! He is the man behind UPA government’s ambitious but universally condemned Aadhar programme. An elitist, completely out-of-touch with a garbage-filled, lunar surface called Bangalore, he could not even deliver a 5 minutes speech in Kannada channel (DD Chandana) on Sir MV’s birthday. The ex- Bishop Cotton Boys School and IIT-Mumbai alumnus has a palatial home in the posh Koramangala area that is part of the Bangalore South constituency, has two children each of whom studied at Yale University and settled in the US.

    Apparently while Rahul Baba was speculating on a suitable constituency for Nilekani , the decision was finally taken when none other than Abhishek Singhvi, the noted SC lawyer and Cong-I spokesmen (who has interesting videos on the web of his talent), gave crucial inputs that the lame media is favorable for Nandan in Bangalore. Others who seconded the idea are the famous-tainted in the UPA, Viz., Ashwini Kumar, Jaiswal, Bansal, Rajiv Shukla, Shakeel, Khurshid, Jayanti, Jairam, Sibal, Diggi, Manish Tiwari, Moily, Oscar, Karghe, Muniyappa, et al, while Mauni Mohan Singh, as usual had no comments.

    The ruling Congress party-led UPA, lashed by a series of corruption scandals in the midst of soaring inflation (Petrol soon to hit 100 while Onions are Rs 90 a Kg!) has been desperately trying to inject a dose of credibility in its ranks. Hence, with the doomed elections in the near future, the talent hunt is on for MP candidates, technocrats out-of-touch with the aaam adhmi, billionaire shady businessmen, dumb film personalities, tainted sportsmen..etc.

    The public will remember Nilekani’s comments about Anna Hazare at the height of Lokpal agitation. Nandan Nilekani attacked Hazare agitation as “naive… simplistic… a Kool-Aid” campaign!

    Madam, Pappu and team, are hoping that by fielding Nilekani, the party can not only garner the black money, corporate contributions of India Inc but also the votes of elitist class. Unfortunately for the Cong-I, the Modi mania sweeping the nation, is ensuring that India’s burgeoning, aspirational poor and middle class are being wooed away from the UPA, on the back of a recurrent and expensive campaign of policy paralysis, record-breaking scams, economic stagnation and shocking financial downturn.

    Nandan Nilekani’s controversial Aadhaar project is the only experience he has had with governance and politics. The Aadhaar is a Trojan horse gifted by a dysfunctional government which will ultimately compromise our security without even a figleaf of statutory protection for our privacy. The Cong-I and Nilekani have sold it as a means to reach government benefits to the poor, but is now ending up as one more tool in the hands of the powerful to exclude some and extract speed money from the rest. To take the Indian citizen’s most prized possession – his identity, his biometrics, his fingerprints – and pretend he is doing him a favour is a crime, if not a sin! There is no assurance to Indian citizens that their personal information, including fingerprints will not fall in the wrong hands. The only other country in the world with a similar database, the US does so for social security, but has extraordinary strong laws protecting privacy and people against misuse.

    Amid an alarming rise in credit card frauds, data thefts and card cloning, the Aadhaar card will make extortion become easier. Once your income-tax numbers, bank accounts, credit card transactions, and asset purchases are linked through a common Aadhaar number, anyone in any part of a coercive tax system can blackmail you if your assets and financial details are leaked, you will be vulnerable. Remember, the whole 2G scam was unveiled when the Radia tapes were illegally leaked. No wonder, the collective wisdom of the parliamentary standing committee on finance clearly warned against the UIDAI, partly because it does not use the internationally implemented technology standard for authentication called EMV, where all the data is encrypted!

    Luckily for Nandan, the canny and now publicly hated, Advani side-kick, current BJP MP Anant Kumar is expected to be shunted to second-tier city and his hometown Hubli, where he is expected to be defeated. As a backup-plan, Advani has apparently promised the canny Anant, a RS seat as part of a recent internal deal with Rajnath Singh.

    Sadly, the BJP is said to be pushing for KSCA scam-tainted cricketer Anil Kumble in a bid to ensure that at least 20 seats of the 28 from Karnataka are mopped up by the BJP. The assumption being that Yeddi will come back and voters in Blr South will get a replacement.

    In a key, strategic constituency dominated by “upper-class professionals”, the UNDISPUTABLE BEST CHOICE FOR BJP is none other than Mr. Mohandas Pai, Chairman of Manipal Global Education and ex-CFO and ex-HRD head of Infosys. Blr South, which has a high percentage of Infy and ex-Infy families, is well aware that Mohandas Pai, was instrumental in instituting India’s first employee stock option plan that enabled 1000s of employees across Infosys to be part of and consequently to share in the wealth creation by the company.

    Mohan as he is popularly known to all in Bangalore, is extremely fluent in Kannada, takes part in public debates, volunteers for local activities, anti-corruption crusades, clean-up Bangalore..etc, has been active for over a decade, in working with regulators to improve the business ecosystem. He is an ardent supporter of the Akshaya Patra Foundation, a midday meal program feeds over 12,00,000 children in 7,669 government schools across seven states in India, primarily in Bangalore’s rural and urban areas as well as in Gujarat.

    More importantly, Mr. Pai is a founder of B.PAC (Bangalore Political Action Committee), a non-political citizen’s collective that aims to build a better Bangalore and enhance the quality of life of every citizen. In fact, if the BJP top-brass ignores the crooks in the race for a Blr South MP ticket and selects, Mohandas Pai, it will soon see a deluge of representation from diverse walks of life in Karnataka, including several eminent personalities from the fields of politics, business, sports, the arts and entertainment!
    Meanwhile, the real ‘rumor’ going round Bangalore is that, as part of a Plan-B, Rahul Baba along with his ‘socialist’ CM, is trying to convince the current DGP Lalrokhuma Pachau, to be a candidate! The DGP became famous after the daring ‘so-called escape’ of serial rapist and killer ‘Psycho Shankar’. Many top IPS officers admit that the morale is now very low & the force is looking directionless. Pachau, a 1977 batch IPS officer, is a native of Mizoram, who has spent most of his career outside the state and not even familiar with Karnataka, forget Blr!

    While one hopes Modi will be smart-wise and swiftly select Mohandas Pai or anyone else genuine and popular with the voters, we will soon know if Madam and team select, Kool-Aid Nandan Nilekani or Top Cop Pachau!

  8. Kulkarni Says:

    Aside to the spluttering-sluttering-struggling Rahul Baba, Nandan Nilkani is also known as a great admirer of the other Baba, who is no more!

    The Sai Baba was known for materializations of vibhuti and other small objects such as rings, necklaces, and Swiss watches along with reports of miraculous healings, resurrections, clairvoyance, bilocation and alleged omnipotence ..etc. He was a source of both fame and controversy; with serious accusations leveled including sleight of hand, sexual abuse, child molestation, money laundering, fraud in the performance of service projects and murder.

    After his death, on 17 June 2011, government, bank and tax department officials were stunned to discover 98 kg of gold ornaments US$4.7m, 307 kg of silver ornaments US$0.36m, and Rs 116 million in cash inside his secret safe. The total value exceeded a shocking 7.8 million US dollars! Also found at the Great Magician Baba’s Yajurmandir secret safe, were thousands of pure silk sarees, gold threaded dhotis, silk shirts, 500 pairs of designer shoes, dozens of bottles of most expensive perfume and hairspray, rare swiss watches, a large number of silver, gold biscuits and diamonds.

    Incidentally, speaking to TOI, Nandan had once commented that being smart is not enough in life, you have to be in the right place at the right time. Regretfully, for Nandan, while he continues to wear a silver ring apparently gifted by the God man, his Baba will not be around to help with any pseudo tricks or magic with the educated. professional and smart voters of Blr south.

    They say, once a cottonian always a cottonian on the cloud ;-)

    Despite the $1.3 billion USD in his bulging hip pocket, the ambitious politician in the making will bite the dust, provided the BJP fields a smart, intellectual and active professional in society, instead of some film star or sportsman..etc. And NaMo campaigns in Bangalore.

  9. The_Mist Says:

    Looks like Nandan Nilekhani is suited for Management job as per this link.


    There was this controversy with Karmarkar, about not giving credit to his Ph.D. advisor [who claimed it was him] from Cal, on Interior Point Algorithm for which he became an Bell Labs Fellow. His stuff has made Lucent a lot of Money.

  10. dr ramesh Says:

    If it is true, its a cake walk for ananth Kumar. Of all the 3 lok sabha constituencies in Bangalore, south Bangalore has the highest Kannada speaking population, technocrats are perceived to be Kannada haters,anti Kannada. Kannadigas rightly view them with suspicion.
    Ananth Kumar may have allegations of corruption against him, but he is a kannadiga . If it is a contest between a TECHNOCRAT and KANNADIGA POLITICIAN, I would support a kannadiga politician.

    Hope Congress changes its thinking and selects an able candidate from the big list of aspirants which includes SM KRISHNA, SUDARSHAN, U B VENKATESH and so on….. Congress has a good chance if they take a right call.

  11. Anonymous Guy Says:

    Question should be, will he lose his deposit or not if he stands. I think better sense will prevail and he will stick to power without responsibility and continue distributing contracts in the name of Aadhar scam.

  12. Dattatraya Says:

    No chance of Mr. Nandan getting elected.

  13. Michael Says:

    Is this true?
    Heard that on discovering that Nandan is suddenly feeling sick & chickening-out, Rahul the juvenile Prince growing too old, who yesterday said he has sacrificed his own ‘unknown’ dreams and views on key issues & now has no more dreams for India, has short-listed none other than UR Ananthmurthy (apart from 3 others equally controversial) for the Blr South ticket!

  14. Gaampa Says:

    Then, there is the Rajya Sabha route

  15. Deepak Says:

    Unlike NRN, Nilekani is not well known. If Congress party thinks educated types will flock to vote for Nilekani, they are sadly mistaken. Nilekani has spoilt his name associating with corrupt dynasty and those who know him also know the horror of UPA 2 and the majority who don’t know him will anyway not care for him.

    Poor Ananthmurthy may have to leave India, atleast for his sake, hope that Congress finds some winnable horses.

  16. Sanjeeva Says:

    @VTVenkataram, Nilekani is lot better than many politicians. At least he is educated and has certain ideas. My experience of getting Adhar Card for my family and my relatives is totally different. Initially, there were huge crowds by a particular community because of many misgivings. After 2-3 months, we hardly spent more than half an hour for giving our details and we promptly got our cards within 3 months. What else you expect?
    @Dr. Ramesh, It is a wrong notion that technocrats are Kannada haters. Rather we, the Kannadigas do not allow the language to grow and spread. Whenever I go to banks, malls etc. I speak Kannada and I have not faced any problem. If somebody does not know Kannada, he/she softly apologises. But most of the Kannadigas speak Tamil Telugu, Hindi and even broken English rather than speak in Kannada. You just have to go shops, offices, vegetable vendors, autowallas, etc. and see. Any language is spread by ordinary and common people and not by elites. You know, there are lots of Keralites in Bangalore and Mysore. I have seen people talking to them in Tamil! First let the Kannadigas speak Kannada before finding fault with others.

  17. shiv Says:

    Sanjiva @19september @9.17am is one of the examples of shortsighted Indians who cannot see past their noses.It is easy for our crooked politicians to take the hand of specimens like sanjiva and lead them in the narrow minded path so that they can loot the public without fear.Poor suckers like sanjiva will be left to carry empty bucket.People speak the language they are comfortable with.True integration of our country will start the day government makes hindi or even sanskrit compulsory for all indians to learn and speak.Every Indian should be encouraged to speak the national language-Keralite to a tamilian,andraite to a kerlalite or a kannadiga to a non kannadiga.Leave the choice to those from outside the states to learn the local language.many learn automatically the local language once they know they will live there for a long period of time.”Sanjivas” have not kept their ears open for different funny sounding kannada spoken by keralites or tamilians or andraites.If they do, they won’t continuously keep crying kannada is dead, instead they will start crying that please don’t murder my great kannada.

  18. G Says:

    I think I had a bet with DB / PLT here on churumuri comment board saying I will buy them a Johnie Walker if at all Nandan Nilkeni becomes the PM. Can either of you own up please so that we can coordinate as its not too long that it can become true :) (Its a different matter that I dont want it to be true as I think its Modi’s turn this time)

  19. Muhammad Says:

    While the common-man is struggling to literally survive with sky-high prices while helplessly watching all the scams and mega-scams, Nandan Nilekani (Aadhaar project cost estimate is Rs. 18,000 crores) is indeed the perfect man to run the Ponzi schemes of Congress-I.

  20. Pulikeshi the Last Says:

    What is the capitation fee for a Loksabha Congress ticket?

  21. Doddi Buddi Says:

    My money is on Nandan Nilekani. I don’t agree with Dr. Ramesh who is as usual spouting BS! Kannadigas also encourage people like Nilekani who is a Konkani and may be he can speak Kannada?

  22. Sanjeeva Says:

    @Shiv, Obviously, you have entirely missed my point in your hurry to condemn. My comments should be read in the context of opinion expressed by Dr. Ramesh. I have lived in five different states including Hindi heartland and am quite comfortable with different languages. Love for one’s mother tongue does not automatically mean hatred for other languages.

  23. Pulikeshi the Last Says:

    And a BJP, JDS ticket? I want to do some comparison shopping here before I jump into the fray.

  24. harkol Says:

    Doddi Buddi: Nilekani speaks Kannada, but it wasn’t his first language (i.e. at home or school) – thus is known to mess up words at times.

    But, the question is why being a Kannadiga is a qualification? I never can relate to the concept of bringing languge, religion, caste or any other criteria into an simple equation of is he the right person to do a job.

    And I do hope that if Nilekani stands for elections, he wins. But, I am also worried about his choice of party. Voting for congress is voting for corrupt Gandhi family. :(

  25. Shyam Says:

    Nandan Nilekani is now confirmed as the candidate of Congress-I from Bangalore South.

    On hearing the widespread anti-Anant Kumar sentiments in the Bangalore South constituency and realizing that he will also lose the deposit if he is shunted out to Hubli, sitting MP and L.K. Advani’s key aide Ananth Kumar has desperately started a media campaign, in-order to force the new BJP leadership to give his a ticket for the key constituency in Blr.

    Talking to TOI, he is quoted as “I am the MP for the fifth time from Bangalore South. What’s the need for me to change my constituency? Why is everyone after me? Many new names come up during elections in Bangalore South, it is common in all parties. This is a constituency of intellectuals, where elections are contested on issues, not personalities.”
    Kumar added that his ‘noted’ mentor, L.K. Advani, is not ‘anti-Modi’. “First, keep this in mind; there is no anti-Modi stand even from Advani, Murli Manohar Joshi and Sushma Swaraj. We all were unanimous in appointing Modi for the party’s PM candidate… discussion was only on timing. Having two opinions is no dissidence”. With a view to influence and lobby for his doubtful-ticket renewal, Anant who was aggressively against Modi during close-door meetings, added that “ Today, Modi also has the blessing of Advaniji,”.

    Kumar’s deteriorating popularity has already been a disaster for BJP in Karnataka. The party’s top brass had received a clear hint on Kumar’s popularity among Bangaloreans when Narendra Modi had last visited the city to campaign for BJP ahead of Karnataka assembly polls in which BJP lost power to Congress, thanks partly to the crooked politics of Anant Kumar and personal vendetta against Yeddiurappa. The Gujarat CM had travelled to Bangalore to address a huge crowd gathered at National College grounds in Basavangudi on April 28, 2013. Right in the presence of Modi and nationwide media, Kumar had to undergo a very shameful experience when the BJP crowd did not even allow the local MP to deliver his speech. It was the Gujarat CM who had urged the crowd in vain, to listen to Kumar. In fact, before Kumar could utter a single word, he was forced to leave the podium! Well, the wheel has come a full circle for the canny politician who was once known as the ‘BJP’s face from South India.

    Aside to the general gloom among the intellectuals and youth in Blr South, the most recent Oneindia Opinion Poll as well as passionate responses on various Social media sites clearly indicates a definite defeat for Anant Kumar.

    Although speculation is ongoing as to the winning horse that Modi-Rajnath combine will select, the silver-lining is that there are many well-respected and accomplished candidates in the reckoning for the BJP in Blr South!
    It could be anyone among, technocrat-administrator-entrepreneur Mohandas Pai or National award-winning actress Tara or cricketer Anil Kumble or senior actress Shruti or Chickpet corporator A.L. Shivakumar.

    The latest and exciting entry into the BJP’s A-list for this strategic constituency are Raghu Dixit (very popular singer-songwriter-music director), Prakash Padukone and Prakash Raj.

    With such an increasingly long list of talented and popular personalities, it will be a tragedy for both the BJP and Kannadigas, if Anant Kumar manages to manipulate his anti-Modi mentor and Jinnah fan, to miraculously secure the ticket.

  26. Yella Ok Says:

    Nandan nilekani can win, esp against Ananth Kumar. Maybe even should, if you ignore that he is contesting from a congress ticket. Whether he will is an interesting question

    That kannadigas will desert a technocrat, vokkaligas will not vote, all IT professionals will vote for him, etc are sweeping generalizations that, like all sweeping generalizations, just bunkum

  27. M V Karmari Says:

    Mr Nandan Neelekani will be waste of talent in politics

  28. ssm Says:

    my two replies to dr ramesh was deleted. if he only wants to support a kannadiga, i dont know why he is supporting ananth kumar. if i put his first language here, even this comment would be deleted. so i wont this time.

  29. dr ramesh Says:

    Last vidhana sabha elections many TECHNOCRATS, MBA, IIM TYPES contested elections and thank God, they lost. Media gave them lot of publicity even then.
    A MP elected from karnataka should be able to speak with guts and gumption when there is injustice done to karnataka in matters related to border,language, grants to the state. These technocrats hesitate to even sing NATIONAL ANTHEM because they don’t like it, do u think they can speak for karnataka? .

    I am a resident of south Bangalore, ANANTH KUMAR readily participates and supports RAJYOTSAVA FESTIVALS, GANESHA PENDALS throughout the constituency, he makes sure local boys are happy.
    Even corporators across wards share a good rapport with AK.
    another factor is ASHOK, ashok has done good things for Bangalore south.

    An ordinary, ,inflation hit kannadiga like me can go to ANANTH KUMAR, ASHOK and talk about problems in my road or Ward, but I don’t stand a chance with a technocrats, except for BEWARE OF DOGS board hung on the gate (no dogs actually) , to keep electorates away.

  30. Prof Upadhyaya Says:

    Kannadigas in Bangalore South constituency will have two choices. Vote for the BJP or Cong-I.

    Regretfully those who support the BJP (and Modi as PM savior of the nation) will not do so because of Anant Kumar, while those supporting Nandan Nilekani, will not do so because he is with the Cong-I.

    The Bangalore South parliamentary seat has 8 assembly constituencies and is a prestigious battleground. It is dominated by mainly middle, upper class residents and has a lot of intellectuals, who cannot be brainwashed anymore by the BJP-liability called Anant Kumar. Even in the last elections in 2008, Kumar, scraped through primarily with the help of a highly-corrupt Congress defector V Somanna, who in return was made a minister in Yedyurappa’s government. While Ananth Kumar’s margin at around 30,000 votes in the last election might look impressive, many forget that he was trailing right from the start, till the votes of Govindrajanagar and Vijaynagar, Viz., two assembly constituencies in which Somanna held complete sway (because of caste considerations), came to his rescue.

    After playing coy for days and years of Chinese whispers about his unpopularity, the Rashtreeya Swayamsevak Sangh’s Bangalore city unit has apparently given the new BJP leadership, feedback after a random opinion poll conducted in Blr south in the 1st week of Sept. The pool clearly indicates a total defeat for the BJP, unless they have a new candidate. The media and web is all about Anant kumar being a villain because of his anti-Modi stance (although the chameleon is now claiming that he is not anti-Modi), it is very clear that the local voters resent him for having not done anything in the constituency, for so long!

    During his Infosys days, Nilekani was known to be a master strategist who left nothing to chance; it would be interesting to see how his candidature will play out in the next parliamentary polls. If indeed, Anant Kumar manipulates and secures the BJP’s ticket for reasons no one can comprehend, victory for Nilekani can be taken for granted!

    Incidentally, Sudheendra Kulkarni (also a Kannadiga) the previous key aide of Advani was summarily kicked out of the BJP and is now one of the most common anti-Modi voices in the media. One can only hope that the foxy Anant will have the same fate, before the elections and the BJP will save face.

  31. raju Says:

    People are only making comments out of their own point of view.Nilekani is yet to be announced as a congress candidate.UPA & congress have done a lot better to the country and the state to make Nilekani’s victory certain.Even if there is no Aadhaar for the congress nominee’s so called victory because of Inflation Price Rise, Petrol, Disel LPG rates, Terrorist attacks…latest the Onion attack in this series, few are fondly discussing the undeclared candidate!. Modi is being seen as the hope.Our society and people cut across sections from poor , middle class, upper middle class and the wealthy.More over this election will be on national subjects which will be hardly positive for congress.So Congress may have thought a win win situation for itself. If it looses it may be loss to Nilekani or else congress’s strategy. Poor Nandan will be nowhere.

  32. Sudha Rao Says:

    The recent past tragedy of Blr south is that, whoever wins the votes, is unfortunately not part of the Central Govt!

    With various advance polls clearly indicating a Modi-led sweep across the nation, let us pray that the BJP will have the courage to ignore the tantrums & black mail of the aged, selfish politician, his flunkies…etc, and field a talented candidate, who sincerely believes in Modi, progress & proactive help for the aam adhmi’s misery!

  33. Shetty Says:

    Who really is Anant Kumar?


  34. Praveen Kodbagi Says:

    It is a very bad idea the corporates hopping in the politics. since the beginning itself these people have no connections with ground level. all their networks lie at a much higher scale. democracy and state interests are very difficult to manage under the bourgeois democracy. because even if they want to work for thw welfare of the people they need to first go through a wide array of networks.

  35. Arun Says:

    No he won’t. SInce Hanumanthaiah, Bengaluru South votes for chaddis only.

  36. ERR Says:

    Yesteryear comedian and lookalike Narasimharaju would have had better chance against Nilkeni :)

  37. Joshi Says:

    No candidate has yet been announced by both the main parties for the prestigious South Bangalore constituency.

    In the current circumstances, everyone knows that it is the Congress which needs Nilekani more than the other way round. Earlier, the Congress, more often than not, gave up the Bangalore South seat even before the elections.

    The cartel around Rahul in the Cong-I’s selection committee is now of the assumption that a good number of techies in Blr South, indeed do not belong to Karnataka, but they may have registered themselves as voters in Bangalore, and finally decide to throw their weight behind Nilekani.

    Well, Nilekani with billions in his pocket has nothing to lose in life, except perhaps, the elections!

    While the anti-Modi, foxy Anant Kumar has not been announced as the candidate, he is now a hated figure in the state, the Blr South constituency as well as the party cadre! Aside to voter fatigue working against Kumar, the only argument Kumar’s last few remaining supporters in his totally deserted party office at 15th Cross, Jayanagar, is that he may benefit from the disappointment with the UPA regime’s poor performance, pot holes, garbage, corruption in UPA, price rises, onion prices, mega scams..etc, a fact that any other BJP candidate will also benefit from!

    They say in politics ego and vengeance never disappear. No wonder, despite all his cards down, Anant Kumar is still trying his best, with due help from his Guru Advani, to block former Chief Minister B.S.Yeddyurappa’s new political outfit – the KJP from merging with BJP.

    Insiders say that Ananth Kumar, the sitting MP, is likely to be packed-off to a tier-II city and his hometown, Hubli, as part of a smart strategy to keep his mentor, the selfish, completely isolated Karachi-born patriarch silent if not forcibly retired!

    The RSS is in the final stages of constituting a 20-man list of probable’s (in which Anant Kumar is not around) to be vetted by BJP campaign committee chairman Narendra Modi.

    Some well-known intellectuals and BJP well-wishers, the state party cadre and core RSS leaders are apparently behind the move to field Anil Kumble. Kumble who was vice-chairman of Karnataka Wildlife Board, former India Captain is the current president of the Karnataka State Cricket Association.

    Apparently there are at least two other equally winnable, popular candidates, also approved by the RSS and state party cadre.

  38. Anonymous Guy Says:

    In other news, the Supreme court has raised some serious doubts on the validity of Aadhar and how it is being implemented.

    This is what happens when an arrogant privateer wields power with no responsibility.

    This was a lunatic scheme from the outset. The technocrat must now begin to understand the reality that is India, not like helping big Western multinationals take advantage of cheap labor and visa loopholes. On the other hand, lots of money would have already been drained into private pockets while implementing the scam.

    Time to stand for elections from a safe seat and cover some lost ground? Hope the BJP finds someone who cares about the people of Bangalore South, to stand against the privileged technocrat who must have lost touch of reality.

  39. asha Says:


    You are totally missing the point about Aadhaar cards. It is the “Green Card” for illegal Bangladeshi’s who form a solid vote bank of congress to come and settle in India. All this being done at Indian tax payers expense to undermine the nation. Wake up and smell the fresh coffee

  40. Anonymous Guy Says:

    Asha, Yes, that is one of the dangers of how the scheme is being implemented. That is one of the side effects of this ill-intentioned and foolish policy, designed to centralize power further in the hands of a few. While your blinkered view sees only one effect, I have always maintained this scheme combined with our Indian way of implementing things has many long term bad effects. If the PIL is taken further, the Supreme Court should be coming out with more telling strictures. Then we can only wait and see if the government pushes this bill in parliament.

  41. Doddi Buddi Says:

    I am inspired by Dr. Ramesh & Dr. Shemej! I demand HDK or Revanna be made a candidate from South Bangalore! We genuinely need a mass leader! I am grateful to Dr. Ramesh & Dr. Shemej!

  42. Shabana Says:

    @ Asha

    You hit the bulls eye!

    One of the flagship schemes of Congress, thanks to brilliant Rahul Pappu’s man-Friday, Nandan Nilekani, ensures that all the illegal Bangladeshi citizens in India can easily get Aadhaar cards for just Rs 2500!

    About 1.50 crore Bangladeshi “intruders” have been quietly getting badly needed Indian proof, Viz., ‘aadhar’ cards to avail the benefits of the Cong-I government schemes, apart from voting for the Cong-I crooks and allies like Laloo Prasad Yadav, Mulayalam Singh Yadav, Sharad Pawar, Paswan, DMK family..etc.

    What’s more, while we all know that the very survival of congress party depends on Muslim votes (does not matter of they are Bangla or Pakistani intruders), the Centre’s move to provide the subsidy money directly deposited into the bank accounts of Bangladeshi ‘aadhar’ card holders will prove to be a big problem for the next government in the days to come!

    Meanwhile, the #43 Billionaire (on Forbes list) who described himself as `quite unelectable’ just five years ago, in the very first page of his book ‘Imaging India’ – Ideas for the new century, is today is set to enter rajneeti on the Cong-I ticket!

    No wonder, in many ‘aadhar card’ holders homes across India, the mug-shots of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman or Jinnah have already been replaced by a smiling Rahul and Nandan combine!

    Well, the real tragedy for the past few decades is that because of the vote bank politics practiced by the most corrupt Cong-I politicians (and associated parties), the genuine Indian Muslims, continue to perpetually suffer as mute spectators!



  43. Shemej Says:

    “Now, Aadhaar faces identity crisis”
    Question – “The Aadhaar is a Trojan horse gifted by a dysfunctional government which will ultimately compromise our security without even a figleaf of statutory protection for our privacy.” — PVL : 18th Sept 2013.

    “The Centre for e-governance of the State government is likely to defer its plans to scale up Aadhaar enrolment in the State, following the Supreme Court (SC) direction not to make unique identity (UID) numbers mandatory for citizens to get government services, including various subsidy schemes.”

    Read further — http://www.deccanherald.com/content/359397/now-aadhaar-faces-identity-crisis.html

    “The plan to speed up the process includes opening additional enrolment centres in both urban and rural areas and tying up with oil marketing companies to start Aadhaar enrolment at local LPG distribution agencies.”
    It is feared that the government may end up losing money in merely keeping the centres open and without making much progress in the enrolment. ”

    “Private firms are charging the government Rs 26 per enrolment.

    Officials said many of these firms were deliberately delaying the enrolment process. Some of them have given sub-contract to smaller firms. These firms may further slow down the process in view of the court direction, sources said.”
    (emphasis added, in all paras above)

    The Supreme Court clearly says, you dont need to take Aadhar card. If, nimage bere kelasa illandre, you take it. Or if you really want to take it, you take it. That is the meaning of optional? Please correct me.

    The center govt threatening that, if you dont take aadhar, you wont get gas subsidy is just a lie. It was a deliberate lie. To fool you. To fool you who read churumuri here, to fool those who live in India, to fool who are citizens of India. To swindle public money.

    This is what I said well before the Supreme court intervention comes — read here — 2nd Sept- https://churumuri.wordpress.com/2013/08/29/what-manmohan-singh-should-really-be-doing/

    Why these people at the top of the authorities were deliberately fooling and swindling public money?

    It is the same government, which has assured the Supreme Court now, that Aadhar is not constitutionally mandatory. Meaning – “Bekandre Thagoli, bendandre bittubidi, ashte”. If the govt assure supreme court something and threaten the public with the opposite argument, are they not deliberately fooling people?

    Mathe yake, all these deliberate misguiding?

    To swindle public money.

    If this thread is going to be active, I will try to share what ever info I have, how some of these characters and their family members are swindling public money by deliberately misguding people. Not just in the name of Aadhar. But from Sarva Shiksha Abhyan fund too.

    However, I would like to thank three +1 great people for helping the public.

    1 & 2) Justice (Retd) KS Puttaswamy & Adv Parvesh Khanna — “While hearing a public interest litigation (PIL) filed by retired Karnataka High Court judge Justice KS Puttaswamy and advocate Parvesh Khanna.. ” “Supreme Court says Aadhaar not necessary for essential services “http://www.moneylife.in/article/supreme-court-says-aadhaar-not-necessary-for-essential-services/34570.html

    3) MP Achuthan CPI MP– (The media is keep saying he is CPM MP. a section of our journalists are poor in general knowledge). Who even reportedly filed (planned to file/filed?). “Achuthan is now planning to submit a privilege notice against the minister in the Rajya Sabha on Thursday.” http://articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/2013-08-29/kochi/41580132_1_lpg-scheme-lpg-subsidy-lpg-connections

    4) Praful Bidwai– , who sagaciously fought against the evil designs of United States of America intelligence wing, their friends Manmohan Singh and Nandan Nilekani — http://questioningaadhaar.blogspot.in/2010/12/praful-bidwai.html

    We should elect people like MP Achuthan and Arvind Kejriwal. Though I am a leftist, I am not CPI supporter and I never got a chance to vote for CPI in my life. (MPA is a Rajyasabha MP). And we should never vote if evil corporate heads ask you to vote a particular candidate. Very likely those candidates are hired by these evil corporate heads for alloting lands to them once get elected.


    “This is what happens when an arrogant privateer wields power with no responsibility.

    This was a lunatic scheme from the outset.”

    Anonymous Guy, you are indeed a blessing. Really really appreciate your wisdom. Thank you so much for being there.

  44. Anonymous Guy Says:

    Shemej, Good points.This executive order is a combination of bad intentions and naivette/lack of vision.

    Asha et. al., There is no denying the long term security, illegal immigration and possible demographic change problems which could be facilitated by the clumsy implementation of this policy. And bad implementation is a given in our country. But illegal immigration wont be effected much just from inefficient implementation of the policy. It is not difficult to get any documentation including driving license, passport etc., so aadhar is not a big deal. The negatives start before that, even if the policy were implemented with German efficiency and non-citizens were kept out, it would bad for all of us.

  45. Suresh Says:

    The voters of Blr South can heave a sigh of relief!

    The Supreme Court in a landmark judgment has now instructed the Election Commission to let voters convey a reject vote!
    NOTA is the only option to the helpless, common man, especially when faced with the prospect of a Rahul Baba flunky, who has been instrumental in bleeding the country of a massive Rs. 18,000 crore ponzi scheme called Aadhaar project credited to a mega scams-ridden party that continues to shamelessly push for an Ordinance that ensures tainted and convicted criminals can continue as MPs and Ministers, while on the other hand: he has an option to vote for a most canny, foxy, master manipulator, who has not done an iota of work despite representing the constituency for ages but been working overnight as a Modi-baiter within his own party, in order to demonstrate his loyalty to the Jinnah-fan called LKA.

    So many other election reforms have been pending and we can now at least hope that the Judiciary and NGO’s will force the executive to clean the decaying system.

  46. Shemej Says:

    ” It is not difficult to get any documentation including driving license, passport etc., so aadhar is not a big deal. ”

    You are right !

    There is no need to give much importance to what The Pioneer says. BJP and Chandan are in a give and take relationship. Not even Chandan’s wife take them seriously.

    Every child knows what happens in Kolkata- Here is a version– if you want you believe, or reject it. Dont ask me for evidence. I dont have evidence to prove where Sun will rise tomorrow. It is possible, Sun will rise at north tomorrow. This is my opinion, and like all my opinions, it can be true or false. Verify before using my inputs, and if you verify, you will be shocked to know the facts. Bangladeshis come on a weekly basis and work in Kolkatta. When they have to cross to India, they need to pay Bangladesh border force, and when they need to cross to Bangladesh, they can pay BSF. The amount is shared by both groups without much problem. India is a corruption free land. Jai Hind ! Jai Jawan !

    Any one can take a driving license in the name of Mahatma Gandhi in India, if you pay. But that doesnt show Aadhar is bad.

    Aadhar is bad, because it is meant to “.. profile citizens and track their movements and transactions.”. Read more at the Link given next to Praful Bidwai- in my previous post.

    “The current evidence on the technological possibilities of biometric data use suggests that it is not a foolproof system for preventing identity theft. It is also increasingly accepted that, since fingerprints of a person (especially those engaged in manual labour) can change over time, they may be unreliable guides to identity. Mr Ramakumar points out that “according to some estimates, in developing countries like India, the share of persons with noisy or bad data could go up to 15 per cent”, or more than 150 million people!” — Jayati Ghosh, at the same link.

    That means, it will never work for construction workers, and the poor people (practically).

    Now, you should be aware of some other facts. What do you think the IT cell of the police do, if they want to catch a murderer?

    If police dont have any clue about a murderer, they work on one assumption. Any murderer must have made some phone calls immediately after committing the murder. Why? Normally such crimes are committed with the help of others. A person may be watching the victim and have to inform about the movements of the victim to the murderer. Or a vehicle needs to be arranged to escape etc. The police normally collect the data of all (one or two lakhs of) phone calls made just before and after the murder took place. And then start filtering. And try to prepare the short list of suspected accused.

    Let us assume that you or myself are there in the list of suspects. Then they start monitoring every one, based on all what you have published in your facebook page, twitter, churumuri etc.

    If you have abused a “character or a political leader” ten years back, police can track you based on your Ip address (chururmuri has included ip2map the small animating button which you can use to track the ipaddress. Or you can go to the control panel of a website to see the ipaddress of a recent visitor). Using this ipaddress, (if it is static) your actual location can be found out, or if it is dynamic, can almost reach you.

    Aadhar will immediately give all details about you. Even what you dont know and you remember now.

    Remember police suspected Arushi, just because she said “I love you” to someone online.

    Let us assume that the Police is unable to catch the real culprit. They will have a lot of pressure to arrest somebody– somebody– some puttaswamy or puttamatu to show that police is doing something.

    Okay you have posted a bad comment about the accused 10 years back. Now that is an evidence against you. Further, your mobile phone call records show that you were very in the same city of crime scene. Another possibility is that, the person whom you criticised may want to teach you a lesson, in revenge. (In fact, I cherish a dream that, all Narendra Modi supporters should be send to Tihar jail. That is too nice. I can offer a by-two tea to Nilekani, in return, if he can help me to achieve this small dream. What is wrong in pipedreaming? Narendra Modi fans are also pipedreaming a lot…)

    Now read this — “20 per cent prisoners in Kerala jails are innocent: DGP” . This is the words of a Jail DGP. You need to believe him. What motive he has in revealing it?

    Now read Jayati Ghosh’ article once again. In case of ” more than 150 million people” Aadhar “..may be unreliable guides to identity”

    If you want to languish in jail for the rest of your life, for criticising some political leader is your choice. And I support you, only if you are a Namo fan, not if Khaitan or Usha fan. Namaskaara!

  47. raju Says:

    Mr Joshi & Prof Upadhyaya have made comments as though they have represented the entire Bangalore South!.People may have their own likes & dislikes about individuals but not on the performance of the peoples representatives.some may feel Ananth kumar has not done the things to their own expectations but he is representing the opposition party in parliament and is seen as the active MP from Karnataka on various issues of the State, in Lok Sabha.I feel he is poised for a bigger role post 2014 so that the State & Bangalore can definitely look for the best to come.

  48. Anoop Verma Says:

    This crony of socialist politicians, Nandan Nilenkeni, has wasted more than Rs. 50,000 crore of public money on this White Elephant called Aadhaar and UIDAI. There is still no clarity about how Aadhaar will work, will it ever work. Today Indians have maximum number of identity cards – UIDAI, NPR, PAN, Voter ID card, smart card, Passport, Driving Licence, Ration card, BPL card, Minority commission card, etc.

    So instead of asking if we would like this guy, Nandan to become an MP or MLA and gain even more power to put tax payers money down the drain with some other fancy identity card scheme, we should be asking “Should Nandan’s holdings in Infosys be auctioned to recover at least a part of the nation’s money that this dude has wasted on UIDAI?”

    I don’t think this guy is a businessman, he is a crony of the politicians and he is only after power. he will waste any amount of public money to gain power. I think it is time the foolish dreamers are called upon to pay for the mistakes that they make.

  49. Fernandes Says:

    In countries like the U.S, Germany or Singapore, you have multiple, overlapping layers of law enforcement that helps constrain corruption and scams. The redundancy in law enforcement levels and ambits has proven to be efficient for fighting corruption because it’s pretty hard to buy-off everyone with a dog in the fight! And whenever someone is convicted for corruption, the punishment is very harsh (including caning) in order to serve as a deterrent to all others.

    Compare this with our country where-in politicians get VVIP treatment for the few days they are in jail (on very rare occasions) until they swiftly get bail and the case gets forgotten forever.
    If found guilty of corrupt practices, embezzlement, fraudulently enriching themselves & family or whatever grammar that is used to qualify their unforgivable scams and offences, the corrupt should be treated worse than armed robbers or murderers. They should be shot by firing squad or hanged by their neck till they die (may God have mercy on their thieving souls) just like the Head of the Food & Drugs Agency in China, who was executed recently after being found guilty of corruption, by a fast-track court.

    It does not need a Lokpal or an Anna Hazare for Legislation or Ordinance to be enacted that punishes corruption with death or a life sentence.

    Nandan Nilekani the ‘Professional’ may be the hero & savior of illegal Bangladeshi’s or Cong-I flunkies who pocketed a major chunk of the shocking Rs 18,000.00 crore’s Aadhar project, that has done nothing tangible to help elevate the sufferings of the really poor. Instead of so-called ”micro” loans offered by banks and other promises..etc, all that has been witnessed is a massive Govt-driven data-collection of citizens. Meanwhile, Nilekani has been enjoying all the perks (and kick-backs) that come with being a minister in the UPA Govt while quietly raking in a 30% return on his multi- million holdings in Infosys Ltd. The wise suggestion to recover a part of the completely wasteful expenditure back from his massive wealth is indeed most welcome.

    Precious resources or money meant for the development of India or creation of badly-needed infrastructure, power, food or provision of social services, health, education..et al, that would serve millions is diverted by one man or a party or family or a cabal into their private Swiss accounts. Jobs that would have been created for the unemployed are therefore never there. This is one of the reasons why unemployment is so high. Regretfully, the same unemployed youths see these same cabal politicians and their sons, driving all sorts of exotic new cars with red beacons and black-cat security, living in Italian-designed mansions, making scripted speeches and tall promises while they are forever unemployed, living below the poverty level! It is perhaps natural for some of these restless, angry and helpless youth end-up in crime, go rape or rob, steal and kill.

    Because of a corrupt electoral system that is fueled by black money, caste equations, vote-bank politics, scams..et al, the scoundrels in a political party’s skin never ever get punished.
    The Cong-I, UPA and its tool called CBI has been busy giving a ‘clean chit’ to all the crooks with mega-scams to their credit….Viz., Mayawati, Mulayam Singh Yadav, A. Raja, Kanimozhi, Suresh Kalmadi, Pawan Bansal, MM Singh-Coal Scam, Kapil Sibal-Vodafone Scam, Praful Patel..etc.

    However, once in a very rare occasion, an honest bench convicts a politician, after more than 17 years of legal fight!

    Sadly the psyche of the ruling class (sick) does not change! Here is an example of the quotes given on such an occasion:

    “Lalu Prasad Yadav always supported the Cong-I. I am confident he will get relief in the higher courts” Cong-I mouth-piece and Sonia-Rahul aide Digvijay Singh

    “The CBI court convicted our leader, but we ‘will ensure’ the Supreme Court will release him”: Tejaswi Yadav, Rashtriya Janata Dal supremo Lalu Prasad’s son and now head of the RJD

  50. Shemej Says:

    Aadhaar ID was started by BJP govt and not by Congress led UPA Govt.

    How is Aadhaar started?

    “Almost immediately after the September 11 terrorist attacks (September 11, 2001), the United States implemented a refugee resettlement moratorium that resulted in lengthy delays and the failure to resettle thousands of refugees previously cleared to enter the United States. Several years later, on May 11, 2005, Congress passed the Real ID Act, which included a section entitled Preventing Terrorists from Obtaining Relief from Removal …”

    In Short, USA (federal or National) govt decided to create a type of National ID card for its citizens. Till then, state (regional) were issuing Driving license. As DL is the most widely used ID card in USA, the Fed Govt thought, they can introduce standard to DL and make it a national ID card.

    The reason- To track Terrorists (especially immigrant), in the wake of WTO terrorist attack.

    That means, if Terrorists hadnt attacked USA on September 11, 2001, USA wouldnt have thought of a National ID card or REAL ID Act

    “The REAL ID Act of 2005, Pub.L. 109–13, 119 Stat. 302, enacted May 11, 2005, was an Act of Congress that modified U.S. federal law pertaining to security, authentication, and issuance procedures standards for the state driver’s licenses and identification (ID) cards, as well as various immigration issues pertaining to terrorism.”


    It is not yet successfully implemented in USA.

    That means if USA had not helped Osama Bin Laden to attack WTO towers, (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CIA%E2%80%93al-Qaeda_controversy) , the Real ID act would not have arisen.

    Similarly, if RSS/BJP didnt organize massacres and terrorist attacks within India, this country would not have witnessed large number of Terrorist activities, if India and Pakistan had relatively better relationship, the question of Aadhaar Id would not have arisen.

    Why USA chose to describe REAL ID Act of 2005 as an “Article meant for counter-terrorism measures targeting only refugees and asylum-seekers.” ? When in reality, “none of the September 11 hijackers were refugees, asylees, or asylum-seekers.”?

    The reason is simple. If USA authorities had publicly announced, they actually want to track the moves of every citizen of USA, there would have been a massive protest within USA against it. When the authorities said, this act is only to target “refugees, asylees, or asylum-seekers”, majority of the USA citizens became happy. “let the refugees and immigrants go to hell.. the rest of us will be happy.”

    Similarly, when the Aadhaar ID is implemented in India, authorities wanted to track the movement of all citizens in India. Not just terrorists, not just Bangladeshis. But if Indian Govt reveals that, there would be huge protest in India.

    So the crooked people at the top decided to give this version: “aadhaar ID” will help you to get subsidized LPG cylinder. The majority of the poor rushed to stand on the queue. And it also talks volumes about the intellectual vision of us, we middle-class Indians, (if not intelligence itself), who immediately believed sarkaar version and stood on the queue to avail an “Identity”, without thinking twice. When we are ready to march with candle-lights against the implementation of Mandal commission report, or against the Jessica Lal murder, we conveniently chose not to ask questions against Aadhaar.

    Mera Bharat Mahan !

    Though Real act was passed only in 2005, the discussions about monitoring and profiling citizens started immediately after 2001 attacks. And though Kargil war took place in 1999, the discussions about strengthening National security in India was influenced by “war on terror” discussions within USA establishment. Remember, Vajpayee govt chose to have close military co-operation with USA.

    It was in April 2000 that a Group of Ministers for “Reforming the National Security System” was formed. It was as per the recommendation of this Group of Ministers, that “Aadhaar Id Card” to monitor the activities of Indian Citizens was started.

    “These structures will be backed up by a rejuvenated Civil Defence Organisation, village and ward defence committees and a revamped criminal justice system backed by laws and regulations appropriate to emerging circumstances. The programme to institute a multi-purpose National Identity Card is to be vigorously pursued, commencing with all border districts. ”
    See here – http://pib.nic.in/archieve/lreleng/lyr2001/rmay2001/23052001/r2305200110.html

    The above lines are from a 2001 report. How can Sonia-Manmohan start “multi-purpose National ID Card “in 2001? It was our beloved Vajapayeeji and Advaaaneeji who was dictating terms then. Please note: mentioning of “Civil Defence Organisation, village and ward defence committees”. That is to give direct power to RSS chaddis to monitor “Pakistanis and Bangladeshis”. Remember when they were in power, they arrested several muslims in Maharashtra and branded them as Bangladehis and put in jail.

    Note the admission by BJP-Shivsena led Maharashtra govt’s Additional Commissioner (Special Branch) Raj Khilnani in his own words: “We could have made some mistakes somewhere.” Obviously the Mumbai Police seems to have erred in the case of six Bengalis from Mollah’s constituency who were freed by the Calcutta High Court pending a thorough review.”

    That means BJP/RSS/Shivsena would thow Indian citizens out of India, even after High court intervening and said, there is no basis for it.

    Read more at: http://indiatoday.intoday.in/story/shiv-sena-bjp-govt-launches-operation-in-mumbai-to-push-illegal-bangladeshi-immigrants-back/1/264716.html

    So why RSS/BJP wanted to give legal power to its caders to target Muslims in India, accusing them as Bangladeshi Terrorists and their Group of Ministers not only recommended to start Aadhaar, but to set up “Civil Defence Organisation, village and ward defence committees ” (see the link above)

    Why BJP/RSS want to send Indian born , Indian Muslim Citizens to Pakistan and Bangladesh?

    Simple: That is exactly why BJP and RSS was originally formed:

    See their manifesto:

    “We and our Nationhood defined” Guruji Golwalkar said: “the foreign races in Hindustan must either adopt the Hindu culture and language, must learn to respect and hold in reverence Hindu religion, must entertain no idea but those of the glorification of the Hindu race and culture, i.e., of the Hindu nation and must lose their separate existence to merge in the Hindu race, or may stay in the country, wholly subordinated to the Hindu nation, claiming nothing, deserving no privileges, far less any preferential treatment, not even citizen’s rights. There is, at least should be, no other course for them to adopt. We are an old nation: let us deal, as old nations ought to and do deal, with the foreign races who have chosen to live in our country.”

    see the discussion here — https://churumuri.wordpress.com/2013/06/14/narendra-modi-is-test-case-of-media-objectivity/

    The GOM was appointed by Vajpayee Govt and members were LK Advani,Jaswant Singh, Yashwant Sinha,George Fernandes. (George was not from BJP was known for his pro-USA anti-China, anti-pakistan, anti-communist stands. He even proposed USA to have secret understanding against China after Pokhran II. http://www.frontline.in/static/html/fl1610/16100220.htm ). It was in fact, the hard-core Hindutva Terrorist elements of RSS/BJP who pushed for Aadhaar ID card. In India, a policy decision started by one govt, is normally followed by the next Government.

    But when Congress led UPA govt wanted to start this Aaadhaar ID, they realized the practical difficulty of implementing it. Even if the govt threatens its citizens for thousand years, no one is going to find time to stand in the queue for taking an ID card. The simple solution: Tell a lie to its citizens, and half of the middle-class (I am the one among them) and half of the poor will immediately run in panic for saving 200 rupees. Our govt leaders know that we Indian middle-class are such “kanjus marwardees”, and we will do anything for our selfish interests. (no offence intended)

    Aadhaar was formally launched in 2010 – http://www.indianexpress.com/news/aadhar-takes-off-pm-sonia-launch-uid-in-tribal-village/689953/

    In short, Aadhaar is not an idea to implement any welfare-capitalist schemes like LPG subsidy, but a horrible plan to monitor the activities of each citizen in India and to pass on this information to USA masters, by the RSS-BJP goverment.

    There are already enough studies showing how the confidential information collected using Aadhaar is passed on to CIA. If no one is going to post about them here, I will do later, (again if the thread is going to be active).

    If Aadhaar is of little use to catch terrorists, why USA is insisting to collect such data? They want to use it a political tool to silence the opposition voice. Will give real examples later.

  51. Sanjeeva Says:

    @Shemej, You could have summarized your post with one line: “SSSO, for all the problems of our country – from traffic to terrorism; cloud formation to corruption, there is only one thing responsible – And THAT is RSS/BJP and their handful of supporters”!

  52. Shemej Says:

    “…from traffic to terrorism; cloud formation to corruption, there is only one thing responsible – And THAT is RSS/BJP and their handful of supporters”!

    Facts talk louder. There are many dimensions of truth. Many of us (including myself) fail to see all the dimensions and lament “failed socialism”, “pseudo secularism” etc are the reasons for each and every problems faced by this country.

    If anyone put a little effort to study deeper, he/can see each problem is complex and solutions are not easier. There are vested interests, powerful evil forces which prevent solutions. Only if we have the courage to study. Otherwise we can pipedream anything and accuse others of any thing….

    I dont give any such simplistic explanations. I am open to the suggestions that, my views may not be right. But please show it. I have been keep asking to give counter evidence/facts/ points to question my views. If anyone has any evidence to question what I have said, please give.

    What can I do if RSS conduct communal riots in Muzaffer Nagar to ensure some seats from UP? What can I do if BJP leaders take bribes on camera and say, they are ready to take Dollars? What can I do if a prominent leader of BJP (there is a revelation by RSS leader – search online and read, almost every day taking women to his bedroom? (This is a top most BJP leader -one of the tallest — still alive) What can I do if RSS/BJP using its authority as the head of the Govt, wasted tens of thousands of crores by bringing this stupid idea of “multi-purpose National ID Card “(which was later named as Aadhaar by UPA govt) in 2001? What can I do if Gujarat born NRI businessmen based in USA who fund Narendra Modi openly claim they want to get their business interest done in return? Should I support selling of the assets of this Nation? I have never heard earlier, Govt setting up a ministry to sell out national assets to people who give fund to BJP/RSS– Arun Shourie headed that ministry.. what can I do?

    Please give me a single evidence to prove what I said on Churumuri is wrong. I really appreciate it. An intelligent person realizes his/her mistake of supporting a foolish idea/wrong decision/evil political vision and accept his/her mistakes and then correct them.

    But some people never do it. Why? Think…

    I am ready to correct my views if give corroborative points showing where I went wrong. And please take it as a friendly suggestion. When I say “friendly” I mean it. No offence meant.

  53. Pavithra Says:


    Just FYI, regular readers and contributors of Churumuri have long ago realized the futility of reading the retarded views of a select group of specimens like @Shemej, @dr. ramesh, @Doddi Buddi and a few others, who dangle between sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.

    Like the shameless, irresponsibly corrupt politicians who are today ruling our battered country and shattered economy, one needs to endure all sorts of ignorant dodo’s whose intellect or psyche is beyond comprehension or redemption!

    ” It takes considerable knowledge just to realize the extent of your own ignorance” said Thomas Sowell

  54. dr ramesh Says:

    No better example than the above post by highly learned, erudite, scholarly pavithra to illustrate the fascist mindset of BJP -RSS- CORPORATE nexus. Any one who raises a voice against this tribe is branded retarded.
    I take it as long as I am articulating my SEEN-READ-EXPERIENCED feelings. These facebook- twitter uttarakumaras can only abuse and deride, nothing much, no role in nation building. Leave them to have fun.

    Politicians who have done wrong are being convicted, very good. What about NGO- CORPORATE CORRUPTION? there will be no conviction because middle class- upper class Indians are direct beneficiaries of their corruption

  55. Anonymous Guy Says:

    It is rare to see the commentors on the left and right on Churumuri agreeing on an issue, though for different reason and in different styles:
    This executive order which is being pushed through could have frightening consequences for Indian citizens.

    It has the potential to put absolute power in the hands of a few. And in a country with few effective checks and balances, that could lead to disaster.

    The leaders of the opposition parties will also love this scheme once they understand it – it concentrates power in the political class further, and chips away at whatever freedom the people have. Whether politician stands on the left or right, this is the stuff they live and die for. When the bill is laid in front of the parliament, all parties who have any hope of gaining power one day will lap it up and vote for it.

    Lot of noise is being made about the ordinance that lawmakers wanted to push to protect their convicted brethren. That is a joke law in front of this UUID scheme in terms of its negative effects.

    Since Asha and Shemej have laid out just a few possible consequences, I will use a fanciful analogy:
    This scheme is like a bhramaasthra aimed at the people. The justification for such an ashtra is usually to protect citizens from external forces. Aadhar on the other hand can only be used on Indian citizens with deadly accuracy. And it will be wielded by the few people who control it.

    The silver lining here is that the implementation is being done by the Indian government. That they will botch it up royally is our only hope.

  56. asha Says:

    >>What can I do if RSS conduct communal riots in Muzaffer Nagar to ensure some seats from UP? >>

    It has been conclusively proved that mullah’s were responsible for insighting the communal voilence in Muzzafarpur. Akilesh’s government is yet to arrest even a single one of them. They went ahead and arrested a BJP mla instead and honoured a mullah who instigated the voilence. Get your facts right before you write a comment.

  57. Goldstar Says:

    I am sure in further posts Mr. Shemej will enlighten us “why Neil Amstrong never landed on the moon”, “Why there were no Jews in the WTC on 9/11″ etc.
    And Dr.”Vladimir-Putin-is-a-great-World-leader” Ramesh will nod his head sagely in agreement.

  58. Shemej Says:

    There are 3 plus 1 important people who pushed for Aadhaar Card
    1) Manmohan Singh
    2) Montek Singh
    3) Nandan Nilekani


    4) Veerappa Moily

    Source: http://www.business-standard.com/content/general_pdf/092513_01.pdf

    Nandan Nilekani, Monek Singh and a few people in authorities together employed USA companies which are secretely collecting confidential data of Indians and passing on to USA intelligence agency when Nilekani and Montek’s wives accepted crores of Rupees from USA connected funding organizations in return. I dont have direct evidence against Manmohan Singh accepting money in return. Veerappa Moily has been pushing for Aadhaar to help Reliance.

    We will discuss all these later. Will give evidence. I am giving supporting sources. And all these are already revealed by patriotic Indians. Nothing is my own invention here. I am only sharing what I have read elsewhere. And I dont talk anything without supporting facts. If Congress supporters want to question me, do it by giving supporting facts.

    “In ..one month US security agencies have gathered 97 billion bits of information from online activities of users across the world and 20% of it is gleaned from India and Pakistan alone, said Neville Roy Singham, .. open software movement…”

    “According to Singham, 75% of the page views are controlled by ten companies. ”
    Source: http://articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/2013-09-23/india/42322254_1_india-and-pakistan-edward-snowden-us-intel

    “Your seemingly innocuous posts on Facebook or Twitter may not be free from the surveillance programme of the United States’ National Security Agency. ”

    “The NSA collected 97 billion pieces of information, of which 6 billion were from India alone.”

    This is why Barack Obama himself warned American youth to be careful while revealing confidential information in Facebook, as it would adversely affect their employment prospects.

    Giving your confidential information to CIA will not only adversely affect the career prospects of Indians, but it can create a lot of trouble to you later.

    In 1965 the United States gave Suharto a list of 5000 people to be killed and all of them were subsequently killed. In fact,estimated 1.5 million were massacred by Suharto in Indonesia, to please USA masters, within an year after coup. USA policy changes from time to time. First they were aiding Osama Bin Laden. (see the link at my post on 1st Oct). Later, they want to bomb Osama followers. Right now, USA wanted to help Modi’s fund managers to organize fund from USA. But they have the list of all those who post supporting (and opposing) Narendra Modi here in Churumuri. Tomorrow, USA policy may change. They may decide to deny Visas when applying for jobs. Tomorrow, USA can decide to shut down Business supporting Narendra Modi within USA. The low/high intelligent hotel business owners who secretly employ immigrant workers and win in competition in USA, may not realize all the ramifications when giving fund to Narendra Modi. If USA can block outsourcing companies from misusing laws, they can effectively shut down hotel business in USA, even if they give fund secretely. When a new Visa application is processed, all the information collected will be available at a keystroke at the Chennai US Consulate office.

    Afterall, it is well known fact that USA considers Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh as a Terrorist organization along with Islamist Jihadi organizations. See here – http://articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/2005-05-27/india/27838167_1_rss-rashtriya-swayamsevak-sangh-ram-madhav

    PATRIOT Act in the US section 215 states the following (review):

    “Under Section 215, the government can apply to the FISA court to compel businesses (like Verizon) to hand over user records. Here’s what Slate wrote about Section 215 in a 2003 guide to the Patriot Act:

    “Section 215 modifies the rules on records searches. Post-Patriot Act, third-party holders of your financial, library, travel, video rental, phone, medical, church, synagogue, and mosque records can be searched without your knowledge or consent, providing the government says it’s trying to protect against terrorism.”

    Source: http://www.slate.com/blogs/weigel/2013/06/07/nsa_prism_scandal_what_patriot_act_section_215_does.html

    This means what ever information collected by USA company will be passed on to USA intelligence wing, today or tomorrow.

    Nandan Nilekani knew it. He had done business with USA for several years. Yet he lied Aadhaar department “is unaware of the countries from where these companies originate.”. He knew which company he asked to collect confidential data of Indians. How can he say he is ignorant about the background of a USA company, when he has been doing business (and obviously having secret understanding with) USA company for several years?

    “….. around the time that L-1 Identity Solutions was selected to partner with the UIDAI speaks of a close connection between the company and the security and intelligence establishment of the US government. “L-1 provides highly specialised government consulting services that address the most important challenges facing US defence and global security”…

    In 2007, Tim Shorrock, an investigative journalist based in Washington, took a close look at the connection between L-1 and the CIA in an article he did on the former CIA chief, George Tenet, …”

    “…The company with the closest ties with the CIA – and the biggest potential financial payoff for Tenet – is L-1 Identity Solutions, the nation’s biggest player in biometric identification. L-1’s software which can store millions of ID records based on fingerprints and eye and facial characteristics, helps the Pentagon and US intelligence in the fight against terrorism …”

    See this Video

    Col. Mathew Thomas has done a commentable job in exposing the lies and hypocrisy of Nilekani, Manmohan, Montek and Veerappa Moily.


    “Manmohan Singh and Advani are born in Pakistan. I am born in India. Why should their government decide if I am an Indian?”

    Here is a National Hero.

    Listen to him. Listen to him without fail.

    The earlier video is not well audible. But it explains different dimensions of the Aadhaar rather succinctly. It is more intellectual and to the point.

    Those who are not comfortable with that, watch this video, this is more “easy” and you can watch “freely”. More interesting, with some “tamasha” and some emotional outbursts, which makes it more live.


    According to Wikileaks, Hillary Clinton asked USA diplomats to spy on Indians over UNSC seat: Report

    “… Hillary Clinton…. directed US envoys to seek minute details about Indian diplomats stationed at the United Nations headquarters, according to classified documents released by WikiLeaks today.”


    Why Hillary Clinton and USA wanted every minute details of what Indian Diplomats doing?

    There are many uses. One (not necessarily most important purpose) is to blackmail them. If you know the weakness of Diplomats, American intelligence agencies can blackmail them to control their actions. (Just like how Raw blackmails Nepal Politicians as reported in the press)

    “It also sought biographical and biometric information on key NAM/G-77/OIC (Organisation of Islamic Countries) permanent representatives, particularly China, Cuba, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, South Africa, Sudan, Uganda, Senegal and Syria; and information on their relationships with their capitals.” (emphasis added)

    This report shows that Hillary Clinton actually directed USA officials to collect biographical and biometric information of Indian Diplomats. As explained by Col. Mathew Thomas, we Indians are foolishly providing our Biometric information to a foreign Intelligence agency, absolutely free of cost !

    The following excerpts from a note taken from George Washington University Webiste. How CIA is training its agents to question people and extract information from them.

    It says:
    “A. The subject is screened to determine:
    1. His background Biographic Data which is used to conduct traces and verify files holdings.
    2. His knowledgeability in relation to requirements.
    3. His previous exposure to “questioning” or Determination.

    1. Into which emotional category he fits.
    2. Any psychological abnormalities.
    3. His degree of willingness to cooperate.
    4. What his potential vulnerabilities are.
    5. How he feels that revealing the desired information poses a personal threat to him.
    6.Whether he feels that revealing the desired information poses a personal threat to him.
    7. What course of action will reduce his ability to resist.

    C. Detailed study of the subject’s organization.
    D. Study the areas in which he has operated.
    E. Review all recent Travel of the subject.
    F. Study the subject’s personal belongings.
    G. Review related information obtained from other sources.
    H. Within Security limitations, Circulate the subject’s Bio-Data to other interested agencies with a request for Tailred requirements.
    I. Collate all of the above…”


    This is a long list. I admit this is used by CIA for questioning a subject. But it doesnt need a lot of intelligence to understand, the CIA agents are given similar training to extract information from the subjects, when collecting secret Govt documents from India.

    Valerie Plame Wilson (“Plamegate” fame) was an undercover operative in the CIA’s counter-proliferation division. Or a CIA spy. She later disclosed that she made covert efforts to delay, deter and thwart other nations from obtaining nuclear weapons. She has revealed in Televised interview how they achieve this. One of CIA’s core strategy is to exploit human weakness. According to CIA every human being has some weakness (and that is true). Find out that weakness and exploit it. She tells, if the subject has a close relative who wants treatment in USA, they arrange it… (I cant find that video. But available online.). CIA needs to know the weakness of each and every politician. The weakness of each and every busienssman. Weakness of each and every bureaucrat. In India license for coca cola factory or a Wall mart Shopping mall (once allowed) is issued by grama panchayat.That means CIA wants to know the personal background and psychology of each and every ward member and who lost in panchayat elections.

    And how do you think CIA can collect the confidential information of Ministers of India, Local MPs, Local MLAs, Grama Panchayat leaders, Farmers’ leaders, people who fight against a particular Mining project in a particular area?

    CIA need detailed information of all those matters. But how is it possible for CIA to collect these information from India, if we dont give it. Perhaps CIA can collect information about prominent citizens of India who are famous. But in India there are 540 Loksabha members, another 5000 people, who have the chance of getting elected in the coming election. CIA needs this information, because that will help to buy MPs if Narendra Modi fails to get absolute majority. Narendra Modi has to buy MPs from other parties.

    We all know that USA want to see either BJP or Congress coming to power after election, who will safeguard USA interests.

    For example, USA helped UPA government to win vote of confidence by purchasing MPs from other parties.


    We all know that David Mulford was personally overseeing efforts by UPA-I to pass 123agreement, and he intervened in each step, advised PM Manmohan Singh how to overcome the opposition from Left parties. And we all know how the money is arranged to be paid to MPs and how David Mulford’s work was successfully completed.

    CIA needs to collect similar information to pass on to BJP leaders and Corporates working for Narendra Modi, to ensure that no Third Front Government will be formed after 2014 elections.

    How can they collect this informaion so easily?

    That is why they need Nandan Nilekani, Montek, Veerappa Moily and Manmohan to pass on this information to them

    “60% of CIA fund is outsourced Contractors.” – Valerie Plame Wilson

    This means, CIA has agents working in almost every office, every field. It is for anybody’s guess who are these CIA contractors working in India. We dont have direct information. But just analyse, who are helping CIA to get important information from India.

    “The CIA uses philanthropic foundations as the most effective conduit to channel large sums of money to Agency projects without alerting the recipients to their source. From the early 1950s to the present the CIA’s intrusion into the foundation field was and is huge. A U.S. Congressional investigation in 1976 revealed that nearly 50% of the 700 grants in the field of international activities by the principal foundations were funded by the CIA (Who Paid the Piper? The CIA and the Cultural Cold War, Frances Stonor Saunders, Granta Books, 1999, pp. 134-135)”

    As quoted by James Petras – http://www.ratical.org/ratville/CAH/FordFandCIA.html

    CIA is now growingly using India based Multinational Companies as its front agencies. An article pointing out this possibility says CIA “officials said the move reflects the desire of CIA director Porter Goss to develop new techniques for undercover operations, including establishing front companies and closer ties with prominent international firms, as well as reducing the growth of the agency’s headquarters. ”

    “Now based on this new media release, these companies” (Software Outsourcing Companies and Multinational companies) “.. can be used to keep an eye on internal matters, military and even politicians of India. ”

    Source: http://www.indiadaily.com/editorial/2568.asp

  59. Sanjeeva Says:

    @Shemej, My point is – in today’s scenario, no party is an angel white. All of them have their black spots. Being so, why single out an organization and bombard them as if they are responsible for all the ills of the country. Why don’t you talk about others? Are they 24 carat gold!

  60. Shemej Says:

    Muzaffer Nagar communal riots are organized by RSS/BJP–

    See the discussion here. (oct 3)

    Narendra Modi appointed Amitshah as in charge of Uttar pradesh with a purpose. The initial lies spread by BJP’s paid channels was, that Muslim youth molested Hindu girl. Now the girl herself clarifies, no such things happened. Father of the two Jat boys who were killed clarified (in the police complaint he has filed), that bike that his children traveled hit a person, and that is why the clash occurred. It was Narendra Modi’s men who went all over Muzaffer Nagar and nearby areas, showed a video clip in mobile phones, to provoke local Jat population. All evidence, with video clips available online. Muslim leader who made provocative speech should arrested and put in jail. But the crowd assembled there do not hold any arms. That was just outside the Friday masjid. If you go anywhere in India, and if a Muslim (or Hindu) leader speak using a loudspeaker after Friday prayer, you can notice that much number of Muslims assembled. (of course they violated rules- but not riot — take action for that) Please go and see your nearby- Masjid on a friday afternoon you will find more people assembled there. Go to a jatra during a Hindu festival, even if there is a 144, there will be people assembled there- they are not rioting. They dont brandish swords and weapons. But the leaders who made provocative speech should be sent to jail and should be given life sentence. And their political parties should be banned (BSP, Congress). But assembling a crowd with weapons and actually conducting riot is a much more serious crime. They all should be sent to jail and should be given maximum punishment (I dont support death sentence, in any case) More importantly, the conspirators deserve more severe punishment than ordinary people who assemble out of panic. They are innocent villagers. But conspirators are not innocent. They are the worst criminals. Their political party should be banned from contesting elections. I am talking about Narendra Modi. I dont support hanging him, but give him a life imprisonment. Dont get angry– study the constitution of India. Understand what punishment people deserve if work against constitution of India. Tell me why such organization should not be barred from contesting election. Organising communal riots is a serious crime.– think calmly, study and react…) RSS prepare the ground for conducting communal riots well in advance. Some times more than an year. See the selection of Jat heartland. Uttar Pradesh sends maximum number of MPs to parliament. Who ever wins maximum seats from UP normally rules India. Jat community was looking for a leadership after Charan Singh’s demise. Read Inquiry commission reports of all communal riots in the independent India. (I sincerely wish, we middle class Indians will start learning how to present their case with some supporting facts. What if tomorrow they go to a court and argue “he is an idiot, that person is stupid, what he said is shit, she is retarded etc” . Or what their own office colleagues, read what they post here– what conclusion they will draw about their intellectual level — Please dont mistake me, I am not referring to intelligence level– I think it will only help them if they present the picture of a matured, grown up individual, who stand on their own feet- Think !)

    I have not posted a single abuse against any fellow authors here. But why they feel angry against me? I have presented only facts. Why they get angry when realizing facts? Imagine, if you wake up in a cold winter morning and when come out of bedroom your foot hit hard against something. The first feeling you get along with severe pain is– Anger ! You curse the person who kept that bench or desk on the way. But later you realize, it is you who is at fault. It is you who kept that piece of furniture there.

    Some times, some people, try to vent out their anger against others– they are unable to apprehend the reality…. I dont want to comment about personality patterns here. But it will help if someone (voluntarily) tries to understand.

    There is a strong possibility that next communal riot will be organized in Karnataka. Last time BJP won 19 out of 28, that helped them to get total 116 seats (out of 540) in 2009. If assembly elections voting patterns are repeated, BJP will get just 2 seats this time from Karnataka. (that is not matching with our pipe-dream). Even if KJP, BJP and Sreeramulu have alliance, BJP can get 9 seats maximum. (But Loksabha voting patterns are different and BJP will get slightly more seats) This is why BJP badly needs a communal riot in Karnataka. They may use their connections in Islamic Jihadi organizations to conduct a bomb blast a few weeks before Loksabha elections. This is because, in South India, normally such things happen just before elections. Early communal riots and bomb blasts do not make much impact in the outcome of election results in South India. Any way, I have decided not to go to any crowded place during and before elections.

    Even the worst types of abuses in Churumuri are better than bomb blasts

  61. Lobo Says:

    From the Aadhaar project to the successive mega-scams involving Coal Gate (Rs10 lakh crores!), NRHM, MGNREGA, Rail Gate, ISRO’s S-band, Cash-For-Vote, Oil-For-Food, Havala, GMR-DIAL, Securities, Antrix Devas, Adarsh Housing society, Granite-Iron Ore, Vodafone Tax, Airbus, Stamp Paper , Irrigation, Scorpene Submarine, Saradha Group, Etihad-Jet Airways, Kingfisher Loans, Taj Corridor, Tatra Trucks, Agusta Westland-VVIP helicopters…the list is too long and endless, the key culprit is a party that is now universally synonymous with record-breaking, massive corruption in India.

    While these massive Ponzi schemes (as someone mentioned) in the name of ‘Garibi Hatao’ and ‘Development’ will bleed our economy for decades, it is indeed a tragedy that we have in our midst, these specimens of the type mentioned and appropriately described by @Pavithra.

    Incidentally, I noticed that @Pavithra has not mentioned or accused any specific political party, while the others have been completely naked with their remarkably one-sided distortion and ridiculous arguments sometimes bordering on schizophrenia!

    Well, such ‘specimens’ will continue to endlessly criticize the BJP or Modi or any other opposition to daylight looting of the national exchequer or vote-bank based executive decisions including splitting states or handshakes-hugs with a neighbor who has been beheading our troops..etc, despite absolutely no justification for their retarded views.

    Lots of things can be fixed. But many times, ignorance among people cannot be fixed. Life moves on and so should we.

  62. Shemej Says:

    Hilary Clinton asked:



    This shows that Clinton and America think, “Montek is our man” and “Pranab Mukherjee is not our man”.

    Otherwise, why she is worried “how do mukherjee and ahluwalia get along?”. In essence America wants to know if Mukherjee will implement all what “our man” Montek asks Mukherjee to do…If our interests will be protected? See, Hilary clinton should have asked “will Mukherjee get along with USA Corporate policies /interests ?” When Hilary replaced “USA interests” with Ahluwalia, this sentence gives a hint, Ahluwalia stands for USA interests.

    In May 2008, India, the first country in the world, agreed formally to Establish an office for WorldBank’s own baby, that is Global Development Network by giving a fund of 4.4 million grant for the first year’s rent. Montek’s wife Dr. Isher Judge Ahluwalia is the Vice Chairperson of Global Development Network

    A little background story here.

    Lyndon Johnson gave all powers to McNamara to Win the war in Vietnam, and U.S. attacked Vietnam, beause they thought, it will help to prevent the spread of communism.

    McNamara “… built up a fighting force of Americans of close to half a million men. He increased the intensity of the bombing of North Vietnam. ”

    When “Nothing worked. He concluded not later than early 1968 that no amount of pressure from the U.S. could possibly get Hanoi”(Vietnam) “to quit, short of the U.S. committing genocide, with or without the use of nuclear weapons.”

    That means McNamara was ready to put a Nuclear Bomb or to do some thing similar to win Vietnam War.

    This tells you who was the mastermind, architect, conspirator, strategist of the worlds’ one of the most brutal wars- who was responsible for mercilessly bombing the innocent people in a poor nation, just to ensure control of USA Corporate’s on the world. That person is one of the greatest geniuses in the entire history of human race – Robert McNamara.

    “Robert McNamara who was appointed to the presidency” (of WorldBank) “in 1968 by Lyndon B. Johnson.” – (wp)

    Why did America decide to appoint this great genius but brutal military leader to take over as head of World Bank? Because USA was opening another war front. World Bank and IMF are only tools in the hands of USA. They use different weapon to win war here. The power of money.

    In WorldBank establishment, U.S. government has 16.4% of the votes; Japan – 7.9%; Germany, France, the U.K., Canada, and Italy account together- 18.6%. In short, USA and allies control WorldBank. As an understanding between European Imperialist powers and USA, World Bank president post, usually goes to USA and IMF head is from Europe. – http://www.dollarsandsense.org/archives/2005/0505macewan.html & nytimes.com

    “World Bank’s power comes through its role as a major aid-giving agency to poor countries” “..countries must privatize publicly owned firms and “liberalize,” that is, remove barriers to foreign investment and foreign trade. … the Bank works with the IMF to establish “structural adjustment programs” that push governments to balance budgets, …eliminate government subsidies for … food grains” etc., and reduce tax rates on businesses.” Implementation of “These “structural adjustments” … provide opportunities for U.S.-based businesses (and the businesses based in Europe and Japan) to gain access to markets, labor, and natural resources. ”


    To understand more about World Bank Read – “Imperial Nature: The World Bank and Struggles for Social Justice in the Age of Globalization” by Michael Goldman . This book is a classic. If you dont read it, you may be a ineligible to talk about WorldBank. Remember, this book itself is financed by Rockfeller foundation. That means, it has the blessing of CIA.Nevertheless it gives lot of insight how WorldBank is used as a tool by USA to exploit poor nations.

    One thing what the above three sources (wp,nytimes,dollarandsense) dont clarify (but Goldman does) is – It is mainly USA and Western Corporates which gives money (bond) to World Bank. World Bank needs to pay back interest. WorldBank insists third world countries like India to implement massive projects (Like a big hydroelectric production project, or a superhighway connecting two big metros of India), and insists India to buy the capital equipments from American or Western Corporates. Anyway, third world countries dont have the technology and such machineries. Hence, the money flow back to USA Corporates in two ways. a) Interest paid back to WorldBank/IMF/ADB b) When these projects are implemented, India must go for crores of rupees of purchasing from USA/Western Corporates.

    When USA fight a war against India, they will have their agents placed in key posts within India. When they use their second war using World Bank/IMF loans, they have their own agents in key places in India.

    Who are these agents?

    There are specially-trained dogs deployed at border-crossings to sniff out dollars – http://en.mercopress.com/data/cache/noticias/34469/240×0/dogs.jpg

    In India, some leaders/businessmen can smell fresh USA Dollar.

    Who are they?

    Most of them are in Congress and BJP. Among the rest, many are running NGOs. Many are top officials.

    “3.2 Prohibition on Acceptance of Foreign Contribution

    The Act stipulates that certain persons are totally barred from accepting any foreign contribution. … The following are the persons prohibited from accepting foreign contribution:

    Candidate for election;

    Judge, government servant or employee of any entity controlled or owned by the Government;
    Member of any Legislature;
    Political party or office bearers thereof;
    Organisations of a political nature as may be specified;

    Source: http://www.rbi.org.in/scripts/NotificationUser.aspx?Id=8169&Mode=0

    “….Indian Council for Research on International Economic Relations (ICRIER). According to its filings with the MHA, accessible on the FCRA website (http://mha.nic.in/fcra.htm), ICRIER has received over Rs 11.5 crore in foreign donations from a range of international institutions such as the Asian Development Bank, World Bank, International Monetary Fund (IMF) and Sasakawa Peace Foundation between 2007 and 2012. This council, currently headed by Dr Isher Judge Ahluwalia, wife of Planning Commission Vice-chairperson Dr Montek Singh Ahluwalia, appears to have a cosy relationship with the present establishment.” … (government)”… delegated the task .. to a four-member committee headed by Dr Parthasarathi Shome”…of “ICRIER. There are several other projects on which the Council’s faculty collaborates closely with the Government of India.”

    Source: http://www.openthemagazine.com/article/business/foreign-funding-of-ngos

    Well, See this page — http://pratham.org/images/Akshara_Annual_%20Report_2007_08.pdf

    See the symbol next to Akshara Foundation

    Now see this page — http://www.prathamusa.org/about-us/our-supporters – See the symbol on top left corner of the page.

    Now see this archive page —

    This is the website of Rohini Nilekani’s Akshara Foundation. As of today, their original website contents are removed from the website and some junk pages are displayed. (You guess why)

    Note the logo/symbol at the right hand top corner of the page.

    See this page – http://web.archive.org/web/20050217161629/http://www.aksharafoundation.org/board.htm

    Officially it is said, Madhav Chavan has founded pratahm. But see this news report-


    This new report says Nilekani’s wife is the Chairperson of Pratham Books.

    Do you have any doubt who runs pratham and who runs Akshara foundation?

    Why Nandan Nilekani’s wife’s trust is arranged crores of rupees from USA? When Nilekani is helping USA intelligence agency to collect the biometric data of millions of Indians?

    Why top Corporate heads are shown as Direct board members of Pratham, but why Nandan Nilekani’s wife’s trust and Pratham are having same brand image?

    There are tens of organizations formed. These groups receive crores of rupees from Govt. They are auditing Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan. Who gave them the right to audit it? It is the same people who take up programmes by channeling fund from Govt to implement many projects. They themselves develop Software used to audit the expenses.

    Can you believe it?

    “The Hewlett Foundation has awarded over $18 million to Pratham since 1997 to supports its Read India program, ASER study and to encourage fundraising within India.

    The GE Foundation has awarded over $3 million in grants since 2005 to support Pratham urban programs in Hyderabad, Pune and Bangalore. Most recently GE is funding a new innovative program to help young adult women acquire secondary school end certification and/or basic employment readiness skills.

    The Skoll Foundation awarded Pratham with a 3-year $1,235,000 grant to create an institution dedicated to identification, training, and nurturing of leaders, managers, and entrepreneurs who will not only continue to run Pratham programs around the country but who will also independently build new ideas and strengthen education efforts in the country.

    The Omidyar Network (ON) has made a grant of $500,000 to fund a 12-month pilot to test the sustainability of rural vocational training institutes in India.

    Douglas Marshall Foundation has contributed to Read India and our summer camps.

    Google.org supported ASER with a $2 million grant.”

    Source: http://www.prathamusa.org/about-us/our-supporters

    The Govt of India has prohibited 4,139 NGOs from receiving foreign funds only in July 2012. But NGOs run by Nandan Nilekani’s wife and Montek’s wife can receive astonishing amounts. And their husbands are busy passing on confidential information to foreign intelligence agencies.


    When “… Judge, government servant or employee of any entity controlled or owned by the Government; Member of any Legislature; Political party or office bearers” can not accept foreign fund, how are Montesingh’s and Nandan Nilekani’s family receiving crores of rupees of foreign fund from USA linked funding agencies?

  63. Reddy Says:

    After all the buzz and news carefully planted in the media by the Cong-I’s PR machine that Infosys Billionaire and Aadhaar project villain, Nandan Nilekani could contest the 2014 Lok Sabha election on the Congress’s ticket, everything has gone quiet, partly due to the adverse reaction from the Aam Adhami, Kannadigas in Blr South and the local media too. The Konkani-speaking Rahul Baba side-kick who can’t speak Kannada for a mere 5 minutes, has not commented despite persistent questioning by Journalists and finally gone underground like a toad, below the heavily cratered-pot-holed roads of Blr south, frightened about the prospect of public scrutiny!

    Meanwhile, thanks to the crooked, canny tactics of the BJP villain Viz., Anant Kumar, the Lingayat strongman B.S. Yeddyurappa is said to be shying away from early re-entry into BJP fold.

    However, it is said that a strong group lead by former Chief Minister D.V. Sadananda Gowda, former CM Jagadish Shettar, former deputy chief ministers K S Eshwarappa and R Ashok along with state BJP president Prahlad Joshi have now insisted on the Modi-Rajnath Singh combine, to ensure BJP Karnataka in-charge Thawarchand Gehlot convey’s the party decision (vetted by the RSS) to pack-off Anant Kumar to Hubli or accommodate Advani’s demands by offering a RS seat, the latter is apparently is what Kumar aims for, considering deep resentment among voters.

    Well, it is said that politicians have no enemies nor have a heart or basic ethics.

    To salvage his position within the state cadre, considering the Modi wave sweeping the nation along with Rajnath Singh’s strategy to grab the maximum no of votes and seats, Caméléon kumar has not only starting singing praises on Modi but now has a new-found admiration for B S Yeddyurappa. He recently likened his relationship with Yeddyurappa to Hakka-Bukka- the twins who founded the Vijayanagar dynasty!

  64. Shemej Says:

    Yesterday I mentioned about Vietnam war. Today one of the characters died – See BBC video – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-24403791 . It shows how a poor nations developed strategy to fight against powerful French and USA army. See those bombings.. Mcnamara was instructing those bombings — who later became world bank President.

  65. the colonel Says:

    my biometric data has been collected.
    so what.
    i am a nobody.
    the data is of no use.
    so what is your value my dear friend??

  66. Shemej Says:

    It seems those who sincerely believed Naredra Modi is 21st century God, has no answer, when evidences are presented about his immediate followers’ involvement in Muzaffer Nagar communal riots. No evidence, no answer. A minimum requirement to participate in a discussion is the open mind and willingness to admit own mistakes/prejudices, when presented concrete proof. Is it too much to expect from our respected friends here?

    I have presented elaborately why Capitalism is a failed vision — 20th Sept- https://churumuri.wordpress.com/2013/09/05/poll-do-you-believe-narendra-modis-pm-claim/ . and Here — https://churumuri.wordpress.com/2013/08/29/what-manmohan-singh-should-really-be-doing/ (which was incomplete… I will continue that discussion at an appropriate occasion later.)

    None of the above points are my inventions. Knowing very well, the right–leaning middle-class (including myself) do not attempt to study deep any subject, but find false satisfaction by ridiculing others on internet forums (please read more about this behaviour pattern – articles available online)– I have given some inputs, some links for those who really want to study further. As everyone can understand, my economics knowledge (or knowledge in any other area) is next to zero. No one till this date has given any counter view. No one till this date has shown me a single example for the success of Capitalist model anywhere in the world, any time in the human history…

    Thirdly, no one has contradicted any of the evidences what I presented (again not my inventions — great souls like Praful Bidwai, Jayti Ghosh, Col.Mathew Thomas and Ramakumar have done commendable work- available online). about the evil designs in the backdrop of Aadhaar propaganda.

    Fourthly no one has contradicted, what I have suggested that Aadhaar is started actually by BJP led NDA govt.

    I wish to discuss the Veerappa Moily-Manmohan Singh- Mukesh Ambani nexus, which is another angle– why these people are pushing for Aadhaar. But this thread has become too lengthy and we will do it on another occasion. I would like to wait and see if anyone has any evidence (not abuses, that they are familiar with) to counter these above given points.

    Last word– I understand, some of our good friends are too young (very likely students). I have no ill-feeling against them. I understand their enthusiasm to defend what they sincerely believe as right. No offence meant. And let me say, I never never want to hurt anyone’s sentiments. Even one sentence I posted about dollar sniffing dogs– which I feel isinappropriate. (though this appears to become a cliche, and too formal without sincerity — ) let me say, please take my apology, for any such mistakes.

  67. mahesh kumar Says:

    ananth kumar is surely going to take on seat,he rockzzzz

  68. Prof Upadhyaya Says:

    Election, Politics and Governance today is all about money power aside to caste affiliations, vote bank, tall & false promises, nepotism..et al, apart from the most dominating corruption in every facet of life. Except for a handful of constituencies across the country, the winner is always the candidate who spends more, shockingly more than a 100 crores in many cases!

    To give an indication of how conveniently out-of-sync is the ruling Govt, President, Judiciary, Executive and the so-called-independent Election Commission, the new rules state that a Zilla Parishad candidate can now spend up to Rs 1.6 lakh while an MP candidate can spend up to 20 lacs! Fact is that all candidates loosen their black-money purse strings to woo voters with utter disregard for the expenditure limit. In Bangalore, it is well-known that the ruling Cong-I spent at least 50 lakhs to win just a single, small ward in the most recent elections and the amount hits the sky during Lok Sabha elections. The state has the dubious distinction when it comes to election-spending records with the Reddy brothers openly splurging a whopping 10,000 crores on average, during any election in Bellary!

    Keeping these factors in mind, the Cong-I initially decided to shortlist Nandan Nilekani for the Blr South seat. With increasingly, unaccounted billions in his fat pocket in addition to the fattest campaign coffers within the Cong-I, the assumption was that the ‘Andha Aadhar icon’ can literally drench the constituency with money, although changing his non-kannadiga, jet-flying gears to travel Bangalore’s pathetic roads will be a back-breaking, hell-of-an experience considering the deadly pot-holes and garbage stench! Luckily for Nandan, he can now save his face because the blue-eyed coterie around Rahul has apparently shelved the idea, keeping in view the passionately negative public reaction to the so-called news leak. Apparently he candidates now left on the short list include, Son of former CM Gundu Rao and now Minister Dinesh Gundu Rao, controversial literature U. R. Ananthamurthy, former Actor and now Minister Ambareesh (said to be reluctant to let go off his Gowda-dominated Mandya), semi-retired S M Krishna and actor Rakshita!

    On the other hand, the state BJP too is having an internal crisis regarding choosing a well-respected and popular candidate for Blr south. The party has been lucky in certain states like Rajasthan where it has attracted supremely-talented, suave and excellent communicators like Olympian and ex- Colonel Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore, who is sure to become a minister-of-state in the next Govt.

    In Karnataka, the initial rumors mentioned sportsman Anil Kumble as a possibility. Sadly, he neither has charisma nor can communicate effectively to the masses. What’s more with the KSCA scam-taint failing to disappear, Anil is now part of the extremely corrupt, conniving BCCI cartel (considered to be the World’s Most Corrupt Sports-Financial Empire) where his close friends-in-crime include the likes of Rajiv Shukla, the renowned Sonia Gandhi flunky. According to latest reports, Modi along with the state BJP cadre and RSS have finally decided to delete Anil Kumble from the selection list.

    While there are at least 3 other possible candidates in the preliminary list, the surprising news is that Anant Kumar is now making determined efforts both in the state and center, to come back into the reckoning.! His most recent statements aggressively supporting ‘Narendra Bhai’ has been solely based on the rather, late-realization that he needs Yeddi’s vote base within the 8 assembly constituencies especially in Govindrajanagar and Vijaynagar in-order to successfully win, combined with his mentor-Advani finally accepting the reality that the Namo movement nationwide is a historic force to reckon with! The state leaders, in the midst of their own-infighting, are also skewing to the fact that despite his canny past and Modi-baiting until recently, Anant Kumar is indeed street-savvy, a good organizer, has excellent connections within the sangh parivar…etc. Luckily for Anant Kumar, the latest local media reports and surveys indicate that tech-savvy professionals and educated folks in the key constituency appear to have forgiven his past crooked statements, folly and actions, which is not surprising since any BJP winner from this particular seat will definitely become a minister in the center. The people of Blr south desperately need a MP and minister in the next Govt to solve their daily miserly and shocking infrastructure.

    The no-nonsense BJP’s prime ministerial candidate and 3-time, consistently successful CM, is reported to be using independent sources including sincere and independent include Gujaratis living in Karnataka, rather than party units alone, to make a analysis of the BJP in the state as well as shortlist candidates for the Lok Sabha elections. Analysts expect Modi to take a decision regarding candidates after his impending visit to Karnataka (3rd week of Oct).

    On a slightly different note, it is heartening to hear that unlike the paid crowds organized by a insensitive, publicity-seeking ‘socialist’ Chief Minister running a corrupt Cong-I govt, in order to avoid traffic jams inside Blr City, Modi has reportedly instructed the state cadre to organize his speech/convention on the outskirts of Bangalore, specifically because of the unprecedented, massive crowds expected to attend.

    Well, whoever wins the common-mans vote, let us all hope that the next historic Lok Sabha elections, will change the country and our future for ever. It has to usher in a golden era that has tragically, eluded India since independence!


    Ananth kumar knows have always done good work, thats y he has been elected from banglore south, this time alon with modi wae it should be cake walk for him.

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